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Kolovlakia: the End of Isolation

01-06-2005, 01:14
"I hope you weren't disagreeing with me just then."
Aleksandr Mirov, president of the People's Republic of Kolovlakia, looked up from the production report on his desk.
"Of course not, Mr. President," said the man standing across from him. This man (wringing his hands - the temperature seemed to rise about ten degrees when the Great Liberator got that tone!) was Leon Solensky, the Foreign Minister.
"Good," continued the president. "How do you think I got where I am, anyway? How do you think I single-handedly saved the people of this country from foreign agression?"
"Well, I -"
"Was it by being staggeringly incompetent?" The president was on his feet.
"No, sir!"
"Then listen to me, and listen carefully. We'll have no mistakes. World opinion is malleable. Nations change. We'll have allies. This our chance to get onto the world stage again."
"Of course, sir."
"Then send the message."
"At once, Mr. President."
The Foreign Minister walked toward the door. He wiped at his brow.
"Leon?" called the president.
Mirov smiled.
"Make it friendly."

People's Republic of Kolovlakia

To whom it may concern:
Kolovlakia, an island nation in the South Pacific, hereby offers to begin diplomatic relations with any nation so inclined. Upon contact with the office of the Foreign Minister, negotiations will begin with regard to ambassadorial staff and other details. Informational inquiries are most welcome and will be referred to the Department of Information.

Leon Solensky
Foreign Minister, People's Republic of Kolovlakia

Released on the authority of President Aleksandr Mirov