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Warming of the hearts [Attn: Aelosia]

31-05-2005, 03:45
Arnatirios Taurenor,

"I think the time is ready that we started to end our deaf ears to the outside world. So far the only real outside contact we had was VERITAS." Taurevanimë said towards two of her trusted advisors.
"And it cost us more then we gained. In fact we gained nothing." Mundon, her economics advisor stated.
"But we did make contact with more nations." Uryon, Taurevanimë's defense advisor and friend said.
"Yes but they so far haven't done anything to become closer to us. Except for Istolinath." Taurevanimë said.
"Which cost us a large piece of land. Some noble houses and families weren't too pleased with that." Mundon replied.
"We have a close ally now and they give us gifts of knowledge. But it's time we got more close allies. Where should we start in your oppinions?" Taurevanimë looked at her two advisors closely.
"Well, I think it should be another quendi nation." Mundon anwsered.
"Sindar or another major group I think. We should close the gap between the major lines of our kin." Uryon added.
Taurevanimë smiled. "Thank you, I already know whom. They were very nice to talk to at the VERITAS summit. You may go now." She said and picked up a quilted feather and began writing.

Dear Elurín,

We have been very silent to each other throughout the time that we've actually known each other. It is a shame that I never wrote you a letter untill now. It is time to end this silence, not just between two leaders, but two people. Noldor and Sindar have been cold to each other for far to long after the dreadful event of the kinslaying. May our kin never turn on each other again.
It is hereby that I wish to state my interest in visiting you and your craftworld. We shall then hopefully begin building a friendship between not just two persons, but two races.

Taurevanimë nossë Ereinion.
31-05-2005, 04:14
To: Taurevanimë nossë Ereinion

Not against the children of Fingolfin our grudge was in the days of old, and now after we have seen millenia from the despicable acts that separated our peoples, no grudge our hearts still hold against the Noldo, or any other quendi for that matter. My heart is pleased to read that you extend your hands towards us looking for friendship, as it should be between potential friends and relatives, and my foresight warns me that it is our destiny to stand together in both times of sorrow and grief or in times of glee and joy.

I look forward towards your visit, and we will be waiting for you with our arms wide open. I'm sure we could prepare a party up to your status and expectatives, and if your duties doesn't call you backto your homeland too soon, you could manage to stay some time with us and learn about us and our own customs


Aelosia Elurín nos dior nos Lúthien nos Thingol
31-05-2005, 23:41
Onboard shuttle Fëaráto,
Near the Craftworld.

"Crystal." Kelumo said. "I still can't believe it untill I see it with my own eyes."
"It is what I was told, and I do not believe Aliria would lie, especially to me." Taurevanimë said, thinking back to the brief meeting she had with the Aelosian heir at the VERITAS summit. "You'll see it yourself with your own eyes soon enough. We're approaching the Craftworld."

The eagle shaped shuttle gently stopped where it was, the Aelosian craftworld out in the distance. Sending a message to the appropriate people.
"This is Captain Namnatur nossë Tussa. Tári Taurevanimë nossë Ereinion is requesting permission to land.”
03-06-2005, 04:45
Onboard Capital Flagship Thingol, Flagship of the First Aelosian Defense Fleet.

"Clearance granted, Captain Namnatur nossë Tussa, you may procceed towards your destination. Send my personal regards to the fair Lady Taurevanime, and tell her that we are happy to be able to enjoy her presence, as her beauty and charisma are legendary. Please approach to the landing bay 600th, the welcome party is already waiting for you", said the Duke Marshall Alios Mablung, Captain of the Thingol, as the shuttle approached.

Landing Bay 600th, Aelosian Craftworld

"Lady Taurevanimë is already approaching, Mistress, and everything is ready", said the male courtier, stepping right to the left of Princess Aliria, bowing his head deeply.

The Princess was radiant on her lightning blue dress, with multiple silvery mithril inlaids and a design of pearls depicting a dolphin over her chest, still wearing the circlet that was the symbol of her heritage and status. "I have been waiting for this moment, I thought she would never come. Remember that after Menelmacar and New Menegroth, the Taurenori are the closest to us in culture and background, so I want everything to come out properly. Mother wouldn't expect less", said Aliria, naming her adoptive mother Aelosia Elúrin as a reminder of the discipline she was expecting for all aelosians to show.

"Yes my lady, everything is settled. Lady Celestrianna will be here in a few moments, and the rest of the Noble Houses leadeers are waiting right outside the Imperial Palace", said the man, placing himself a sep both beneath and behind the Princess as the aelosian etiquette demanded.

"Then so be it", were the only words of the Princess, her stare fixed at the point of entrance of the landing bay as the transport started to enter the Craftworld. Finally you are here, Taurevanime, finally I get the chance to show you the marvels of my homeworld, the customs of my people, so you can become another of my fine friends. Would it that be our destiny, Taurevanime?, or would Mandos have another thing rserved to us?
03-06-2005, 21:08
Landing Bay 600,
Aelosian Craftworld.

The shuttle gracefully set down in the landing bay, sinking a little on it's talon shaped struts. The soft gentle humming of the shuttle's engines ceased. Then a door opened on the side of the shuttle and a small boarding ramp lowering down onto the landing bay's floor.

Ten elvish men marched out of the shuttle, fully dressed in traditional and old mithril armour with blue with silver crests, a sword on their hip, a shield in one hand and spear in the other, for all but two who proudly held aloft the banner of Gil-Galad. They marched into their position on either side of the shuttle door, though their purpose more for ceremony, they would protect their queen if needed. Though it would be unlikely seeing where they were now.

When all was ready, Taurevanimë stepped out of the shuttle, her beauty as radiant as ever. She was wearing a fine royal blue dress with golden embraided with gold. A brilliant and bright embroidery of Gil-Galad's banner on her chest. A golden crown of intertwining twigs, much resembling that of her father, laid upon her head. Though none of it all compared to the brilliance of the smile that played on her lips as she slowly walked over to Aliria.

Mundon and Kelumo stepped out behind Taurevanimë, their clothing far less extravagant. Only simple coloured robes with silver inlaids. They seemed pleased to be there, yet humbled.

As Taurevanimë reached Aliria she bowed to the princess. “Greetings Lady Aliria. It is good to see you once more.” She said as she straightened up and held up her hands and extended them towards Aliria in traditional elven salute.
05-06-2005, 06:52
Princes Aliria took a step forward, and took the hands of Taurevanime on her own, squeezing them with the slightest of touch ever possible from her perfect alabaster hands. "It is a pleasure to see that you have come here, Lady Taurevanimë. My eyes are happy to see you, and my hands are happy to touch you, Mistress of Taurenor, most fair of the surviving kin of Fingolfin the Brave, Fingolfin the Just, Fingolfin the Hero. Here our lineages find themselves together again, in the midst of the stars, the lands of Elbereth", she said, managing to express her feelings in a tone that was both regal and pompous byt friendly and warm. "The surviving kin of Thingol greets you as a friend as long lost relative, Taurevanime, I hope you can enjoy your stay", she finished, managing to again barely squeeze Taurevanime's hands as a proof of her joy of having her here.

"She's pretty, for a blonde", whispered one of the Paelisi courtiers several feet behind the Princess. "She makes her lineage clear with those features..."

"The lineage of Fingolfin the Brave wasn't known by the fairness of their skin, the clearness of their eyes or by the beauty of their features, Paelisi", hissed one of the Beretháuth War Maidens that conformed the personal guard of Princess Aliria, right next to the courtier. "They were famous due their courage, their iron will and their heroism. That this descendant of such glorious heritage has still to prove", she finished, adopting a rather static posture with her arms crossed over her chest.
05-06-2005, 16:50
Taurevanimë's smile increased as Aliria squeezed her hands and she softly returned the gesture, staring deeply into Aliria's eyes.. “And the surviving kin of Fingolfin greets you, our long lost friend and familly, Lady Aliria.” She said in a warm and friendly voice, lowering her hands back down again. “I am already enjoying my stay fair princess , and I am certain I shall continue to do so.”

Turning sideways and looking into the eyes of the elves talking about her Taurevanimë gestured to her companions, “I would like you introduce you to my companions”, she said and both elves bowed deeply in respect to Aliria. “These are Mundon nossë Lemnara and Kelumo nossë Solorë. They are high nobles of Taurenor as well as my advisors of economics and agriculture respectively.” Both Mundon and Kelumo straightened back up when Taurevanimë finished introducing them.

“It is an honour for us to meet you princess Aliria.” Mundon said, his voice deep and warm. “And it is an honour on our houses as well princess Aliria.” Kelumo followed, his voice sounding far more amazed and humbled at the same ti
08-06-2005, 04:34
Aliria nodded to both Taurenori, and bowed her head a bit towards them as a show of respect. "The pleasure is mine. My eyes enjoy the moment of behold true elves of old lineage that still struggle to maintain and defend our old ways, without turning their eyes away from progress", said Aliria, trying to place the most sincere tone in her voice.

"Let me introduce you some of my most loyal and closer advisors, and friends, Taurevanime", she said, and with the sound of her words a pair of elven women took a step forward from the crowd of courtiers and attendants that surrounded the Princess. One was a tall woman of ageless look, although in her powerful, blue, eyes was show an amazing maturity, for sure an elf with several centuries, if not even millenia, of life. Her hair was of a bright and deep blonde color, taking a shade of golden that made it look like pure gold adosed to the woman's head, an entire rarity in Aelosia, as blonde sindarin was almost non existant. She was dressed richly in a golden dress with thousands of jewels embedded in inlaids all over the marvelous fabric, to match her own hair, and moved and gestured with an amazing grace and perfection.

The other woman was a lot shorter, and fews things of her appearance was remarkable, with the exception of her wide and sparkling eyes, partially masked by a pair of human-looking glasses. Her raven black hair was cut at the shouder, and although she didn't managed to match Aliria's perfection of features or the other woman's regal apperance, she managed to keep a rather bookish and interesting look that made her appear quite attractive.

"She's the ArchDuquess Celestrianna Paelisi, Imperial Chancellor and my personal political advisor", said Aliria gesturing with her hand towards the blonde, tall woman. "And she is Marquise Aleinna Cúthalion, my personal mentor, sage and scholar, and a close friend of mine", she said, gesturing towards the short one. Both women bowed down in front of Taurevanime, bending her bodies forward on incredible angles, to then salute and greet her companions in a courtly and traditional elven way.

"They are both Agaraglareb, the highest ranking nobles of our Empire, and chiefs of their respective Houses", added Aliria with a smile and a slow nod.
08-06-2005, 22:08
Taurevanimë continued to smile and bowed slightly in respect to Aliria's advisors and return their salutes. Her own companions did the same, only bowing deeper. “It is always a pleasure to meet more of our race. Especially ones trusted and befriended of someone like the princess Aliria.” Taurevanimë said, a little surprised to see an elf wearing glasses, but not thinking anymore about it.
10-06-2005, 14:54
"Well. I guess you can imagine we have been waiting for you for a long time, so we take the liberty of preparing several spectacles worth for you to see, that depict the main aspects of our culture. We have several of them, so you can choose amongst them those that are more appealing to you", said Aliria, smilng broadly to Taurevanime. "Of course, I suppose you would like to take a good rest after a trip so tiresome, of course, so I prepared a manor for you and your companion on my own personal fiefdom. It is your decision, in any case, to choose what are we going to do next", she finished, turning to her asistant and dissmissing them with a careful and soft gesture of her hand.
10-06-2005, 17:23
“You are too kind lady Aliria. Thank you.” Taurevanimë said softly with a bright smile and nodded to the princess. “I, and I'm certain my much younger companions as well, aren't too tired. We still have some strength left in us. More then enough to enjoy the great hospitallity you've already shown us a little while longer.” she said and looked a little over all the people gathered around them. Pleased at seeing so many new elven faces smiling. “I would be most pleased if you would show me one of the spectacles.”
18-06-2005, 14:00
"Each House prepared an spectacle, Lady Taurevanime", answered Aliria softly. "The Phaelos House of Wizards, The Drow House of Eöl, The Courtier House of Paelisi, The Warrior House of the Hyral, The Defender House of Mablung, The TechAdepts House of Dinan, The Merchant House of Lórindel, The Minstrel House of Daeros, The Sage House of Cúthalion and the Imperial House of Lúthien and Dihyru", she stated enumerating each Noble House of the Aelosian Empire.

"Which one would you like to enjoy first?, I do not want to make that decision fo you, and if I did, that could raise some biased opinions about my preferences", the Princess said smirking.
19-06-2005, 06:03
“Let us start with,” Taurevanimë paused to think a little, “The Phaelos House of Wizards. I am curious to see what your mages have learned in ages we were apart.” she said with a soft smile and nodded her head, to show Aliria may lead the way.