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Protesters Demand Action!

30-05-2005, 22:14
PRNN Radio Broadcast
Around 100,000 Protesters have gathered outside
the Assemblée Nationale, to protest the administrative
decision to empty over 70 Congressional seats. Critics
call the premiers decision "a move to eliminate all opposition."

The Administration has dismissed all allegations of corruption,
and insist that the Premiers decision was based on advice from
the Congressional Spokesperson, and is by no means a step towards
centralizing power.

"The Protesters will not leave until they are answered by the Premier
himself," says Gabrielle Lioni, who organized the rally after losing his seat in the National Congress. The Protesters are encamped around the city, and cannot be ignored. Various crowd control units have been dispatched near key locations in the Capitol, and have kept the protesters from reaching the residency of the Nation's leadership.

Many of the Protesters chant that the current leadership is strangling democracy, and that this is the final straw.

The Current Premier, Hunztach Windarzx, has been in office for 35 years, 25 more years than the constitution permits. No elections have been schedueled, but talks within the senate suggested he call for elections by the end of the year.

The Protesters insist that the Premier call back the senators he dismissed, or abdicate his power, and hold new elections.

"If the Premier ignores our demands, the congress must act to remove him from office." Said Lioni

More to come as the story develops.....