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Greetings from Arcias

30-05-2005, 20:42
The nation of Arcias has decided to open it's borders to diplomatic relations and trade with outside nations. Arcias is a peaceful nation that believes strongly in nationalism and sovereignty. Until now we have had an isolationist policy concerning other nations, but the leadership of the country has decided it is the time to open up and trade.

Arcias is a near future based tech level nation. Our technology stems from research into plasma and pulsed energy forms. We are currently developing our first Quantum computer.

Any nation that wishes to open up diplomatic relations, including the establishment of embassies within Arcias' capitol city, Kavenshire, should reply to this communique at their nearest convenience. Any nations seeking trade and other relations should likewise reply to this communique.

Thank you for your time. May whatever gods you worship smile upon you.