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Rave Shentavo
30-05-2005, 03:40
Ravelyn slammed the door quickly, rushing down the empty aisle of the church. Her crimson eyes darted frantically around, searching for some alternative route. Her face was streaked with tears, but it was as if nothing could mar its ethereal and flawless beauty. Her long auburn hair fell in disheveled waves down her back. The soft white fabric of her dress clung to her skin from sweat. She had been running from them for too long, and exhaustion and fatigue had set on upon Azrael, a feeling she was not accustomed to. Her white wings contracted as to help her walk forward. She heard the screaming voices at the door. This was the end. She looked back toward the door and turned toward it.

"Hello beautiful," she heard behind her. She looked, immediately recognizing the voice. There was a man staggering from the alter with a large gash across the bridge of his nose and extending into his right eyebrow. his hair was dark, and his eyes a murky black. His frame was strong, and apart from his black attire, flashes of red were seen where he had been cut, though he was still alive and able to stand on his own. His left arm was also wounded, a deep incision in his fore arm. He noticed that she too had a wound on her abdomen, blood seeping through the white fabric where she had taken the impact. She did not feel it was detrimental, and had dislodged the bullet prior to entering the church. She rushed toward him.

"Your hurt," she said softy and put her hand to his cheek. "Are they...?"

"I've killed them all," he said with little mercy in his tone, even while he looked tenderly at her. "Any more that come through the dark path for either of us, I will kill them as well..." he paused, taking a minute to absorb her image. It aways took a mintue to adjust to her prescence. "I'm not going to stop fighting."

"I won't either," she said in her usual velvet coated voice. "...Vaughn. This is the end, isn't it?" She said, looking up to him, knowing little of what would become of them. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, and bent his head to kiss her with a passion of a man who had not seen his love for decades and had looked upon her once again for the first time. She felt his arms wrapping around her and extended her wings so they could fit around comfortably.

The sound of the pounding outside the door startled them, and she withdrew to his arms, burying her head against his chest. Ravelyn Shentavo, the angelic vampire with a quick wit, prideful demeanor, and undeniable beauty who had ruled this nation from near the start...Michael Vaughn, the Athealian Knight and rule of Underaloz with deep strength and dark power that extended beyond normal boundaries. The two had loved eachother to the point where either would travel to hell and back to be with eachother once again.

After all these years, the two had only been together for three days, this day dawning the fourth. Yakori's forces combined with Kaos' malice united against both. Corned from the dark path, Vaughn could not take her there, for it would be risky to them both, especially for a seraphim. Blocked from the skies within this church, Ravelyn had no choice but to fight. She would not loose him again, and he would not loose her. He interlocked his hand within hers, gripping it tight, the door began to gave way.

"I love you, Ravelyn..." he said softly, looking down at her. He gripped her tightly.

"I love you, Vaughn," she replied, tears in her eyes. It would be a lie to say that he had none in his, he choaked them back. He did not want to let her see him cry like this. She knew how he felt, and because of this, she pressed into him, and closed her eyes. "I can keep us away from this...this moment forever frozen. i don't know...if we'd ever be able to wake up...but our souls would not part from one another..."

"If we stay here without protection, we may die," he said softly. "I know you are drained, just as much as I am. I would never want anything but for this moment to last forever, for you to be within my arms, and for this to end together." She lifted her head and kissed him for one last time. She turned around, facing the door. He came up behind her with her wings outstretched and placed his chin on her shoulder, his arms wrapping around her waist and the left coming around to hold her right hand. She let her left hand settle over his. He closed his eyes, smelling the scent of roses in her hair. He breathed in deeply.She closed her eyes as well, and felt his body agaist hers. This was it.

A bright light emitted from the two, and engulfed them. The door burst open, and a tall japanese man sighted, and fell to his knees. Rave's head tilted slightly toward his, her eyes closed, there hands interlocked, and both frozen within a chard of crystal. He cursed. The two had escaped what was thought to be the perfect assasination to end both their lives. And they were frozen in time...forever.

It was one hundred years ago in which she was frozen. Frozen in such crystal ice, frozen in the shadows of time. Her image had not been overlooked, having her body in the main church of the nation was regarded with visits and gifts each day. No matter how hard they tried...the crystal could not be shattered by any means tried already. A young man with white hair sat alone near the alter where the two stood. He closed his eyes and remained in the pew, saying nothing.

The history of Crimmond contact with the Shentavo clan wasn't very pretty. Reil Tian. Domino. Drake. Zedd. Goor. All who went to the lands of the Shentavo Clan were dead...

Though there were others that knew of the fallen Seraphim. One sat in a crystal not so different from Ravelyn's, though it was a crystal meant to be a prison. It held less power of a prisoner that had gonne in willingly though... In the place known to the world today as the Vault of Souls, a rumble emited from the crystal as it observed the world, focusing it's energy on that one church.

In it a shadow was on the floor of the aisle of the Church, walking slowly up it until it was before the crystal. It had the form of a tall man in a broad brimmed hat who bent over to peer into the strange ice. This was The Beast's third visit to this place, but the first when others were present. A faint, barely audible sound broke the silence and echoed softly for a second after. Azrael...

It was only when he heard the voice did the man in the first pew stand up...if a man is what you'd call him. His hair was jagged white and unkempt underneath his black hat. His skin was deathly pale,a nd he wore a long dark coat that suited his tall and strong frame adequately.

"Azrael's not here right now," he said softly, exposing viciously long fangs. He looked up, one eye was completely white with a deep scar running down the side of his face. His right eye was red. He glared. "Feel free to leave a message with her son."

The shadow on the floos became long and narrow, as the unseen force turned and looked over the man. In fact, nothing was there, really. A small amount of energy, enough to cause the shadow, but nothing at all solid. But she is here. And perhaps she and he can hear every word I am saying, just not respond to it. The soft, rumbling voice filled the church neatly, no louder than it had to be. I am The Beast. Perhaps though, you know me as Delta, deceased ruler of Crimmond.

The man sighted, and appeared to be thinking for a moment. He assumed a smart aleck expression. "No, sorry." he said with a laugh. "I don't remember you. You must have been one of the temporary leaders...nothing substantial in your reign, eh?" He laughed to himself once again, his fangs showing without regard.

He looked at his mother, and closed his eyes. "You know its doubtful she can hear what your saying. It's been over a hundred years, what she may have heard years ago has faded with time. Theres nothing that we can do it seems." He took off his hat, revealing he seemed no more than twenty eight, despite the fact he had white hair. He pushed his hair from his forehead.

"But if you need something, I may be able to help you. My name is Quissera Shentavo."
Rave Shentavo
30-05-2005, 03:50
The shadow twists as it looked at the other man in the room, then back to the one speaking. I know who you are... son of the fallen angel and one of the last of your clan. I'll let your ignorance pass... my reign was a failure. I ended up having to personally wage war with the government I created, to save the nation from ruin. That's how I ended up dead and existing to this day in a crystal, not unlike your mother is. A pause as it faced the frozen two.

They're minds are dormant. But no more so than a coma, I think. I do find one thing that confuses me. Why would a fire manipulator cover herself in ice? And arm stretched out and a small glow came from the encasement, in the shape of a hand. An ice unlike any I know of.

"Usually I am the one to be making insults," he said with a chuckle. "I will let it pass..." He put his own hand against the crystal. "I will give you some respect considering you've done your homework. She could manipulate fire better than anyone I've ever seen...and I've been around." Of course he wasn't referring to his professional experience, Katarina, Genesis, Azali, all the same... He walked around the two observing once again with little interest.

"That is partially because its not ice," he said softly. "Being unable to chip it to try and analyze it, I'm beginning to think that it has some diamond in it as one of the elements. It's clarity is beyond me though. I can still she the blood on his face...and smell it as well."

The invisable force of the astral projection, which it really wasn't, but it was the closest thing in the common lexecon, turned, shadow making a strange shape as he did, coat flowing. Destiny is a bunch of crap, excepting a choice few that the Creators and Destroyers have big plans for. You make your own path and walk it just as-. He pauses as he looks at the one standing in the front pew, then looks at Qui. What's going on here? Is the church holding a bake sale or something?
Qui chuckled to himself, breaking out in laughter in a loud ring. Such ignorance. There was always a higher power, and before him stood the only two which he had seen elude the wishes of a higher power. "Show some respect," he said softly at this beings comment. "This is sacred ground you stand on; I'm surprised I'm even allowed here. Maybe its because her blood is in me...maybe its because my sins have been forgiven, but I don't seek forgiveness, so that is unlikely."

He shot his eyes toward the back of the room, and moved so quickly that no one was able to see his transfer to the pew behind Joshua. He leaned forward over his shoulder. He had an unusually solemn tone. "Please, let's put our distaste of each other to the side while we are present here. I have changed over the past hundred years...i would prefer if we kept this meeting of ours secret." He looked Joshua in the eyes, and tapped him on the shoulder. Perhaps he had changed. Qui made his way down the center isle toward the front of the room once again, speaking indirectly to everyone there.

“Today, I want to free her…”

The Beast had moved, walking slowly up the aisle, past Qui when he walked down it, I'm sorry I won't be here. This 'projection' uses up much energy. I shall be observing passively, though. With interest if it's as special as I think it may be. He said, moving to the door.

Making no move to open it, he merely walks through it, a bright glow in the outline of a man in a trench coat and broad brimmed hat there for an instant, then gone.
Konai entered the Church, dark cloak pulled around her tightly, a royal emblem clasping it in place. On the back of her cloak was a silver stitched cross, which was very ironic for her. She had pale skin and dark straight hair with violet eyes that could pierce through even the ancient vampire at the front of the room, Quissera. The two of them were not unacquainted. She undid the hood of her cloak as she approached him.

Behind her followed a young girl with a black skirt on and light pink shirt. Her hair was bleach blond and eyes a deep red. While not direct, she was a descendent of Genesis Versai. This was Hitomi Shentavo, a psionic threadmaster. She, however, was human. She trailed behind Konai as they approached Qui. While Konai went towards him, she sat in the first pew and closed her eyes, meditating to herself while interlocking strands of razor wire between her fingers.

Qui's eyes flashed in return to the beast's words. People always seemed to be coming and going. It wasn't Konai that he had noticed first, but Hitomi, placing with threads near the front of the church. His eyes then searched the room toward the figure who was approaching him, knowing that with Hitomi, Konai always came.

"My dear Konai," he said, taking her sight in with carnal delight. "I'm glad you could join us."

He looked at the others in the room, still waiting. Telegrams have been sent out to some of the most powerful or skilled people in the world, and they were waiting on a few more, all for a reason. Konai was a good addition, as was Hitomi, who shared a weak bloodbond with the Shentavo family. Joshua did as well, and his strength, as much as Qui despised him, could be used appropriately.

"My personal attempts have failed," he said to the others in the room. "Failure is not something I take lightly, and I do not like to accept it either. I've summoned some of the most influential a hope to find some way to break through this prison."
Rave Shentavo
30-05-2005, 04:01
Qui looked at Konai and smiled viciously. He had known her, and known her two well to less show his dominance over her. A member of the Vimes family was indeed hard to tame. And Konai was no stretch. He looked at Hitomi, the short blond haired girl with piercing red eyes. He walked over to the young threadmaster, and set his hand under her throat, bidding her to rise. She did so, pusheing back long bleached strands of hair from her eyes and looking at his. She stepped to the side in shock of his actions, and then settled.
"Miss Hitomi," he whispered softly in her ear. "I hear that your the best psion there is, would you care to awaken her?"

Hitomi paused for a long time, and walked over to the clear crystal. She set her hand upon it and looked back to the anxious Quissera. "She's been awake for a long time..." She turned to him, "Do you really want to do this? Do you understand the ramifications before you ask me to do this?"
"What do you mean?" He said, giving a cold dead stare.

"Ravelyn sealed herself with her lover within this crystal for a reason. She did it for a reason. If you bring her back into this world, then he will surely come."

"You speak of Yakori," he said with a scoff, an undertone of hatred. "He is no threat to her anylonger."

"He awaits her return. She'll be weak..."

"Do it...we have people here to protect her..." he said in reply.

"As you wish, Seraphic Quissera. You are fallen, and your ways are twisted.
You should seriously consider that everyone will be judged..."

"Save your talk of God to the converted. Angels are know what to believe, but you don't want to heed to the rules...Get to it, wench." He snapped, showing his fangs.

She closed her eyes, and her dance began. "Ombra, ombrellino. Sotto L'arco del cielo È là e al di lÃ" She had a remarkable voice which was singing and falling with every word to entrance anyone who heard it. It was a deathless song, like a siren pulling the sailors to certain doom.""Allora vienne l'alba. Come si dà il fiore al sole. Il tempo sempre volgera. È il nostro viaggio. Cosi, il mondo si alza. Uno viso s'illumina."

A bright light emmited from her chest, eminating with each word, growing in intensity, yet still contained. "Une ÃternitÃ. CerclÃe de poussière Des jours fragiles Et nuits sans défense La roue tournero."

With a sudden flash of light, Qui shielded his eyes, and cringed as the light seemed to pierce through his wicked soul. It died as quickly as it came, and young Hitomi lay unconscious on the floor. Hitomi was quickly overlooked as his fierce eye fell upon the two figures in the center. Michael Vaughn, the athealian knight, was standing shakily as he opened his eyes, revealing two black spheres. His dark straight, short hair was unkempt and strewn in different directions. The deep gash across his eyebrow had already resumed healing. Ravelyn had turned face to face with him, and her priceless expression nearly made him loose his own breath. He heard the light breathless gasp that drew him in with its melodious tune. He quickly outstretched his arms and encompassed her within his arms, stopping her from falling. She was very weak. He looked down to her with a soft smile. “Hello, beautiful.”
30-05-2005, 18:08
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Kaiser Martens
30-05-2005, 19:10
**Bumps, although he is not original enough to think of an actual reply.**
30-05-2005, 20:29
The Beast, far underground in a place called the Vault of Souls, watched through it's mind's eye. It's astral form was gone, but even being locked in a crystal tomb didn't limit it's power greatly. It just kept The Beast's actual form trapped. Very interesting. This alters my plans, but perhaps not in a negative way.

Content merely to watch world events transpire, The Beast tuned out the shouts, curses and roars of teh other creatures trapped in the Vault with him. A few targetted him, but The Beast didn't care. He was here by choice. To rest until he was needed.
Rave Shentavo
30-05-2005, 21:15
Qui looked at the two, not knowing what to say. He completely overlooked Hitomi, the girl being unimportant to him. Konai Vimes had quickly tended to her side, lifting her up and walking toward the back of the church. His muscles tensed as he outstretched his hand for the back of his fingertips to touch his mother’s hair. What the psion had missed in her judgment, terribly many had overlooked. Ravelyn and Vaughn, however, had been swifter in their evaluation of the man who stood before them. Vaughn pressed her body to his, drawing her away from Qui’s hand. Vaughn narrowed his eyes and hit the vampire’s hand away with full force. Michael was not weak.

Vaughn sighted. “I trusted you. You were like my son…you…betrayed your family…you sold her out to Yakori….” His voice resonated throughout the church, his eyes struck with anger. His hand gripped around Ravelyn’s back, stabilizing her from falling. “You figured that if Yakori knew where she was, he could hurt the one thing that would prove my weakness. So you sent the raid that day. You coordinated everything so that her own nations’ defenses would not even falter in her pursuit…You…of all people you, I would never have thought that you would want her dead.”

Qui grinned exposing his fangs in a vicious smile. “Correct, I planned everything. I, wanted her dead, but could not kill her alone. Your dear guardian Yakori wanted you dead, and he could not do it alone either. That bitch kept interfering. Her soul waves are so hard to trace that we couldn’t get her in time before she vanished again…So we have two men wanting two different things, but in a convenient situation….”

“I will not let you walk out of here alive,” Vaughn said, expressionless.

“And I can not let you prolong her death,” Qui appeared behind Vaughn. He bent in close to his ear. “Yakori…is coming as we speak.” Vaughn turned his head, his eyes burning into the ancient. It was Ravelyn’s, however, that entranced Qui’s glare. In her eyes lay something he couldn’t put his finger on. Qui thrown back against the wall with the last of her strength, and completely collapsed within Michael’s arms.

Deep within, two yellow eyes opened… Vaughn….
Rave Shentavo
31-05-2005, 01:11
A man with dark hair, white skin, and burning yellow eyes lifted his head from the bloodbath which he laid. Children, women…all dead at his feet, his throne of corpses. He tilted his head back, letting out an inhuman sound deep within his throat. This was Yakori Ishima, head of the Underaloz nation and corporation, and servant to no one. Michael Vaughn had been the only one who had been able to defeat him. After combining his forces with the infamous Quissera, he surely had both Vaughn and his beloved destroyed. That damn angel of his pulled out one last trump card. She sealed them in a timeless prison, to which his magic could not reach.

He felt the breaking of the crystal instantly, knowing that Qui had finally broken all barriers he had promised, and found the last psion to break it. …Vaughn… he repeated once again. .As he stood, it looked as if he was the walking dead. Shadows twisted and writhed into forms of unspeakable horror. He stepped forward, the shadows following him quickly as he made his way to the land of Ravelyn Shentavo.
31-05-2005, 02:01
The Beast's attention flicked. Something that had been dormant just started to move. Turning his attention to it, the trapped creature smirked. He was its kind of being. Dark. Violent. Determined as Hell itself. But this one was going to through his reworked plan for a loop.

He would have lent forward, had he been able. As it was, he focused his energy and projected himself again, this time appearing in the path of the awakened one. His was the only shadow not bending to the will of the aura of the being. Halt! the voice boomed out, loud enough to cause whatever little critters that hadn't allready gotton the hell out of Dodge to scatter. What bussiness do you have in these lands?

The Beast had little to no power in this state, but he was only trying to stall for time. A few minutes delay could turn the tide of a battle easily and he knew it.
Rave Shentavo
03-06-2005, 02:20
Yakori controted his face in reply. "My business is none of yours for sure. The only business I have is with my former employer." He chuckled a bit. What threat was this simple projection? For one who has killed so many such as Yakori, it was hard to him to feel the slightest bit of fear. Yakori passed by the illumination, and began searching. Toward the church he headed, bent on only finding one man. Michael Vaughn.

Vaughn caught Ravelyn and set her down on the ground near the first pew. He would not let her be harmed. He eyed Qui carefully, who was now recovering from the floor to a standing position. Vaughn lunged forward and kicked the ancient in the stomach, causing him to collapse once again to the floor. "You, my friend, will pay dearly."
05-06-2005, 06:10
Lunging foreward, the image's hand passed through Yakori. A seemingly useless gesture physically, but mentally and in that other omni-present way no one really could describe, it was. The images that flashed through his mind in the second that the Beast's projected self passed through showed many nasty things, but also showed the world through The Beast's eyes. The chamber he was in with many other hellspawn and creatures banished from the face of the Earth and the way that , even in such confinement, he was able to manipulate events in the world as if he was actually there.

Pulling his 'hand' back, he spoke. I will be displeased if Azreal is destroyed. And I do wonder what He might have to say about her demise as well... not that He's done all that much to help her in the past, though.
Rave Shentavo
05-06-2005, 14:36
Yakori remained expressionless. "Azrael?" Yakori asked with a perplexed expression. "I could care less if that bitch lives or dies." In truth, Yakori had fought with Ravelyn before, however, failed because her frequencies could not be determined. What Azrael had done then, was stop Yakori...from killing Vaughn.

"She is not the one i seek, but now that she is awake, it leads me to believe that another is awake as well."
07-06-2005, 06:44
The shadow didn't answer. It just stepped away and vanished, seeming satisfied. He didn't care about Vaughn in the least. Oh, yes... his death would cause Azreal anguish, but he couldn't stop the killer anyway, so his inaction mattered not.


Inside the church, another being seemed to appear from thin air. Hooded and carrying a glowing scepter, it was a creature Qui had seen long ago. A Soultaker in service to the underworld. Somehow, this one seemed familiar though.

It kneeled beside Ravelyn, attention on her alone. "By Hades... to think I'll get to claim your soul after all, Seraphim. I would have more than a century ago, had Domino not stopped me." Both Qui and Vaughn were ignored, if either spoke to it.
Rave Shentavo
09-06-2005, 15:09
Qui managed to stagger up, blood running from his lower lip. His fangs extended and he hissed. Electricity formed in his hand and it lunged at Vaughn, hitting his arm. Vaughn was taken back but kept his ground. Vaughn grinned. "You have no idea what you are getting into Qui. This would be a mistake." Vaughn reached out to the side and his broadsword appear, blood still fresh from the battle so long ago. It was then that he heardt the voice. The quiet, sickly voice. He looked toward Ravelyn and saw a figure hovering over her.

"Mephistopheles...." Qui uttered at the figure and laughed fully, turning his attention back to Vaughn. "Your outnumbered now Athaelian." Vaughn sighted.

"Get away from her!" he yelled at the vision. Qui capitalized in this distraction and hit Vaughn across the face.

Konai stood up from Hitomi's side, her violet eyes marking both the specter and Qui. "Two on two is quite good in our odds, Vauhgn." She was a slim but very muscular girl with tanned skin and dark hair. Twin blades were visible threw both cuffs of her black leather jacked. "Vimes family, Athaelian..." Qui gave her a look of disgust. Konai was who he would love to take at that very second.

"Vimes?" Vaughn said, regaining his composure. "Dark path?"

"Thought you would never ask. Let's go."
09-06-2005, 18:15
The figure stood up suddenly and leveled the scepter at the fighters. The building was filled with the sounds of countless tortured souls. "Quiserra!" it shouted, stepping forward to face the man. "You dare insult a servent of Anubis?"

Turning to the rest, it studied them. "No... none of you are ready for claiming. Only the angel is near enough to be of notice." And he was back at her side, hovering allmost like a vulture waiting for it's meal to expire.

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Rave Shentavo
10-06-2005, 00:02
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Ravelyn shivered. It was very cold. She felt the rain fall on her soft alabastor skin. her crimson eyes shifted. She was waist up in ice cold water with darkness engulfing her. Her hair was soaked and curled lightly on the ends at her waist.

"Vaughn!" she called. Her voice echoed. "Vaughn!" She wrapped her arms around herself to cover her breasts. With no idea where she was, she frantically tried to call to someone. Anyone who was listening. She was trapped...within her mind.


Konai grinned, Vaughn and her were now back to back. Konai's eyes flashed. "I figure you can take care of the renegade seraphic, and I'll take care of the soultaker," she said roughly.

Vaughn glanced at Konai, "You can't be acting like my Ravelyn, can you?" Vaughn eyed Qui with a sickening expression. He was growing more enraged by the second. Qui chuckled a bit, and smiled.

"Now I can see why she loved you," he cackled. "Vaughn, or I might say Zacharian with those darkening eyes. You have viciousness in you. An animalistic quality, dangerous and brutal; something which she could never resist."

"Watch your tongue you uncivilized fuck," Vaughn said with a cool expression. "That's my wife your talking about, son." Vaughn's expression darkened. Konai...

"Go!" she said huskily. Konai rushed toward the spectere with fangs extended. She reached out, and the minute she felt the power, she connected herself to it. Vaughn gripped Qui's throat and both Konai, Vaughn, and their targets, vanished into the dark path.

Konai fell hard on the cement ground. Darkness, nothing but an empty ground. Vaughn landed straight up. Konai was only an intermidiate in this realm, while Vaughn was extremely advanced. He would be able to pull more tricks than she could. Qui crouched and stoo up shakily.

"So this is where you fucked her..." he lunged toward Vaughn.
10-06-2005, 01:04
The Soultaker stood and looked about this new realm of darkness it found itself in. "Well, this is inconvieneant." it said, looking at the girl who said she would 'handle' it, then at Qui. "Quiserra, I hope one day you figure out how to remain civil one day. It is most unbecoming." The being waited another second, then tapped the scepter twice on whatever served as ground in this place. In an instant, the scepter emited a bright flash and the Soultaker was gone from the realm.

Appearing inside the church again, it sighed. "How sad he thought that place could hold me." Kneeling beside Ravelyn again, it touched her forehead...

And was suddenly in her prison with her. "Water. How unpleasent." the Soultaker complained, looking at her. "Greetings Azreal. I'm afraid your lover is busy fighting your bastard of a son."
Rave Shentavo
10-06-2005, 12:39
Ravelyn eyed the soultaker. "Your late," she said softly, her crimson eyes burning.

Konai sighted. The image of the soul taker was still there, but his mind must have traveled elsewhere. The only way of getting out of this realm, or into it for that matter, was using Athaelian blood, both of which coursed through Konai's and Vaughn's veins. Vaughn had more than Konai did.

She sat and watched, looking at the image and then began..a binding.

One black wing emerged from Qui's back, its tattered feathers already beginning to fall. Where the second wing should be was a stump from where it was severed so long ago. He slashed upward with his broadsword, narrowly missing Qui. Two ledgends then collided.
10-06-2005, 18:55
The Soultaker was still in the dark place, then. Mind was with Rave though.

"Late? Oh yes.... forgivness, please. Your lover seems to have put a barrier in my claiming of your soul. No matter, though." It looked around. "You know, your mind is a pretty dreadful place, even by my standards. Standing nude in waist deep cold water, in the dark? You are a very tortured soul. Not that it's going to get better any time soon, mind you."

The Soultaker's physical self just stood there until an attack of any sort came its way. Then it deflected as best it could, then went back to being still. Almost as if it was on auto-pilot, more or less.
Rave Shentavo
11-06-2005, 11:55
"Yes, well a beautiful mind does have parts which are kept seculded for many reasons," she smirked slightly. "That's Vaughn for you, always loving me a little too much to get himself killed." She looked around. "Actually I really to enjoy this place. It's so much better than hell, and yes I've been there. I got married there too, which seems ironic. But we really weren't given enough time." She sighed softly. I suppose there is nothing left to say. Shall we?

Ravelyn fell back into the water. She felt herself falling through the cold rush. She then vanished...and watched him.
11-06-2005, 21:53
The Soultaker hmmed and shrugged. "Farewell, Azreal. I'll be back soon, so don't get too comfortable." He spoke without malice or threat. After all, he was just doing his job.

Mind snapped back into body and the Soultaker lunged out with an amazing speed... at Qui, aiming to crack him on the head with the staff. Whether the blow lands or not, he retreats to avoid counter attack. "Forgivness, Qui, but I need to get out of this place and you're really the only reason I'm here."