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OOC Interest: Riot/SWAT CO-RP

29-05-2005, 07:53
I'm tossing around the idea of a SWAT/Riot RP based in Imitora which revolves around the start of my civil war, which I've tried to have maybe six or seven times, but just never really gets going. So, I've decided that the best I can muster (normally, I just loose interest, becusae as much as I love wars and Imitorans love fighting wars, military movements, no matter how much of a character element you stick in, just get boring), is to do what I enjoy best, a character RP, based around the event that really kicks off the civil war.

The RP will take place in Southern Imitora right after a rather controversial bill gets passed regarding the treatment of minorities in Imitora over all. People will get arrested, others will get upset, someone might get beat down in the street for speeding, and all hell will soon break loose. We're talking the Watts riots meet Somalia, and lasts for well over a week. Seeing as that just about EVERYONE in Imitora over the age of 18 has a weapon of somesort, its to be expected that the SWAT team isn't exactly gonna be out gunnin' everyone.

What I need are 5 other players...well...3 really. Even though the SWAT Element consists of six people, I'm only gonna need two players for it, as the other three members of the element will be sorta NPCs, a team controlled thing. I'll be RPing the lead of the SWAT Element. I also need another leader for the riot, as one leadership spot has been reserved. Basically, the two leaders of the riot will be responsible for not only helping rowdy teenagers who've listened to too much punk break stuff, but organizing a real resistance. On one hand, its easy becuase you have a good number of rioters to control, on the other hand its difficult becuase, well, you have a good number of rioters to controll. I also needed someone to play a non aligned erson just caught in the middle, but that spot has already been taken. The break down for open spots looks like this:

Riot Leaders:
Stuck in the Middle:

I may have some more people jump in, just as random rioters. Otherwise, once I get those, it'll be closed. If your interested, just say so, and we'll get you on the list. If you have any questions, just tgram me with you MSN/AIM names, or ask them here, and I'll do my best to answer them. I hope I can get this off the ground, and if I do future RPs regarding the war, it would be good to know I have people I can go to. So, just say if your interested, and I'll ahve a character sheet up and going here shortly.
29-05-2005, 08:20
I got in first and get the fun of being the one stuck in the middle.

One vacationing ER physician with attitude.

More info later.
29-05-2005, 08:40
I'm a bad guy! Tickle me silly!

I'm in the throes of insomnia again. Just laugh. Amuse me.
29-05-2005, 13:28
Looks like a good RP, if you'd allow it, I'd like to be a SWAT Team member out to crack some commie' skulls!
29-05-2005, 19:17
LOL, Tarlachia, what you've gone Elmo on us?
30-05-2005, 00:38
Ok, heres my guy, and the character set up sheet for the SWAT types. If you are playing the rioter (Tarlachia and whoever else) or the stuck in hte middle (that would be you Tanara), jsut post any info you find relavent in any format. However, for the SWAT guys, I think the best set up would be to make it similar to a dossier style format.

Name: James Franko
Age: 32 (DOB: June 22, 1973)
Hieght: Six foot, Zero inches (6'0")
Wieght: Two Hundred Fifteen pounds (215)
Picture: Click (

Expierience: Joined Imitora Colonial Army at 23 after graduating from Western University in Stanton, Imitora. Highest rank acheived: Lance Seargent at age 26. Recieved standard ICA training, as well as specialized training in Urban Combat and Room Clearing in preperation for Special Forces Training. Left military at age 27, cited personal reasons. At 28, joined Kenton police, assigned to Metro Unit. At 30, was 'promoted' to SWAT. Quickly became element command. Lost command position after the Stacker Incident. Recently promoted back to element command.

Background Profile: James is what some consider a natural born leader, in the effect that he litteral commands well. People have always paid attention to him, and take his orders without second notice. Played football in Highschool, and became district MVP his Junior and Senior year for running back/defenseive end. Team captian Senior year, co captain Junior year, both years setting and breaking numerous records. Attended Southern University in Stanton Imitora on a football scholarship, with a slightly smaller yet still impressive achademic scholarship. Majored in criminal studies, and helped the Southern Panthers win three straight championship titles. Also filled in as quarter back on certian occasions. James considered law school, but after near 20 years of schooling, he decided that he wanted a break, and joined the military. He excelled their as well, quickly rising up to the rank of Lance Seargent, and recieving acceptance into the IMSPECOP pre-training school. However, personal reasons were cited and he left the ICA. Joined the police, where his skills placed him in charge of a SWAT element, however, after the infamous Stacker incident, he was removed from his position, only to 're-achieve' it after an outbreak of violence requiring the creation of several new elements.

Personality and Psychological Profile: James commands attention with his presence, however, this leaves him somewhat cocky in nature. He enjoys the attention that being an element leader commands, and often brags about his position. However, that is not to take away from his skill. He can, at times, be impatient, jumpy, and in more than one case it has put him in trouble, incudign the infamous Stacker Incident, in which not only did he nearly destroy the house of Second Speaker Mark Stacker, but also shot said Second Speaker in the leg, in order to get a better shot. James is not affraid to use excessive force to achieve an end to his means, and demans more than the best out of his element.
The Golden Simatar
30-05-2005, 03:09
I might join this Rp, looks interesting.
30-05-2005, 03:14
As SWAT I assume? Should I take out the remaining SWAT position? Or are ya gonna wait to call it?
Blood Moon Goblins
30-05-2005, 03:15
Mehbe...if you accept non-humans.
Looks nice, although a Goblin who could exercise the control needed for a SWAT team might be hard to find...
The Golden Simatar
30-05-2005, 03:33
I'll take up the last SWAT position.
30-05-2005, 03:36
Name: Dr. Maddison Ariel Knight
Age: 36
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 148 #

Maddi Knight immigrated to Imitora two years ago to become the senior specialist at Northampon Medical Center's Trauma Department. She taking her first 'time off' since she moved and has gone south to see what that half of the country is like.

She is very much in the mold of the best ER physicians - quietly confident - almost to the point of arrogance, self assured, tireless, unphased by anything no matter how odd or unexpected, unflinching, loyal, stubborn, and she hates to lose.
30-05-2005, 03:45
Decided I should post a little info on the SWAT Element, at least what the team has to go through to get selected.

After a group of candidates is selected for element training by the future element leader, the candidates go through a month long training camp, until those considered unfit have all been removed, and the five best are selected for element training. Out of the top ten, those not selected for element training are assigned to the Metro unit, and thier names are often at the top of the list for the next candidate period.

Once the SWAT Element is put together, the entire team (all six members) undergo a five month long training program, which consists of a mix of class room, kill house, range, repell, and long yard times. Free time is spent working out, or at the range, for the most part. In these five months, not only does the unit bond, but learns how to work as a single element, as opposed to six operators completeing the same job. Further, all officers recieve emergency field medical care training.

The nation of Imitora is home to over 150 kill houses, spread between military and police use, and every kill house is designed in a modular fashion, so that a number of scenarios can be set up, and an element member can expect to never pass through the exact same scenario twice. It allows for each officer to learn to never expect a rutine, and always be ready for a different scenario. Also, several aircraft and vehicle grave yards allow teams to practie assaulting aircraft and busses, and to practice open area shoot outs.

The Long Yard is the bane of every SWAT Officer. A long open field, 120 yards long and 50 yards wide is set up so that an officer starts with his back to the end of the course, armed only with his sidearm. At the ringing of a bell, he turns, and engages three steel targets, emptying his side arm. He reloads while moving forward, and uses a set barrier to engage two more steel targets, double tapping each. He then rolls out from behind the barrier, and approaches a paper target, walking forward while shooting, emptying the rest of this magazine. He then reloads, holsters his side arm, and runs another short distance, this time tackling and arresting a training officer, who does fight back. He then runs, now at the half way mark, and picks up his main weapon, and engages ten down range pop up targets, double tapping each. He then uses the last ten rounds on a paper target just infront of him. After this, he sprints forward, and clears an obstacle (depending on the course, it oculdbe a high wall, a ditch, a locked door that needs to be breached, etc.) He then procedes to run to the end of the course, at a full sprint, up to a small single room shack. He flashbangs the shack, and then clears it. He then must exit the shack, and engage a target at the start of the range with a long range marksman rifle. Completeing this, he must run back to the start of the rang, and use his side arm to engage one last target, all rounds hitting in a marked kill zone. They do this in full gear, and are timed.

After completeing five months of training, the element is given a final task, in which they are to succesfully complete a hostage rescue scenario, a dangerous warrent deliver scenario, and one officer down scenario successfully, without loosing any team members. After this, the training is complete, and the officers are now all official members of their department's SWAT unit.

Standard gear for the Kenton SWAT police consist of jungle style BDU trousers with the ever fasionable black BDU shirt. They wear modular tactical assault vests, and carry their sidearms in drop down thigh holsters. The standard weapon is a CAR-48 (Imitoran designed 6.8mm version of the M4). For sidearms, officers are given their choice of the Joint UMAC/Kimber Tactical in .45ACP or a Springfield XD in .40S&W. They also carry an assortment of flashbang and other DDs, and a new weapon called the black wasp, a grenade that, upon exploding, sends out hundreds of black rubber balls at high velocity. It has, so far, been proven as an effective anti riot weapon.
The Golden Simatar
31-05-2005, 04:07
I'll get my bio up tomorrow hopefully.
The Golden Simatar
31-05-2005, 21:32
I think I should say this first off. Many major TGS city police departments have a platoon of around 10-30 ex-military tanks and armored vehicles and some cities also have ex-military helicopters. This was done in response to massive uses of military weapons assault weapons in bank hold ups. Many of the crews are trained by ex-military soldiers on how to operate the vehicles.

Okay, here is my guy.

Name: Erwin Strauss
Age: 30
Height: 5’11
Weight: 221

Experience: Joined the Chelam Police Department at 22. At 24 he was able to join the Chelam Police Armor Platoon as the commander of a Rooikat 105 Wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle. Though he spent much of his time in the force in command of a Rooikat, he is an expert marksman with small arms. Erwin also has training in Room Clearing and Demolitions. He left the CPD a year ago.

Background Profile: Erwin played some football, soccer, and lacrosse in middle and high school. Though he was never able to make it on a school team, he continued playing with friends and spent much of his free time outdoors. He graduated high school a year early and went to Farrow University before going into police work.

Personality: Erwin is a generally mild mannered character who would rather talk than fight to solve a problem. He is capable of leading a group of people into combat and fight effectively. He also posses a twisted sense of humor and some people might consider him strange for some of his off duty behavior.
01-06-2005, 02:37
Realized that I'd better mention a little more about Madison, so no one thinks she's talking through her hat, or looks wierd as some of the gear in her clean but well used and battered Hummer ( the real sort not those faux H2O's )

Origionally from One Starr - enlisted in the Starrian Air Force to pay her way through college and her medical degrees. She was doing fine in her position as senior resident at the nation's second busiest trauma center. She was active in training younger residents in life flight ops, and certifying air crews for other centers. Madison retained her status in the Starrian military reserve as a flight surgeon so she could cage air hours as often as possible. However shooting a highly ranked officer brought her nothing but trouble, so she imigrated.

Maddison is certified to fly some fixed wing and rotor craft.

She is also a free climber ( remember the opening scene in MI2 - I think that's the one - where Tom Cruise is free climbing the butte? ) and thinks nothing of similar climbs - though she refuses to jump out of perfectly good planes.

She is the sort of person that runs toward the 'splosion, not away from it.
08-06-2005, 18:24
Give me some time to think of a profile and background. Or, you can do it Imitora. If that's the case, then I'll go with whatever you toss out.
East Lithuania
08-06-2005, 21:15
I'd like to be stuck in the middle if it's ok
09-06-2005, 05:58
09-06-2005, 14:56
Name Alexander Terranovic
Age 44 years
Sex Male
Height 6'4''
Weight 231 lbs.
Eyes/Hair Black/Black-long rugged hair down to his shoulders.

Alexander was born in the frozen tundra of Siberia. From birth, he lived to survive, and as a result, he has become very durable in any weather conditions. As soon as he was able, he joined the KGB Elite, and became an assassin/interrogator. His reputation grew within the inner circles of the KGB, especially his hardlining strength in any situation. He took nothing short of what he wanted, and he did it well.

Terranovic, aka "Terror", is perhaps best compared to a block of ice. He has never known kindness, and thusly, he gives none. His reputation as such preceeds him, and many strive to not meet him if they can help it, for they know of his personal methods of torture, which consists of things he learned as a young lad in the frozen wastelands of Siberia.
09-06-2005, 18:21
Looks at the above, looks at the Oath of the Healer , and looks at her gun, nods. If she has to she will...

Oath of the Healer-

In the eyes of the Gods and in the presence of my fellow students and teachers, I at this most solemn time in my life do freely take this Oath, whereby I shall pledge to myself and all others the manner in which I shall live the rest of my days.

I shall be ever grateful to my teachers who have planted the seeds of knowledge, which I shall nurture forever. I thank them for allowing me to see the importance of learning and realize that lifelong study is critically important to becoming a Healer.

I realize that on this day, I become a physician for all eternity. I shall strive to be a person of good will, high moral character, and impeccable conduct. I shall learn to love my fellow man as much as I have learned to love the art of healing.

I shall always act in the best interest of my patient and shall never allow personal reward to impact on my judgment. I shall always have the highest respect for human life and remember that it is wrong to terminate life in certain circumstances, permissible in some, and an act of supreme love in others. I shall never promise a cure, as only death is certain, and I shall understand that preserving health is as important as treating disease. When a patient for whom I have been caring dies, I shall have the strength to allow him or her to die with dignity and in peace.

I shall have as a major focus in my life the promoting of a better world in which to live. I shall strive to take a comprehensive approach to understanding all aspects of life. To become the Healer I wish to be, I must expand my thinking and practice from a system of episodic care to one of a preventive approach to the problems of mankind, including the social ills of malnutrition and poverty that plague the world in which we live.

I am not a God and I cannot perform miracles. I am simply a person who has been given the rights and responsibilities to be a Healer. I pledge to myself and all who can hear me that this is what I shall become.