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SSDI started attn asteroid belt and sol system residents :

The Fedral Union
28-05-2005, 14:01
TFU government announcer >
To all nations in sol be aware the United states is placing in a Strategic star defensive system, this system will consist of un manned defensive plat forms Global orbital defensive systems phaser turrets torpedo turrets ground instillations fighter bays and multiple phased plasma cannons.

No need to be alarmed this is not an offensive move. Telegram ends.

With that union construction ships and forces rushed in head on, engineering pods ships and worker bees crowded several seens including some asteroids further up there belt . construction of the SSDI was commencing this was only par to f it the rest is going on al around the union terran prime and all other planets are being heavily fortified!.

Ships busted there bays out as sole gleamed on there white hulls and as entanglements space cranes and nanites began constructing as quickly as they can.

OOC: reference specs on the GOD satellite :
Height 148.5 meters
Length 300 meters
Width :315.7 meters
Power systems: Dark fusion reactor core (auxiliary anti matter reactor)
Cost estimated: 5.5 billion Federal dollars
1 heavy phased plasma cannon
8 double phaser banks
2 heavy missiles packs think Minuteman III but 25 m long ) paylod over 150 anti matter missiles in each pack each missile has the yield of 3.5 gigatons each.
4 double pulse phaser emitters
2 point defense emitters
Warhammer Syndicate
29-05-2005, 23:25
OOC: Sorry for being an a$$hole.

IC: Warhammer Syndicate would like to pursue diplomatic relations with TFU.