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Basketball World Cup IV (Rosters, RP, Scores)

26-05-2005, 17:24
World Basketball Rankings (based on prior results)

1. Liverpool England (lost championship match WC3)
2. Sarzonia (lost championship match WC2, won third place match WC3)
3. Harlesburg (won championship WC2, lost third place match WC3)
4. Vilita (appeared in previous WCs)
5. Lovisa (appeared in previous WCs)
6. All other teams

Rank bonus shall be three points to the top ranked side, 2.5 points to the second ranked side, two points to the third ranked side, 1.5 points to the fourth ranked side, one point to the fifth ranked side.

The RP bonus will be as follows: Players will get five points for an Excellent RP (one that is well written and shows effort). Writers will earn three points for a Good RP (one that is either medium length and shows effort, long and unevenly written, or relatively short, but very well written). You get one point for a Minimal RP (you get that for posting any kind of RP). IF you don’t RP, you don’t get a bonus; simple as that. The RP bonuses will not be cumulative. Pre Cup RPs count toward Gameday 1, but only the most recent RP will count toward the bonus.

The following formula will be used to scorinate this World Cup:

RAND()*(10-5)+5 (for player ratings)
Five slots for the starting lineup.

RAND()*(50-25)+25 (for bench ratings)
Accounts for five substitutes.

Then add points for RP bonus as follows:
5 points for Excellent (well-written, fairly lengthy)
3 points for Good (either long with some errors, or medium length, well written)
1 point for Minimal (short or poor RP)
0 points for no RP written.

The numbers that are generated will be the final score. If a team is tied, the formula for an overtime period will be RAND()*(10-1)+1. If it's still tied after that, do overtimes until someone wins.

For RP purposes, the games will be four 10 minute quarters. Overtimes will be five minutes in duration. There will be a three point line 20' 9" from the basket. Players foul out after earning five personal fouls. Two flagrant fouls or two technical fouls or a combination of two of both will result in a player's ejection. Rosters are limited to 10 players per team with a clearly delineated starting lineup and five substitutes. As a courtesy to other players, please consult with your opponents regarding lineup changes, injuring your opponent's players or fouling them out/ejecting them.

There will be four groups of five teams each, playing in two different Regions with the teams playing once against each opponent. The Nedalia Region will be scorinated by Sarzonia since that will be where Nedalia plays its games. The Sarzonia Region will be scorinated by Nedalia. Each team will earn one bye. The top four teams in each group will advance to the next round automatically, while the four teams with the next best record regardless of group will advance to the quarterfinals stage. In the event of a tie for the final playoff berth, the following procedure will take place: 1) RP bonus; 2) one-off playoff game.

The top four teams earn seedings based on their overall records, and automatically earn the top four seeds. The next four teams earn 5th through 8th seeds based on their records. Each match up will be a one-off game, loser goes home, except there will be a third place game after the semifinals.

[OOC: Once we get to 20 teams, I'll need someone to do the random draws for the Regions.]
26-05-2005, 17:31
*goes to find basketball roster*
26-05-2005, 21:51
I'll do the group draw for you guys. I'll keep watching to see when the spots are filled.
26-05-2005, 22:39
Thats so nice, I was somewhere in the second round in the the 3rd basketball thingy. I dont get any ranks for that :D

(roster later, must go search for it again)
27-05-2005, 00:30
The Nedalian Venues can be found in this information brochure:

Basketball Stadiums That Will Be Used In The World Cup (
East Lithuania
27-05-2005, 01:18
East Lithuania Finally Has chance to Be Good At A Sport

As the yeas have passed, many East Lithuanian's have always wondered if there would be a chance to sign up for basketball. Today is that day. Couch Paul Glenn has announced today that he has made up the roster for the East Lithuania Sea Devil's. Please note that the players in bold are the starters of the team.

Head Couch: Paul Glenn
Assistant Couch: Sean Devore

Mike Colvin - #71
William Brozowski - #88

Justin Pearson- #10
Kris Pokhan- #50
Andrew McGrath- #21
Stephen Matyus- #29

George Bass- #12
Michael Brown- #11
Matt Certner- #5
Raymond Achoe- #33
27-05-2005, 04:48
Sarzonian Venues to be used for World Cup IV:

The Civic Centre (, Nicksia, Benatar. Located just outside Sarzonia's largest city, this venue is known for being a spectacular setting for fans who want to enjoy a full day's worth of activities with their hoops action. (Capacity 22,550).

The Palestra (, Woodstock. This beautiful facility is easily the pride of the Woodstock Waves and the basketball fandom in Sarzonia. (Capacity, 18,700)

Avalon Arena (, Avalon, Evermore. This excellent facility drew an expansion team whose owners' deep pockets drew players and a title in the team's second year of existence. (Capacity, 21,300).

The Dockyard (, Portland, Somerset. This beautiful facility is perfectly at home in Sarzonia's financial capital. (Capacity, 16,320).
27-05-2005, 05:04
[snip]Please note the following rule:

Rosters are limited to 10 players per team with a clearly delineated starting lineup and five substitutes.
27-05-2005, 05:56
The Nedalian Venues can be found in this information brochure:

Basketball Stadiums That Will Be Used In The World Cup (

Your previous article had too general and vague a title, so it has been moved to:

Hope that's not too much trouble for you.
27-05-2005, 07:16
Nargopian Roster

Center: Rusty Shackleford #25
Guard: Bart Bartman #33
Guard: Primer Impacto #23
Forward: Dimitri Siberio #91
Forward: Vladimir Siberio #4

Center: Homer Jay #1
Guards: Matthew Havarti #12, Niklaus Trottier #9
Forwards: Filipo Bradley #31, Aaron Pfunk #16
27-05-2005, 12:51
Brahim Khalsan

Brian Murphy
Frederick Dupont

Terrell Dutch
6-4, 200 lbs, 24 years
Vernu Scalton
6-1, 180 lbs, 21 years

6-6, 210 lbs, 25 years
Khalil Iskandar
6-5, 194 lbs, 22 years

Rogerio Balsamic
6-7, 213 lbs, 21 years
Howard Treeton
6-8, 206, 19 years

Ramon Ramon
6-10, 245, 22 years
Elie Khamash
6-9, 254 lbs, 23 years

7-2, 267 lbs, 25 years
Culhart Dresson
6-11, 258 lbs, 21 years
27-05-2005, 17:58
Sarzonia Storm

Head Coach: Dick Motta
Assistant Coaches: Geoff Porter; Brian Robiskie

Starting Lineup

3 Dave Powell (6' 5", 192 lbs, point guard): Seems to have a sixth sense for where his teammates are going to be and led the league in assists. His shooting percentage of 46.4% is too low for him to take more than the occasional jumper. 24 years old. Team: Woodstock Wolves.

10 Calvin Powell (6' 6", 210 lbs, shooting guard): Led his college team in scoring with 21.3 points per game and led the country in three point percentage (58.9). This 21 year old is going to have to adjust to the pro distance of 20' 9". Team: Nicksia Nobles.

22 Mike Lindsey (6' 7", 220 lbs, small forward): Scored 19.7 points per game in his rookie season, converting 48.1 percent of his shots from the field. The 23 year old is an excellent foul shooter (93.1 percent). Team: Portsmouth Power.

30 Kevin Farrier (6' 8", 265 lbs, power forward): Known as Mr. Nasty for his propensity to get in foul trouble. He's not a scorer (6.8 points per game), but this 31 year old is a ferocious rebounder (11.9 per game). Team: Portland Schooners.

33 David Ewing (7', 250 lbs, center): Ewing is more of a finesse center, relying on positioning and intelligence to get points (14.6 per game) and rebounds (9.7 per game). At 36 years old, this will likely be his only appearance in the World Cup. Team: Townshend Tigers.


2 Tom Jennings (6' 2", 195 lbs, guard): Jennings can play both the two and the one, though his slight frame sometimes causes him problems against larger off guards. This 19 year old has time to bulk up in the future, however. Team: Joe Gibbs University.

7 Kenny Taylor (6' 5", 203 lbs, guard-forward): Though he's smallish as a forward, he led his team in rebounding with 8.9 per game. Even though he's rail thin, he's surprisingly strong. At 22 years old, his sky's the limit. Team: Rypien Rangers.

9 Ryan Morgan (6' 9", 230 lbs, forward): He has the size to bang with the power forwards and the touch to play small forward, but this 31 year old has sometimes played center when his team was in dire need. Team: Saugerties Sounders.

12 Drew Harrier (6" 10, 245 lbs, forward-center): This 26 year old is the worst foul shooter on the team, hitting only 59.6 percent of his charity stripe shots. His coaches with the Woodstock Wolves are working with him night and day on that.

35 Reggie Tolliver (6' 8", 225 lbs, guard-forward): The most versatile player on the Storm, Tolliver can play either forward or shooting guard, depending on matchups. The 29 year old can even play point guard in a dire emergency with his sixth place ranking in assists. He's even taken some practice time at center. Team: Avalon Aeros.
27-05-2005, 18:19
Tonissia Line Up

#10 Shaszov Frezekov* 7"1' Knoxville Kings
#40 Temo Terroga 7" Port Manning Pirates
#1 Ollie Redd* 6"11" Port Manning Pirates
#22 JaShaun Hillips* 6"9' Helton Sting
#68 Bill Tony 6"7' Oak Ridge Hawks
#18 Roy Jefferson 6"5' Knoxville Kings
#60 Jeff Hazaba* 5"11" Rockford Rockets
#9 Luca Broader* 6"1' Bristol Appy's
#0 Leam Jannon 6" Knoxville Kings
#85 Hill Grant 6" Gatlinburg Smoke

* Starter
27-05-2005, 23:48
*goes to find basketball roster*
Follows suit!
Who Won BWC2(3)?
28-05-2005, 01:21
Pacitalian Blue Inferno

Pacitalia here presents one of the older squads at the BWC.


Fernando Sandinhão da Silva (President of the Federazione Baschetaboli di Pacitalia)
Lucio Franceto Baradoni (Head Coach)
Azimano Chiefa Samarfano (Senior Assistant Coach)
Sutarre Vaschati Maldini (Junior Assistant Coach)

Starting Lineup
Cemuta Liriano Serranino, age 28, 201cm, 92kg, GB Mandragora
Mandragora's professional basketball club is yet again represented in the centre position with star Cemuta Serranino taking the reins. He has been with GB Mandragora his entire LBcP career, which has spanned 6 years. Some 2004/05 stats: 16.3 PPG, 9.5 RPG, 10 AST, 82.6% FTPct

Redolino Santo Marceratoni, age 30, 198cm, 89kg, GB Mandragora
The other of GB Mandragora's two representative players on the Blue Inferno squad, Marceratoni is a proven clutch forward, and one of the two stars of the team. He can play a defensive-style forward when needed. He's been in the LBcP for 9 years. Some 2004/05 stats: 30.2 PPG, 6.3 RPG

Marco Azimuto Rabandoro, age 25, 203cm, 92kg, Red-CSB Timiocato
Rabandoro is the largest starter, and thus the power forward, known for his take-no-prisoners style of basketball. He also has a good free throw percentage. Some 2004/05 stats: 19.3 PPG, 81.5% FTPct

Point Guard: Julio Moreno Fantado, age 31, 195cm, 88kg, GB Pamagento
The only player on the national squad hailing from a Disculpava-province team, Julio Fantado is an excellent back-forth defensive force and proved himself a useful three-point scoring player in the crucial match against GB Sambuca which made the difference between a fourth-seeding and a fifth- or sixth-seeding in the Northern Conference for the upcoming LBcP playoffs, which take place after the BWC. Some 2004/05 stats: 18.3 PPG, 63.0% 3PPct

Shooting Guard: Fabio Bæruz Stantiniro, age 29, 182cm, 87kg, CSB Mavrogenidia
Stantiniro's name perfectly highlights his mixed Pacitalian and Turkish blood. He brings a veritable force to the team with his near-perfect free-throw and field goal conversion ratings, which have not fallen below 95% since he started playing for CSB Mavrogenidia in the LBcP. Some 2004/05 stats: 7.9 PPG, 96.8% FT/FG Pct

On The Bench

C: Madrano Samicanto, 27, 187cm, 90kg, GB Athalone
F: Alberto Cantazzeri, 28, 190cm, 91kg, GRB Capagatta
F: Nicolae Vantrescu, 24, 191cm, 89kg, Navy-FB Saronno
PG: Costas Molinidis, 25, 193cm, 85kg, CB Sobrefema
SG: Razin al-Karbali, 27, 185cm, 88kg, Blue-FB Timiocato
28-05-2005, 13:08
Basketball World Cup IV
-Harlesburg Screaming Eagles Team Roster

The Confederacy Of Harlesburg has once again returned to the Basketball World Cup scene.The Nationaly run competition has been hard a t work consolidating all the effort put into it all those years back when Harlesburg was young and it has proved dividends.

The National team The Harlesburg Screaming Eagles has made up a team of the 10 best players in all of Harlesburg and the colony of Citrius Vastiva while previous competitions were 12 men the current 10 man roster means leaving many talented players out.
Perhaps Harlesburg can repeat its stellar performance of World Cup 2 and cleanse its pain from its slight demise in World Cup 3.

The Team is based around the nation of Harlesburg with a few players in contention from Citrius Vastiva's local league.With a strong developmental league Harlesburg has managed to mostly do away with imported players from mostly superior Basketballing nations.

The Harlesburg Screaming Eagles are coached by
The Team is as follows:

5-PG-Albert Rimmer(6'3"-186lbs)
Albert Rimmer a player of reasonably tall stature for a point guard.Veteren of the National squad that one the first World Cup and finished 3rd in The 2nd.Leads his Profesional Team The Harlesburg Heat well.Is best described as a high scoring pick pocket.[8:8]

6-SG-Josh Ballard(5'11"-168lbs)
Josh Ballard competitivness is in his blood a third generation player and the second member of his family to play for the Port Royale Bombardiers (after his grandfather "The Great" Hans Ballard)his slight of hand has the ability to put players in the gaps and to pick a pocket.[5:7]

3-SF-Ryan Edwards(6'8"-224lbs)
Ryan Edwards has calmed down his ways since entering the International scene still lets his anger get the better of him some times but now has let his actions do the talking.Massive dunking ability asured of a high rebound tally because of his presence in the key.Plays for The Macton Marauders.[6:6]

1-C-Jack Taylor(7'2"-254lbs)
Jack Taylor now playing in his 20th year in the HNBL a true Spartan hero had retired from the International game but ill down the Gold Blue and Red of Harlesburg for one last time after taking the call with Harlesburgs centre Cupboards bare.His prescence at both ends of the court ensures both Offence and Defensive Boards and has neat 3 for a big man.Plays for the Harlesburg Heat.[5:8]

2-PF-Robert Handkoff(6'10"-248lbs)
Robert Handkoff a strong burly Forward from Comnors Corsairs leads from the front still with the team hes lead to the semis the last 5 seasons and with another strong performance before leaving for National duty will only increase his pedigree[7:6]


9-C-Oliver Collier(6'11"-246lbs).Always been plagued by Taylor's prescence the two dont get along and with Harlesburgs Centre stocks looking rather depleted has to once again warm the bench for The Admiral[8:]

10-PF-Jared Jurgonson(6'11"-242lbs).Jurgonsen gets around the court with ease for a big man killer 3 but more noted for his dunks.[7:5]

11-SF-Tony Halliburton(6'7"-222lbs).Never realy gets much of a chance behind Edward but when hes on this go off allround player of some merit High rebounder[5:6]

12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear(5'11"-189lbs)Was an outstanding member of the Original team to win the World Cup has ability to play both guard positions and as such is a scorer and playmaker strong three pointer and rarely misses a free throw.Comes on earlier than youd expect posts high numbers[7:6]

4-SG-Ronald Barker(5'10"-172lbs)
Came into the team after a massive impression in his third season in the Citrius-Vastiva local league some doubt his abilities but has proven himself on numerous occasions.Averages 16 points a game and 7 assists.Shoots a wicked three from anywhere but lacks defense.[6:9]

Note stats are for previous 12 man roster totaling 150 points must be edited!-assuming stats are used.
28-05-2005, 17:42
Follows suit!
Who Won BWC2(3)?IIRC, the champions so far have been:

World Cup I: Druida
World Cup II: Harlesburg (def. Sarzonia in the final)
World Cup III: Praying2God (def. Liverpool England in the final)

Paci, please post the group draw and matches. ;)
28-05-2005, 20:16
Right. :p (FIXED)

Group Draws

---Sarzonia division 1---
Sarzonia (2)
Muppet Kingship

---Sarzonia division 2---
Vilita (4)
Lovisa (5)
Hockey Canada

---Nedalia division 1---
Harlesburg (3)
East Lithuania
New Sovia

---Nedalia division 2---
Liverpool England (1)
Gaian Ascendancy
28-05-2005, 20:23
OOC: Um, Pacitalia, Sarzonia should be in the Sarzonia Region, scorinated by Nedalia and Nedalia should be in the Nedalia Region, scorinated by Sarzonia.
28-05-2005, 20:25
OOC: Oh, I misunderstood you, then. I thought you said you were in each other's regions for the reasons you're saying (prevent any possible "favouritism"). I'll get that fixed right away.
28-05-2005, 20:28
Damn, now I have to redo my formula matchups chart and the byes list. ;)
28-05-2005, 20:46
OOC: I might have been too tired to realise what I was saying last night. lol
The host country sims the other host country's region to prevent favouritism: Nedalia siming the Sarzonia region with Sarzonia in it and Sarzonia siming the Nedalia Region with Nedalia in it.

If Sarzonia and Nedalia meet in the final, we're going to have to have someone else sim the final. You up for that? ;)

Anyway, I'll probably sim the Nedalia Region tomorrow to get the ball rolling (no pun intended).
28-05-2005, 20:57
Yeah, I'll do that.

Bye System
Game Day
Sarzonia (2) 2
Articanuck 5
Fmjphoenix 1
Muppet Kingship 4
Tonissia 3
Vilita (4) 5
Lovisa (5) 1
Hockey Canada 3
Robotopolis 2
The UISR 4
Harlesburg (3) 1
East Lithuania 5
Nargopia 2
New Sovia 4
Pacitalia 3
Liverpool England (1) 4
Euroslavia 2
Gaian Ascendancy 3
Nedalia 5
Oliverry 1
28-05-2005, 21:00
Game Day 1
Sarzonia v Muppet Kingship
Tonissia v Articanuck
Vilita v Hockey Canada
The UISR v Robotopolis
East Lithuania v Nargopia
New Sovia v Pacitalia
Liverpool England v Nedalia
Gaian Ascendancy v Euroslavia

Bye: Fmjphoenix, Lovisa, Harlesburg, Oliverry
30-05-2005, 00:22
Gameday One Scores:

Articanuk 90, Tonissia 88
Vilita 79, Hockey Canada 70
Robotopolis 88, The UISR 63
East Lithuania 89, Nargopia 70
Pacitalia 72, New Sovia 63
Liverpool England 83, Nedalia 82
Gaian Ascendancy 76, Euroslavia 67

I scorinated all games except the Sarzonia-Muppet Kingship match, which Nedalia is supposed to sim.
30-05-2005, 01:28
Game Day 2
Tonissia v Fmjphoenix
Articanuck v Muppet Kingship
Vilita v Lovisa
Hockey Canada v The UISR
Harlesburg v New Sovia
East Lithuania v Pacitalia
Liverpool England v Oliverry
Gaian Ascendancy v Nedalia

Bye: Sarzonia, Robotopolis, Nargopia, Euroslavia

RP from me for the first match coming right up.
30-05-2005, 02:54
Pacitalia ekes out a nine-point victory in opening match

With the stage set and the Basketball World Cup underway, Redolino Marceratoni led the Blue Inferno with 22 points and nine rebounds as the powerful Pacitalian side worked hard to receive a 72-63 victory over division rival New Sovia. Surprising out of the low score game was a clean match by both countries.

A rather low-scoring event seemed to be unfolding in the first quarter, with New Sovia taking the lead over most of the quarter with a 8-0 advantage. The Pacitalians seemed a little drowsy to start as evidenced by the eight point deficit, but Marceratoni kicked off Pacitalian scoring with a beautiful three from downtown to put the Blue Inferno on the board and cut the deficit to five. Pacitalia quickly went on a 12-4 run and thusly led 15-12 at the end of the first quarter.

"We were a little catatonic to start," chimed in point guard Julio Fantado. "I think once the five of us looked at the scoreboard and saw the deficit, our brains kicked in and we started to play like the strong team we are."

The second quarter was even better with Marceratoni and fellow forward Marco Rabandoro perfecting their three-pointers with five between them. Pacitalia began to slip into a commanding lead thanks to Marceratoni and Rabandoro's work, and from beautiful defensive play by Fantado and shooting guard Fabio Stantiniro. At halftime, Pacitalia led 38-20.

Into the second half, New Sovia seemed to pick up the pace with a little urgence in their step, capitalising well on a couple of Pacitalian defensive miscues and bringing the score to a closer 54-44 at the end of the third quarter. New Sovia's talented centre helped by chipping in 16 of the 24 points the team earned in the third as they limited the Blue Inferno's powerful front three to 16 to cut the deficit.

The fourth quarter showed more promise for New Sovia as their centre and forwards continued to lay a steady non-physical pounding on the Blue Inferno. Halfway through the fourth quarter, New Sovia took the lead 62-59 after a great three-pointer from way beyond the arc. Pacitalia once again kicked into high gear, seemingly realising the error of their ways, and closed the gap with an equally amazing three-pointer from centre Cemuta Serranino to tie it up at 62-62. From there, Pacitalia went on an 10-1 run and never looked back, taking the game 72-63.

Next up for the Blue Inferno is another tough test - they face an East Lithuania team coming off a nineteen-point victory over Nargopia. Barring any major catastrophes, it should be a close game regardless of who wins as the four non-seeded teams in Nedalia Division 1 attempt to end third-seed Harlesburg's chances of advancing as the current group favourite.
30-05-2005, 03:17
Standings after Day 1
Sorted by wins, then by losses, then by PF. Two points per win.

Sarzonia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Articanuck 1 1 0 2 90 88 1.000
Sarzonia (2) 1 1 0 2 89 82 1.000
Fmjphoenix 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000
Tonissia 1 0 1 0 88 90 0.000
Muppet Kingship 1 0 1 0 82 89 0.000

Sarzonia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Robotopolis 1 1 0 2 88 63 1.000
Vilita (4) 1 1 0 2 79 70 1.000
Lovisa (5) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000
Hockey Canada 1 0 1 0 70 79 0.000
The UISR 1 0 1 0 63 88 0.000

Nedalia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
East Lithuania 1 1 0 2 89 70 1.000
Pacitalia 1 1 0 2 72 63 1.000
Harlesburg (3) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000
Nargopia 1 0 1 0 70 89 0.000
New Sovia 1 0 1 0 63 72 0.000

Nedalia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Liverpool England (1) 1 1 0 2 83 82 1.000
Gaian Ascendancy 1 1 0 2 76 67 1.000
Oliverry 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000
Nedalia 1 0 1 0 82 83 0.000
Euroslavia 1 0 1 0 67 76 0.000
30-05-2005, 04:05
Storm masters Muppet Kingdom, 89-82

Calvin Powell led a fourth quarter rally by scoring eight points in a 12-3 Sarzonia run and the Storm won the opening match of the fourth World Cup of Basketball, 89-82.

Powell led all scorers with 24 points and added nine assists. Point guard Dave Powell added 12 points and eight assists, while power forward Kevin Farrier grabbed 14 rebounds, scoring eight points. Sarzonia outrebounded the Muppet Kingdom 44-31.

"We just played like we've been playing in practice all along," Motta said. "We got out and played our style of half court offence and we defended well. When you combine those two things, you win a lot of basketball games."

The long layoff from the third World Cup to the current one and the completely overhauled roster the Storm brought into the game seemed to affect the team at the very beginning. The Muppet Kingdom looked like they would blow the Storm out of the water, jumping out to a 31-19 first quarter advantage. Motta burned two of his team's timeouts in the period before exorting his players.

"I told them we had to play with more defensive intensity," Motta said. "I knew we'd get our chances if we started taking the play to them."

Did they ever. The Storm forced six turnovers in a 5:44 span of the second quarter and the Storm went into halftime trailing 48-46. Farrier scored four of his eight points to start the rally with a fierce dunk and a tipin of a Dave Powell miss. The Storm outscored Muppet Kingdom 20-6 in that span.

"We just played great in that stretch," point guard Dave Powell (12 points, nine assists) said. "We played like a true elite team in the World Cup."

However, Muppet Kingdom regrouped in the third quarter and looked like they would put the Storm away, but shooting guard Calvin Powell wouldn't be denied. He started the rally with a four point play after hitting a three pointer to cut the Muppet Kingdom's lead to five, then converted a steal into a coast-to-coast layup that gave the Storm the lead for good.

Sarzonia gets an important win going into the bye, but Motta said not to read too much into the first match.

"It's only one game," Motta said. "One game at the start of the group stages does not a World Cup champion make."
30-05-2005, 04:12
Robotopolis Sun-Times
Hey! It's our first time covering something other than hockey!

Robotopolis team defeats its first opponent!
Despite the fact the the roster or even the team name hasn't been announced...
Wow, we're just that good!

The start of the 4th World Cup of Basketball kicked off great for the Robotopolis side, as they destroyed a...I dunno if you would call it a 'solid' team...from the UISR, whoever they are. Yes, it was a pushover the likes of which only the Los Angeles Clippers see on a regular basis. The let-undisclosed roster of the yet-unnamed Robotopolis team dominated the game from start to finish, taking down the UISR like nobodie's business. Center :Undisclosed Player: was able to barge his way into the paint and score his points, having suppot from guards :Undisclosed Player: and :Undisclosed Player: . The :Team Name: have started this tournament off on the right foot, but can they keep it up?

*End newspaper*

Jeez, that was annoying. Anyway, let's get that team name and roster revealed!

And now, for the first time on international hardwood, the Robotopolis...



Staring Point Guard: Top Man

Starting Shooting Guard: Snake Man

Starting Center: Stone Man

Starting Power Forward: Spring Man

Starting Small Forward: Slash Man

Bench PG: Gravity Man
Bench SG: Wind Man
Bench C: Skull Man
Bench PF: Ground Man
Bench SF: Burner Man
30-05-2005, 04:29
Sarzonia: 89

The Muppet Kingship: 82
30-05-2005, 08:18
Fmjphoenix Heat

PG: #13 Steve Narshe - 6 foot 2 inches, 195 pounds
SG: #03 Quinten Richards - 6 foot 5 inches, 214 pounds
SF: #24 Jimmy Jackson - 6foot 7 inches, 225 pounds
PF: #32 Damare Stoudamire - 6 foot 10 inches, 242 pounds
C: # 45 Stephen Huntress - 7 foot 0 inches, 233 pounds

G/F: #21 Justin Johnson - 6 foot 6 inches, 218 pounds
PG: #10 Raphael Barbossa - 6 foot 4 inches, 198 pounds
F: #52 Dameon McCray - 6 foot 9 inches, 238 pounds
F/C: #30 Mika Gihooni - 6 foot 11 inches, 258 pounds
G/F: #23 Hank Carlos - 6 foot 8 inches, 240 pounds
30-05-2005, 19:35
Harlesburg Gear Up!
Harlesburg prepare for first match
After having a Bye in the first Round Champions of Basketball World Cup II Harlesburg finally get their chance to shine on the International stage once again.

The Harlesburg Screaming Eagles have performed pretty well in previous Tournaments with a good record against some strong Teams.
Something they are looking to do tonight is to get a win and as a first game in the Second Round that is imperitive.

Rimmer had this to say
"Its kind of tought for us a first round bye is the worst place you can have one especially if you lose the next game it can seriously put you back in the pecking order and makes you have to work that much harder..mind you we have no thoughts of losing this game we are confident we can win and win well."

Unknown oppositoin shouldnt be too much trouble.
5-PG-Albert Rimmer(6'3"-186lbs)
Albert Rimmer a player of reasonably tall stature for a point guard.Veteren of the National squad that one the first World Cup and finished 3rd in The 2nd.Leads his Profesional Team The Harlesburg Heat well.Is best described as a high scoring pick pocket.[8:8]

6-SG-Josh Ballard(5'11"-168lbs)
Josh Ballard competitivness is in his blood a third generation player and the second member of his family to play for the Port Royale Bombardiers (after his grandfather "The Great" Hans Ballard)his slight of hand has the ability to put players in the gaps and to pick a pocket.[5:7]

3-SF-Ryan Edwards(6'8"-224lbs)
Ryan Edwards has calmed down his ways since entering the International scene still lets his anger get the better of him some times but now has let his actions do the talking.Massive dunking ability asured of a high rebound tally because of his presence in the key.Plays for The Macton Marauders.[6:6]

1-C-Jack Taylor(7'2"-254lbs)
Jack Taylor now playing in his 20th year in the HNBL a true Spartan hero had retired from the International game but ill down the Gold Blue and Red of Harlesburg for one last time after taking the call with Harlesburgs centre Cupboards bare.His prescence at both ends of the court ensures both Offence and Defensive Boards and has neat 3 for a big man.Plays for the Harlesburg Heat.[5:8]

2-PF-Robert Handkoff(6'10"-248lbs)
Robert Handkoff a strong burly Forward from Comnors Corsairs leads from the front still with the team hes lead to the semis the last 5 seasons and with another strong performance before leaving for National duty will only increase his pedigree[7:6]


9-C-Oliver Collier(6'11"-246lbs).Always been plagued by Taylor's prescence the two dont get along and with Harlesburgs Centre stocks looking rather depleted has to once again warm the bench for The Admiral[8:]

10-PF-Jared Jurgonson(6'11"-242lbs).Jurgonsen gets around the court with ease for a big man killer 3 but more noted for his dunks.[7:5]

11-SF-Tony Halliburton(6'7"-222lbs).Never realy gets much of a chance behind Edward but when hes on this go off allround player of some merit High rebounder[5:6]

12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear(5'11"-189lbs)Was an outstanding member of the Original team to win the World Cup has ability to play both guard positions and as such is a scorer and playmaker strong three pointer and rarely misses a free throw.Comes on earlier than youd expect posts high numbers[7:6]

4-SG-Ronald Barker(5'10"-172lbs)
Came into the team after a massive impression in his third season in the Citrius-Vastiva local league some doubt his abilities but has proven himself on numerous occasions.Averages 16 points a game and 7 assists.Shoots a wicked three from anywhere but lacks defense.[6:9]
East Lithuania
30-05-2005, 20:07
East Lithuania Wins First Match!

The East Lithuania Court Sharks beat Nargopia 89-70. In a close game, PG George Bass truly stood out in the game scoring 5/6 3-pointers, for a total of 33-points in the game. Something tells the whole team that this man will be the star this year. Another star appering in this game was the Center, Mike Colvin. He scored 28-points, and brought up a good defencive force, with 10 blocks and 20 rebounds. So far, it looks as though East Lithuania may go far in this cup.
30-05-2005, 21:34
Sarzonia: 89

The Muppet Kingship: 82

Next Country to call The MUSHROOM Kingship by the wrong name will have war declared on them
30-05-2005, 21:47
Next Country to call The MUSHROOM Kingship by the wrong name will have war declared on them

We would like to inform the international community that we fully understand this sentiment as expressed by The Mushy Kingdom.
This deliberate mockery of a perfectly acceptable name for a nation has to stop.
People of Mushyland, we fully support you!

Jeremy Dekkers
Prime Minister
30-05-2005, 22:13
We, too, express our heartfelt sympathies to the Muggy Klingons.
30-05-2005, 23:43
Euroslavia Suffers Defeat Against Gaian Ascendancy

The Euroslavia Chromas suffered their first defeat, in the first match of the season, against a strong Gaian Ascendancy team. The final score of the matchup was 76-67, in favor of the opponents. The Head Coach of the Chromas walked out of the match, shaking his head furiously, besides the obvious fact he has alcohol problems, he was also quite disappointed with the match that occurred.

"We just didn't work as a team today, plain and simple." as he took a swig of his booze. "Our defense was horrible. It was as if there were five separate teams out there, going against an opponent with a solid offense. You just can't make amateur mistakes like that in games such as these. We're going to have to work harder than this to prove ourselves a worthy team in the games ahead of us." He paused, hiccuped, took downed the rest of the bottle, then wiped his face clean from the alcohol. "I can guarantee that you'll see a better Euroslavian team after today's disappointment.

Fans all across Euroslavia were quite disappointed in the expansion basketball teams' first ever performance.

"I certainly don't expect the Chromas to win the Championship this year, seeing as they are one of the newest teams on the block; however, it would be nice to see a team that can at least compete for the playoffs. We all have pride in our sports teams, here in Arcadia, and we can only hope that this was just a one time thing." says Jack Jameson, an avid basketball fan.

With the next matchday off, you can bet that there will be no break for the Chromas. They are going to have to work a lot harder to uphold their reputation of being a nation full of competition.
31-05-2005, 00:45
Gameday 2 Scores

Tonissia 78, Fmjphoenix 64
Articanuk 88, Mushroom Kingship 67
Vilita 79, Lovisa 70
The UISR 86, Hockey Canada 79
New Sovia 85, Harlesburg 78
Pacitalia 92, East Lithuania 84
Liverpool England 84, Oliverry 78
Gaian Ascendancy 76, Nedalia 74
31-05-2005, 01:43
Standings after Day 2
Sorted by wins, then by losses, then by PF. Two points per win.

Sarzonia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Articanuck 2 2 0 4 178 155 1.000
Sarzonia (2) 1 1 0 2 89 82 1.000
Tonissia 2 1 1 2 166 154 0.500
Fmjphoenix 1 0 1 0 64 78 0.000
Muppet Kingship 2 0 2 0 149 177 0.000

Sarzonia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Vilita (4) 2 2 0 4 158 140 1.000
Robotopolis 1 1 0 2 88 63 1.000
The UISR 2 1 1 2 149 167 0.500
Lovisa (5) 1 0 1 0 70 79 0.000
Hockey Canada 2 0 2 0 149 165 0.000

Nedalia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Pacitalia 2 2 0 4 164 147 1.000
East Lithuania 2 1 1 2 173 162 0.500
New Sovia 2 1 1 2 148 150 0.500
Harlesburg (3) 1 0 1 0 78 85 0.000
Nargopia 1 0 1 0 70 89 0.000

Nedalia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Liverpool England (1) 2 2 0 4 167 160 1.000
Gaian Ascendancy 2 2 0 4 152 141 1.000
Oliverry 1 0 1 0 78 84 0.000
Euroslavia 1 0 1 0 67 76 0.000
Nedalia 2 0 2 0 156 169 0.000
31-05-2005, 02:51
Pacitalia "deletes" the opposition in match #2, takes outright div lead

With nerves on the fritz pre-game, as the Blue Inferno were expected to meet their toughest opposition yet in a powerful East Lithuania team, it was expected to be a close matchup with one team or the other taking it by only a few points. It wasn't exactly a nailbiter, but the Blue Inferno were the team who received the favoured result with a 92-84 win over East Lithuania.

The win catapults Pacitalia, from a shared lead of first place in Nedalia Division 1 with today's opposition, into an outright lead with a 2-0 record in the league stage. East Lithuania falls to 1-1 with the loss. The Blue Inferno is currently enjoying a good point differential, so far putting away 164 points while allowing their two opponents 147, in their 72-63 and 92-84 wins.

Scoring in the game was led once again by reliable forwards Redolino Marceratoni and Marco Rabandoro, plus strong centre Cemuta Serranino. Marceratoni enjoyed a 28-point, eight assist, six rebound game with six three pointers in the point mix while Rabandoro and Serranino each chipped in seventeen points with five assists. Rabandoro had two rebounds while Serranino converted eight.

Point guard Julio Fantado and shooting guard Fabio Stantiniro each added sixteen and twelve, while Stantiniro's late fourth-quarter replacement, Razin al-Karbali added the final two points to bring the total to ninety-two. Stantiniro was ejected with three minutes remaining after he earned his second technical foul of the game by falling into the East Lithuanian centre.

"I honestly did not intend to knock the guy over," Stantiniro argued post-game. "I'm just thankful it was with only three minutes to go and we had an amazing shooting guard to replace me. He showed that by adding those two baskets and showing the team and the fans and viewers that there was no need to worry with a starter ejected."

Stantiniro does tend to be cocky, as evidenced by those comments, but when asked about that attitude, he said, "Oh, no, I'm trying to be modest, but with that kind of comment you can't really be. I was only trying to appear confident, and you guys have ruined my plan." He then winked and turned back to the dressing room.

Coach Lucio Baradoni was happy with the result and the relatively clean game, save Stantiniro's ejection. "We played well. We covered them all well and the result was thankfully what we expected, based on our efforts." He added, "I hope we can continue our winning ways, and thanks to our hard work and good play, we expect a favourable finish in this division."

Pacitalia took an early lead unlike the New Sovia game, pushing offence above defence and taking a 15-6 lead. East Lithuania played a little catch-up and brought the score to 25-20 at the end of the first quarter with amazing offence from their centre and power forward.

Into the second quarter the teams were evenly matched, but the Blue Inferno took an outstanding lead moving closer to halftime with beautiful long threes from Serranino and Rabandoro. Pacitalia held off attempted offensive replies with superb defensive play by Fantado and Stantiniro and kept a ten-point lead at halftime, 49-39.

The Pacitalian Blue Inferno's commanding style of play continued into the second half of the game, with East Lithuania unable to mount any major comebacks right after halftime. Pacitalia took a 65-48 lead at one point, the widest margin in the game. Towards the middle and end of the third, the Court Sharks began to reply to the Pacitalian offensive onslaught, bringing the game back to a closer margin at the end of the third with a 75-66 score showing on the board above the court.

The fourth quarter was more of a nerve wracker with points going back and forth between the two teams, but the Blue Inferno, after seeing the score go as close as 82-79, began to take control of the game once more, going on a 10-5 run and finally taking an exciting, talent-filled game, 92-84.

Pacitalia gets a bye right where it could get it best - in the middle of the league stage, on match day three. After the bye, next up for the Pacitalian side is Nargopia, and after Nargopia, a match with third-seed Harlesburg closes out the league part on day five of the fourth incarnation of the Basketball World Cup.

(OOC: Btw, East Lithuania should be at 0.500, not 1.000 with the loss, Sarzonia. ;) Just thought I'd let you know, I barely caught that myself.)
31-05-2005, 04:00
Game Day 3
Articanuck v Sarzonia
Fmjphoenix v Muppet Kingship
Vilita v Robotopolis
The UISR v Lovisa
Harlesburg v East Lithuania (Doubleheader Part 1)
New Sovia v Nargopia
Liverpool England v Euroslavia
Nedalia v Oliverry

Bye: Tonissia, Hockey Canada, Pacitalia, Gaian Ascendancy
31-05-2005, 04:20
Storm looks to burn Articanuk

It's too early for a game to be considered critical in the fourth World Cup of Basketball, but the second match for the Sarzonian national basketball team will still be important. Sarzonia is facing group leaders Articanuk after they knocked off Muppet Kingship 88-67.

"They're coming off two straight impressive wins," Coach Dick Motta said. "That game is going to be a tough one, that's for sure."

Sarzonia is looking to tighten up its defence after their opening 89-82 win over Mushroom Kingship to start the tournament. Motta said the Storm "maybe gambled a bit too much," and "was a little lazy" at the start of the game.

"[Articanuk]'s got our full attention, you can bet on that," power forward Kevin Farrier said. "We're going to bring our 'A' game against those guys."

A win by Articanuk all but punches their ticket into the next round as division winners, but a loss by Sarzonia would not eliminate the team that defeated Harlesburg in the third place game of the last World Cup. A Sarzonian win gives the team momentum and a 2-0 record with two group stage games left to play.

"We know the stakes, but we're going in there with a focused calm," point guard David Powell said. "We've just got to play our style of basketball and we'll give ourselves a good chance to win."

In other notable scores, Pacitalia went to 2-0 by knocking off East Lithuania 92-84, New Sovia defeated Sarzonian arch rivals Harlesburg 85-78, and Gaian Ascendancy edged Nedalia 76-74, dropping the co-hosts to 0-2.
East Lithuania
31-05-2005, 05:13
East Lithuania Stopped by Pacitalia

After a hard fought game by both teams, East Lithuania couldn't continue the streak and fell to Pacitalia 92-84. Although both Colvin (C) and Bass (PG) made good efforts, and some help from Pearson (PF), Pacitalia bulldozed through the defence and put up the needed number for their victory. After the game, Couch Glenn and Bass (PG) talked to our reporters.

"These guys are a good team with a lot of talent, but I guess today just wasn't our day." said Couch Glenn. "Pacitalia has the potential to go all the way in this cup, and they proved it on the court tonight. Hopefully, we can pull through and get by and get out of the group stages."

"Pacitalia was tough." claimed Bass (PG) after the game. "We did good, but we found out that we're gonna have a bit of a rival to fight against when the end of the group stages come. Though they are a great team, I think we sent them a messege that there is no way we are gonna give them the advance." said Bass with a chuckle.

Later, Assistant Couch Devore admitted he had some doubts in his mind. "Though these men have what it takes, we might have a problem." claimed Devore. "Our next game will be against the number 3 seed Harlesburg. They are the only ranked team in this group, meaning they have great skill. Since we lost this game, I have a feeling that our next game will not be good unless we train more."

Don't forget to watch East Lithuania vs. Harlesburg tommorrow at 8 P.M., only on D.S.S., the Dictator's Sports Station.
31-05-2005, 19:32
Harlesburg Dig a Hole
Harlesburg70 something Other team more
The feared it would happen and now it has Harlesburg has dug a hole for itself.After having such high hopes for this World Cup Harlesburg now look in a dire position facing zero points after 2 rounds and some firece competition to follow.

no time edit later
01-06-2005, 04:07
Game Day 3 Scores
Mushroom Kingship 72, Fmjphoenix 69
Vilita 73, Robotopolis 69
Lovisa 85, The UISR 79
Harlesburg 102, East Lithuania 87 (OT)
New Sovia 89, Nargopia 70
Liverpool England 90, Euroslavia 84
Oliverry 89, Nedalia 69
01-06-2005, 04:33
Standings after Day 3

Sorted by wins, then by losses, then by PF. Two points per win.

Sarzonia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Articanuck 2 2 0 4 178 155 1.000
Sarzonia (2) 1 1 0 2 89 82 1.000
Tonissia 2 1 1 2 166 154 0.500
Mushroom Kingship 3 1 2 2 221 246 0.333
Fmjphoenix 2 0 2 0 133 150 0.000

Sarzonia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Vilita (4) 3 3 0 6 226 209 1.000
Robotopolis 2 1 1 2 157 136 0.500
Lovisa (5) 2 1 1 2 155 158 0.500
The UISR 3 1 2 2 228 252 0.333
Hockey Canada 2 0 2 0 149 165 0.000

Nedalia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Pacitalia 2 2 0 4 164 147 1.000
New Sovia 3 2 1 4 237 220 0.667
Harlesburg (3) 2 1 1 2 180 172 0.500
East Lithuania 3 1 2 2 260 264 0.333
Nargopia 2 0 2 0 140 178 0.000

Nedalia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Liverpool England (1) 3 3 0 6 257 244 1.000
Gaian Ascendancy 2 2 0 4 152 141 1.000
Oliverry 2 1 1 2 167 153 0.500
Euroslavia 2 0 2 0 151 166 0.000
Nedalia 3 0 3 0 225 258 0.000
01-06-2005, 05:05
Game Day 4
Sarzonia v Tonissia
Fmjphoenix v Articanuck
The UISR v Robotopolis
Lovisa v Hockey Canada
Pacitalia v Nargopia
East Lithuania v Harlesburg (Doubleheader Part 2)
Euroslavia v Nedalia
Gaian Ascendancy v Oliverry

Bye: Mushroom Kingship, Vilita, New Sovia, Liverpool England
01-06-2005, 06:18
The world it's shoulders alight

The time the world to dright

Alas en guard we sill the card

Pon velaze to three the dard

Wisk away the enchanting soul

Ack and Ture the devils troll

Sing and Pour the mix them straight

Open the door to heaven's gate

Drink the juice and becometh tea

Bow down now and rest your knee

Icky faticky oh hum vam beel

The way you like to cook your veal

Time for me to take the fall

Have fun with your basketball
Gaian Ascendancy
01-06-2005, 08:15
~ Two wins help introduce the new Holy Fire ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ With two wins under it's belt, and an official roster finally finalized, the newest sports team in the Ascendancy Sphere suddenly takes center stage among curious citizen souls.

Nedalia Division Two:
MD1 - W
Gaian Ascendancy v. Euroslavia (76 - 67)
MD2 - W
Gaian Ascendancy v. Nedalia (76 - 74)

The two wins help introduce a squad from all over the Republic Core Worlds, and even one from a Colony Galaxy. Here we introduce said squad, coaches and all.

Head: Darrin Kamiki (Marble) (36)
Assistants: Omi Tatar (Infinity Tower) (33) ; Karl Shanaton (Clan Home) (29)

Silver Kerensky (Minas Jurai`alheim) (22)
Harris Van Stein (Sien) (21)
Disk Janon (Blue Diamond) (18)

Dack Swanson (Eternity Tower) (23)
Howard Washington (Japanus Prime) (21)
Alan Henderson (Opal Diamond) (17)
Eric Hampton (Terra Anma) (17)
Dampier Wolf (Shanta Omega) (17)

Armstrong Kerensky (Huntress II) (23)
Louis Morisato (Pella III) (20)
Pavel Howe (Emerald) (20)
Joran Marus (Soula Exile) (19)
Ray Masaki (Sol - Talos Galaxy) (18)

Tim Facras (Hilton Head) (19)
Kozaki Namanocka (Japanus Prime) (18)

The head coach is an interesting choice, as prior to this oppritunity, Darrin Kamiki spent his time as a high school center coach. " I wasn't looking for much, just showing the kinseths the worlds of sports competition, and to try and help them someday, become as great as the players on our widespread international football squads.

Then Lady Arashi pegs me out of the blue one day, because of word from my school's principal, and boom, I got to pick from literally thousands of potential players out there in the Republic. These are players that can be as hungry as the soccer players are in World Cup and interleague play, but aren't as good without their hands in a sport.

As you can see, we gelled together quickly, and we're gunning to help make this new Basketball World Cup the best it can be out there. We also like the idea of winning. Winning is good." ..a beaming coach Masaki said, not yet burdened by pressures or expectations to win, only expected bring more sports joy to the Ascendancy by the challenge of foreign competition.

So far, in their two wins over national sports strongholds, Euroslavia and Group host Nedallia, the nicknamed Holy Fire, in line with their other major sport squad monicers, have shown their resolve, with a strong first day win over Euroslavia, with excellent Forward Dack Swanson putting down 27 points on 44 attempts, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Center Silver Kerensky, a 7'0" monster in the middle from the Minas Jurai`alheim, can block and smack with the best of them, with six blocks in two games and players finding a brick wall for a starting center.

Guard Louis Morisato has become the three point ace, as the second match against Nedalia saw him sink six three pointers off nine attempts to help hold off the hard charging hosts. The other starting Guard Armstrong Kerensky with six steals and 20 points total, is looking good as well.

"If we can keep this pace up, we might be looking at more than we expected. Still, we got no qualms about the road ahead, and Oliverry shouls prove a good challenge next up." Coach Kamiki commented more, his squad not yet used to the spotlight and wanting to avoid press snafus, as the team keeps trucking on and improving as they go.

And so, despite our lateness of coverage due to the exile of His Excellency, we give our nation coverage of a good team that looks to get better and better. Your Gaian Ascendancy Holy Fire! Cheer them on!


((OC- Nice poem Vil btw.. =^^= ))
01-06-2005, 12:55
Eagles Endure!
Harlesburg 102 East Lithuania 87(OT)
Harlesburg in a stunning come from behind performance against East Lithuania manage to win in Overtime 102-87.

Things jostled between the two teams for much of the first 3 Quarters with the squares after each quarter.
Harlesburg 22 46 60
East Lithuania 23 47 59

but then in the 4th and seemingly last Quarter tradgedy struck Harlesburg with star Point Guard Albert Rimmer being Fouled out ealry on in the piece things looked to go all haywire for the Screaming Eagles as East Lithuania posted a run of 8 unanswered points in the space of 2 minutes taking the score to Harlesburg-64 East Lithuania-72.

Most teams would struggle to haul in such a mammoth task but with the Brave and Valiant Leadership which the Admiral was Renowned for he stepped up into the vacant Captaincy role and led by example posting 18 Points,16 Rebounds and 2 Blocked shots.

With 19 Seconds on the clock and Harlesburg down by 2 points meaning one point from tieing it up the ball was dished out by Tony Breakspear and with miraculous passing it went into the hands of Taylor himself who as he was about to dunk it home was clipped in the hands and spilled the ball...

The crowd went up in an unforseen Fury and Taylor went to the line for 2 shots.As he settled himself up sweet beading on his brow he wiped it off and took the shot... Nothing but net his team mates high fived him for it but he knew the job wasnt done and went for the second it arced its way to the net and hit the rim as it rolled around the rim everyone thought what would it do ?..And then it sunk the game was in Harlesburg's hands for the moment leading 81-80.

East's played it down working the corners and using the clock wisely with 5 seconds left shot it was good!
Harlesburg with 5 seconds needed a 2 to tie and a 3 to win after East's 3 Breakspear ran the ball down the line and stopped at the top of the key where he passed off to ..... who quickly dished to Tayor who slammed it home before the Buzzer!

In Extra time The harlesburg screaming Eagles sheer fury continued and after a 7 point break crushed what remained of East Lithuania's spirit.

Rematch to excite
Two consecutive nights Harlesburg and East Lithania square up for battle who will be victor this time?
Unchanged lineup
5-PG-Albert Rimmer(6'3"-186lbs)

6-SG-Josh Ballard(5'11"-168lbs)

3-SF-Ryan Edwards(6'8"-224lbs)

1-C-Jack Taylor(7'2"-254lbs)

2-PF-Robert Handkoff(6'10"-248lbs)


9-C-Oliver Collier(6'11"-246lbs)

10-PF-Jared Jurgonson(6'11"-242lbs)

11-SF-Tony Halliburton(6'7"-222lbs)

12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear(5'11"-189lbs)]

4-SG-Ronald Barker(5'10"-172lbs)
01-06-2005, 13:52
Sarzonia's Game Day 3 score:

Articanuck 80, Sarzonia 79
(game scorinated by Pacitalia)
01-06-2005, 16:48
Chroma's Suffer a Heartbreaker to Liverpool England

The Chroma's suffered another tough loss to the team from Liverpool England. The score was 90-84. The Head Coach walked out of the game in a similar manner to the last game, though he was slightly more understanding, seeing as Liverpool England is the best team in the Basketball Tournament so far. The Chroma's record has now dropped to 0-2, but there are hopes that the 3rd game will be the first win for the frustrated Chromas. After all, the 3rd try is always a charm.

At the 4th quarter, Euroslavia was down by 16 points, but they go themselves together, and began to work as a team, just like the Head Coach said they would need to do, to have a chance at winning. With two minutes left, the Chromas were only down by 2 points, but the team from Liverpool England was just too good for them, and kept them from taking the lead at any point in the game.

The team is going to work harder than ever to restore any sort of respect for the team as competitive, and at having a shot at making it into the playoffs, though, seeing as it is the first season for this young Euroslavian team, that may be too big of a goal. Time will tell whether the Chromas can unite together and fight themselves into the playoffs, or fail to defeat some of the other competitive teams, especially those in their division. The teams within their division are very good teams, and the Chromas are going to have to do better than their last two performances to have a chance at defeating them.

Euroslavia's next opponent is Nedalia, which has the worst record in the division; however, records don't tell you how much talent a team has. Like Euroslavia, it's always possible that Nedalia has great potential, but just isn't working together as efficiently as possible to go against the teams that it has lost to. Either way, the Chromas aren't going to let down their guard for anything, and will put on their best game face.

Euroslavia Chroma Roster
Same format as Gaia
General Manager: James Trikopfsky

Head: Jason Ramirez (Valua) (29)
Assistants: Greg Foster (Pyrynn) (31) ; Tom Watt (Pyrynn) (36)

Christopher Kerrijan (Arcadia) (25)
Justin Pylack (Arcadia) (19)
Keith Orland (Nasrad) (22)

Maneley Overington (Entros City) (25)
Armando Wilson (Arcadia) (18)
Alex Alverez (Traverse Town) (18)
Jason Rezington (Valua) (20)
Dampier Wolf (Arcadia) (21)

Jordan Williams (Pirate Isle) (22)
Gary Condor (Galador) (20)
Yatsuik Amatto (Arcadia) (22)
Terry Jones (Nasrad) (19)

Horatio Barrington (Nasrad) (17)
John Lawrence (Arcadia) (19)
01-06-2005, 19:38
Storm can't snap out of funk, 80-79

They managed to whittle a 19 point third quarter lead down to one point with 1:46 left in the fourth quarter and managed to get the ball inside to reserve center Drew Harrier, forced to play 29 minutes with starting center David Ewing in foul trouble and power forward Kevin Farrier injured. They even managed to shake forward Mike Lindsey free for a wide open three at the top of the key with 21.2 seconds left.

However, the Sarzonian national basketball team didn't manage a win in their first game played at the Palestra in Woodstock, dropping a 80-79 decision to first place Articanuck.

"We just couldn't overcome ourselves," Coach Dick Motta said. "I give Drew a lot of credit for playing great when David Ewing was in foul trouble, but we couldn't shoot from the outside and we didn't establish our inside game until it was too late."

Farrier injured his knee in a collision with the bench when he tried to dive after a loose ball going out of bounds. His status for the Tonissia game is up in the air.

"At least he went out on a hustle play," Motta said. "I can't fault a player for trying. I can fault them if they don't put the effort out there."

Shooting guard Calvin Powell, who led the Storm in scoring with 24 points in the win over the Mushroom Kingship, was held to just nine points on 4 for 16 shooting as Articanuck (3-0) played tight man-to-man defence. Lindsey led the team with 18 points, while Harrier scored 15 and added nine boards. Despite Harrier's performance, the Storm was outrebounded 39-34.

"We got killed on the glass and we couldn't prevent their putbacks," Motta said. Farrier scored only two points and grabbed four rebounds before his injury, drawing three personal fouls. Motta said Ryan Morgan would get the start at power forward if Farrier couldn't go.

"We're going to need Drew to play a lot of minutes, but he does better off the bench than as a starter."

With the win, Articanuck clinched a spot in the quarterfinals of the World Cup, while the Storm is in a dogfight for one of the four remaining wild card spots with the teams with the best records regardless of division advancing. Such a result could see a last place team advance and a second place team miss the round of eight, but Motta was philosophical about his team's predicament.

"The opera isn't over 'till the fat lady sings," he said. "She's just beginning to warm up."
02-06-2005, 03:10
Game Day Four scores
Sarzonia 93, Tonissia 79 (scorinated by Pacitalia)
Fmjphoenix 85, Articanuck 63
The UISR 82, Robotopolis 75
Hockey Canada 88, Lovisa 71
Pacitalia 77, Nargopia 63
Harlesburg 82, East Lithuania 66 (Special Doubleheader Game 2)
Euroslavia 77, Nedalia 73
Gaian Ascendancy 93, Oliverry 77
02-06-2005, 04:44
Game Day 5
Sarzonia v Fmjphoenix
Tonissia v Mushroom Kingship
Robotopolis v Hockey Canada
Lovisa v Vilita
Pacitalia v Harlesburg
Nargopia v New Sovia
Euroslavia v Oliverry
Gaian Ascendancy v Liverpool England

Bye: Articanuck, The UISR, East Lithuania, Nedalia
02-06-2005, 05:02
Storm blitzes past Tonissia 93-79

After the Sarzonian national basketball team suffered a heartbreaking 80-79 loss that put their chances of advancing to the quarterfinals of the fourth Basketball World Cup, the Storm rose to the challenge, getting 31 points from small forward Mike Lindsey en route to a 93-79 win over Tonissia that put the Storm right back in the race for an automatic bid into the quarterfinals.

"What can I say, Mike was on fire," Coach Dick Motta said. "That was Terry [Casterbridge, the former leading scorer for the Storm] in his prime right there."

Sarzonia stumbled out of the gate early as Tonissia built an eight point lead with 2:13 left to go in the second quarter before the Storm went on a 12-0 run to close out the first half. Lindsey scored nine points in the run, getting three three point shots and playing tight defence.

"Mike Lindsey was the reason we won tonight," shooting guard Calvin Powell said. "He played big when he had to with Nast [power forward Kevin Farrier] out." Farrier missed the game with a balky knee. Motta said Farrier would be a "tip-off decision.

"A lot's going to depend on how good he feels tomorrow when it's time to get out there," Motta said. With their main inside player sitting the game out, the Storm went to a more wide-open offense and started the second half with a 8-3 run that threatened to blow the game open.

But Tonissia came back thanks to four turnovers in the third quarter by point guard Dave Powell. A three pointer with 3:16 left to go in the third cut the Storm's lead to 69-62 before Motta called time out. Calvin Powell (12 points, six assists) replaced Dave Powell at point guard and Motta went with a big lineup for the rest of the period and Tonissia never got closer than 12 points the rest of the way.

The Storm get ready to face the other team nicknamed the Storm, Fmjphoenix. Motta said Sarzonia would be "wary as hell," against Fmjphoenix, even though they are most likely fighting for pride.

"They're eager to get a win and knock us out," Motta said. "They've got a bunch of enthusiastic sports fans over there. It ain't going to be easy." Then again, no matches at the Dockyard are going to be, players say.

"There's no good shooter's background there. It's so gray and dank in that building," Dave Powell said.
02-06-2005, 05:04
Standings after Day 4

Sorted by wins, then by losses, then by PF. Two points per win.

Sarzonia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Articanuck - x 4 3 1 6 343 297 0.750
Sarzonia (2) 3 2 1 4 261 241 0.667
Tonissia 3 1 2 2 245 247 0.333
Mushroom Kingship 3 1 2 2 221 246 0.333
Fmjphoenix 3 1 2 2 218 213 0.333

Sarzonia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Vilita (4) 3 3 0 6 226 209 1.000
The UISR - x 4 2 2 4 310 327 0.500
Hockey Canada 3 1 2 2 237 236 0.333
Robotopolis 3 1 2 2 232 218 0.333
Lovisa (5) 3 1 2 2 226 246 0.333

Nedalia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Pacitalia 3 3 0 6 241 210 1.000
Harlesburg (3) 3 2 1 4 262 238 0.667
New Sovia 3 2 1 4 237 220 0.667
East Lithuania - x 4 1 3 2 326 346 0.250
Nargopia 3 0 3 0 203 255 0.000

Nedalia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
Liverpool England (1) 3 3 0 6 257 244 1.000
Gaian Ascendancy 3 3 0 6 245 218 1.000
Oliverry 3 1 2 2 244 246 0.333
Euroslavia 3 1 2 2 228 239 0.333
Nedalia - x 4 0 4 0 298 335 0.000

x - denotes team completed league stage.
02-06-2005, 05:58
Pacitalia takes its third match; division win now extremely probable

The Blue Inferno, like in the last game against East Lithuania, led from start to finish and never looked back, defeating a weak, winless Nargopia side 77-63 for a continued perfect record in the Basketball World Cup IV's league stage.

Pacitalia improved to 3-0, while dropping Nargopia to 0-3 and most likely ensuring their opponent's last-place finish at the completion of the league stage. Scoring in this game was once again led by the Blue Inferno's powerful front three: centre Cemuta Serranino and forwards Redolino Marceratoni and Marco Rabandoro. Guards Julio Fantado and Fabio Stantiniro provided a few points of their own but were mostly recognised in this game for their outstanding defensive performance.

Pacitalia took a solid 18-point lead heading into the second quarter off numerous Nargopian offensive and defensive miscues. The inside and arc games were strong in the second as Pacitalia led 42-25 at the half with outstanding threes and long twos by Serranino and Rabandoro.

The Blue Inferno had a nice rest at the half, then continued their dominance, refusing to let Nargopia even have a bit of a comeback, with Fantado and Stantiniro keeping an eagle's-eye watch over the Nargopian front three while Pacitalia's front three put away jumper after lay-in after swisher to lead 64-46. Into the fourth quarter, the "Fire Foxes", as they are affectionately referred to by the fans, went into defensive mode, putting away an extra 13 insurance points while holding a slightly-recharged Nargopian opposition to 19. At the end buzzer, Pacitalia was ahead 77-63 to take the victory.

"We were fantastic today," Fantado said post-game. "I would have liked to see a higher score and I felt that it was a slower game than most, but I enjoyed having the challenge of a more defensive matchup this time around."

Despite the win, Pacitalia can't rest easy yet: a loss on Game Day 5 would put the team in danger of finishing third after all that work. New Sovia and Harlesburg are both 2-1 and are not playing each other, meaning it is extremely possible both could win. However, Pacitalia has one bit of solace in this situation: a win is in their hands, as they are the team facing third-seeded Harlesburg on the last game day and can seal their win of the entire division by beating Harlesburg.

It will definitely be a close game, as Harlesburg is three seeds ahead of Pacitalia, but Pacitalia has proven itself a slightly better team during this stage of the Basketball World Cup.
Gaian Ascendancy
02-06-2005, 06:31
~ Strong victory heading into Group showdown. ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ The new Holy Fire, only three games into their run, are now looking at a major showdown for their group nod, as qualifers come to a quick close. The Holy Fire literally scalded their opponents by 16, as they tore down Oliverry 93-77 today.

Off of a strong half court performance that saw the Holy Fire take twelve offensive rebounds and another fourteen off the other end, the Holy Fire staved off the Oliverry squads charge in the late third period off of two daggers of three pointers off of Armstrong Kerensky, with 12 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals to help the team to victory.

Leading scorer Dack Swanson once again showed off his hook and scoring skill with a blistering 30 points, 3 rebounds and four steals. Center Silver Kerensky managed thirteen points off of four attempts at the line for three points off three throws, and two blocks, but was fouled out with six minutes to go. Harris Van Stein saw action for the first time and came away with four points and a steal as he helped close the door.

Guard Louis Morisato saw some time off the court and allowed Pavel Howe about four minutes of action while Morisato recovered from a incedental head shot from a Oliverry Guard off a pick and roll. "It only hurts when I touch it." Louis said, hardly affected by the smackdown as he finished the game for 16 points, 2 rebounds, 2 steals and a block.

But the team isn't satisfied, and know a stiff challenge awaits the first timers. "Liverpool England. We get to face the number one ranked team in the World Cup.

Bring em on. Just bring em on." Coach Kamiki commented to holoreporters. "If we win this one, we're gunning even further. But first things first." ..he finished, giving note that the next match was a crucial test of the new team's fortunes.

"Who woulda thunk." Forward Swanson commented.
02-06-2005, 13:27
Eagles to Swoop
Harlesburg tighten Defence
Harlesburg look set to play Pacitalia in their round 4 fixture with it also only being their 3rd game after a bye in the 1st round.
Whats interesting to note is that Pacitalia bet New Sovia in their first match of the Basketball World Cup while Harlesburg had the bye.

In Harlesburg's first game of the Championships they played New Sovia and lost this would invariably put the favour in Pacitalia's court except for one thing Harlesburg have traditionaly been slow starters and when they get rolling they seldom sare halted.

Harlesburg have looked set to add a bit of Defence to their team early on with the inclusion of steal maestro Troy Breakspear in the starting lineup.
Troy has collected 6 steals in his 52 mintes on court through 3 games and with a starting spot looks set to claim more.

Very few teams have posted a higher total score than Harlesburg and of these most have the extra game up their hand,while it could be argued that Harlesburg have gone to overtime in a game in this case they kept the oppositionscoring to a minimum meaning their defensive record is desired by many teams too.

Troy Breakspear is also a prolific passer of the ball seemingly finding an unmarked man at will and he acts as a very succesful go to man and/or setter of plays in Albert Rimmer is tied up.

When Harlesburg Power Forward Robert Handkoff was asked about the suggestions that Pacitalia would claim the top pick in the pool heading into the playoffs he scoffed.

"Their aint nothing certain about whats going to happen yet we've played well they've played well and to be perfectly honest there is no reason why we cant continue our run and beat these guys we do have the talent and we will go out there and show that we do."

Harlesburg's record in Basketball finals is impressive in their first attempt at the title they won an impressive victory and continued that form by making it to the Semi-finals in World Cup III and now making it to the next round is a good possibility though second round victors against Harlesburg,New Sovia are set to play apparent Tournament strugglers Nargopia who are still winless after 3 matches.

Id hate to think that first match loss to New Sovia could hurt us in any way,we have worked so hard for this and to be bundled out so early would be disapointing to say the least.But at the end of the day is truely irrelavent one cannot dwell on the past at such a time the best thing we can do is win our next game and assure ourselves a place and maybe even first in the pool if results go our way said Harlesburg Point Guard Albert Rimmer.

5-PG-Albert Rimmer(6'3"-186lbs)
12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear(5'11"-189lbs)
3-SF-Ryan Edwards(6'8"-224lbs)
1-C-Jack Taylor(7'2"-254lbs)
2-PF-Robert Handkoff(6'10"-248lbs)

9-C-Oliver Collier(6'11"-246lbs)
10-PF-Jared Jurgonson(6'11"-242lbs)
11-SF-Tony Halliburton(6'7"-222lbs)
6-SG-Josh Ballard(5'11"-168lbs)
4-SG-Ronald Barker(5'10"-172lbs)

Previous Match Stats

5-PG-Albert Rimmer 19 Points 8 Assists 2 Rebounds 1 Steal
6-SG-Josh Ballard 7 Points 15 Assists 3-SF-Ryan Edwards 5 Points 4 Rebounds
1-C-Jack Taylor 8Points 12 Rebounds
2-PF-Robert Handkoff 7 Points 8 Rebounds
9-C-Oliver Collier 6 points 11 Rebounds
10-PF-Jared Jurgonson 12 Points 2 Rebounds
11-SF-Tony Halliburton 5 Points 2 Assists 1 Rebound
12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear 15 Points 3 Rebounds 2 Steals
4-SG-Ronald Barker 2 3 Assists 1 Steal

Harlesburg16 26 53 82
Opposition14 28 52 66
02-06-2005, 18:55
Preparations for Harlesburg match enormous

Determined not to lose the group at the last minute with a loss to third-seed Harlesburg, the Pacitalian Blue Inferno woke up at a reasonable hour for a morning practice and a strategy review.

Pacitalia sits at 3-0 in Nedalia division 1, one win ahead of competitors New Sovia and Harlesburg (both at 2-1). Should Pacitalia lose to Harlesburg, and New Sovia, that would most likely drop Pacitalia from first to third and leave them out of a playoff position at the last minute.

Therefore, a win is the only outcome the Blue Inferno want as they prepare for their most nerve-wracking and important match of the league stage against a Harlesburg team determined to make up the ground they lost early on with a surprising loss to New Sovia.

"We're not going to let this slip out of our hands," centre Cemuta Serranino said after the strategy review. "It's completely in our control. The ball's in our court, as the old pertinent cliche states. I'm confident we can come away with a victory here, but we can't slack off. This game, we know, we have to be 110% the entire time, or else Harlesburg will take advantage of that."

As said in the last report, Pacitalia has the advantage of a better record so far, but Harlesburg is three seeds higher, thus making the game pretty much even and too close to call. Hopefully, it will be a close match no matter who takes the win at the end of the sixty minutes.

"I know we can win this," Coach Lucio Baradoni added. "It's a winnable game, we just have to have the championship victory in our minds if we want to beat this team. I have great players this time around, and I along with our nation expect them to pull their weight and emerge with a favourable decision."
03-06-2005, 03:30
Game Day Five Scores

Tonissia 70, Mushroom Kingdom 65
Hockey Canada 69, Robotopolis 61
Lovisa 78, Vilita 77
Harlesburg 86, Pacitalia 82
Nargopia 73, New Sovia 67
Euroslavia 86, Oliverry 82
Gaian Ascendancy 87, Liverpool England 79
03-06-2005, 04:40
Standings after Day 5

Sorted by wins, then by losses, then by PF. Two points per win.

Sarzonia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
x Sarzonia (2) 4 3 1 6 345 320 0.750
y Articanuck 4 3 1 6 343 297 0.750
y Tonissia 4 2 2 4 315 312 0.500
Mushroom Kingship 4 1 3 2 286 316 0.250
Fmjphoenix 4 1 3 2 297 297 0.250

Sarzonia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
x Vilita (4) 4 3 1 6 303 287 0.750
The UISR 4 2 2 4 310 327 0.500
Hockey Canada 4 2 2 4 306 297 0.500
Lovisa (5) 4 2 2 4 304 323 0.500
Robotopolis 4 1 3 2 293 287 0.250

Nedalia Division 1 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
x Harlesburg (3) 4 3 1 6 348 320 0.750
y Pacitalia 4 3 1 6 323 292 0.750
New Sovia 4 2 2 4 304 293 0.500
East Lithuania 4 1 3 2 326 346 0.250
Nargopia 4 1 3 0 276 322 0.250

Nedalia Division 2 GP W L Pts PF PA .Pct
x Gaian Ascendancy 4 4 0 8 332 297 1.000
y Liverpool England (1) 4 3 1 6 336 331 0.750
Euroslavia 4 2 2 4 314 321 0.500
Oliverry 4 1 3 2 326 332 0.250
Nedalia 4 0 4 0 298 335 0.000

x - clinched division
y - clinched playoff berth
Gaian Ascendancy
03-06-2005, 05:10
~ Liverpool England torn down from their mantle ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ "We just took them down man, we took them DOWN!" ..leading Holy Fire's scorer Dack Swanson commented, as a highly charged Gaian squad took it down the throat of the number one ranked team today.

Off a strong 34 point performance, with 10 rebounds and 3 steals, Dack Swanson established his position as team captain, and the Holy Fire used their overall pressure on the half-court to shock Liverpool England.

Center Silver Kerensky had a tournament high seven block with 9 points and 6 rebounds, dominated the paint on both ends of the court. Thuis allowed Swanson to do his magic, and Louis Armstrong to sink four threes for 11 points and twelve assists. Overall the Holy Fire are on a crusade. Ascendancy fans watching both in the stadium and at home are suddenly rabid about yet another suprise team that is tearing through the ranks.

"When we came in, we sure didn't expect this squad to be the only undefeated team standing at the end of qualifiers. Still, there's no promise this means we'll win it all, and we have to keep playing hard every match we get a chance at." Coach Kamiki commented, as he showed on the floor form himself, shouting at his players to be relentless against Liverpool England.

"When you have them on the ropes, you do 'not' let them back in. First rule of a winning team. The second... um.. well, winning." ..the still less than oratory capable coach also commented.

Now the team waits to see who they play next, and know that with the taking down of all four teams in their group, they see 'any' team as an equal challenge now.

"Someone tell me this is true. On top of the pack our first time out the gate? I don't believe it either. I just sink shots and let the standings work themselves out." comment from Guard Armstrong Kerensky, just as suprised as the fans that follow the Holy Fire.
03-06-2005, 06:03
OOC: Still awaiting the Sarzonia-Fmjphoenix score from either Nedalia or Pacitalia. Then I'll edit those results in and post the playoff pairings.

Regarding the playoffs, the top four seeds will receive a seeding bonus. The top seeded team will earn four points, the second seed will earn three points, the third seed will earn two points, the fourth seed will earn one point. The fifth through eighth seeds will have no bonus.

The matchups will be top seed versus lowest seed, second seed versus next lowest, etc. in the quarterfinals. Each round will be a one off game. If you lose, you're done until the semifinal round. After the quarterfinals, the highest remaining seed plays the lowest remaining seed and the second highest remaining seed plays the second lowest remaining seed.

After the semifinals, the two semifinal losers will play in a third place match, then the final will happen the next day. The playoffs will begin Sunday to give people a chance to get a RP in. The RP bonus system will remain in effect. Remember that the bonus is not cumulative and only counts for one RP. Doing a second RP will not add to your score.
03-06-2005, 11:39
Sarzonia: 84
Fmjphoenix: 79
03-06-2005, 14:33
The Eagle's Talon's
Harlesburg clinch Division title
What more could be said after such an Epic Battle between two powerhouses of Basketball nations Harlesburg's Screaming Eagles 86 Pacitalia's Blue Inferno 82.

After Harlesburg started off the Championship's with a Bye and then a loss it really made their work to the playoffs an uphill battle let alone to clinch the Divisional Title and this was even more compacted when Pacitalia continued to win match after match never looking like slowing down.

But things were about to come to ahead when in the last game Harlesburg faced the previously dominating team from Pacitalia.

Harlesburg have normally been slow starters in Offence and Defence but as the game progresses would pick up their performance until the last quarter where they would surge ahead but today was different.

Harlesburg showed an enthusiasim unknown to them in scoring the first 3 baskets of the game through some quick play off the tipoff a sly steal from a bewildered Pacitalian player where Ryan Edwards then went on to casually lay the ball into the hoop and finally then retrieving a Rebound from a well worked but unsuccessful 3-point attempt.

So after one and a half minutes the score was 6-0 and then the game settled down into a Tit for Tat battle between the two teams when one scored the other quickly followed suite until by the end of the quarter the scores were Harlesburg 22 Pacitalia 17 with Albert Rimmer Contributing 8 points from 5 shots from the field and 2 Assists.

The 2nd quarter started off with a Pacitalian resurgence with the Blue Inferno's posting 3 unanswered points from a tidy layup and the following Freethrow after Jack Taylor got more hand than he should of.
By the end of the half it was Harlesburg 41 Pacitalia 39

(OOC)Pacitalia can do the last two or i will later...

Match Stats
By Quarter
Harlesburg 22 41 59 86
Pacitalia 17 39 62 82
Player Stats
5-PG-Albert Rimmer 18 Points 4 Assists 1 Steal
12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear 8 Points 3 Assists 1 Rebounds 1 Steals
3-SF-Ryan Edwards 15 Points 4 Rebounds
1-C-Jack Taylor 10 Points 12 Rebounds
2-PF-Robert Handkoff 12 Points 7 Rebounds
9-C-Oliver Collier 6 points 4 Rebounds
10-PF-Jared Jurgonson 2 Points 3 Rebounds
11-SF-Tony Halliburton 5 Points 3 Assists 1 Rebound
6-SG-Josh Ballard 7 Points 3 Assists 1 Steal
4-SG-Ronald Barker 3 2 Assists 1 Steal
03-06-2005, 16:45
Playoff Matchups

#1 Gaian Ascendancy (4-0)
#8 Tonissia (2-2)

#2 Harlesburg (3-1)
#7 Pacitalia (3-1)

#3 Sarzonia (3-1)
#6 Liverpool England (3-1)

#4 Vilita
#5 Articanuck (3-1)
03-06-2005, 19:51
Sarzonia wins Battle of the Storms

With a spot in the quarterfinals hanging in the balance for the Sarzonian national basketball team, the navy clad Sarzonians rode a 22 point, 11 rebound game from forward Mike Lindsey to a come from behind 84-79 win over Fmjphoenix in a game between two teams named the Storm.

Sarzonia (3-1) wins the division and the number 3 seed due to points scored, beating out Articanuck (3-1) for the division crown. The Storm will face number six seed Liverpool England, which came into the tournament as the top seed after losing in the World Cup III final to Praying2God.

"That will be a tough game," Coach Dick Motta said. "That said, this was a tough game for us. Fmjphoenix is a great basketball team regardless of their record. We think this round has been good preparation for us since we only played one game that was by a wider margin than seven points."

Sarzonia will welcome power forward Kevin Farrier back after he sat out the previous two games with a knee injury. Motta said he could have played Farrier in the fourth quarter but, "Lindsey was doing great at the two."

Lindsey, normally the small forward, shifted to power forward as Sarzonia shifted to a small lineup for most of the game. He played like a natural in the position, leading the team in rebounding and playing aggressive defence.

"We'll be glad to get Kevin back," Lindsey said. "I'm just glad to be able to contribute."

Fmjphoenix (1-3) missed out on the playoffs, but Motta said the team has a bright future ahead of it.

"They took a ten point lead into the fourth quarter on us," Motta said. "I was down to my last timeout with about three minutes to go (actually 2:46 remaining). They didn't quit."
03-06-2005, 20:02
OOC: Harlesburg, I won't be here for a day and a bit, by my estimates due to some personal issues, so go ahead with finishing your post.
Gaian Ascendancy
04-06-2005, 07:41
~ Holy Fire Seeded First, expect major competition ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ The seeding for the Cup IV playoffs has placed the suprising Gaian team in the #1 slot, with the results to get there both suprising and disbeliving.

"We didn't come here to win it all. That was the expectation off the bat. But with the performance we tallied up, now we have to start changing that. But even so we haven't let this get to out heads.

And we're honored to be paired against Tonissia in the first round. Now that we've beaten the #1 rank, and with the same target pasted on us, we have to live up to the seeding.

What I said before about not going to win it all? Strike that as of now.

We're going for it all now. We now we can do it." Center Silver Kerensky told at the team news conference.

"As for the other teams, Harlesburg, Sarzonia and Vilita are proven to their seed, or we've seen in other venues. Liverpool England will want to reprove themselves through the tourney. Pacitalia and Articanuck cannot be discounted either till the final whistle blows.

We got our hands full if we want to go all the way and bring home another Cup to the Republic." Coach Kamiki related as well, giving a thumbs up for their chances, given their performance.

"The half court game is imprtant, but both ends of that need to be controlled well if you want to keep the tempo on your end of things. We've been practicing the fast break very hard, and we've done so many three throws in practice, my hands will smell like rubber for a week.'s a good smell." ..three point specialist Louis Armstron informed, showing his taped up fingers.

"We'll somehow get it done. And we hope to give some good games we well. But you know what's more important? We learned that our Excellency is returning from Exile. We want to win the trophy to show we're all continuing his standards of excellence.

More for ourselves so we can know he's proud of that." Kamiki finished.

The Tonissia squad though not heard from much, did earn their seed, and the Holy Fire intend to take them very seriously.

"Winning's fun. Can't beat winning." The swarthy Center, Kerensky ended the conference with.
04-06-2005, 15:14
Harlesburg Ranked Second
To face Pacitalia in rematch

After a Strong comeback in the final quarter of Harlesburg's last pool match they managed to clinch a playoff berth top Division place and now the second ranking in the Quarterfinals.

However such fortunes bring the strangest circumstances to light with Harlesburg now set to face Co-poolers Pacitalia again in the Knockout round where the winner is set to take all and the loser goes home empty handed.

Harlesburg Head Coach had this to say
"Both these teams deserve to go to the next round both have proven themselves here and for one or the other to go home so early is a crying shame but im confident the boys can win this next game it will be our 2nd double header series the first against East Lithuania where we won both games and after winning the last game of pool play we feel we can continue our good form and carry it and ourselves onwards."

Harlesburg's ascendancy to the 2nd Ranking was an impressive one after dropping their first game to New Sovia by a surprising score of 85 to 78 Harlesburg has gone on to win every single game and well at the same time.
Harlesburg has the highest Points Scored for with 348 and has the 9th lowest points scored against with 320 this shows more of a keeness to pass the ball around unlucky other teams which may show a little less flair to their team and have both a lower offense and defense points for and against rating.

Harlesburg had a points for and against rating of 28 only bettered by Articanuck with a massive 46,Pacitalia with 31 and Gaian Ascendancy with 36 who went undefeated throughout the first stages of the Chapionships.

Playoff Comparrasion
#1 Gaian Ascendancy (4-0)
Abit of a surprise for most to have done so well could be described as the dark horse of the Tournament but their has been nothin mysterious about their victories a strong offensive game and the ability to claim the majority of their Offensive and defensive rebounds.The only team to remain undefeated.

Have been to the playoffs in the only two times they have been to the World Cup winning the first Final they ever participated in and in their second Tournament losing the 3rd and 4th placed final after a disapointing loss to eventual victors Liverpool England.

#3 Sarzonia (3-1)
Always up with the best Sarzonia have given Harlesburg grief in the past and another match up against these valiant foes is much desired.

#4 Vilita(3-1)
Another strong Basketballing nation who is always mixing it with the best holding on to their precup ranking and finished top of their pool and also the only team to emerge from it.

#5 Articanuck (3-1)
Little is Known in Harlesburg about this team or its people finishing 2nd in their pool behind Sarzonia and keeping Fmjphoenix out of the playoffs.

#6 Liverpool England (3-1)
lost their last game against Gaian Ascendancy and as a result had to settle with second place in their pool this single loss suffered by them nudged them down 5 places and by logic should have faired them against a more potent opponent than if they had finished 1st.Winners of World Cup 3

#7 Pacitalia (3-1)
Showed great form all through the pool stages a last game loss to Harlesburg ended their perfect run and put them in doubt until the Nargopia New Sovia results came through which in a surprise result was won by Nargopia.Headed against their fellow Nedalia Division 1 buddies will hope to perform better than their last outing.

#8 Tonissia (2-2)
An interesting selection process allowed this team to get through to the finals even though they finished 3rd in their division they did have a higher PFA record than The UISR who no doubt feel agrieved at the situation.
Posted against inform Gaian Ascendancy this may be their last outing.
05-06-2005, 22:52
Quarterfinal Scores
Gaian Ascendancy 93, Tonissia 68
Harlesburg 77, Pacitalia 69
Vilita 70, Arcticanuck 67
05-06-2005, 22:55
Liverpool England: 95

Sarzonia: 91
05-06-2005, 22:58
Semifinal Matchups

#1 Gaian Ascendancy
v. #6 Liverpool England

#2 Harlesburg
#4 Vilita
05-06-2005, 23:54
Storm's run ends in loss

Sarzonia's national basketball team saw its hopes of winning the fourth World Cup of basketball end as they became the only higher-seeded team to lose a playoff match, falling 95-91 to Liverpool England in spite of a career high 18 points from forward Kevin Farrier and a 21 point effort from guard Calvin Powell.

"We just didn't play well defensively," Coach Dick Motta said. "That's the crux of this ballgame. We didn't play with the kind of defensive intensity we needed."

Liverpool England jumped out to an early six point lead courtesy of a transition game the Storm wasn't prepared for, but instead of forcing Liverpool England to play at its more preferred tempo, it chose to try to match their running game. Motta burned two timeouts in a three minute span of the second quarter as Liverpool England took a 11 point lead.

"I tried to settle the lads down," Motta said. "We played like a team that has never played at this stage before and that's what hurts."

Sarzonia (3-2) came back in the second half, whittling what became a 15 point lead down to one with 1:09 remaining in the fourth quarter. However, the Storm seemed to run out of gas and Farrier fouled out with 54.8 seconds left on what he and Motta called a "stupid foul."

"It was a reach in," Farrier said. "It's a play I never should have made. Period."
Gaian Ascendancy
06-06-2005, 04:43
~ Holy Fire roast Tonissia ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ "What else can we say? We torched them." ..a plain spoken Dack Swanson said to holoreporters, as the home crowd watched an outright dominating performance by the Holy Fire today, with a literally 14-3 run right from the tipoff told the whole story. Dack Swanson (42 Pts., 10 Rbs., 6 Stls., 9 Asst., 1 Block) was a literally firestorm in the paint, with dunks, swishers, two threes, and a slew of assisting moments on the court, literally led the team to a performance that said all buisness for the rest of the teams remaining to listen to.

Silver Kerensky (9 Pts., 6 Rbs, 1 Stl., 11 Asst., 10 Blocks) also was dominating in the paint, but more in defense as swating balls away was like candy to him. "Even those fancy ones up close was flat out biscuit cake to me. I ate em up."

Three point specialist however had to settle for an 'equal' billing, as he shared 4 threes each with Howard Washington, the latter also racking up 12 Rebounds to go with 16 Points and 11 Assists, a triple double for the Forward. Armstrong Kerensky filled up the rest of the billet with 6 steals to his credit, and a block that almost could have been called for goaltending. That was how much the game went into the Holy Fire's favor.

The gane got so far out of reach by the end of the thrid quarter, that many of the starters were pulled from the court at the start of the fourth quarter, giving them a rest for the next round, as well as playing time for names such as Van Stein, Henderson, Howe and even Joran Marus and Eric Hampton, and this even with the score at the end.

"There are times that you know you win, and that it's winning, not rubbing it in that is important. We need our players ready for the next round. Plain and simple." Coach Kamiki put, mentioning the next round.

With Tonissia put away, now attention turns to group foe Liverpool England, the former winner of this Cup. Once again in less than 4 days later, the seeded number one, and the ranked number one meet again. "The first time was to show we're a team. we can push for champions. Like Coach Katya Kerensky of the National Football squad has said, this is the time we cannot settle for less now. We can see the trophy, and two opponents in the way. We want to bring that Cup home, and we're ready to push even harder for it.

..we haven't scored a hundred points yet, so our ceiling of scoring chances is far from finished from being raised." Kamiki put more, concerining further into the Cup. As for Harlesburg and Vilita.. "It's fitting the two next best teams got through, which makes the challenge so much better. Can't wait and see how they do. But our eye is on Liverpool England first. We can't forget, we're seeded number one, but not ranked in the end. Liverpool England is the ranked team, and we need to play even harder than the first time around.

We're still proving, and until we win it all, it's all buisness. Period."

Time will tell, but the Ascendancy crowd, already stoked with the end of the Exile, is garnering for more to celebrate. The stadium half for seats for the crowds to come, is already soldout for the Ascendancy side. The competition in the stands should prove to be something, along side the one on the hardfloor.

Let us see how hot the Holy Fire really are.
06-06-2005, 14:16
Harlesburg Semi Number Three
Harlesburg 77 Pacitalia 69

In the second of four Quarterfinals Harlesburg has won a victory over new rivals Pacitalia 77-69.Harlesburg for the second time in as many games took a lead out of the first quarter but this time never looked like handing the game over to the opposition.

The First Quarter started off lightly as both teams went about feeling each other for weakness' even though they had already met previously in Pool play niether team wanted to give up the Ascendancy and risk a break that may not be able to be clawed back.

As a result the game went about basket for basket during the first quarter and it finished 19-18 to Harlesburg with Albert Rimmer finishing with 8 Points and 2 Assists an adequate total from a team score of 19.
Jack Taylor finished the quarter with 4 Points 5 Rebounds and 1 Juciey Block from a lazy and ill atempted 3 late in the quarter.

During the break Coach Swain insisted of his players a higher work rate around the key as to many Pacitalian's were able to get in and out with ease blocking the lanes and needlessly attepting to fetch rebounds that should never have been theirs to have a look at.

Straight away this seemed to work with Tayor snatching another two Defensive Boards early on and Jared Jurgonson contributing another three to his tally of five from the first quarter including two Offensive Boards.
Then Harlesburg's offence really stepped up scoring 7 unanswered points and the continuing on a 13-4 run just before the end of the quarter to lead 40-33 with Josh Ballard contributing 6 Points 2 Assists and 1 Rebound and Albert Rimmer continued to shine with 12 Points and 4 Assists.

At this stage Coach Richard Swain decided to take Rimmer out of the game to conserve some energy and allow some of his bench players more game time in expectance of the upcoming Semi they were about to play and as was expected things slowed down both ways with Harlesburg only scoring 17 points and Pacitalia keeping even in the points for the quarter but being unable to chew anything away from Harlesburg's lead of 17.

Jurgonsen's contribution to Rebounds was 4 and he claimed a Blocked shot impressive for someone starting off the bench while the appearance of Josh Ballard on the court meant 3 Points 2 Steals and 3 Assists was on the scorers sheet.Albert Rimmer's late appearance netted 4 Points.
Harlesburg 57 Pacitalia 50.

Player Stats
5-PG-Albert Rimmer 25 Points 6 Assists 2 Steal
12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear 7 Points 3 Assists 1 Rebounds 1 Steals
3-SF-Ryan Edwards 9 Points 4 Rebounds
1-C-Jack Taylor 10 Points 16 Rebounds 1 Blocked shot
2-PF-Robert Handkoff 5 Points 3 Rebounds
9-C-Oliver Collier 2 points 3 Rebounds
10-PF-Jared Jurgonson 7 Points 13 Rebounds 1 Blocked shot
11-SF-Tony Halliburton 2 Points 3 Assists 1 Rebound
6-SG-Josh Ballard 9 Points 4 Assists 1 Steal
4-SG-Ronald Barker 2 Points 2 Assists

Harlesburg's next game is against longtime foes Vilita and is sure to be a nailbiters that goes down to the wire.

(OOC)Pacitalia gets the fourth or ill do it later...
06-06-2005, 16:27
The semi-final matchups will both take place in Nedalia (scorinated by me), and the Final will take place in Sarzonia (scorinated by Sarzonia). Results will be up sometime tonight or tomorrow morning to give some room for a couple of RPs to get in.
Gaian Ascendancy
07-06-2005, 06:50
~ Preparations for Semis behind closed doors ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ We didn't get much other than rumormill today, as the Holy Fire both practiced and studied holo-video of their first game verses Liverpool England.

From what we garnered from team specialists, the Holy Fire were working on their three point drills and free throws, as well as some stamina exercises. We tried to get in touch with any team members or Coach Kamiki, but officials asked us to not prod, to help keep team strategy and training type under wraps.

One team trainer 'did' say for a holocam for a mere moment. "For someone that doesn't play for more than fun, our coach is really getting into it. Oh, and we like triangles apparently."

The trainer was shortly fined with a day cleaning team 'shorts' in the cleaners, with his bare hands apparently, it was later told. =xX=;;;;
07-06-2005, 18:08
Gain Ascendancy: 101
Liverpool England: 89

Harlesburg: 90
Vilita: 87

Congratulations to the victors, who will play the championship match in Sarzonia.
07-06-2005, 18:54
Third Place Game
#4 Vilita
#6 Liverpool England

@ The Dockyard (Portland, Somerset)

Championship Game
#1 Gaian Ascendancy
#2 Harlesburg

@ The Palestra (Woodstock)

Both matches will be simmed tomorrow night, preferrably around 10 pm EDT, then I'll post the results. Good luck to all the competitors!
07-06-2005, 19:30
Harlesburg Through To Final!
Harlesburg 90 Vilita 87

With the Final Buzzer going Harlesburg knew they had done it they had gotten into the Final for the second time in three attempts after beating Vilita 90-87.This fantastic event was assured when with 3 seconds left on the clock Vilita had to make a brave move and sink a 3 pointer to even things up something they failed to do.

Theer had been a tremendous roar all around the Arena but as the Tipoff commenced there was a deadly silence until the ball was seemingly jolted from the air by one of Thor himselfs Volts it was of course Taylor the personification of excellence claiming that all powerful globe for his team.
From the play first play Harlesburg scored an easy two.

The First Quarter finished was a see-saw battle niether team gaining the ascendancy over the other and Harlesburg ended up taking a slight lead into the 2nd thanks to a 7 point run midway through the quarter although this was cut back with 2 late Vilita runs of 4-2 and 5-3 leaving the score at Harlesburg 22 Vilita 21.
Top Statistics for the 1st were Rimmer with 7 Points 2 Assists and Jack Taylor with 4 Points and 5 Rebounds.

The second and Third periods were oh so similar to each other with each Team scoring 19 Points in both and both Centre picking up 3 fouls each something that was a concern for Harlesburg Coach Richard Swain.

"When Taylor got those 3 Fouls during the 2 middle Quarters i was of course a bit concerned we had to take our Starting Centre off the court with 3 minutes to go and only ahead by 3 but Oliver Collier came on and had a blinder!"

Indeed he did in those last 3 minutes of the 3rd he scored 5 points collected 3 Rebounds(including 1 Offensive) and achieved a blocked shot as well as assisting in a Steal to Josh Ballard.
Perhaps he is stepping out of the shadow cast by that giant Jack Taylor.

Close of the 3rd Quarter Scores Harlesburg 60 Vilita 59 with Rimmer on 12 Points 4 Assists 1 Steal,Jack Taylor 13 Points 9 Rebounds 1 blocked shot and Tony Halliburton getting some more court time than usual after Ryan Edwards sprained his wrist during the early seconds of the 2nd Quarter finished it with 7 Points 4 Rebounds 1 Assist 1 Blocked shot.

Now with things coming down to the wire Harlesburg had to go into overdrive they had seen a Semifinal slip away from them in the last World Cup and refused to let it happen again.
They quickly converted the momentum that had been building up throughout the game through the handy work of all those on the court; Albert Rimmer,Troy Breakspear,Tony Halliburton,Oliver Collier and Robert Handkoff.

Rimmer was mercurile as ever dictating to the oppositon the flow of the game setting the traps calling the plays always as ever putting more on his slightly toned shoulders than could be expected of a Team player but he did it some may say he is greedy but he does nothing for himself it is all for the team he didnt take the 50/50 chance no he found the open man only with time down would he try and score.

Collier was benched in the first 3 minutes after a mammoth effort from him amassing 19 Points 12 Rebounds and 2 blocked shots but even with 5 minutes left things looked asured as Taylor quickly acrued his final 2 fouls and was forceably subbed the last of these two caused some heated debate between Swain and the side officials as it was clear Taylor had indeed not touched the Vilitian going aerial none the less the felled Power Forward went to the line to reduce the Harlesburg lead by another after getting the basket on the fly.

Now none was certain of a Harlesburg Victory losing their lead of 84-80 they now looked in dire straits but nothing would have been indicative of the way Collier came off the bench scoring 4 quick points and 3 more rebounds pushing Harlesburg to 90 with 1 minute to go.

Vilita trailing by 7 then opened up like had never before been seen moving the ball down court then kicking out to the open man after working the box closing to 87 with 25.4 seconds to go.Harlesburg had the ball in the hands of Josh Ballard and he worked it up past half way and used the open man effectivly to drain the clock to shut out any chance of a revival down to 3.5 seconds he shot.

The ball rolled painstakingly around the hoop until it finally fell into the arms of the Vilita Small Forward who with so little time on hand called a timeout.
With this Vilita quiclky moved it up but were still to far out the clock was low they had to shoot the ball left the players hand and arced towards its predestined target.... It was a BRICK!!! Collier clutched it from the sky and yelled with glee as the buzzer went the bench emptied and they piled on top of him.

Collier said this
I was amazed i got my chance today and i poved myself capable it was tough but the guys helped me out and im glad i did all i could.

Player Stats
5-PG-Albert Rimmer 15 Points 9 Assists 2 Steal
12-PG/SG-Troy Breakspear 9 Points 4 Assists 1 Rebounds 1 Steals
3-SF-Ryan Edwards 9 Points 6 Rebounds
1-C-Jack Taylor 12 Points 16 Rebounds 1 Blocked Shot
2-PF-Robert Handkoff 8 Points 3 Rebounds
9-C-Oliver Collier 21 points 15 Rebounds 2 Blocked Shots
10-PF-Jared Jurgonson 4 Points 13 Rebounds 1 Blocked Shot
11-SF-Tony Halliburton 5 Points 1 Assists 1 Rebound
6-SG-Josh Ballard 3 Points 2 Assists 2 Steal
4-SG-Ronald Barker 4 Points 1 Assists

Now Harlesburg face first timers Gian Assendancy which is a real treat for both teams as this puts them inthe same position that Harlesburg was in on their first outing.

Coach Swain said
"Yeah i remember our first time we wanted to make Harlesburg proud it was such a thrill to be there and to represent Harlesburg like we did when we won it was special none could feel the way we did... well i hope none ever does yet i hope some feels that joy winning such a tournament is a great frill i hope we repeat."

If both teams form is anything to go by it will be a Harlesburg team wanting to take it slow while the GA with their obsesive offence will try and take it to HArlesburg early on but this may be their doom with Harlesburg's tight D if GA top scorers are shut down they could be all afloat while HArlesburg are proven all across the board.
Gaian Ascendancy
07-06-2005, 22:03
~ Barrier breached unto Finals ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ It seems with the scent of blood in the waters, the Cup within sight, that the Holy Fire suddenly, and literally, turned up the heat. The words lie behind the apparent unveling of the team's own Triangle offense, literally from out of nowhere it seems.

Yet another blistering performance from scoring phenom Dack Swanson (41 Pts., 4 Rbs., 10 Asst., 1 Stl.) sinking 4 threes and 7 for 10 from the line, and 10 assists to boot allowed the Holy Fire to pull away for much of the match. This with a 8-1 run to start, was countered by a 3-9 run by Liverpool to make the match much more tight. But by the end of the first half, a 7-1 Holy Fire run began to put distance between the competing number one's.

"We decided that using the Triangle, while touchy on a fludi hardflood, made for more solid chances in the paint. And yes I 'did' watch hold recordings of the Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers when they used it. Can't help but emulate greatness. well as avoid the pitfalls of the 'I' in team, and all that whooey." Coach Kamiki put after the match, and it showed even more in the second half, with minor tweaks to this scheme. It allowed several good pick and rolls, at least one crowd pleasing alleyoop, and a slew of strong inside passes that kept allowing Silver Kerensky (16 Pts., 7 Rbs., 14 Asst., 3 Stls., 5 Blks.) to both dominate under the rim, and allow Swanson and Howard Washington (20 Pts., 2 Rbs., 20 Asst., 1 Stl.) to penetrate rather often.

Meanwhile on the defensive glass, Guard Armstrong Kerensky (3 Pts., 21 Rbs., 17 Asst., 2 Stls., 1 Blk.) suddenly turned himself into Dennis Rodman with out the dress (or problems..) by nabbing 21 Rebounds off the glass, killing most chances for Liverpool to get back into the game. This included nabbing three in the 7th minute of the third period that killed an attempt of Liverpool to start a run off three fast break attempts off a cool shooting run by the Holy Fire, which led to a 5-1 run started off by Louis Morisato (21 Pts., 1 Reb., 10 Asst., 1 Stl.) with another three point dagger. It was those small runs that kept Liverpool England from mounting a comeback.

It was many a game of minor runs accented with longer ones, with the Holy Fire mainly on the upper end of them. With both sides of the floor dominated, it was an accademic matter at the start of the fourth quarter, but the Gaian coach mainly kept his players in this time, substituting mainly to give a break as well as to give kudos to those players when they came off the court.

"We just simply wanted to give the players the morale boost they deserved. There's always more than one facet of a game to focus on, and all of them, even many more usually not focused on, will be needed to bring hom the Cup.

Now we have a chance at the last thing we expected. And now that we've gotten here, we're going at it with nothing less." Kamiki commented. "Getting to the championship game. Is it me, or do we have teams that do that a lot?" Silver Kerensky, the apparent team spokesman said. "I didn't get the cakes this time, but playing the pole and wall in the other team's way was just as tasty.

Winning is sweet after all."

Now the Holy Fire have Harlesburg standing in their way, and the #1 vs. #2 matchup is whetting many Gaian citizen souls, with the whole kit and kaboodle at stake. Plus, considering Harlesburg beat sports powerhouse Vilita, the Holy Fire 'will' be taking Harlesburg very seriously.

"We honestly didn't take coming here too seriously, and was looking for a fun challenge. That's all died in less than a week and a half. When you get this far, you just can't settle for anything less. Plus now that we got our formation and strategy working, plus we're going to push ourselves hard right up to the game, we're simply not going to let go.

But neither will Harlesburg. Let's hope they come at us and make this one beauty of a championship game. Just wish it was a best of series match. That'd be even better.

..something we can bring up to the international commission when they next meet. Our fans would certainly love it." ..from forward speaking Louis Morisato, the team getting more used to the spotlight and the holo-lense. The Arena chosen, The Palestra (Woodstock) should make a splendid site for this final, which should have fans on all sides captivated.

The Finals have come.
Gaian Ascendancy
08-06-2005, 18:29
~ Team Preparations for Final ~

GANN Sports Desk: ~ With a mostly off day before the match of their lives this evening, the team still didn't relax off their practice stance, as they prepared to face Harlesburg, a team that the Holy Fire now occupy, as the first timers going for it all. With Harlesburg in that position from the very first Basketball World Cup.

Coach Kamiki was asked this after on court practice, and had this to say about the similie. "I looked at thir histoty, and their fortunes after their title win. Considering the chore it was to return to this stage, it's no small consideration of how much they want this title. Honestly it must be said that we entered this tounrey with less than what we've recieved success. We and many could easily see that we don't deserve the chance like this, and the Screaming Eagles should win out no matter what we do on the court.

But I didn't tell my players that. I told them that this was no different than playing Liverpool. Should we have beaten the world ranked number one twice, and handily at that? Should we have been the only unbeaten, while every other ranked squad was struggiling at times?

I don't react to messages like that, I flow with it, and that is what I told my team to focus on. If Harlesburg wants to play the type game that tries to slow us down, so be it.

Harlesburg is a team we're going to respect at every angle and vector on the court. We're going to make them play their game hard, because any slipips are going to be capitalized on. Our players have fallen into their specialty roles, and know how to get the ball to the right guy, no matter how many passes it takes, or how ugly the game gets.

Winning can be more than just a bunch of fastbreaks and flashy play, or slow grinding paint to paint in the key. It can be hearing that crowd chant, the timing of a substitute, or just flat out even if the floor boys can wipe up the sweat off the floor fast enough.

The Screaming Eagles want to slow us down? Let em try. Fouls at the line and a rain of threes off of rebounds and half court breaks and steals can do just as much damage.

And the score doesn't have to be hgh for one to win." The Coach said, uncertain if we garnered any team strategy from that set of comments.

"The coach wants us to realize that we're playing a game first, and worry about things like titles and pressure for at the end of games. If we do our part right, then the score will take care of itself. We need to dominate the rim at both ends. Plain and simple. If we let them in, we deserve to be beat." Dack Swanson also commented.

The team also got a look at the court they'll be playing on this morning, The Palestra (Woodstock) "Sweet place.." Silver Kerensky commented. "..wonder if the roof can handle us bringing it down." ...with some of his flair coming through.

Now time will tell for whom the final bell tolls. Cliches aside, this should be a fun match to watch. Once again, fans around the world and universe are the real winners here.
09-06-2005, 02:04
Third Place Game

#4 Vilita 88, #6 Liverpool England 80

Championship Game

#2 Harlesburg 89, #1 Gaian Ascendancy 86

World Cup IV Champions: Harlesburg
09-06-2005, 12:46
Champions Found!
Harlesburg 89 Gaian Asscendancy 86

The Palestra (Woodstock)Sarzonia
today after many Weeks of the Fourth Installment of the Basketball World Cup a Champion has finally been found and its Harlesburg.

Harlesburg versus Gaian Assendancy was always going to be a tough match up both Teams claiming the number one spot out of their First Round Divisions with Gaian Asscendancy finishing undefeated and then they were ranked 1st and 2nd for the Knock out rounds with Gaian Asscendancy continuing to score big and keeping their opponents scores considerably lower in each game.

Harlesburg on the other hand lost their first game and then went on to win each of their next games by tight margins with scores in the 80's frequent and this Final was no exception Harlesburg managing to contain their opponents scoring by at least 20 percent of their average.

This was exactly what Harlesburg had intended and hoped to do close down their scorers.Coach Swain said

"We looked at game footage and we looked at their stats 2 things were certainties 1 they were a young team and 2 they had a group of players that did all the work with complimentary assistance chiming in from the other players.In relation to the first issue we figured if we could rattle them we could put them off their game and this is where the second part comes in by shuting out their Key players it paralysed their structure just enough to even the playing field."

With The game done and dusted both teams in their respective huddles the crowd yelling with joy after such an amazing game it was time to hand out the Trophy,medals and to cut the nets from the Hoops.

The Host asked Jack Taylor to rise to the Stand and say a few words before calling out the players to collect their Medals.
"Well WOOO! What can i say what can i say man its my third Tourny man the third time and i wasnt even sure i was going to make it to this Cup let alone here tonight.
I'd retired from International Basketball after the last World Cup but Richie(Coach Swain) begged me to come back i was uneasy about it but the pull of the game was to strong im glad i came back for this one last time this will be my last game the last time i pull on this Jersey and this number for my Nation that great Confederation Of Harlesburg WOOO!
I guess this is it i'm retiring again and there aint no better way than to go out like this."

There it was heard Taylor had Officially retired from all International Basketball though it is expected he will see out the rest of the Domestic Season in Harlesburg.

"It was a Tough game today we brought our A game and so did they we couldnt break away from them they were always nipping at our heels tonight im prud of the way they played, im proud that i got to play them,but most importantly im proud of the team i was with!"

The Harlesburg players began to climb the few steps up to meet the dignataries and recieve thier medals as Taylor called thier names and after each one a mighty roar enveloped the packed house.

"Albert Rimmer,Troy Breakspear,Ryan Edwards,Robert Handkoff,Oliver Collier,Jared Jurgonson,Tony Halliburton,Josh Ballard,Ronald Barker."
Finally Taylor was gifted his and then after The Sarzonian Official had said

"Today we Came here to see the final of the 4th instalment of the Basketball World Cup played out in all the ways we hoped it to be exciting fast pasted and most importantly with a sense of pride and Honour both these teams showed these Characteristics and we thank them for it but now it is time for the Trophy to be handed over."

At this a man came forward with the 1'6" Tall Statuette of a player rising above his defender to sink the ball in the hoop it was made of Gold and on a plaque on its Oaken base were the names of the Teams that had won the Trophy previously Bip Pimento*,Harlesburg and Liverpool England Harlesburg's name would be put on at a later date but for now it was time for Taylor to hoist the Trophy.

As he lifted it the crowd went wild and Blue,Yelow and Red streamers Balloons and Glitter rained down from the sky layering all around with its prescene.
He passed it on to his Team mates joined them in taking the customary Victors Photo and commencing to the Ladders at either end to get those nets!

The party would go on and on and on!

(OOC)Well down GA awesome Rping made my work look appaling.-err most do...
Thankyou to Sarzonia,Nedalia and Pacitalia for Hosting scorinatoring and setting up the draw.
*Honestly have no idea search is down too.
09-06-2005, 14:26
We would like to thank our co-hosts Sarzonia for their awesome effort in the 4th Basketball World Cup, both on and off the court. While our Nedalian team failed to impress due to short notice (and a lack of a national league), the tournament has done wonders for the popularity of the sport here. We would also like to send our warmest regards for Pacitalia, whom we consider dear friends, for pitching in and helping out in a big way. We hope all the competitors had as much fun as we did hosting it, and we would love to see the tournament come back to either Sarzonia, Pacitalia, or Nedalia. Finally, congratulations are in order of Harlesburg, the new Basketball champions!

Nader Homsi
Nedalian Minister of Sports
09-06-2005, 16:57
I'm proposing a basic ranking system for the Basketball World Cup that will work as follows:

Four points for World Cup champions
Three points for World Cup runners up
Two points for World Cup third place
One point for World Cup fourth place

Then, to take prior World Cups into account, the system uses the most recently completed World Cup and the two previous World Cups. The most recent World Cup performance total is multiplied by five. The second most recent World Cup performance total is multiplied by three. The third most recent World Cup performance total is multiplied by one. According to that system, the rankings are as follows:

1. Harlesburg (27 points, World Cup II & IV champions; World Cup III fourth place)
2. Gaian Ascendancy (15 points, World Cup IV runners up)
3. Liverpool England (14 points, World Cup III runners up; World Cup IV fourth place)
4. Vilita (10 points, World Cup IV third place)
5. Sarzonia (9 points, World Cup II runners up; World Cup III third place).

I would "rank" the remaining competitors by RP bonus in the most recent World Cup, so if that were the case, Pacitalia would be ranked sixth based on RP in this most recent cup.

Since I co-hosted this last World Cup, I'm willing to accept any host bids for World Cup V. If you are interested in hosting, please provide me with information about how you plan to run the tournament (such as scorinator, random draws, group stages, playoff stages, etc.). To make this a fair system, once I receive serious bids, I'll put up a poll where participants in the last World Cup may cast a vote. I'll tally the votes and most likely give the bid to the bid with the most votes.

Thanks everyone for an entertaining and challenging World Cup of Basketball!
09-06-2005, 20:29
I'm interested in putting forward a bid. I'll think about it.
10-06-2005, 06:34
I'm proposing a basic ranking system for the Basketball World Cup that will work as follows:

Four points for World Cup champions
Three points for World Cup runners up
Two points for World Cup third place
One point for World Cup fourth place
I actually intended to propse a similar thing but i was going 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd but your options better.
I also thought about the previous WC placings coming into place.
But id probably like to take it a step further with a nations games played/games won and for every win they get 3 points and if the victor is a lower rank they get another point maybe a bit complicated but id like to rank every nation thats participated in a WC?
Just my thoughts.