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26-05-2005, 00:45

Hello and welcome to the 2nd World Cup of Lacrosse. The top 8 rankings are as follows:

1- Kazakhstania
2- Hockey Canada
3- Euroslavia
4- Largent
5- Marligantis
6- Fimble Loving Peoples
7- Fmjphoenix
8- Splinteria

Split hosted by Arcticanuck and Marligantis, we promise to make this cup better than before. Leagion will be the scorination used as well as the RP-bonus.

Arcticanuck Divisions:

Tyrell Division:

Zephyr Division:
New Savio
Blessed Restraint

Vilita Divisions:

Turori Division:
Hockey Canada
New Blizzard

Yelad Division:

We all wish you good luck in the tournement.
26-05-2005, 00:58
Fmjphoenix Slash

* denotes starters

#24 Gourl Hovel*
#88 Berry Dunker

#15 Susan Devole*
#09 Brian Boytoy
#22 Corran Horn*
#02 Verial Brandoy*
#20 Link Dorsal

#08 George Hush*
#11 Scerina Preval
#05 Darius Rush*
#18 Levant Wordly*
#00 Justin Listerine

#03 Chad DeBolt*
#01 Tony Buck*
#12 Barry Larkin*
#20 Randy Tucker
#13 Freddy Kragen
Hockey Canada
26-05-2005, 01:09
Hockey Canada preparing for vengance against Kazakhstania

Revenge can be divided into many words, but in Hockey Canada's case against Kazakhstania, it's just getting back at them from last World Cup of lacrosse.


G-1 Ryan Lucas
D-3 Bill Peters
D-4 Dom Valente
D-5 Ryan Kelaher
D-6 John Gorman
D-7 Brian Trombino
D-9 Rob Bonaguro
D-10 Vin D'Angelo
D-11 John Keysor
D-13 Bill Breier
D-14 James Morgan
F-15 Brett Moyer
F-16 Joe Mascaretti
F-17 Brian Crichlow
F-18 Julian Watts
F-19 John Orsen
F-20 Ed Wansor
F-21 James C. Tuohy
F-22 Tim Treubig
F-23 Matthew Southard
F-24 Tom Brewer
F-25 Collin Stabler
F-27 Nick Colleluori
F-30 Connor Hagans


G-31 Pascual Figuere
D-32 Athan Iannucci
G-33 Chris Unterstein
D-34 Kevin Unterstein
D-35 Mike Unterstein
D-36 Ryan Vilar
F-37 Jon Edwards
F-38 James J. Tuohey
F-40 Len Panarelli
F-41 Ryan McPherson
F-42 Max Cohen
F-43 Jack Vivonetto
F-44 Peter Kaspar
F-47 Sean McCarthy
26-05-2005, 01:15
OOC: Apologies for the OOC'ness, but I must question the fact that #2 and #3 are in the same division. How'd you figure out the placement for the standings? Usually, 1,2,3, and even 4 are all in seperate divisions.
26-05-2005, 02:23
OOC: Apologies for the OOC'ness, but I must question the fact that #2 and #3 are in the same division. How'd you figure out the placement for the standings? Usually, 1,2,3, and even 4 are all in seperate divisions.

OOC: Relax... are you afraid of Hockey Canada? The top 2 teams in each division advance to the quarter finals.
26-05-2005, 02:47
OOC: Relax... are you afraid of Hockey Canada? The top 2 teams in each division advance to the quarter finals.

OOC: I'm not afraid of anyone, I'm just saying, in 99% of other tournaments, #1-4 ranked teams are placed into their own division when there are four separate divisions. It helps each division to keep from being stacked with talent, and gives others a chance at making the playoffs. I mean, if you just go by ranks, our division having #2 and #3, then Hockey Canada and myself would advance, leaving the other teams without much of a chance.

We have this division:
Tyrell Division:
New Blizzard

The highest ranked team is #5, while the rest are unranked. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, and no, I'm not trying to get you to change it so I have an easier time in my division. I'm sure others can back me up in this situation.
26-05-2005, 03:20
Tyrell Division
Marligantis- 16
Oaker- 8

Euroslavia- 14
Kericia- 12

Zephyr Division

New Savio- 9

Nargopia- 12
Blessed Restraint- 10

Tyrell Division
Name P W L F A GD Pts
Marligantis 1 1 0 16 8 8 2
Euroslavia 1 1 0 14 12 2 2
Kericia 1 0 1 12 14 -1 0
Oaker 1 0 1 8 16 -8 0

Zephyr Division
Name P W L F A GD Pts
Kazakhstania 1 1 0 15 9 6 2
Nargopia 1 1 0 12 10 2 2
Blessed Restraint 1 0 1 10 12 -2 0
New Savio 1 0 1 9 15 -6 0
27-05-2005, 06:35
Random Nargopian Citizen #1: Did you hear about the national lacrosse team?

Random Nargopian Citizen #2: We have a lacrosse team?

RNC1: Yeah... and they won their inaugural tournament game! Do you know what that means?

RNC2: Drinks are on you?

RNC1: Shut up. No, that means they're undefeated... just think, the Llamas have a perfect record in the entire history of their international career!

RNC2: Didn't you just say that this was their first game ever?

RNC1: Stop it. Can't you see I'm basking in the glory of our amazing Llamas?

RNC2: Well bask away. I'm getting another beer.
27-05-2005, 13:11
Vilita Divisions:

Turori Division:

Hockey Canada- 16
Nedalia- 13

New Blizzard- 14
Fmjphoenix- 19

Yelad Division:

Cannaduh- 17
Arcticanuck- 8

Sarzonia- 14
Oliverry- 12
Blessed Restraint
27-05-2005, 20:43

The Blessed Restraint Lacrosse team today stunned the world by playing a competitive game against world power Nargopia. With its all-out offencive attack forcing shot after shot on the Nargopia goal, the team fell short in the final minutes, allowing the other team to score two quick goals and win the game.
Coach Darius Robinson says "This is a great start to international play. Just a few weeks before, this was the Blessed Restraint football C team. The fact that they learned how to play Lacrosse well enough to compete is simply amazing."

Emboldened by this experience, the team vows to leave the tournament with at least one victory.

"National honour is at stake! We must show the world what we are capable of!" yells "Striker" Gary Thomas. A bit of a firebrand, he was put in the penalty box for getting in fights. However, he was on fire, scoring 6 of Blessed Restraint's 10 goals. "Next time I'm going to score 15 goals! Watch out people! We're here to stay!"
27-05-2005, 20:49
Emboldened by this experience, the team vows to leave the tournament without at least one victory.
(emphasis mine)

OOC: Either that's a typo, or your team isn't as optimistic as you say. ;)

IC: Coach Hannigan wishes to thank the Blessed Restraint team for a clean, well-fought game. He wishes Blessed Restraint best of luck in the coming competitions.
27-05-2005, 23:11
Cannaduh Stryker's late roster:

G-Nathan Rasmussen
D-Mike Stewart
D-Aaron Dries
D-Jeff Martin
M-Mike DeFillipo
M-Nick Sillette
M-Phil Rosborough
A-John MacNally
A-Nate Ray
A-Nick Hohenburger

G-Chad Feilds
D-Bennet Warner
D-Dereck Chambers
D-Matt Dowd
M-Jared Byrwa
M-Grahm Elliot
M-Carter Back
A-Dustin Hoffman
A-Grahm Jones
31-05-2005, 13:10
Matchday 2

Arcticanuck Divisions

Tyrell Division

Marligantis- 20
Euroslavia- 13

Kericia- 11
Oaker- 12

Zephyr Division

New Savio- 9
Nargopia- 7

Kazakhstania- 14
Blessed Restraint- 18

Vilita Divisions

Turori Division

New Blizzard- 12
Hockey Canada- 19

Fmjphoenix- 17
Nedalia- 14

Yelad Division

Sarzonia- 22
Arcticanuck- 15

Oliverry- 10
Cannaduh- 16
31-05-2005, 14:17
Slash off to 2-0 start

New Sarzonian national lacrosse team coach Jeff Sanders is known for being a defensive-minded coach, but the Slash team that defeated Articanuk 22-15 has scored a total of 36 goals in its two matches, while allowing 27. However, Sanders said he'll take the wins despite the "aberrant" defensive numbers.

"The bottom line is that number in the win column," Sanders said. "We've been playing good lacrosse, winning ground balls and dominating the faceoffs. We've done what we've needed to do to win games."

Still, the defence has to be a concern for Sanders, as starting goaltender Bryan Lepzig has been hobbled with a balky knee that caused him to miss the last 20 minutes of the game. Reserve goalie Danny Hrivnak allowed eight goals on 10 shots after replacing Lepzig.

"Danny wasn't ready," defender Clint Locklear said. "It's that simple. He wasn't ready to step in there. He'll have to be ready next game."

Attackman Joey Gait scored a national record eight goals and notched three assists against Articanuk to lead the offence for the Slash, while Larry Nemechuk scored a career high four goals stepping into the attack role after starting the first game as a defenceman.

"Larry's a beast," Gait said. "He can play up front, in the back, or in the middle if we need him. I wouldn't be surprised if he were the [emergency] fourth goalie." Sanders wouldn't confirm when asked, but he chuckled.

"He is pretty versatile, I'll give him that."
31-05-2005, 16:51
The other Slash also 2-0

The other Slash team in the Lacrosse tournament, the Fmjphoenix Slash, that is, are also off to a 2-0 start with two high scoring affairs against New Blizzard and Nedalia. People have said that the matches were good and fun to watch, but there have been no television showings yet in Fmjphoenix. It is rumored that no contract talks have been extened to any television network to allow airing of the lacrosse games on TV. Hopefully this can be cleared up soon so we can watch the great games at home.
31-05-2005, 21:02
Strykers 2-0

The Cannaduh Strykers are still at the top with the both of the Slash teams. After conquering both Arcticanuck and Oliverry, they move on up in the ranks. It seems after every game Cannaduh moves a step closer to grabbing their first ever international win.
Blessed Restraint
31-05-2005, 22:46
"Striker" Gary Thomas only scored 13 of his predicted 15 as the Blessed Restraint Team rolled to a victory over top seeded Kazakhstania 18-14. Striker balanced his high output with over 15 minutes in the penalty box. He was constantly slashing at other players, and that aggressive style is what got him so many points. This major upset in a feather in the cap of the Blessed Restraint sports program, and Striker wont hesitate to play it up.

"What can I say? I like hitting people and scoring points. We won didnt we? Get off my back before I throw you through a wall."

And there we have it, the crazy striker for the National B Football Team, finding international acclaim in the sport of Lacrosse. It is truly a feel good story, except for the fact he is a total jerk. But dont tell him I said it. He'll kill me!

"We're going to the finals baby! We can beat any team in this tournament! Setting the world on fire, one game at a time! With yours truly leading the way."
17-06-2005, 16:08
Whats up? There seems to be a delay in the gaming schedule. Well just have to see what happens
17-06-2005, 16:44
Matchday 3

Arcticanuck Divisions:

Tyrell Division

Marligantis- 20
Kericia- 11

Oaker- 13
Euroslavia- 15

Zephyr Division

New savio- 8
Blessed Restraint- 13

Kazakhstania- 14
Nargopia- 13

Vilita Divisions

Turori Division

New Blizzard- 17
Nedalia- 10

Fmjphoenix- 13
Hockey canada- 18

Yelad Division

Sarzonia- 16
Cannaduh- 14

Arcticanuck- 9
Oliverry- 11

Qualified for next round

Hockey Canada

Marliganis @ Cannaduh
Kazakhstania @ Fmjphoenix
Sarzonia @ Euroslavia
Hockey Canada @ Nargopia

My depart was quicker than expected!
22-06-2005, 21:44
Even though they have suffered a loss in a close game, Cannaduh continues on to the next round in which it will face up against Marliganis. Hopefully this will not be the end of the tournament for Cannaduh, but us fans and patriots only have the ability to watch, wait, and cheer.
22-06-2005, 21:57
Slash advance to face friends

Attackman Joey Gait continued to show the pedigree that made him the top choice of Coach Jeff Sanders for the Sarzonian national lacrosse team. He led the team with five goals and set up several scoring chances while goaltender Danny Hrivnak turned aside nine shots and the Slash advanced past the group stage with a 16-14 win over Cannaduh.

The Slash finished the group stage unbeaten and will face the Euroslav national team in an away match despite posting a 3-0 record in group stage play. Sanders said the team would do its best to focus on winning the matches and not on the perceived slight of not getting to host the next round match.

"Hopefully, we'll just be able to focus on our lacrosse and not worry about any other distractions," Gait said. "Euroslavians are great friends of ours but we'll have to focus on winning the game. Afterwards, we can go out and get beers with them, but inside the lines, it's all business."

"We're not happy that we're not getting the chance to host a game when we have the better record," Sanders said. "But hopefully, we'll be able to bring another world title to Sarzonia and perhaps catch up a little bit with the football team."
03-08-2005, 16:48
is this thread dead or did it move somewhere else