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Cementing Status: Stock Exchange Moves to Portland

24-05-2005, 21:37
Shortly after the Incorporated States of Sarzonia was founded, the first stock exchange was located in the nation's largest city, Nicksia. That was the location of the Nicksia Shipyards, where the Royal Shipyards of Isselmere-Nieland ( secured a satellite location to build its vessels. Wilmington was the seat of maritime ship construction and the home of the Wilmington Shipyard Corporation, a company devoted to civilian ship construction.

Portland Mayor Charles Weatherbee Sr. approached then-Commodore Barbara Tucker, recently retired from the Incorporated Sarzonian Navy, about locating a soon-to-be founded shipbuilding company in his northern city. Rent in one of Portland's most famous office buildings was a third less expensive than the Nicksia location Tucker examined first. Wilmington didn't have enough facilities for a second company that was envisioned as a modest seller on the world scene. Ultimately, Tucker chose a city that was considered an up-and-coming port for the company's headquarters.

Years later, the Portland Iron Works ( established itself as one of the leading naval storefronts in the NationStates world, serving customers by constructing ships ranging from missile boats to superdreadnaughts. Despite her retirement, Tucker earned a promotion to Rear Admiral for her part in a company's meteoric rise from an unknown quantity to a company expanding at a dizzying rate.

Thirty years after the company was founded, Portland unofficially overtook Nicksia as the nation's financial capital. However, that would become official with the construction and dedication of the Greenspan Building across from PIW headquarters. The Greenspan Building will become the new home of the Sarzonian Stock Exchange and with its dedication by Charles Weatherbee III, the newly-elected mayor of Portland, and Somerset Governor Theresa Sandoval, Portland will be known throughout the world as Sarzonia's financial capital.

"We are estatic about the decision to relocate here," Sandoval said. "Portland has shown itself to be a world-prominent city and we hope for only bigger things in the future."

Nicksia, still the country's largest city, but now the former home of the Stock Exchange, will convert the old building to a warehouse after it lost the bidding for the new location of the Naval Academy to Portsmouth. The city will now be known for hosting the Naval Museum where famous ships like the USS Constitution are docked.
25-05-2005, 02:53
Austar Union
25-05-2005, 07:13
Nicksia, The Incorporated States of Sarzonia

Silence had finally befallen the room, with the two men looking over its great empty floorspace. Once filled with a mixture of furniture and busy people, it had been considered a hive of activity for even Sarzonian Citizens. Staffed with mostly these people, those who wanted to make the move and change of location would go onto Portland. Those who were unwilling, whether it be for family or other commitments, would stay behind and unfortunately gained the status of unemployed. Knowing exactly what to do from herein, the directors whom were primarily of Austarian Citizenship - some had joint Austarian and Sarzonian documentation, they could only say goodbye to fond memories. Here they had built an empire, one which was a part of a fund so much larger. As one of the largest managed funds in the globe, the Direct Securities Corporation had some three thousand offices placed strategically around the globe. One of these being in the meantime, in Sarzonia. They were afterall, a fairly wealthy country their economic profile being built regularly. With a average GDP per Capita being numbered at some $31,194.23, and their own Dollar being worth fairly less than that of the Austarian, it was considered an average performing office. Still, it remained one of the most powerful of offices in the whole of Sarzonia, and perhaps the city of Nicksia also. Corporate Funding afterall had been provided by the Austarian populous.

Flicking off the light, it was a momentary time for the office. They were moving to Portland, to be much closer to new location of the Sarzonian Stock Exchange headquarters. True, anything completed here could be done over the internet, electronically even from the homeland. But there was nothing like being available to the people. Having an open office in close proximity to the stock exchange provided many more advantages other than trading you know. Anyhow, this would mark a change in this place. Directors would naturally remain the same, there was no need for the Direct Securities Corporation to request anything different. But there would be a change in staff however. These were the people answering phones, writing up market predictions, and an assortment of things even as little as making coffee for the fund managers. In the meantime, it had already been set up on the other end. Everything was ready to continue as it had done here for some time. Only in Portland.