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OOC: Reason for civil war?

Van Demans Land
24-05-2005, 13:14
Ive been thinking of doing a civil war RP with my nation and someone else being the rebels or seperatists or whatever, and couldnt think of a reason to have my nation split into warring factions, so if anyone has any ideas for how to do a civil war RP could you please post em here?

And if you want to be part of it if i get around to making it you could ask that too.
Solid Gear
24-05-2005, 13:18
count me in i love wars.
:sniper: :mp5: :gundge:
Van Demans Land
24-05-2005, 13:22
Well unless i get an idea of why my army would wanna start fighting themselves there aint gonna be no war for the neither of us.
Solid Gear
24-05-2005, 13:32
Beliefs man beliefs one side thinks one thing is right the soppiest thinks different its the main cause of war...from then on I’m out of ideas.
Van Demans Land
24-05-2005, 13:37
Well obvioesly theres gonna be a disagreement on something, and beleifs is a good idea. But beleifs in what?
Ive made my people to patriotic to declare war on the motherland!
Awww i really wanna do a civil war RP and i gots no ideas.. this sucks.
Got any others up your sleeves Solid Gear?
Solid Gear
24-05-2005, 13:45
This depute can be about leadership one side wants this rich power mad man who doesn’t give a flying Spera about what happens to the people. The other side could have this man who dose give a damm but a long time ago he was exiled from the city and the nation for his views the year could be 7069 and there are only a few major city’s around the world no villages no towns just city’s.

it is only a thought.
Dominus Gloriae
24-05-2005, 14:14
TO: Government of the Imperialistic Socialist States of Van Demans Land

FROM: Committee for Covert Action and Security, The Empire of Dominus Gloriae


Analysis suggests that the government has possible threats to its continued rule from certain religious factions within the country, which may be supported by outside parties. Other possible threats come from Capitalist insurgents strongly opposed to Socialism, and in particular the redistributive policies of the Government. Intelligence further suggests that Animal liberation groups have potential for militant action to protect sedated pandas from exploitation by the fast food industry. An alliance or agreement among these groups represents a clear and present danger to the government. The Military structure has potential coup leaders, evidence suggests their motivation may come from a belief that as the nation's defenders they are entitlted to more goods and services than the general populace. This report is unclassified and provided as a courtesy of the Committee for Covert Action and Security

Dominus Gloriae
24-05-2005, 14:58
Have a bigoted politician get removed from office because of his consistently racist and anti-homosexual speeches, then have him rally a large portion of the military through propaganda and promises of better wages and benefits (to set this up, you'd have to RP that you treat your military like crap). Then have him try to take over the government.

I can RP the rebels, if you'd like. In fact, I can even RP this politician if you choose this scenario and don't feel like creating a new, complex character.
24-05-2005, 15:33
There are many reasons for civil war. You only have to look at history for examples of civil wars.

Religion: Two factions of extreme religions within a nation. This can be brought about by a third party instigating the civil war (such as assassinating a high religious figure). Religion can be gruelling and last for a long time, and even if the civil war is halted, grudges will remain. Using religion is a realistic method of bringing civil war about, and can have many diverse characters within it (the priest who will not fight, the apathetic atheist, the unconditional care from a enemy believer)

Resources: Economic strains can bring civil war. If the workers do not have jobs, are poorly paid and dissatisfied, uprising can occour. Basic requirements like health care and education when not available, causes dissention in the people. This will involve a lot more people, and usually triggered by an rebellion organisation taking action, or an extreme action by the goverment. With this situation, you have the people against the goverment, and so can be interesting to have the poorly armed workers against the military. Again, many characters can be explored in this, the idealistic leader who wants the best for the people, the loyal military guard who refuses to shoot upon workers, the goverment itself being in seperation over it.

Goverment: The type of goverment in place can be a reason why civil war can occour. If there is a king, the people may want democracy. Again, the war needs to be triggered by someone, such as the dictator enforcing a new and highly oppressive rule to the nation. The opposite could occour, democracy is in place and a organisation is threatening to take over. Civil war occours when the people want to join in the idealistic idea of a unified and strong nation, against the democratic goverment in place.

Loyality: If you have alliances and factions, loyal ties to organisations or people, civil war can break out between groups. For example, if the Goro family has been insulted by the Yuran family, all associations with those families could fight (such as the drug dealers, factory workers, hospitals they fund) or at least offer aid to specific factions which they are assisted by. Different political parties could have the same. Oaths of service to individuals could bring about civil war, such as the leader of the military going insane and all the soldiers within the army must obey his orders. His last words were "Destroy the goverment, destroy the king!" and so the loyal men under his command go forth to complete his order.

Human Rights: If a goverment or organisation is defying national law with reckless abandon, and the law does not oppose them, the people can take the law into their own hands.

If you want infomation on civil wars in general, I suggest going to this link (
Van Demans Land
25-05-2005, 12:48
Im thinking go with religion.
two fueding religions constantly fighting brings the government into side with one, it does, some army disagrees and starts fighting for the other side. Sound good?

Either that or have some people being violent and wanting to become a seperate nation, and have some people in favour of the seperatists, and some agaisnt, so my army divides and fights itself. Comments?

Also one thing i should say is that while my army isnt made up of conscripts, the citizens have had years of conscript training and so can fight of an army if they need to, making it pretty hard to take a city or something while you have almost the entire population of the city fighting you. So i figure the two leaders of the factions will still have alove of the people and not want them harmed, so agree to fight battles in the open, not in cities. Ofcourse this means that the losers citizens will riot and rebel agaisnt the winner, but hey thats a whole other RP possibility...

So which of my ideas do you think i should go with? Or if you think you guys have a better idea (almost certian you do), quit holding out on me and give up the idea already!
Also i guess you can still volunteer to be the/one of the opposing faction/s.

Really gonna look forward to this RP when it gets organized.
Van Demans Land
26-05-2005, 09:01
Noone has ANY suggestions?

guess its time for a BUMP then...
Van Demans Land
27-05-2005, 09:46
Bumpity Bump?
27-05-2005, 10:00
Religion... Economy.... resources... family feud (my favorite)... politics... failed diplomacy... war losses... ecology...
Van Demans Land
27-05-2005, 10:15
ok, i figure ill go with my government making some statment conecerning some non-existent neighbour and some future plans to invade them or liberate them or something, and my army and nation is divided over whether they should go or not.
So when i give the order to go to war the armed forces that dont want to go dissapear into the cicities that will house them or something like that.

Hows that? Im pretty sure thats what im gonna go with, either that or the religion idea.

Position of rebels is still up for grabs i guess.