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The Dictatorship's Escort Bar/Club [RATED R for Mature Content]

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-05-2005, 06:18
Welcome to The Dictatorship's Escort Bar/Club, in service since, well, I guess just now. It is an amazing bar and strip club all in one, equipped with the finest dominatrixes in the area.

Now, come on in and order yourself a drink. You bartender will be DFD; entertainment will be provided.
23-05-2005, 06:20
[walks in, looks around]

I'd like a um... bloody mary, please [looks around again] Oh, and please don't card me.
23-05-2005, 06:21
Now now.. as sexy as this all is, I just dont know how much I can get into it without a man platforming his rear right over my erogenous zone.. the visual is amazing; women just dont do it for me..


Ill have a Screaming Orgasm on the rocks..

Thats right gents, I like it painful.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-05-2005, 06:24
Der Fuhrer whips up the drinks quickly. Leaning over the counter, exposing her barely clothed chest, she served them their drinks with a wink.

"Here you go boys. Can I order you a stripper?"
23-05-2005, 06:25
T-Ray rolled up in his blinging ride. A caddie, decked out with rims, TV’s LED’s, and a compete sound system, you could feel this thing bumpin from a mile away.

He rolled up, and stepped from the car, dragging his form from the car. At 7’0 and 500lbs, all muscle, he was a sight to see, his boots clicking on the ground. He adjusted his lime green jump suit, large dollar sign bling hanging from his neck, two gold Desert Eagle .50 cal AE pistols gleaming in their shoulder holsters, visible to all. Dawning his leopard print hit, complete with a single pink feather sticking out of it, grabbing his gilled cane, he strutted towards the building.

He strode in the door, past the doorman/bouncer, and right to the bar.

“Yo, Gee, gimmie a drink, Chon Don.”
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-05-2005, 06:30
Der Fuhrer turns to the newly entered guest and winks.

"Got it," she said with a light click of mouth.

Mixing the contents for a Sex on the Beach, she handed him the drink in the same manner, exposing her chest.

"Well children, anyone up for some entertainment?"
23-05-2005, 06:32
T-Ray looked up, and his eyes widened

“Damn girl, you got it goin on honey” he said, sipping his drink, when he brought his hand above the bar, his ring, with a diamond so large, it’d put most golf balls to shame, embedded in it.
23-05-2005, 06:36

Yea yea, ill have a drink; came to watch the entertainment; but yea.. just checking for homosexual spies.. they're out there guys..

Nix my last drink order barkeep, ill have a Zima.

Dont look at me like that people, im just kidding, goddamn it.. gimme a Fuzzy Navel.... and im not kidding.

When is the dancing to begin again?? Is this one haggard, droopy woman all this place has got?!?
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-05-2005, 06:37
Der Fuhrer laughed and leaned closer to him, "I show really show you what is going on if you like."

Turning away, she reached beyond the countless bottles of liquor and grabbed a whip. In a quich movement she leapt onto the bar with the whip still in hand, revealing her full dominatrix gear, high heels included.

"Well now, shall the fun begin?"
23-05-2005, 06:38
Please remember to be discreet in depicting ... whatever it is you intend to depict. In these circumstances, being too illustrative may land you in hot water.

This is just a friendly reminder - right now I don't see anything remotely worthy of action on my part.

Carry on, and I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

~ Tsar the Mod.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-05-2005, 06:42
Please remember to be discreet in depicting ... whatever it is you intend to depict. In these circumstances, being too illustrative may land you in hot water.

This is just a friendly reminder - right now I don't see anything remotely worthy of action on my part.

Carry on, and I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

~ Tsar the Mod.


Gotcha! :D
23-05-2005, 06:43
T-ray sat enjoying the drink, and the backside view of the bartender when he heard from down the bar

“Ill have a Zima.”

He turned to say something, when he was cut off before he could protest

“Don’t look at me like that, people, ill have a Fuzzy Naval, and I’m not kidding.”

“Man, G, the fuck you drinkin a fuzzy naval for? Maybe we ought just get you a motha fuckin wine cooler, cause this hommie be drinkin like a puu-see!.”

At that moment, the bartender leaned over to him and whispered “I’ll show you what I got goin on.” And leaped atop the bar with a whip in hand.

If T-ray had been holding onto his drink, he’d have dropped it for sure.

“Speakin of pus-say, never mind that fool," he said, pointing to Zima-man "you got my attention now baby.”
23-05-2005, 06:44
Please remember to be discreet in depicting ... whatever it is you intend to depict. In these circumstances, being too illustrative may land you in hot water.

This is just a friendly reminder - right now I don't see anything remotely worthy of action on my part.

Carry on, and I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

~ Tsar the Mod.

quite literally, you're the boss ;)
23-05-2005, 06:48
*saw the whip, and realized that this rather bothersome young boy had taken out his.. member instead.. so he just snorts, and drinks his drink waiting for DFD to get through with the boy before she gets to the real man*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-05-2005, 06:49
"Bring forth the entertainment it is," she she remarked sardonically.

Using her heel, she pressed a button barely noticable on the counter. Doors on the far side of the wall opened as five men, in leather man thongs, and chains, walked out.

"You called Fuhrer?"

"Treat our little boys with something special," she said laughing.
23-05-2005, 06:52
What's in a "screaming orgasm"? [suspicious look]
23-05-2005, 06:53
T-Ray did drop his drink

“Yo, bitch, (The bitch not being directed at anyone in particular) what da fuck, I didn’t come here to see no naked men, I wanna see dis shit, ill go to ma crack house!”

He retreated into his drink…finished and called for another “Make it a Foe-ty, this time…imma need to get nice and drunk for dis shiznit”
Fuhrer ein amaro
24-05-2005, 04:18
well i'll start with a couple remy martin's on the rocks in a glass and then 2 of the hottest girls this place has to offer and then your finest bottle of champagne...better make it 3 bottles of champagne!
oh yeah and i need a good cigar ill take a torano exodus if you have them my next choice is graycliff preisidente.
i hope this place doesn't disappoint me i'd hate for my SS unit to dismantle this place!
fuhrer ein amaro
Fuhrer ein amaro
24-05-2005, 04:40
immediately fuhrer ein amaro shouts "this place is condemmed and damn everyone to hell!"
immediately 12 elite SS troopers enter the room in full body armor and carrying H&K AP5 submachine guns and 2 flame throwers.
the unit leader says what are your orders fuhrer?
i declare to the leader this place has homosexuals i want everyone killed and this place burned to the ground anyone who was decieved like i was leave now or die here!
the leader shouts zeig hail fuhrer!
the fuhrer draws his 2 springfield 1911A1 .45 pistols and begins firing at the 5 fags in gay fetish leather but only shooting them in the legs and lower torso.
the SS troopers start shooting at everything and everyone not heading out the front door.
but the fuhrer want the dancing boys alive for now so they are now harmed any further and the message is clear we will chain them up behind my half track outside and drag them in the streets as punishment for their crimes against nature.
and i want this Der Fuhrer Dyszel to watch what happens to any homosexuals i encounter and i need to find out if this fraulein is indeed a woman and not a man in drag because i have concentration camps for dealing with these abominations of nature.
now as we prepare to leave the flame thrower units set the place ablaze and i call for one of my low orbit space based weapons platforms to fire 2 nuclear ICBM's at this place on my order!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-05-2005, 05:00
OOC to Fuhrer ein amaro:

Your posts do not coincide with the RP, therefore they will be ignored. If I were you, I would delete them, because we all laughing our asses off about how stupid you just made yourself look.

In actuality, RP wise, there is no way your men can get into my nation, especially with weapons, and no way your men can "storm through the door" automatically without some sort of consulting and planning.

Plus, come on, you are challenging some serious RP'ers here......enough said there.

So, shoo shoo little fly, go eat shit elsewhere and make maggots on a different thread.
26-05-2005, 06:31
OOC: furthermore, why are they storming a bar?

IC: Is that the wind I hear? Well, this drink is sure good. MM-mmm. We need a dartboard.
26-05-2005, 08:30
OOC: furthermore, why are they storming a bar?

IC: Is that the wind I hear? Well, this drink is sure good. MM-mmm. We need a dartboard.

T-Ray looked up at the speaker

"Man, I must be hearin shit, cause I swear I just heard some motha fucka talking in here...oh well...yeah man, a dartboard would be the bomb"
Fuhrer ein amaro
26-05-2005, 11:33
well interesting so it's up to me to delete these or not you say?
...well then I say nein!

"Your posts do not coincide with the RP, therefore they will be ignored."

and if this is RP I too can set atonement for my "nation" and what I believe and want for a country and act as such. And while not in context with this thread I think it is not my fault I was decieved because while it is true I entered of my own free will this is a so called public forum for members which I am and the title of this thread is "The Dictatorship's Escort Bar/Club [RATED R for Mature Content]" and nowhere does that state this is some kind of gay, fetish fag type shit for homo's anywhere and if it did say that I wouldn't have been here in the first place, make no mistake of that.

"If I were you, I would delete them, because we all laughing our asses off about how stupid you just made yourself look."

"I'm funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh?"
...when I read that then the line from "Goodfellas" immediately came to mind so I had to throw that in there!

And now as for the "we all laughing" I could care less who "we all laughing" is since I don't know "we all laughing" and if I made someone laugh that's good and I make no apologies for that.

In case you haven't heard laughter is good for one's health however homosexuality is not.

"Plus, come on, you are challenging some serious RP'ers here......enough said there."

well I won't argue with you on that one and you are absolutely right I do think quite a few of you here are very serious RP'ers and take this stuff very seriously and it's all new to me and nothing more than just idle fun once in awhile since I prefer to go out for real fun in real life and not at home in front of my computer...OK I admit it im an amateur RP'er, you caught me.
But hey if your all serious and professional and this is your whole life & it means so much to you then I say hey have at it and more power to you man, I mean who am I to begrudge anyone of that, right?

"......enough said there"

no I don't think so and it's not "......enough said there" yet until I'm finished since I'm going to be ignored, right?
I think it's safe for me to assume I will get the last word and this will be my last post in this thread since "some serious RP'ers here" are going to do this "Your posts do not coincide with the RP, therefore they will be ignored." and that means nobody has anything to say except me and it's not over until I have said what I want to say and I decide when "......enough said there" occurs, not you.

and yes in case your wondering I will be unsubscribing to this thread so I will have no idea what any responces to this might be after I post this but again there won't be any since the serious RP'ers are ignoring me.

"So, shoo shoo little fly, go eat shit elsewhere and make maggots on a different thread."

now that's just plain mean and you know if I had feelings I think that would hurt...I mean I HATE fly's and can't stand most insects and the thought of eating shit is revolting!

now to put it in today's terms as I consult my ebonics translator...
play on playa's...don't hate da playa, hate da game ;)
good bye bitches good bye,
fuhrer ein amaro
26-05-2005, 20:17
I must say, you handled this quite well.

Let me have a run at it.

Its not that we mind you’re participation in the RP, we welcome it, really. However, the problem is, almost everything you stated, can not happen.

- You’re forces can not just “appear” within a nation who entire army outnumbers your population
- You can NOT impose losses on someone, wither they be battleships or the knee caps of “gay fetish fags”

A more realistic outcome would have been your character drawing his pistols and opening fire into the crowd. That could happen., and, while illogical and somewhat foolish, is something you are capable of. However, you can not say you gun everyone down, since that would b telling everyone what happened, as opposed to what you are doing.

Quite obviously, this RP was meant as a joke, and not meant for someone to show up and start godmodding because he’s a homophobe. No one made you join this, and no one makes you read it. If you do not like it, simply press your browsers back button, or close the window, mutter some inane comment, and go about your merry way, as we will ours.

If you’re going to RP, lets keep it realistic. Know your role and place in the world. I, a nation of nearly 4 billion, also couldn’t have any of my elite death squads show up in DFD’s nation and begin kicking the crap out of everyone. No one has that right.

I saw your posts in the thing with Sharastan, its funny how you have a nation of 32 million…and a military which numbers 28 million. Not on y is this unrealistic, its impossible, as your economy, even at Frightening+, couldn’t afford it.

I suggest you return to II, where the tenets of number wank, and godmoding are held dear and true.

Also, it is within the author of a threads right to ask you to remove your posts and withdraw from an EP…now, im not sure if that’s exactly what DFD had in mind, but it is within DFD’s right as the author. Obviously, no one wants, or is likely going, to ask a mod to deal with it, but it can be done. So, lets all be civil here, know our roles, and comply with the wishes of the author.

If you wish to continue in this RP, I think maybe you should delete your posts, and start over. No harm, no foul. If you choose this option, keep my advice in mind, and lets all try to have a little fun here.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-05-2005, 20:18

Children.......they think they know the entire world just because they think they are "cool."

Only children claim to have RL and fun outside of this game because adults better. Any adult on this game knows that they are not on the other side of the screen to know what people do for fun and therefore cannot make any presumptious assumptions.

And by serious, I did not mean I play this game all hours of the day and post nonstop. No, I mean that RP wise, our nations can kick your nation's ass any day. Serious as in proper RP etiquette. Newer people barely read the threads explaining that..... *sigh*

And, joke is on you, you were the one who posted with neglecting to read the thread first. That is your fault. If you are too lazy to read a thread before you post, that is your fault.

Furthermore, for your information, my nation is an iron fist dictatorship, where a lot is banned. This is a fun RP; learn the difference. Newer people barely know the difference between fun RP's and serious RP's. *rolls eyes*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
27-05-2005, 00:12
Music fills the room, an upbeat song filling the room, setting the mood for the remainder of the night.

Der Fuhrer grabs the closest drink to her and raises it. And now men, let me introduce you to our entertainment for the night.

"Drink up boys and brace yourself. Tonight, the lovely, charming, and of course sexually appealing, escort, Sex Kitten, shall provide you with a fun time. Now, give up your money, drink some drinks, and prepare yourselves for one intense night."

Der Fuhrer cracked her whip a final time before leaping down from the bar and grabbing a bottle of gin.

"Let the fun begin," she said to herself as she turned around to grab a glass.
27-05-2005, 00:26
After the crack of DVD's whip, she knew it was her turn to have some fun.

A door open and fog drifted out, a figure could be made out in the shape of a very curvy slim woman. She flip onto the bar countertop and began to crawl over it, making her way to the gentlemen sitting at the bar.

She approached the first one, in a green suit, and began to lick at his drink. She looked up and and licked her lips, juicy blood red lips. The smile, as if the cat had caught her mouse. She stood up over the drink revealing her outfit.

Since her skin was a pale creamy ivory, her suit matched, skin tight. THe one piece was cut low, revealing much of her breasts. It was a second skin and revealed her body, leaving nothing to be imagined. On her rump was a round ball of white fur, which matched the white ears she placed ontop of her head.

Her hair and her eyes were the only dark feature she had, both black like an abyss. Her hair following to the midline of her back.

She got back down on the bar and approached the man with the zima. She jumped on the ground, landing on all fours and scratched his legs with her long fingernails. Then she turned and saw the female. She jumped up on the girl's lap and began to cuddle and lick the side of the female's face.

Then she crawled back to DVD and sprawled out in front of the tender, purring.

The Eternal Kawaii
27-05-2005, 01:40
The two uniformed, if you could call it that, strangers entered the bar. Resplendent in their brightly colored pleated mini-skirts, high-heeled knee-boots and "sailor suit" blouses, each young woman carried a long-handled, intricately carved wooden mallet, marking them as members of the Eternal Kawaii's Happiness Police. Hopelessly out of place in Der Fuhrer Dyszel's country, one could only presume the two members of the foreign nation's elite citizen's militia were employed as embassy guards, possibly out on official Eternal Kawaii business.

The younger of the two, a girl of around 18-19 years, looked around at the odd collection of patrons hanging about various locations in the establishment, and leaned nervously against her older partner, a woman of about 25. "_Ecchi_!" she hissed, gripping her mallet and holding it at the ready.

"Calm down, lil sis...we're not here to start an international incident, you know," sighed the older woman, in a voice that suggested she was making her own serious effort to control her temper. "Quite the opposite, if we can find him in time." She sighed...this would occur on her watch. Oh well, nothing to be done but to brave the storm. Gesturing to her partner, she headed towards the bar.

Making their way past the drinking men at the bar and the oddly-dressed woman in the cat-suit, the two walked over towards Der Furher Dyszel. The senior Happiness Police member glanced at the hostess, a furrow etching her otherwise pristine brow. Steadying herself, she said, "Hello, ma'am...if you aren't too busy, might we have a moment of your time?" Her voice was pleasant, but cold, the kind of formal politeness reserved for drunken wedding guests. Not waiting for a reply, she thrust forward an 8x10 glossy photo of a young man. He had a pale, unremarkable face, and was dressed in ornate robes indicating he was a member of the Eternal Kawaii's ruling priesthood.

"Have you seen this _otaku_?" she asked, pronouncing the foreign word slowly.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
27-05-2005, 08:50
Der Fuhrer gave a wink to the entertainment being provided.....happy that indeed they might bring in more money then anticipated. "You're doing wonderful," she said as she poured a shot of gin and handed it to her. "Thirsty?" she askes playfully, as the doors were opened and two new guests arrived.

They strode up to the bar, a manner that suggested no joking was involved. Resumming her normal business manner, her grin quickly slid from her face and the cold brutal eyes of war set in.

"Have you seen this _otaku_?" they asked simply.

Grinning again, relaxing her natural battle ready tendencies, she remarked, "Is he a White Russian? They're the only men I do well."

27-05-2005, 08:56
*hops up quickly, with a Russian accent and a nervous smile*

Dostoyevsky, madam.. At your most humble ah.. vhat is vord? service. Could please I have more drink?
The Eternal Kawaii
27-05-2005, 23:18
The senior Happiness Police officer blinked. White Russian? "No ma'am," she replied, "he is a citizen of The Eternal Kawaii." The absurdly literal answer was given in all sincerity; clearly mixology was not part of HP training. Apparently also missing the point of the hostess's grin, the young woman continued in earnest, "Our embassy here has reported him missing; and we've received word that he was last seen entering this...charming establishment," a hint of her former coldness returning, but for a moment. She flashed a warm smile and added, "We have orders to bring him back. Would it be alright with you if we had a look around?"
29-05-2005, 01:51
Kitten sat up while the two women chatted with DFD.

A grin came across her face. WHITE RUSSIAN. Mrrreeow.

SHe did not wait for DFD to answer the woman, why bother her when she had drinks to serve and we were not that busy for two bartenders.

She touched both of the women's shoulders softly. Her voice came out in mere whispers, "Come ladies I will accompany you in your search. I know my way and I would love to serve you."

She winked at DFD and began to escort them in the opposite direction. If their man wanted to be here, it was at his free will he would stay as long as he wanted.

And even if these women didn't know her intentions the better. These two would have their tea just like he did.
29-05-2005, 11:24
HMMMM.... after hearing of this place ... I had to come check it out. Looking around I see many interesting things... a ladys glance catches my attention..
30-05-2005, 03:55
T-Ray saw the two oddly dressed women enter the bar, and threw back his 40 ounce.

“Damn, hommie, what with that shit dem fools be wearin? I aint seen such trippin shit since I was back in the crib, G” he announced to no one in particular, still starring at the gorgous women dancing on the bar

“Have you seen this -otaku-? One of the oddly dressed women said

Looking around, T-ray looked at the rest of the bars occupants…notices a kid, recently arrived, standing in the corner, gawking at the attractions. T-ray looked at the man next to him, the one drinking the Fuzzy Naval.

Gesturing to the kid, he announced, loud enough for those around to hear him. “Damn fools 1st time out in da real world shoo nuff.” Then leaning in closer, and talking quieter, he asked the man with the fuzzy naval “Yo homes, da fucks an…otaku…that some Asian rap group or some shit?”
The Eternal Kawaii
31-05-2005, 03:40
The younger Happiness Police officer jumped in surprise as Kitten tapped her shoulder. Staring at the cat-suited woman, she stammered, "Umm...miss...neko? Pardon. Have you seen our man? Any help would be appreciated." Her older partner glanced at DFD, and realized the woman was apparently being pulled in several directions at once. Time was of the essence here, she told herself, so why not? The two ladies followed at Kitten's side.

The young man in the corner stood gawking at Kitten, his fingers twitching nervously. Seeing her approach the two Happiness Police officers, his gaze broke from the cat-suited lady to the new arrivals. His normally pale features went white as a sheet, and he slowly began moving through the crowd, working his way towards the exit...
31-05-2005, 08:40
Kitten smiled as the younger of the two followed nervously close to her. She slithered the two women into a room with couches all around it. The lights were dim and she placed the women on a blue couch.

She winked at the two. "Ladies, can I get you a drink, before the entertainment comes? Oh, and what kind of entertainment is suitable for your eyes?"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
31-05-2005, 09:53
Der Fuhrer noticed someone leaving; unwilling to let business slide out of the door so easily, she lept over the bar and ran at full pace, sliding to a halt before the door, blocking the path of the person.

"Oh, come along now, you look like you need a drink. How does a Cunnilingus sound?" she asked as she wrapped her arms around the man's arm, pulling him toward the bar.

"The night is still young. Plus, you don't look too well.....I can't let people who are ill out of my bar, sorry. Don't worry, I have a knowledge in medicial field.......of course, I've dealt more with sewing back on severed limbs and plugging blown open arteries, but hey, it all works out in the end."

She places the man forcefully onto a stool before leaping back over the bar and grabbing a glass. "Now, my prospective drunkard, what would you like?"
The Eternal Kawaii
01-06-2005, 01:14
The pale young man gulped as DFD suddenly lept in his path, blocking his exit. So close, yet so far! He stammered nervously, "umm...sorry ma'am...I'm not feeling well..." his words falling on deaf ears as he was nearly dragged back over to the bar and planted on a stool. A rather passive one, this fellow, or perhaps he seemed unwilling to make a scene. He sat quietly and nodded at DFD, saying in an almost-whisper, "er, anything you think would be fine, please." He glanced around and flinched as he saw the two Happiness Police members, apparently engaged with the former object of his curious gaze, the cat-suited woman.

"Entertainment?" the older HP officer said, attempting to make pleasant conversation with Kitten. Not an easy thing in a place like this, she thought to herself, thanking her training. "I'm sorry," she replied with a charming smile, "but we really haven't the time for socializing. Perhaps just a glass of water, thank you."

Her younger partner nodded nervously, a nonplussed look on her face as she studied the woman. "I didn't know there were _nekomusume_ cults here," she said, pronouncing the foreign word slowly, imitating her older partner. Her attention was broken by the commotion near the bar, and she glanced over to where DFD was chatting quite loudly with a stranger.
01-06-2005, 02:49
T-Ray pounded down the rest of his forty-ounce, and slammed it down on the bar with a hollow thud.

“Damn, that’s good shee-it” he announced

“Hey, DFD, can I get me another drink down here pla-ease.” he said, smiling at the bartender.” he asked, his voice somewhat slurred

He looked around the bar, noticing the new comer, having been ass-planted on a bar stool and a drink shoved under his nose. He saw the two oddly dressed women being harassed by the cat.

T-Ray slide down on stool, next to the quiet man, and slapped him on the shoulder.

“Sup G, I’m T-ray.” he said, gesturing towards the catwomen “Aint it funny, tha she’s dressed up likea…pussy cat…huh?…not funny? Puns was neva muh thang….let me buy you a drink?”
01-06-2005, 06:46
I'll have a Cunnilingus! That sounds tasy!
01-06-2005, 06:47
Adyndril listened to the man next to him at the bar talk about asian rap with a half-level of interest as he scanned the room for the now missing bartender.

He decided to freak out T-Ray a little bit by giving him a wink before digging back into his drink, the bartender, who had now sat that man near him at the bar noticed the wink; and went back to her duties with a smile.

'So.. she knows im not.. ah well,' he thought without a care in the world.

"Hey, how about another," he asked as the bartender returned.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
01-06-2005, 20:55
Mixing drinks quickly with style, Der Fuhrer danced as she poured the drinks together, adding little garnishes for amusement. She slid each of the drinks to her customers, complimenting them with a wink.

"Which one of you boys are up for a little contest?"
01-06-2005, 21:13
T-Ray wasn’t the quickest man in the world, so it took him a minute to process and register that the man he was speaking to (Adyndril) had just winked at him before moving off to talk to the new comer.

It seemed to T-Ray that the kid looked scared half to death as it was, and the crowd mobbing around him was bound to scare him even more, so, he decided it was time to take a leak

Removing himself from the bar, he started to walk towards the bathroom, disappearing through the door just as the bartender asked if anyone was interested in a challenge

“Hmm, I’m up for it, shoo nuff.” He said to himself as he entered the bathroom.
The Eternal Kawaii
02-06-2005, 03:01
The pale young man at the bar flinched as T-Ray slapped him on the shoulder, and hunched over the bar, trying to look inconspicuous and hiding his face from the two uniformed women talking to Kitten. "Buy you a drink?" "Umm, sure, yeah, anything," he mumbled, keeping his voice down. He breathed a sigh of relief as his would-be drinking buddy apparently changed his mind and wandered off. Said relief was short-lived, though, as DFD wandered back towards his end of the bar, shoving a strange alcoholic concoction under his nose and saying something about a contest. Trying not to attract the barlady's attention, he quickly took a deep swig of the drink.

Bad move--clearly alcohol was not high on the young man's list of familiar objects, and he began hacking and coughing, choking on the surprisingly strong liquid.
02-06-2005, 07:03
T-Ray stood in front of the urinal, letting a trail of golden liquid hit the porcelain catch., humming to himself.

He finished up, and washed his hands, heading back out into the bar, he noticed the man hacking and coughing…. and decided it was a good thing he hadn’t bought the boy a drink. From the coughing fit the man was having, it looked like e might die at any second, and if T-Ray had bought him that drink, it might have attracted attention from the local PD…not something T-Ray needed at the moment.

He wandered back to his drink, and began to drink it, waiting for something to happen, remembering the comment he’d heard while heading for the bathroom, he leaned over the bar to catch DFD’s attention, “Yo, whats dis about a contest?”
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-06-2005, 05:54
"Shot contest!" Der Fuhrer yelled loudly as she gulped a shot down on slammed the empty glass onto the bar with a loud thud, gaining everyone's attention.

Still speaking above all others in a manner that was deadly, controlling, yet extremely fun, she continued, "Come on over men and women. If you think you hold your liquor well, we will test your abilities now. First three love, Bacardi 151. Take a seat if you are up for the challenge. Last person standing wins."

She turned around and started lining empty glasses along the middle of the bar, grinning and winking to others, encouraging them to participate.
07-06-2005, 07:10
I'll make an attempt to meet this challenge!
07-06-2005, 18:59
“Shit bitch, lemme at dat stuff…imma so you homies how we do dis back in da hood, yo”

said T-Ray, cracking his massive knuckles, as he returned to the bar