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FT Aid in Colonizing a New Planet (Open RP)

23-05-2005, 01:21
"Euroslavia is currently seeking a nation, or even a few nations to aid Euroslavia in the colonization of a new planet, seeing as our nation has strictly developed modern tech weaponry. Over time, our interest in expanding our sphere of influence upon areas beyond Sol have increased greatly, as problems arise within our own territory. Overpopulation has become an increasing threat towards the continued population growth, and this has been seen as one of the most efficient ways of putting this sort of threat to an end, once and for all. Space technology has always been seen as something that wasn't needed, when education, healthcare, and military have been focused on as our vital areas; therefore, we are seeking the cooperation of another nation, or nations in the collaboration of the colonization of a inhabitable planet.

We are willing to pay an appropriate amount of money, or trading good to those who choose to aid us in our quest, and perhaps, relations could be formed between our nation and those who have chosen to aid us. First, we would be willing to negotiate the immediate terms of such cooperation in some sort of communique, to make sure that nothing is in confusion; and, of course, we will go on with what is agreed upon between our leaders. All offers will be responded to."

Lady Destra nos Thiendrel,
Free Dictator of Euroslavia
23-05-2005, 01:34
As it stands the Shadow Realm of Phalanix has recently gained two untouched planets that we are about to colonize along with another nation. As an offer we are willing to lease you a fair sized plot(s) on ether or both worlds. Of course if you need transport to these worlds we are willing to arange the next group of ships to have room for any of your people. I'm sure we can come to a friendly agreement on this and we are willing to offer you the same offer as the other colonizing nation.
Gaian Ascendancy
23-05-2005, 07:34
We have explored a huge swath of the Milky Way Core Galaxy, up to about 88.5 percent of the galaxy. As we have also offered the same needs to such nations like the Woodians, Celsanids, Hiigarans, among others, and provided aid and alliances to other nations, we would be more than willing to add another nation to those that have achieved the status you have.

It might take a bit of searching for a System to call your own. (..why settle for a world..) ..but if you wish to send any representatives to discuss this, please do so through further messages of where to have a diplomatic team sent to greet you, and then help show you all the ropes for ascension to the stars.

The price you may ask? Knowledge. We wish to continue to expand all types of knowledge as we ourselves continue to grow. But to do this, we need only further diplomatic contacts.

We will prepare a WarShip to send a diplomatic party when you send the signal for the first contact. If we presume this is the Motherworld Terra that is the origin point of your nation, then know we already have several assets in the region to send messages through.

~ The Diplomatic/Cultural Centers of Montana, Florida and Japan Regions
~ The Luna Observation Outpost
~ The Saturn Deep System StarBase
~ The Sol System Zenith StarBase

We stand ready to fully assist your nation for the move it wishes to pursue, as well as teach properly the hazards and glories of living in space, in all it's greusome, and magnanamous detail.

We stand ready as your lended hand.

Honored Regards,

Lady Seto Kamiki
Gaian Foreign Advisor.
Sirens of Titan
23-05-2005, 08:55
The Sirens of Titan Containment Commission©

{open communication frequency - direct ether uplink}
{message to: Euroslavia, Lady Destra nos Thiendrel}
{message from: SoT CC}

::The SoT CC is glad to announce its ability to aid Euroslavia the way it has requested to various nations in and around Sol, or further away like us. We are more than willing to safeguard Euroslavia from the wretched Sirens, the looming doom of the universe. We can explore the universe for you looking for planets bearing minerals, ore deposits, fresh water and air to breathe, all the necessary requirements to hold Terran lifeforms.

The SoT CC welcomes Euroslavia to the beautiful outer regions of space, instead of the crowded solar system and often war torn region known as Sol. Should you wish to visit us some time in the (near) future, you can find us in orbit on our planet Christmas near Gliese 710 or on Christmas Island on earth where our primary base of Sol Affairs is located. We wish you good luck in your endeavours::

{Closed communication - direct ether uplink terminated}
{message sent to: Euroslavia, Lady Destra nos Thiendrel}
{message composed by: George Costinack, CEO of the SoT CC.}
23-05-2005, 09:07
If you are interested we may willing to aid you in the developement of a worldship, this should solve any population requirments. Should this be unfeasible or unacceptable then we would be willing to inform you of a number of worlds suitable for colonisation.
10-06-2005, 04:21
---->Transmission: Gaian Ascendancy<----
---->From: Lady Destra nos Thiendrel<----
---->Subject: Colonization<----

To Whom In May Concern,
Your offer of cooperation in our ascension to the stars has intrigued us, and we wish to discuss some more of the available options with you, personally; therefore, we wish to issue a formal invitation of your leader or representative to Arcadia to discuss this issue in more detail.

The fact that you offer your assistance without wanting anything in return is respected by us, and has given us more hope in cooperating with space nations. It is with hope that more governments of space nations are like yours, in the fact that technology and unity among the stars are more important to you, rather than solidating territory, and declaring war whenever the government becomes thirsty for more territory.

Our government has little knowledge of space and the territory outside of Sol; however, it is also with hope that our governments could work together in spreading knowledge peacefully, helping each other in the endeavours that each pursue.

Lady Destra nos Thiendrel
Free Dictator of Euroslavia

---->Message Encryption Begun............ Complete<----
---->Transmission Sent: Gaian Ascendancy<----