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1 Billionth Citizen born!

Sel Appa
20-05-2005, 22:50
Sel Appa's 1 billionth citizen was born on Wednesday 18 May 2005, putting an end to competition. Thousands of pounds in products and money have been rained on the family of Alexandra Fallsworth, by the Sel Appan Government. The Billionth Baby Contest was promoted for over two months as the count drew near.

In Nemnenait, a huge parade was held with millions of people and diplomats from around the world. An estimated 750Mg(megagrams) of food was estimated to be sold so far. The celebrations will continue until Sunday.

All friends and enemies are welcome to visit, however security checks have been increased and certain applicants may be denied. No vehicles are allowed in Nemnenait until Monday and anyone already inside will use free mass transit and may be asked for ID.