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China-Vietnam conference (AMW only)

20-05-2005, 02:16
The Chinese government has announced its intention to send Finance Minister Li Mei Chen to Hanoi to participate in a China-Vietnam conference aimed at bolstering relations between the two countries. It is hoped that issues such as trade, a non-aggression pact, and other issues will be discussed and hopefully permanently resolved. Li Mei Chen will travel to Hanoi in a fortnight.
20-05-2005, 03:25
The government of the Social Republic confirmed today that a representitive of the Chinese state will travel to Hanoi in a fortnight to hold talks. The nature of the conference is to ratify Sino-Vietnamese trade relations, which Prime Minister Than Loi has already spoken many times before the National Assembly that it would be "extremely beneficial to the economy of Vietnam".

There is also of course the subject of a non-aggression pact which the Hanoi government is eager to seal, finally feeling the vunerability of following an isolationist policy in the tinderbox of Asia.

Upon the announcement of the conference, there were reported skirmishes involving ethnic Chinese in many cities across Vietnam. Attitudes to ethnic Chinese living in Vietnam are hostile. In Ho Chi Minh city, martial law was declared and order had to be restored by troops of the Revolutionary Armed Forces. Thankfully no lives were lost, but Chinese property across the city had been either raised to the ground or looted. Memories are still vivid of Chinese invasion in the 70s, and feelings of resentment and hatred are widespread.

Information Minister Doc Huong rejected such a statement, saying that "though the actions of a few can cause great damage, they are still the thoughts, beliefs and opinions of the few. The people of Vietnam are repulsed by such dark age nationalist antagonisms. Our intention to extend the hand of friendship to the Chinese people is evidence of our respect and admiration that we have for them."

Obviously Prime Minister Than Loi will work feverishly to ensure a repeat of todays violence does not occur on Mr. Mei Chen's visit. The Special Military Department has already begun the internment of hundreds of suspected troublemakers while the Ministry of Information begins the orchestration of a friendly, warm reception for the Chinese minister despite the uneasy reality of the situation.
20-05-2005, 13:24
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Although the Chinese government is slightly troubled by the protests, the quick handling of the incidents by Special Military Department has impressed them. On entering the conference, the Finance Minister presents a series of minutes on relevant discussion topics. Opening the debate on trade, Li Mei Chen pitches the Chinese position.

"Trade relations were normalised with the Vietnamese under the umbrella of the NeoSunnist entity. Trade between our two nations has grown fairly rapidly since then, with socio-economic benefits for both Vietnam and Yunnan province. The Chinese government is interested in perhaps laying the framework for a free-trade agreement, accomplishing this by the means of setting up a working body to conduct research into the costs and benefits of such a deal."
Brendan Land
20-05-2005, 19:30
His Grace Lord Commander Divine eternal Leader and lader of the church defender of the people and Glorious King of the Excellent and most Brilliant King of the Kingdom of Brendan Land has requested that The Socialist Republics of China and Vietnam would come to the Kingdom of Brendan Land to hold a conference on relations between your two nations.

We will open our Capital for your conference and all other nations of the world may join in if the two nations would wish for it. However if you do not, our Kingdom will not allow it.

I am willing to do this as it will have benefits for all three nations. An agreemant between your two nations and my nation lifted out of the dark ages and into the modern world.

The Republic of Germenny has also offered to help in the conference if the nations taking part need it.

21-05-2005, 00:29
(This is a closed RP)
21-05-2005, 05:11
The reaction to Mrs. Mei Chen's proposal amongst the diplomats is interesting to say the least. An Ho-Dac, the 40-year old firebrand and hard-line Communust from North Vietnam protested fiercely against the notion of an increased socio-economic relationship with [can i say China or Taiwan?], arguing that "we would be wise not to let our economy become dependent upon another state. Surely they dont really expect us to reveal vital information regarding the state of the economy, so that they can discover our weakness!? It is folly!"

Aside from Mr. Ho-Dac's outburst, so obviously intended to fuel the hatred buried in the hearts of many Vietnamese, the negotiators agreed to draw up the framework of a joint inter-governmental organisation to oversee Vietnamese-Sino economic trade. After Mr. Ho-Dac was dismissed from the talks, escorted by troops of the SMD, the group agreed to Mrs. Mei Chen's suggestion, and went further, stating that the new organisation should begin research into the effective end of trade barriers such as tariffs in order to promote and increase trade, and what the implications of removing limitations on the movement of labor and capital would have for Vietnam and China.
22-05-2005, 01:04
Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Prime Minister Than Loi gave a glowing report of how talks were proceding with the Chinese representitive Li Mei Chen. The 45-year old Prime Minister said:

"Greater trade interaction between Vietnam and China will definetly invigorate and accelerate the process of transition from a planned to a market economy. I am all for the proposed idea of a free-trade agreement, however we must ensure that Vietnam's most vital industries remain protected as to avoid total economic exploitation by the Chinese."

One reporter enquired as to the relevence of Comrade Ho-Dac's removal [noting Ho-Dac as unpopular with the Communist party's due to his nationalist sentiment] from the Vietnamese delegation. Than Loi answered:

"There is no place for such gutter politics here. Ho-Dac has attempted to appeal to the very lowly mindset that was responsible for the incredulous actions of a few stupid people which could have taken the lives of many, people whose hearts are clouded with hatred and bitterness. Vietnam has moved on from the destruction of war before, we have battled with the after-effects for long enough, we have suffered too much to be like this now."

When the same reported mentioned that Ho-Dac Chinese were not to be trusted, Prime Minister Than Loi refused to answer further questions.
22-05-2005, 03:20
(China and Taiwan have reunifiied.)

Political ramifications in China were almost non-existant, even after the news of riots involving ethnic Chinese in Vietnam was broadcasted. Being almost a police state, the non-existant opposition party was fully supportive of the recent thaw in Sino-Vietnam relations. Public reaction was also fairly muted. Aside from a bottle thrown at the Vietnamese embassy in China by a man with relatives in Vietnam, there were no other disturbances. Opinion polls indicated a large percentage of the population supported the conference, although the biggest category was "Don't know".

To Emperor Zhang, Vietnam was another battle-front in the global war against Communism. A capitalist Vietnam would be a great ally. A communist Vietnam much less so. China's "socialist economy" had lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty - a repeat in Vietnam would be possible, and the Chinese would give them some help.

Li Mei Chen is very receptive to the idea of a Free-Trade Agreement, and is willing to accomodate the interests of industries "vital to Vietnam" to a degree. These will probably be discussed in greater detail by the trade organisation, although a free-trade agreement will be at least 9 months away, with removal of tariffs gradually.

Next on the agenda was....
22-05-2005, 04:12
With a milestone seemingly passed in Vietnamese-Sino relations, the negotiations halted briefly for a break on Sunday. Hanoi had been omniously quiet the past week, SMD troops and Police maintained a heavy presence on the streets. The atmosphere had been one of unease, for the capital had not witnessed such large concentrations of military personnel since the war against the United States. This wasnt a war - this was just a conference, and the City was under Martial Law! The Media was under the strick control of the Government.

Massive Rallies were held by members of the Communist Youth across the City, organised by the Ministry of Information. Thousands of Young Vietnamese strode proudly through the streets, carrying banners with slogans such as "Vietnam & China - The Future is Bright!" or "We Strive Together with our Brothers for a Better World!". Despite the Governments new found affiliation with Capitalism, the value of propaganda, Communist-style, was not lost on Doc Huong's Information Ministry, especially since the disturbances against ethnic Chinese.

Next on the agenda was a non-aggression pact which Prime Minister Than Loi was eager to secure. Vietnam had few friends and no allies in Asia, and desperately sought to make peace with the largest and potentially most problematic nation of that region - China. Some speculated that Than Loi was even willing to grant China naval bases on the south coast in order to guarentee this.

Of course, the tender subject of the Spratly Islands had yet to surface, but it was inevitable.
Beth Gellert
22-05-2005, 04:36
Needless to say, the Commonwealth would not approve of Chinese troops settling on Vietnamese soil, but knowing little of the conference thus far, continues for now to support its many agents and democratic missionaries on the ground in Vietnam... and of course across the borders in Laos and Cambodia.

22-05-2005, 05:31
The activities of foreign nationals has not gone unnoticed in Vietnam, but the SMD, who are attempting a constant monitoring of such individuals, is so far unsuccessful in compiling a case for action against these 'ne'er do well'ers'. Than Loi would be alot more happy knowing they werent in Vietnam, but doesnt want to provoke international uproar by deporting those individuals deemed "suspect".

Of course, the question of granting Naval bases to China is total in the hands of the National Assembly, who would have to approve such a radical move, and as things look right now, it wouldnt be a popular move. But its still very much a possibility.
24-05-2005, 00:27
On restarting the negotiations, discussions immediately turned to the prospect of a non-aggression pact between China and Vietnam, on the condition that "all territorial clashes were to be resolved" before an non-aggression pact could be signed.
Lunatic Retard Robots
24-05-2005, 02:17

Eh, I don't know what old Hindustan will do about this one. Probably encouragement, considering the current policy of not thinking that China is ready to turn the Indian subcontinent into a radioactive waste...
24-05-2005, 17:48
First, China should begin the demilitarisation of those islands in the South China Sea which she has seized illegally. The area is a Tinderbox, and the last thing we need is troops poised for action in an atmosphere of building tension. For our part, we will remove fortifications and troops from those islands which we have claimed.
01-06-2005, 03:13
OOC: Due to OOC circumstances, can we put this off until late June?
02-06-2005, 03:33
The Government has announced that Vietnamese-Sino Conference being held in Hanoi has been adjourned for the time being, to resume sometime in June or July. Li Mei Chen; the Chinese representitive; is expected to depart Vietnam this week. It is expected thousands of well-wishers will turn out to bid Mrs. Mei Chen a fond farewell.