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Sign Up for the Takil Cup - All Out Attacking Football at its greatest

19-05-2005, 09:38
This is the sign up for the Takil Cup, all out attacking style of football. Any nations may sign up, but may only have two clubs compete in the cup at once and the squad formation must include only three defenders. I will probably have the sign ups until the weekend and start the cup on monday. Groups will be based on the number of teams, but the max will be 16 teams. Scorination will be with Leagion. RP Bonus will be there, I look more for quality than quantity.

Squads signed up so far: 24/24
Vanguard Eagles (Fmjphoenix)
Sunnyslope FC (Fmjphoenix)
Lofthu Negalia (Vtorbetin)
Vermiert Jaskolja (Vtorbetin)
Pylos City (Hypocria)
Partizan Drissa (Hypocria)
Sonoma Center Panthers (Commerce Heights)
Commerce Heights Thunderbirds (Commerce Heights)
IDEXO (Liverpool England)
Folenisa (Liverpool England)
Sporting Mayo (Spruitland)
Thiel United (Spruitland)
World Eaters (Blessed Restraint)
Harewood FC (Cockbill Street)
Rizh'peith K'druz'ba (Cockbill Street)
Portland Timbers (Sarzonia)
San Diego Iguanas (Bedistan)
Navarre Town (Bedistan)
Lead Fire FC (Lethislavania)
Boilingbrook United (Lethislavania)
Lemekanil Veran 80'la (Rejistania)
Oaker Sharks (Oaker)
Oliver City FC (Oliverry)
Limognon Beroniers (Oliverry)
19-05-2005, 09:44
We sign up, even though the fact that we have precisely zero ranking means we'll get knocked out in the first round! Now let's see, I have some teams somewhere around here...

*rummages around in drawer*

Ah yes, here we go. I'll do rosters later.

Lofthu Negalia

Vermiert Jaskolja
19-05-2005, 09:51
Two of Hypocria's more attack minded teams would like to enter:-

Pylos City

Partizan Drissa
Commerce Heights
19-05-2005, 09:55
The Sonoma Center Panthers (C4 Champions League, playing 3–4–3) and Commerce Heights Thunderbirds (C4 Champions League, playing 2–5–3) wish to sign up for the Takil Cup.
Liverpool England
19-05-2005, 10:55
IDEXO (LE ex-champs, currently second in league group; 3-5-2) and Folenisa (LE ex-champs, currently third in Division 2; 3-3-4) would like to sign up.
19-05-2005, 12:41
Spruitland's Thiel United, runners-up in the First Division, will gladly participate.

(OOC: as reserve, Sporting Mayo, but only if you don't have enough teams, otherwise, just Thiel is fine)
Blessed Restraint
19-05-2005, 12:51
The Blessed Restraint team World Eaters would like to sign up and participate in their first international tourney.
Cockbill Street
19-05-2005, 17:22
Now this is a cup we like. :)

Harewood FC and Rizh'peith K'druz'ba, the two top teams of the Street, will sign up.


Harewood FC starting line-up (3-5-2): Ivan van Oosterom (aged 34, av rating 5.1) - Ryan Collins (25, 5.71), Paul Taylor (27, 5.49), Olaf Fearinciter (34, 5.41) - Marcus Tripton (27, 5.84, 9 caps for Cockbill Street), Richard Craven (31, 5.68, 11 caps for Cockbill Street) Frank Tudd (33, 5.09), Richard Gwyddich (37, 5.83), Thorstein Daggerbasher (28, 5.81) - Tony Orr (24, 5.66, Bedistan), Stuart Pickup (23, 5.60)
Substitutes: Ivar B'loodaxe (36, 5.08, goalkeeper), Eric Saggers (35, 4.81, striker), Celestite (28, 4.68, striker), Lars Andreassen (35, 5.11, defensive midfielder), Gavin Clay (18, 5.19, left back)

Rizh'peith K'druz'ba starting line-up (3-1-3-1-2): Mark Ewood (aged 31, av rating 5.51) - Jorn Goldaxe (25, 5.32), Olaf Bearslayer (35, 5.51), Ivar Bergowner (27, 5.41) - Sarah Cawdron (38, 5.76, 72 caps for Cockbill Street) - Zack Martínez (29, 5.98, Bedistan), Succinite (24, 5.76), Olaf Beardgrower (27, 5.41) - Hroar Spearthrower (31, 5.29) - Thor Ivarsson (22, 5.59), George Nicholson (26, 5.43)
Substitutes: Thorir Oakcleaver (23, 5.31, goalkeeper), Olaf Spearwielder (37, 5.21, right back), Vegard Stronginthearm (20, 5.41, right wing/central midfielder), Petter Steinsson (21, 5.22, forward)
19-05-2005, 17:38
The Portland Timbers, known for their attacking style of football, would like to sign up as the Sarzonian representative.
19-05-2005, 18:22
Well, it is almost at 16, but if enough more teams want to join in, I will expand it to 32 entries. It would not be that hard to do.
19-05-2005, 20:30
Well, our performance in the Karelan Cup sucked, primarily because System Karela isn't practiced all that widely in Bedistan. More attacking formations, on the other hand, are a little more our style. Thus, our two representatives:

San Diego Iguanas (4th in BPL 2074, goals 56-43)
Navarre Town (11th in BPL 2074, goals 56-61)
19-05-2005, 21:26
Times were bad for the Lemekanil Veran 80'la, a small soccer club from a hole near Jinhes. Well, to be honest, "hole" is flattening for it: a dozen houses next to the one road. behind the gardens of the houses is a grass patch where Lemekanil Veran 80'la plays home games. When having the choice either to play more defensively or to be relegated into the last league, they were one of the few teams, who decided not to give up their tactics - they were relegated to the last league already anyways. Riil Takil, one of the Lemekanil'he'ny surfed the internet and searched for his name outside of Rejistania. He found the website of the Takil Cup. He wanted to mail him that he found it funny that a competition had his name, but his English was so bad that they could not make head nor tails of it. but since he had the name and the website of his club in his signature, the organizers thought they would like to sign up and sent them the required information per post.
19-05-2005, 23:19
The Oaker Sharks would like to compete!
24-05-2005, 21:51
Bump up, two more teams and we can start this!!!!!! GOGOGOGOGO
24-05-2005, 21:58
The Oliver city FC will enter as well as the Limognon Beroniers
25-05-2005, 23:21
group draw will be happening. new topic will be up soon with groups and schedule
Tennessee Fans
25-05-2005, 23:27
BVFC Metrokixx