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Excite // Presented by Antonia Exchange

Austar Union
11-05-2005, 17:53

Marketing and Public Relations
Antonia Exchange Pty Ltd
122 High Street Road
Central Grove, 75898

Broadcasting Department
Austarian Broadcasting Corporation
12 Fitzgerald Street
Hammersley Entran, 75892

Re: Excite

To Whom it May Concern,

As you have been advised already, Antonia Exchange has been planning a major fashion event for the past few months. Excite is most possibly our single largest project which we have ever attempted, and although it is notable that there are several larger firms other than ourselves in other markets, our expectations are fairly high. As an underdeveloped market, the global fashion industry has been reasonably ignored as have a multitude of other industries. Famous ones, such as the Cola Industries have been flooded by such great brands as Pink Bunny Cola from Knootoss. If we had been established as a Cola manufacturing corporation, I doubt we would have made it so far in the national market. Becoming the largest designer label in the country for both mens' and women's fashion places high expectations on us and the shows which we produce. Let us hope that Excite will meet such expectations and we will continue to prosper; our name being spread further across the globe.

In the meantime, please be advised that some communicationals will be sent to you later in the week. Being filmed, written, and what-not, they are nothing short of spectacular so far. This im sure will gain the attention of both businessmen and of the average important citizen from across several regions of the world. Most certainly though, the show in itself will not cease to amaze you. I would like to invite several journalistic representatives to cover Excite if you please, as defined in the agreement made earlier on in the month. Anyhow, I will leave you with a note of thankyou for your cooporation in these matters. Having not our own broadcasting department to relay information to others can have its difficulties. Fortunately, we have friends like the team at the Austarian Broadcasting Corporation whom can furfill that role for us.

Thankyou again, and if you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to give me a call as usual.

Signed Faithfully,

Roberto Antonia
Chief Executive Officer
Austar Union
11-05-2005, 18:16
Austarian Broadcasting Corporation: Feature Article

Invitations Sent Out - Excite is Official

It may have consisted of several months or years of planning to get to this stage, but finally Antonia Exchange has sent out invitations across the world to their international show debut, 'Excite'. With the show to be as high-paced as the name suggests, Antonia Exchange is the leading company for mens' and womens' fashion in the Austar Union. With their products ranging from full business suits to even perfume for both sexes, 'Excite' is looking to really set the blood pumping in the fashion industry abroad. Cheif Executive Officer of Antonia Exchange, Roberto Antonia had the following to comment.

"I am really looking forward to the exact moment when the show opens, and when the fireworks get started," said the man excitedly, "My father founded the company a little while back, and slowly we have crept up to market leader in the national stage. I do expect though that international business leaders and anyone outside of the Union will be amazed as to what we have to offer. Who knows, this could present a lot of business opportunity for anyone interested."

With the crowd levels being kept reasonably low, it is expected that security at the event will be kept rather tight. Anyone from a World Leader to a Journalist may attend the event, which will be occuring sometime in the month pending details. If you wish to apply to attend the event, please mail your letters to the following address.

Marketing and Public Relations
Antonia Exchange Pty Ltd
122 High Street Road
Central Grove, 75898
11-05-2005, 20:30
March (HRBO:816631-A) and April (HRBO:816631-B) glanced up the clock.


The twins rose, scooping up their equipment and files before sprinting side-by-side down the lengthy corridors of Level 91: Corporation Information Network, Company Administrative Centre II, Uranus. They glanced down at their watches at the same time as they hurried through the complex network of tunnels and offices of CIN, jackets hurriedly thrown over shirts, files clutched in one hand and a bag of equipment thrown over one shoulder.

"We've got-
-three minutes, I-

The man and woman, features disturbingly similar - one with a more chiselled appearance, the other's face more dainty and feminine, but definately identical twins, stopped outside an office, hyperventilating, but grinning at each other.

"Twenty seconds-
-to spare."

March pushed upon a door marked "Level Supervisor: V'khanij Jikirinur, Sentient Resources: Level 91: Broadcasting" and entered after his sister into the spartan antechamber. A Desdemonan was seated behind the desk, a fairly attractive specimen were it not for the four eyes and six arms. The purple skin was nothing terrible though. Two of the alien's eyes looked up at the twins as the other two focussed upon her work - Desdemonans are good at multitasking, and are often used for tasks requiring good co-ordination. She looked back down at her screens while the two reporters took a seat.

After a few minutes the holovision projector on the secretary's desk, voice only, and keyed to the secretary's private Vox. Her head tilted for a moment as she listened, then deactivated the system and waved the two in.

It is hard to describe a Prosperan. Take a normally human face, dye it a dark blue. Next, replace the eyes with skin to leave an unbroken face. Add two pairs of antennae emerging from forehead and temple. Place an air-contaminator over the two mouths and the nose so that it can breathe in a human-tolerant atmosphere. Replace skin with tiny scales. That is approxomately what a Prosperan's face looks like. Prosperan do not have much in the way of emotion, although they seem to manage humour - with practise, but are good at determining a person's talents, and can normally be found in the Sentient Resources division of the Corporation.

Supervisor Jirikinur looked at them. Without eyes, this would seem to be impossible, but he managed to give them the twins the distinct impression that he was looking searchingly at them. He started speaking and his auto-translation unit clicked into motion.

"HRBO:816631-A, and HRBO:816631-B. You are being put On Assignment as per Section QR, paragraph thirteen-b, ninth through twentieth lines of your contracts.
"These are the details of your journey, you will be travelling by private Company Astral-Jet, so try not to break anything. If you have any questions, vox my secretary. Good luck, and bring me some good stories!"

The Prosperan pushed a pair of files toward the twins and gestured to them to leave, which they did - it was not a good idea to disobey Sentient Resources.

Pan-System transmission
Destination: Marketing and Public Relations | Antonia Exchange Pty Ltd | 122 High Street Road | Central Grove, 75898 | Austar Union | Earth
Origin: Sentient Resources: Level 91 | CAN-II | Ventuusi-Aquisitional Holdings | Uranus

To whom it may concern,

Following receipt of the invitation to "Excite" the Corporation of Ventuusi Acquisitional is sending two (2) reporters to witness the occassional.

Both are humans, one of gender: male, one of gender: female.
Corporation numbers are: HRBO:816631-A, and HRBO:816631-B
Company division: Reporting, Broadcasting and Omnicognisance
Positions held are: Reporter Overseer, and Reporter Overseer
Names are: March Retouryn, and April Retouryn
Relationship: Brother and Sister, "Identical" twins.
Unusual qualities: mind link between individuals.

I, and the Broadcasting Directors (possibly even the Board of Directors, should the event prove interesting enough), look forward to reviewing the records made by our representatives of the event.

The Retouryns will be arriving by private Company astral jet.

From: V'khanij Jikirinur,
Supervisor, Sentient Resources,
Level 91: Company Administration Network II