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The Kingdom of Heaven begins screening

05-05-2005, 13:16
Jeruselem Government News

The Kingdom of Heaven

Today, movie theaters all over Jeruselem began the screening of a movie about the Third Crusade where King Richard I of England battled the forces of Islam lead by Saladin. The Jeruselem Catholic Church and other authorities did not request any alternations to the screened version in Jeruselem and decided to leave it as it is.

Catholics and Moslems packed out the first day, eager to see what the fuss was all about but were warned about the content beforehand. Kids are not allowed to see this movie in Jeruselem due to the naturally violent content.

A Moslem academic Mohemmed Al Basat said "It's ironic we are ruled by descendant of the same Crusaders who sailed over from Europe at the moment and it's a reminder of how history can repeat itself"

Protestant leader Reverend Rainley who had a early screening paid for by the Catholic Church said "It's a reminder of the bloody past in this region. We must not repeat the mistake of 3rd Crusade again, but God's children are sometimes forgetful. It's also a reminder of the times we have now.".

A conservative Lutheran leader who didn't want to be named "It's an attempt by the Catholics and Moslems to trample Protestantism! They are saying if you don't fall in line, they will use the sword."

It was rumoured the Jeruselem Catholic church is paying for the tickets for it's clergy and also the Inquisition was shouting it's members expenses.