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The Kingdom of the dead (Semi open)

04-05-2005, 21:41
The wind blew through the land, the only noise made in this dark and damp place. No real life had been in these parts for months now. An empty crisp packet flew through the air and into what was left of a city.

There was movement in the city, as many human figures walked around, aimlessly going about their business. But the silence remained here also. Although these bodies looked like normal people, they had been dead for a long time, and their souls had been long judged.

This had happened several years before, an experiment gone out of control. It was not clear if the country would ever be the same again. The military had done the only thing they could. They had quarantined the entire area. Trenches were dug and barbed wire put up. Nothing went in or out. Until today...

The plane arrived at the airport, and the CGI walked off to meet who they would be working with.

OOC - This is set in whatever country [NS]The Vivid Dead live in. If you want to be involved, ask them. These are zombies that have taken over the north of the country
[NS]The Vivid Dead
04-05-2005, 22:16
As the team descended from the plane, a small military convoy drove onto the small airfield's tarmac. The first vehicle looked something like an American humvee, however it had been completely adapted, and it looked more like a mobile radio station now. Behind this first vehicle were two standard military trucks, the first one emtpy except for the driver. The second one functioned as a mobile barrack for the Red Guard, an elite marine squad dispatched only at highly dangerous or otherwise important missions. The six team members were quietly sitting in the back of the truck, staring vacantly to the one sitting in front of them, waiting for the action to begin.

The convoy slowly grinded to a halt near the airplane. The research team was unloading their cargo - ranging from bibles and crosses to M16s and grenades.

One of the Humvee's doors opened, and a tall guy stepped out. His name was Colonel Richard Cortez. He'd been assigned to handle the "Zombie Affair", as the government had called it. It had been tough in the beginning, but after a few weeks the creatures had retreated into the remains of the cities they once populated. From then on, it was only hold-the-line until someone found a way to get rid of the creeps.

Cortez walked over to the Christacian team, and vigorously shaked hands with all of them.

"Greetings, and welcome to our fine country! I hope your trip has been pleasant, so we can start right away"

The colonel motioned them to follow him, while the airport personell loaded the crates into the empty truck. The zombie team boarded the Humvee, and sat down on the comfortable seats in the back. Cortez himself got back behind the wheel, and revved up the engine. He looked in the back mirror, and smiled.

Destination Quarantine Zone, people!
04-05-2005, 22:50
The whole team just fitted into the vehicle. Jonny noticed that no one was in the front seat and pulled himself next to the other man, hoping to get a conversation in. "He is risen" He said to the man, the traditional Christacian greeting.
[NS]The Vivid Dead
04-05-2005, 23:10
Cortez looked at him with one eye, the other still focused on the road. Johnny repeated his greeting, but Cortez didn't respond. His orders were strict, drive the CGI team to the infected area, let them and the Red Guard squad in, and close the door behind them. He felt no need to exchange pleasantries with them. He returned his attention to the road.

Johnny, still not giving up, tried to get his conversation going.

"So, how far is it driving to our goal?"

"Approximately 150 kilometers. If the traffic doesn't hold us up we'll be there in an hour and a half or so."

Johnny stared at the guy next to him, who had again turned his attention back to the road. He just couldn't start a sensible conversation with him. He got back up from his seat, and took a look at the radar equipment. There was a screen covering an entire side of the humvee. The screen contained thousands of fast-blinking lights, randomly moving through eachother, most of them concentrated in certain areas. Cortez saw the man's interest:

"That's our zombie map. Each dot is a tagged zombie. A while ago we went out, equipping random zombies with radio tags. This way we can keep an eye out for large-scale movement."

For a few minutes Johnny observated the seemingly random movement, and then returned to his seat. only an hour or so left, until their arrival at the zombie-infested area...
04-05-2005, 23:43
Laura stared at the screen in the front, as Jonny jumped into the back once more. She tried to make sense of it through the journey.

Such disorder, there must be some pattern

Emily was fast asleep in the corner; she was not a good flyer.

The Clerics had their bibles out and were in silence, this was the moment before battle when the Clerics would reflect what they were fighting for, think of their families and prey for God to bless them in their battles. If anyone thought God did not ant them to fight, now was the time to say it.

Matthew had got a pad out and was already writing down everything that was happening.

Jonny looked round at his companions. It was going to be a long journey
[NS]The Vivid Dead
05-05-2005, 00:45
Johnny sat down next to Matthew, and looked over his shoulder to see what he was writing.

Zombies tracked with tag devices. Seemingly random movement - pattern? Zombies stick together in urban areas, rarely venture out alone. Pack behavior, maybe coordinated attacks?

Johnny looked up, and deep inside he felt that he'd gotten himself into some serious trouble. But, time will tell...

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05-05-2005, 00:52
ooc - I have nothing against you controling my charicters in this, but can you not kill them off k? lol
[NS]The Vivid Dead
05-05-2005, 01:00
ooc - I have nothing against you controling my charicters in this, but can you not kill them off k? lol

OOC: Ofcourse I won't kill them. That's all up to you ;)

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