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Dictator Enigma Announces Temporal Shield Project

17-04-2005, 21:25
I'm Mary Bragglestein and you're watching the Enigma Bragging Network.

Today, in a surprise twist, Dictator Enigma has announced the exploration of utilizing graviton technology as a means of defending our smaller ships against temporal technology. It has been known for years that the effect of gravity on space and time would render ships of two kilometers and above effectively immune to temporal weaponry due to the time distortion of their massive gravity wells warping temporal weaponry to the point of ineffectiveness, the nation is unable to build all ships of that length and has considered temporal weapons a viable threat for close to a century. It should also be noted that the ships of such size would also through entire solar systems out of orbit if they passed through with the ships active, which is another reason why using them is not considered effective.

Well, all of that has changed. Due to an experiment by a bunch of teenagers that caused a graviton generator to produce time dilation without creating a density shift, many scientists now believe we can create graviton shields that protect against temporal weaponry for our smaller ships. The project is expect to take decades of research and development before the first viable prototype is developped. However, it is expected to be the first develop in a line of defense against the mechanations of Nergal.

And now, back to "Nude Pictures of Nation Leaders".

OOC: Before anyone complains, note I have described it accurately. The gravity wells of the ships in question will be extremely massive, resulting in the ships having a time dilation effect. The reason the ships would be immune to temporal weaponry is the same reason a black hole would.