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my friends UN Proposal

16-04-2005, 04:50
Slave For a Trade

Slavery should legal in any nation that wishes to have it placed as one of thier laws.

1. Slave could be any races that the country has chosen.

2. Slave can also be any prisoner that serves a life sentence with or without poral. Any person that has a life sentence with poral will be realesed from being a slave if they leave with poral.

3. Any prisoner may become a slave depending on the Judges decision and the severeness of their crimes.

4 Any prisoner of war can be turned into a slave if the country that is at war with treating thier prisoners of war the same or worse.

5. If any illegal immagrants that are coming into that counrty can be either returned to thier home country or be turned into a slave depending on the countries descision.

6. Any terrorist planning to do any harm to that country may turn the terrorist into slave for life.If that terrorist hurts any one or anything at the plantation will be punished heavily for their wrong doing.

7.Any slave caught escaping or doing hurting any one or anything will resceive a severe punishment for their crime.
If caught escaping they will have a longer time at being a slave.

8. Slave serving for the rest of their life can be trade for other goods or slaves.

9. Any slave or other person Caught givng a weapon to another slave will become a slave for 7-12 months.Any person caught giving any alcholic beverages or drugs without a perment will also serve for 7-12 months.Any plans for rebeling could resolve in a death penalty if caught in the act or they will become a slave for life.
If they are a slave for life they will be put to death on sight without a trial.

We should protect these laws by enforcing them with harsh punishments to those that diobey them.

postedby kirbati and kurgystan
16-04-2005, 11:40
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