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Eden Earth Revised History and Tech List Atten:Bob-Bob

The WIck
15-04-2005, 04:20
Orbital Platform

Description: These were some of the earliest space platforms put into geosynchronous orbit by the United States Navy. These platforms are immense and slow and so they are heavily armored.

Originally only outfitted with station keeping thrusters it was expected to only maintain orbit, and act much the same role an airfield would have on land. Over the last decade as tensions with the British Empire continually increased they were increasing heavily armed and now retro fitted with an Ion engine giving the vessel a capability of ¾ a gravity of acceleration. Though its firepower is respectable and its point defense and sensors some of the best in the fleet its real potency lies in the two fighter groups and the bomber wing the call the vessel home.
Crew: 160 officers
2900 enlisted men
600 fighter pilots
Speed: 7.35 m/sec/sec
Length: 900meters
Width: 150meters
Height: 100 meters
Weight: 474,000 tons
Weapon Systems:
• Two Dual Heavy Auto-Cannon Turrets
• Fifty Heavy Anti-Warship Torpedo Tubes (25 per Broadside)
• Twenty Four Anti-Warship Missile Launchers
• 24 Anti-Aerospace Craft Phalanx Cannons
• Class V Interceptor Grid
Vehicle/Mecha Complement
• 120 FA-45 Mutli Purpose Fighter
• 36 FA-14 Tomcat II Space Interceptors
• 12 Union Class Drop Ships
• 36 Rhino Torpedo Planes
204 Fighters and Bombers