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President Rice Announces Resignation! V.P. Wilson take over (OPEN)

Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 04:42
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President Rice locked the door when she entered her private room. She immediately put her briefcase down and picked up the telephone to contact her Vice President, Eric Wilson.

Moments after dialing his extension, he answered. "Madam President. WHat do I owe the pleasure of this late night call."

"Eric, I have some important news for you. I sure hope your sitting because you'll get weak kneed if you aren't."

"I am sitting Katherine! What is it?"

"Czar Alexei of Derscon has asked me to marry him and I agreed. However, before him and I can get married, I cannot be the President of this country. Therefore, I am going to resign and give the Presidency for the next two years, over to you."

"Kathy! I am happy about your pending marriage but don't you think it'll be wiser to wait out these last two years?"

"Eric, I have made up my mind. I thought it over long and hard on my back from Derscon and from the air base. This is what I am going to do."

"Very well Kathy. I know you searched long and hard. How are you going to announce it?"

"I am calling a joint session of Congress that will be televised world wide. My engagement isn't public knowledge yet but knowing my aide, it soon will be. Therefore, I need you to get the Senate together as I call the Speaker of the House."

"Very well Kathy. I'll do what I can. I wish you luck in your new future."

"Thanks Eric. Take care of the country. I'll do what I can to help still but unofficially, your incharge."

And with that, she hung up the phone. She took out her notes and goes to her closet and pulls out a nightgown and changes into it as she reviews her notes and making changes. An hour later, she curled up on her bed and fell asleep.


Down at the Formal Dances News Network, the late night anchors were going through the news when a news flash crossed their lines. They quickly got their breaking news story together.

This is a Formal Dances News Network Breaking News story.

We have just been informed by a source in the Presidential Mansion that President Rice is calling together a rare joint session of Congress. We do not know why the President has decided to call it at this late hour but we'll have more on this story as it unfolds.

This has been a FDNN Breaking News story
10-04-2005, 04:49
Star Office

Czar Alexei turned on his office TV to see the broadcast and smiled.

"Well, then. It's happening now."
Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 05:07
The next day, President Rice woke up for the last time as President of Formal Dances. When she did, she noticed that the blankets were all over the place. As she straightened her bedding, her aide came in.

"Madam President...."

"Melissa, not right now. I did call the joint session of Congress and the reasons are none of your business." She said tertly.

Melissa just stared at her shocked at the outburst but decide it best to keep her mouth shut. "I hope you know what you are going to say?"

"I do." she said. "And sorry that I snapped."

"Its ok madam president. The papers are awash with speculations to this upcoming Joint Session."

"I bet they are. However, I don't care what the Press has to say. Tonight will be a special night. I am making sure that this is done properly."

"Yes ma'am."

"Now, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." she said as she walks over to her closet. When Melissa did, she pulled out a gorgeous Blue sequined Formal Gown and hanged up just inside the bathroom door. After getting the proper necessities, she took her shower and dressed.

Ten minutes later, she convened her cabinet to tell them the news prior to her speech in Congress.

"This will be my last Cabinet meeting. Effective at 8:30 tonight, I will no longer be President of Formal Dances."

When she said this, there was stunned silence then her Secretary of State said, "Madam President. You have been the glue to unite this country."

"Don't worry. The government is going to collapse. You know this."

"Yes ma'am. Ma'am? Why this?"

She sighed. Now its time for the bombshell. "I have decided to resign because as I was visiting Czar Alexei, he asked for my hand in marriage and I have agreed to it. Because of this, I can no longer run this country."

"I wish you luck Madam President." Peterson said.

However, a couple of cabinet members weren't thrilled with her marrying a monarch.

"LOOK!!!!! I have already made up my mind and that is that. Vice President Wilson will take charge tonight. Dot. Period. End of Story."

After a few more minutes, the meeting carried on with important decisions made then the President headed for the Chief Justice's office at the Judiciary Building.
10-04-2005, 05:21
Alexei, still in his office, flipped over to INN, based out of Berlin. They were also talking about the joint session of Congress, and the clips from FDNN. Alexei knew why. After all, he was the reason behind it.

He smiled and continued watching television. His older brother, Prince John, was also in the office, watching. He saw the glint in Alexei's eyes and chuckled.

"Alexei, just make sure you keep it zipped until after the marriage." Alexei shot a glare at him, and John winked and laughed. Alexei shook his head and couldn't help but grin.

"John, you sick little bastard." The Prince smirked.

Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 05:31
President Rice walked over to see the Joint Chiefs. This was a closed door meeting between him and her. THough they hardly got along (what president and justice system does?) they left politics at the door.

After talking for quite awhile, Chief Justice Cunningham just nodded his head. "You want me to swear in Eric Wilson as the new President, tonight?"

"Yes I do sir. The faster its done, the faster the government can get on with business. Besides, the press is hounding my office as to an explaination. I will give them one in a brief press conference to be broadcasted. The main reason will hopefully be kept secret."

"You have my word Madam President that I won't tell a soul."

"Thanks." with that, she left his office and went back to the the executive building. When she arrived, the Press immediately pressed her for details. "I will explain everything in due time. Be patient." she said as people continued to hammer away. She entered the building and took the 2nd stair case up to her private office. When she entered she sat down behind her computer and typed out an email.

To: Alexei
From: Kathy

I told you the Press would be jumping down my neck.
So far there have been few objections from the people I
have talked with and many blessings.
It won't be long now till I will no longer be president.

Take Care my love and don't forget to watch the speech.
Hope you'll like the dress.

Your love,


When she sent the messege, she went to the Kitchen to meet her mother and sister for lunch.
10-04-2005, 05:46
SUBJ: RE: (no subject)

Of course I'll watch the speech! And don't worry
about the press, they aren't
going to kill you.

I'll enjoy seeing the dress, no doubt!

With Love,

Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 05:53
SUBJ: RE: (no subject)

Of course I'll watch the speech! And don't worry
about the press, they aren't
going to kill you.

I'll enjoy seeing the dress, no doubt!

With Love,


After lunch and talking things over with them, President Rice returned to her office. Once there, she smiled as she read her love's email.

To: Alexei
From Kathy

Thanks hun. I can't wait to be with you.
Take care of yourself and before long
you and I will be together.



She looked at the clock and sighed. It was time to do the last minute prepping.


Legislative Building

Over at the legislative builiding, the political pundits from various nations began to speculate again on the cause of this joint session.

We all know that she had a special invite to Derscon that lasted one day. We can only speculate that this has something to do with it. It could be that she is being forced to step down by Czar Alexei.....(FDNN)

Various members of Congress begin to filter in, most coming back from their home districts because Congress was in a legislative recess. They too are being hounded.

The House and Senate Majority and minority leaders managed to get by the press without losing it. They know why the President is doing what she is doing though they may not agree with it, have accepted her decision and congratulated her. Now its almost time for the showdown to come.
10-04-2005, 06:00
Alexei looked over, but didn't respond to the e-mail from Katherine. He didn't think he needed to. John looked slightly worried.

"Hey, Alex. These guys are saying you forced her to step down." Alexei shruged.

"If you think about it, that's partially true." John did think about it, and nodded.

"Not necessarily you, but Dersconi law. Either way, they seem to be having a field day, being allowed to throw out conspiracy theories against the Arch-Chancellor, and all." Alexei shruged again.

"I don't care."
Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 06:12
President Rice was shaking in high heels as she prepared to give her speech. Her mother was next to her to offer support.

"You know your doing the right thing."

"I know that mother. I'm just extremely nervous. I always get like this when I make a speech. Now that Alexei is watching.. It makes it more difficult."

"Just relax."

She walked into the bathroom to reapply her makeup and to smooth out her sequined blue satin gown. The best gown she has ever owned. She then exited and went towards the door. She took a deep breath and nodded towards the announcer.

The announcer stepped forward and the doors opened up.


When he said this, she entered the chamber to a massive round of applause. The cameras panned onto her and showed her shaking both party members and opposition hands. She had on her best smile as the lights dazzled off the sequins of her dress. She continued this all the way down the aisle towards the lectern from where she will give her speech.
10-04-2005, 06:22
Alexei looked at his television when President Rice came on. John looked over at Alexei in amazment. "Wow, she's pretty." Alexei raised an eyebrow.

"Aren't you the preacher, John? Above these worldly things?" John blinked.

"Shut up, Alex." Alexei shruged.

"One more point for me." Alexei was wondering what his future Czarina was going to say. Well, rather, how she was going to present it.
10-04-2005, 06:31
CR - Count Richard (Regent)
QM - Queen Mariah

CR (Reading Inquisition report on Formal Dances): President Rice is stepping down from her position. Alexei is involved somewhere.
QM: I know (yawns)
CR: Weren't you there when she met Alexei and Antonette?
QM: Yes, pretty little thing. Like me when I met you.
CR: You weren't innocent though.
QM: Well, you have a point there. Not that it bothers me.
CR (Looks at photo to Katherine): Does remind me of you when you were 20 except for her dress sense. More conservative.
QM: You think she's cute too, eh?
CR: I suppose so, but I've got you instead.
QM: I was born in the sign of Venus, remember?
CR: Yes, a Venus love trap
QM: I'm not that alluring (winks)
CR: I can see why Alexei fell head over heels
QM: Antonette liked her too.
CR: Good thing, I got you first then.
QM: Alexei isn't bad himself, but too intense for me (winks).
CR: Sometimes you're more like a permanent girlfriend
QM: It's more fun.
CR: So another wedding to go to then
QM: Yes, another one.
CR: We'll need a wedding gift then
QM: I'm sure we'll find a good one
CR: Better watch the TV broadcast now then
QM: (turns on TV without remote control or the TV)
CR: You are married to that sword
QM: Well, yes till death. More like a curse at times.
CR: Where is the remote control?
QM: Batteries went flat today. Too lazy to replace them.
10-04-2005, 06:52
The soon to be confirmed Secretary of State Dr Sarah Hours sat in the Cabnet Room alone watching the televised Joint Session in Formal Dances with slight intrest.

OOC: A long winded tag. ;)
10-04-2005, 13:42
The soon to be confirmed Secretary of State Dr Sarah Hours sat in the Cabnet Room alone watching the televised Joint Session in Formal Dances with slight intrest.

OOC: A long winded tag. ;)

OOC: Are you in your own nation's cabinet room?

IC: Secretary Sheridan was on a trip through the Colony on Earth when word reached him on Rice's pending resignation.

"This should be interesting." He told Viceroy Thompson. "Very interesting indeed."

"This is something I never expected from her. I always thought that she could win re-election."

"I did too. There is more going on here than meets the eye."

"I concur. We shall have to watch the address and see what she says."
Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 16:33
President Rice strode up to the lectern and shook hands with Speaker Kerry and her Vice President. She acknowledged the applause and smiled. She tried to hold back tears.

"Thank you. Thank you all." she stated as she motioned for the crowd to be seated. She looked all over the assembly, taking it all in. She opened her notes and deposited them on the ledge. She then took a deep breath and started.

"I am glad that all you could be here on such short notice. I'm sure by now you've all have been wondering as to why I have called this joint session of Congress. I know that rumors are running rampant through the press, the populace, and this Congress. The reseason that I have decided to call this Joint Session of Congress is for Personal Reasons.

"Normally, I wouldn't be bringing this up but I think you all should know. These past two years have been great. I was able to help shape this government and helped past landmark legislation to bring this country closer together. However, the position of President is getting to me. I feel that I can no longer serve as President." With that, there was dead silence in the crowd as the prepare for her next words. "Effective immediately, I am resigning as President of Formal Dances."

Groans and shouts erupted from the Congressional Floor. Several Senators were shouting that she should stay and House members were saying the samething.

"Thank you all for your support but please hear me out. I'm tired. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since I took up the cause of liberating our nation from a tyrant." She stated knowing that would strike a nerve and it did. The assembly quited down again. "I need time to myself and to be with family."

She took a sip of water before she continued. "During the war, I lost my father and my older brother. I helped to liberate this beloved country. I have done everything I can to bring our nation along. I feel however that my age is holding me back. This nation needs someone older and more mature than I am. That is why I had Eric Wilson as my Vice President. He has helped me through the tougher times. He has been my friend and confident since as far back as I can remember. Listen to him. He knows what he is talking about. He'll help lead our wonderful people through this transition period. Before I make an annoucement that precipitated this resignation, I would like to have Chief Justice Cunningham to come up and administer the Oath of Office to Vice President Wilson."

She stepped back from the lectern as Cunningham and Wilson met where she was standing.

"Vice President Wilson, please place your hand on the Bible and repeat after me:

"'I Eric Delino Wilson do solemnly swear to Defend the people of Formal Dances and to defend the Constitution of Formal Dances from all enemies both Foreign and Domestic. So help me God.'

"Congratulations Mr. President." When the oath was administered, there was another round of applauds and Eric looked over at Kathy. Kathy hugged him and he whispered in her ear to continue before he spoke. She took to the lectern again.

"Now that that ceremony is out of the way, I have announcement and this pertains to one of the rumors. As most of you know, I was invited to Derscon to talk to Czar Alexei. What you don't know is what we talked about. Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason I resigned is just as I said. For personal reasons. That reason being that Czar Alexei has asked me to marry him."

That brought a chorus of cheers and applauds as well as some emotional outbursts that won't be repeated.

"I know that alot of you don't like monarchs and will object to this. I don't care. When your heart speaks, you listen because it has ways of getting back at you if you dont. My heart has spoken and I am following the calling of my heart. It has been a joy to lead you all. I will still be available to help bring our nation along. Just because I am moving onto greener pasters doesn't take away the fact that I am a Formal Dancian. Thank you and God Bless you all."

As the cheers followed when she closed, President Wilson stopped Rice from leaving. "Before you go, I have a present to give you. Its not really an engagement present but an award for your service to all of us. Madam President, by the authority invested in me by the Constitution and approved by the FD Congress, I am hereby presenting you with the Formal Dances Medal of Freedom." He took the award from her mother who was holding and drapped it around her neck. He hugged her again and Kathy tried to hold back the tears. He turned back. "I shall give my inaugeral address tomorrow. Thank you and God Bless."

With that, both Kathy and Eric left the hall together shaking hands with the members of Congress.
10-04-2005, 17:01
John looked over at Alexei. "Well, looks like you don't have to worry about their government opposing you. And since they're a democracy, you don't have the people to oppose this, either." Alexei nodded.

"That, my friend, is a definite plus."
Greater Prussian News Network

Hello, I'm Ivan Narminov for GPNN.

Recently, the Formal Dances' President, Katherine Rice, has called for a joint session of Congress and announced her resignation as President, due to job concerns. Her vice-president will be taking over.

Along these lines, President Rice publicly announced her engagement to Czar Alexei Alexandrovich Andropov XIV, Monarch of Derscon and Arch-Chancellor of Greater Prussia.

Minister of the Interior Sir John Calivn and Minister of Culture, Sir Charles Camille Saint-Saƫns, both confirmed this announcement, and stated that the marriage has recieved the blessing of both Katherine's mother and the blessing of the Archbishop of Derscon, Prince John Rekjyavich Andropov, who also happens to be Czar Andropov XIV's older brother.

Churches around Derscon are voicing support for this marriage, regardless of the incident a year and a half ago dealing with a blockade due to the Czar signing a ban on Freemasonry.

Ulrich Zwingli, a minister in Loire Valley, and CEO of the trading firm The Christian Group, a multi-billion dollar mutual fund that is one of the largest in the Dersconi stock market, expressed his support for the marriage.

"I'm glad to see my old friend was blessed once again by God. I pray that they will have a happy and strong relationship for the rest of their natural lives, living God's Word."

A few groups expressed outrage at the marriage, but none were available for comment.

This is Ivan Narminov for GPNN Headline News. Good day.
Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 17:59
Eric and Kathy exited the House Chamber and proceeded to a private office. All around them, Kathy was being congratulated and hounded.

"Ms. Rice! Ms Rice! Tina Ericson of FDNN. How does it feel to leave all of this behind to pursue a regular life?"

"I don't know how regulare life can get but leaving this behind was a very tough decision." she stated nonchantly knowing it wasn't that tough to decide.

"Ms. Rice. Why don't you tell your audience why you are betraying all that you have fought for." Stated Rick Rather of FDBC.

"I'm not betraying nothing Mr. Rather." She said. "I am following my heart. Now if you excuse me."

She got away from the press and into a private office. "I hate the press." she muttered.

"I know. I do too but they are a necessary evil in our line of work. Its how we get our ideas across."

"I know." she sighs and sits down in a chair. "Take good care of the nation Eric."

"I will Kathy. Listen, I know your back to Tiara Island. I was planning a trip there and I think it'll be appropriate to give my inaugeral address there. You can accompany me on one last journy aboard Dancer 1."

"I would like that, thanks Eric." she said. "Speaking of which, I better go and see if the rest of my things are packed."

"Don't worry. Its been taken care of. Your stuff will arrive ahead of you."

She smiled at him. "May God be with you Eric." she said.

"And with you." he replied. "Comeon, I walk you to the limo that is taking you to the hotel."

He escorted her to the car as the cameras continue to blaze around her and the press still hounding her with questions. She entered the car without a word and it sped off to the hotel. A few minutes later, she arrived and was escorted up to her suite. When she entered it, she fell down on the bed and smiled.
10-04-2005, 18:06
John stood up after the broadcast. "Good luck," he said, and left. Alexei then picked up his phone and dialed Katherine.

Alexei: Nice speech you had there, Kathy. How's the hotel?
Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 18:36
When the camera's showed Dancer One taking off, John stood up.

"Good luck," he said, and left. Alexei then picked up his phone and dialed Katherine.

Alexei: Nice speech you had there, Kathy. How's the hotel?

"Thanks Alexei. The hotel is abit lonely."
10-04-2005, 18:46
"Thanks Alexei. The hotel is abit lonely."

"Well, who says you need a hotel?" Katherine could almost hear Alexei's smile. "I hope you get done soon. I'd like to see you again soon."
Formal Dances
10-04-2005, 18:49
"Well, who says you need a hotel?" Katherine could almost hear Alexei's smile. "I hope you get done soon. I'd like to see you again soon."

"I am actually done. There isn't really anything left for me to do here. I want to see you again too my love."
10-04-2005, 18:53
"Well, I shall await your arrival with anticipation. God Bless." With that he hangs up the phone and waits patiently.
11-04-2005, 00:09
OOC: Are you in your own nation's cabinet room?

OOC: Yes