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The Commonwealth of Tribus Sarmatae requests and requires diplomatic recognition

Tribus Sarmatae
03-04-2005, 22:03
The sons and daughters of the the area henceforth known as Tribus Sarmatae proclaim their joyous unification in the form of a Commonwealth of many previously warring factions. This has been possible only under the rule of our glorious leader, who through his concern for the poor and downtrodden of our society, combined with an iron will and a fierce love for our motherland has created a new nation whose power can only be in the ascendant. In the spirit of international co-operation the glorious people of Tribus Sarmatae therefore look to the other nations of the world to show respect and recognition through an exchange of ambassadors. The oppressive, lily-livered United Nations has seen fit to publically criticise us as a "psychotic dictatorship", ignoring the fact that it is only through our great leaders love and guidance that we have risen to now stand on the threshold of great international power, and therefore we ask for the nations of this world to recognise the blood, sweat, toil and tears that went into the building of our nation by formally granting us diplomatic recognition. On a seperate note, we are approaching the international market to obtain blueprints for a cheap, mass-producable infantry weapon, in order that our peacekeepers may perform their duties more efficiently, and better safeguard our interests both at home and abroad. We also wish to purchase information extraction and effective intimidation training for our Civil Guard, who never tire from their struggle with the enemy within.
Hell Bovines
03-04-2005, 22:43
To the honorable rulers of Tribu Sarmatae,

We, the Ecotopian Grand Duchy of Hell Bovines, would love to extend a diplomatic recognition and engage in friendly diplomatic relationships with your great nation.
In addition, we invite you to become signatories to the International Fair Trade Agreement ( (IFTA), one of the largest and most worker-rights-friendly trade blocks in the world, and also invite you to join our regional alliance, the Non-Human Union (, created with the pourpose of defending the rights of all sentient creatures in the world.
We hope you the best for your nations future, and hope a long-standing friendship can be created between our countries. Yours faithfully,

Saturnino Vacuno, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hell Bovines