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Massive Telescreen Order Placed in Ghorunda

02-04-2005, 19:16
The 2nd Legslative Congress of Ghorunda, aka LEGCON, came to a unanimous decision today to approve government spending on the purchase of telescreens throughout the country, and a bill reflecting the regulations concerning the telescreen system was also passed and signed into law by Premier Velaris. The appropiated budget and the bill were both put into Congress by the Premier himself, as per the Great Charter which established Ghorunda only a few days ago. At a press conference afterwards, the Premier said that "Many of you are wondering why we have done such a thing. I can assure you that it is strictly for the good of the Republic. This telescreen system will allow GHORPOL to monitor all areas of the country, thus reducing greatly the amount of crime in our great land." Reports of the pre-Republic dissedents against the telescreen legislature cannot be validated at this time, as their sources are mysteriously unavailable for comment.