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Powers of the Monarch

02-04-2005, 04:51
The Senate of Kervoskia is voting in whether to put this Article in the law books. If this is done, it will turn Kervoskia into Constitutional Monarchy. The Imperialist Party will vote staunchly against it, while the New Nobility Party will be for it.

Powers of the Monarch
Article I, Powers of the Monarch
The monarch shall have the power to veto any bill that comes through the Senate or the Courts.
The monarch may discharge or promote officers in the military.
The monarch may disband the military, but only if approved by the Senate, by a 3/4 majority.
The monarch may not leave the UN without the consent of the Senate.
The monarch may change regions only if the security of the nation or the economy calls for it.
The monarch may not jail citizens without cause.
The monarch may not imbezzle funds.
The monarch cannot execute citizens without the consent of the Courts.
The monarch may not declare war without the consent of the senate.