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Kinduran Migration, Pt 2 (FT)

02-04-2005, 01:28
OOC: This is not related to my gladiatorial thread. For background, please read Kinduran Migration (

Scene: A dim, red, broiling sun lights a vast array of dust. The camera shows the infant solar system from several distant angles.

Perhaps five light-hours directly above the solar plane, a tiny region of space distorts and turns itself inside-out, revealing an oddly aerodynamic craft of about 30 meters. It hovers in space for several minutes, motivated only by the slow gravitational tug from the distant sun. Then, without any apparent thrust, the cross-winged craft orients itself towards a point just off-center on the disc. The engines begin to glow as the ship accelerates.

…months pass…

Scene: Countless small planetoids sway in the gravitational and magnetic tides. The cloud of gas and dust has reduced the stellar fire to a vast, dim, oppressive glow. Tiny objects pass among the asteroids. The camera shifts to a closeup. They are aerodynamic craft of various shapes and sizes, but they all betray the same essence in design.

Scene: A man sucks a nutrient solution from a clear tube. He is strapped to a chair within a bright, blue-tinted interior. An attractive woman sits behind him, staring at a series of instruments. They are wearing loose, casual clothing.

Man: “Ah, yo, this is Egg-man. My lovely co-pilot informs me there’s a niice pile of Iridium in sector 2-G-B. If I could get one of the deep survey units to check that out, I’d be much obliged.”

A clipped, electronic voice comes over the communicator: “Roger that. Fornicator headed to 2-G-B, eta seven minutes.”

He turns back to the woman and they share a brief moment of knowledge. Their shift would end in less than an hour, but for now they must work. He returns to watching the viewscreen. It is bright and slightly blue-tinted.

…months pass…

Scene: More ships survey the cloud. The camera changes to show many groups at various distances from the star. Hundreds ply the vast proto-planetary disc.

Five light-hours above, a wide region of space distorts and turns itself inside-out. Fifty massive, utilitarian ships emerge from hyperspace. They hang for several minutes, then they turn, without any apparent thrust, and engage their massive engines towards a point just off-center on the disc.