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Fiquil Alano dies at 82.

02-04-2005, 01:03
The infamous Fiquil Alano, who controlled Mirfak for just under two years spanning 2881-2883, died in his compound Thursday. He was brought out by his attendants and guards, who surrendered to the police guard on duty at the entrance. Alano, who began an ethnic cleansing program across Mirfak and was removed from power by invading forces, has spent the last twenty-seven years holed up in his compound under the nation's capital. Alphin Vinessa Burkavik has issued a statement that calls for judicial leniency on the former dictator's entourage and a memorial for the man himself. "Alano was a man misguided by twisted ideals, and torn from power by invaders bearing light to Mirfak's people," she said in the statement. "Though his actions were atrocious, their end result brought democracy and socialism to Mirfak. He shall be remembered as a warning of the suffering, destruction, and death of autocratic rule." Alano was the nation's third Alphin and last autocratic leader since the War of Reunion.