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Azura Saga: What Legends Are Made Of (Semi-Open Fantasy RP)

The Druidic Clans
01-04-2005, 17:10
((OOC: This'll be an RP that goes through a fantasy world I made up called Azura. To give you an idea of what kind of place it is, its a lot like the Final Fantasy X, XI, XII game worlds. The basic requirements of no ‘total power characters blasting away an army in a ball of flame,’ the usual RP goodness stuff, just keep it cool.))

Azura, a large and diverse world with many races from the humans to the cat-like Aurians to the lizard men of the Caracyan Isles; a land of myths and legends. The many religions ranging from the nature cults of the River Goddess Alhana to the wide spread polytheistic Church of Andronomae. A world of massive empires, powerful kingdoms, warring tribes and bands of savage nomads, Azura is certainly no easy going place.

It was supposed to be in a time of peace according to the prophecies, but that time seems to be coming to a quick end. Evil is stirring in many parts of the land; the savage nomadic barbarians grow in numbers, the servants of the underworld spread through the darkness like a plague. War erupted between many a kingdom and empire, entire towns are said to vanish into thin air. Strange creatures raid from the mountains while the storms worsen at sea. The merchant rarely travels alone in these darkening days. People rarely venture from their towns and cities, fearful of what might await them.

There was a time when people were inspired to do great things from tales of legendary heroes. When people would gather around the fire as the old story teller would tell of the legendary Magnar, who saved an entire Kingdom from descending into the darkest depths of the Serpentine Empire, or perhaps Daria the Druidess who overcame the hordes of nomads trying to destroy the villages of the Chai Mountains. Sadly, those heroes are long dead, and long lost among the many myths of Azura. The people of Azura now live without these inspiring tales of heroes and great victories, the triumphs of good over evil, of the Gods blessing the common man to do great things…

With the spread of darkness in the corners of the world, the rise of dark kingdoms such as the desert Baronian Kingdom, and the revival of the evil Serpentine Empire, it is time for the call to be answered, the call for good to triumph over evil, the call for heroes. It is time for the people to once again see What Legends Are Made Of…
The Druidic Clans
01-04-2005, 17:10
Aidyn walked down the deserted and beaten dirt road in a casual stroll, his sword hanging from his hip. He whistled a traveler’s tune as he stepped carefully around a mud puddle that seemed to be full of muck and slime. He made his way up a gently sloping hill, his eyes watching around him always, as one couldn’t be too careful in these days.

Aidyn was still young man at the time, only twenty years old. He was a proud member of the O Kinlaigh clan, of the Tara Kingdom in the South River Mountains. Aidyn, unlike most of his farming clansmen, had a restless spirit that wouldn’t let him stay on a farmstead, toiling away at the rocky soil of the mountains. He followed the wide spread, but not too popular, polytheistic Church of Tara, to an extent. As long as he could remember, he was fascinated by the tales of heroes such Magnar the Warrior, Daria the Druidess, and Chronios the Sorcerer. He had always wanted to travel and see the places his heroes had, and fight the fights they had. His ambitions were frowned upon by many of his Clan, so he decided to pack up and find his own path, promising all those in his village that they would hear of him someday, they would hear great things. Aidyn carried a single weapon with him, a sword. Not just any sword, but one crafted by his grandfather. If there was one thing his clan could do other than farming, it was crafting weapons. A rumor had spread that his grandfather had the sword blessed by the river and fire spirits, but Aidyn had yet to see anything special. Actually, he was one of the few in his Clan who couldn’t do much anything special other than fight with a sword. He had often seen men perform tricks of fire or wind, but Aidyn was still ‘just a swordsman.’ “Don’t worry lad,” his father had said to Aidyn the day he left home. “When the time is right, the O Kinlaigh in you will show, it always does lad, it always does…”

Aidyn reached the top of the hill and stopped in awe of the sight before. He was on a high, grassy hill. Below him in the distance, he could see a city of the likes he had never seen. A massive port city that seemed to extend for miles and miles around. With massive walls and tall buildings that looked as if they were reaching for the sky itself. A massive palace could be seen built along the coast, just reflecting the image of magnificence fit for an Emperor. Aidyn knew he had reached his destination, the city of Dromonia, capital city of the Chai Empire, and largest port city in the world.

“If anything great in life is to begin, then it is sure to begin there,” Aidyn said, thinking aloud. He stepped beside a large, moss covered boulder low to the ground and sat down to take a quick rest. He reached into a satchel attached to a strap tied around his waist and pulled out a biscuit. It was a durable food made in Tara specifically for traveling, could be soaked in water or dried thin in the sun and still be edible. The only problem was, the biscuits were hard as rock.

Aidyn carefully bit off a piece and let it sit in his mouth so that his saliva could soften the bit of edible rock before he dared to chew.

“Almost there…”

((OOC: Aidyn ( ))
The Druidic Clans
01-04-2005, 20:56
The swordsman stood from the moss-covered boulder and took a final glance behind him, down the path, away from Dromonia. He took a breath, then turned and headed down the hill, continuing on his way to the city. He began whistling the old traveler’s melody as he walked, stepping carefully as he made his way down the steep hill. Before long, Aidyn had reached the bottom of the hill, and stopped to gaze once more at the massive city.

Gods, the stories didn’t do this place justice…Those walls, those buildings, they’re huge… He continued towards the city, his pace a step quicker as he neared the open city gates. He crossed a stone bridge over a small stream that emptied into the nearby sea. Aidyn approached the gates and was a bit surprised to find that the guards didn’t stop to check him.

Interesting, I would have thought that there would be more security than this for such a magnificent city… The swordsman paused as the interior of the city came into view. The streets within the city were, unlike the deserted roads leading to the city, were covered with people of many races strolling from shop to shop, home to home, or just wandering aimlessly. From where Aidyn stood alone he could see more people than there were in his entire clan. He smiled to himself for making it this far.

First step is completed, having reached Dromonia… He strolled casually down the street, openly fascinated by all the strange people, shops, and the city itself; everything new to the young swordsman who grew up in a farming village of the South River Mountains.

Aidyn stopped as he rounded a street corner and saw for the first time, the ocean. He could see the many ships docked in the port, ranging from massive ships of trade and war, to small the small fishing boats along the smaller docks. He looked overhead to see the strange airships that he had once believed were a simple fable told around the fire.

The storytellers were right about everything, this place, its just like they said it was and more! The swordsman jumped onto a marble bench and wrapped his arm around a light post, trying to over the heads of the crowds to see more of the city. Some passerby gave him odd looks, some muttering comments that sounded like “Damned, strange foreigners…”

As Aidyn stared around him, taking in the sight, he couldn’t help but wonder. Where do I go from here?
The Druidic Clans
02-04-2005, 07:51
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