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Allanea opens it's doors to immigration [ATTN ESUS]

31-03-2005, 11:35
Official Announcement of the Allanean Government

This document serves to remind our ESUS allies that the United States of Allanea is open, as it always was, to immigration from Allied countries. Any person, regardless of race, aged 16 and older, from any ESUS nation, who passes the Psychological Compatibility Test (a long, 150-page, psychological quiz to find if one is compatible with Allanea’s attitudes. Anywhere from 1 in 1000 and 1 in 2 people can pass this test, depending on the culture of the original country. The test is uniform and is not tampered with to regulate immigration).

Mainly, we would like to see volunteers capable of living not just in air but underwater, as a large amount of job offers exists in Allanea for those who would help settle the bottom of the North Allanean Sea, the space between Allanea’s Northern shore and Atlantic Island. Humans and other non-water-breathing beings are also welcome, though, to settle wherever they wish, though we would like it if they settled in floating or underwater domiciles in the NAS.

Please apply for settlement at the United States Embassy in your nation! Call now! Allanea, for the opportunity of a lifetime! Allanea, for a lifetime of opportunity!
Arizona Nova
31-03-2005, 21:00
Arizona Nova condones this august action of Allanea, but we must ask, as far as ages are concerned: does this account for different rates of metabolism in certain creatures? Secondly, is the test a written one or not, as having a written test would be impossible for the Tzoy who reside within Imperial borders - being sentient, aquatic beings, but bereft of legs and arms, they cannot write, though they do have high telekinetic ability.

~Diplomat General Anariel