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29-03-2005, 23:18
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
March 29th, 2015

Strong Economy Grows, Politicians Seek to Shrink Taxes

The Ministry of Economics today issued it's Spring Portfolio to the Republican Council. The results show a steady 5.7% growth rate , a budget surplus of ten trillion drachma and no foreign trade deficit.The Minister of Economics briefly addressed the press today after sessions.

"As we all know, after the trade deficit ballooned with our membership in the KIST economic treaty, it was a task I set my Ministry on, to reign in the trade deficit. It now stands at roughly even. Ilek-Vaad has little to nil foreign debt and a ten trillion drachma budgetary surplus, which is not being used towards anything.

I have suggested as much as a forty percent reduction in taxes to redistribute and move this money back into the economy. This will increase domestice investment and strengthen the economy further."

The Minister further stated that the creation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade was instrumental in lowering the trade deficit and regulating foreign companies and goods.

"It's taken a burden off of my Ministry, I can now focus on policy, while Minister of Foreign Trade Arden can regulate and monitor the activities of foreign companies. It is vital that the Free Republic keep control of it's markets and capital."

Edolian Fleets Return to Port

Reporters in Yasmarea and near the Yasmarean conflict have reported that Edolian fleets headed to confront the Naval Guard's Yasmarean Protection Zone have begun returning to USR ports. Retaliatory Guard Command would not verify this , but did verify that the Edolian Chancellor was in Tollan for talks with Retaliatory Guard Command to settle the Yasmarean question.

LNS Reporter Clive Van Owen reported from a fishing vessel near Yasmarea.

"All day ships of the Yasmarean Fleet that had been deployed to bottle up the Naval Guard have been streaming back to port, unhindered by Naval Guard vessels. Since the repulsion of the NHSR attack, no shots have been fired in the waters off of Yasmarea, it is still tense here with the NHSR Declaration of War and the news that Tiburon, would be sending forces to allegedly 'protect' Concentrica. Havenic States seem to be lining up to to inflame a situation that appears to be close to a peaceful end.

Clive Van Owen, in Yasmarea for LNS World Service."

Ambassador Appointed to Tanah Burung

The Vaadian Embassy has stood without an Ambassador during the Knootian invasion and occupation. The Free Republic's Government has roundly condemned the actions of both sides and even went as far to withdraw both the Ambassador to the DDR and the Ambassador to the United Provinces.

Last month an Ambassador was returned to the DDR and now the Republican Council has selected the Right Honourable Livingston Bramble as Ambassador to the United Provinces of Tanah Burung.

Sir Alec Connover said that he hoped relations with Tanah Burung would improve in the future.
30-03-2005, 16:41
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
March 30th, 2015

Diplomacy Rules the Republic

After renewing ties with the Democratic Dutch Republic of Knootoss and the United Provinces of Tanah Burung, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced the exchange of Embassies with The United Socialist States of Schultaria Prime and the The Half-Orc Nation of Muktar. The City of Great Lassic now has more foreign embassies then at any time previously in the history of the Free Republic.

Couple that with the high-level meetings taking place between the Edolian Chancellor Rosaura von Grönbouler and Supreme Republican Commander Adan Ring and the Free Republic is very busy on the diplomatic front. Most of this can be attributed to the energetic Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Sir Alec Connover, current Minister of Foreign Affairs has a life-time of diplomatic experience and has applied it to an aggressive policy of expanding the Free Republic's small circle of friends.

Foreign policy expert Maan Nordberg put things into perspective on his syndicated talk show 'POLITICS!'

"The Foreign Policy of the Free Republic has undergone a wholesale transmutation. Sir Alec, and the Republican Council are walking softly and swinging a big stick. The sucessess of the Republican Council in making new diplomatic friends while using displays of military deployment to bring enemies to the bargaining table has been nothing short of amazing.

This government has shown that it can do quiet, peaceful diplomacy as well if not better than any other nation but also has shown that force is always an option. In quick order Menelmacar and Edolia have been forced to negotiate while at the same time Sir Alec has widened the Free Republic's sphere of friends and supporters."

It comes as no suprise to most that Sir Alec has proven to be a real catalyst for change in the Free Republic, he did learn at the knee of Minister of Foreign Affairs Aran Adhemar and many see hallmarks of Minister Adhemar in the actions of Sir Alec.

Republican Council Approves Money for Tanah Burung Reconstruction

This afternoon the Republican Council voted to release foreign aid funds to the tune of eight hundred billion drachma to be spent on reconstruction projects in the United Provinces of Tanah Burung. The Minister of Foreign Affairs explained.

"We want to make sure that the People of Tanah Burung can fully recover from the trauma inflicted on them by their own misguided leaders and the invasion and occupation by the Democratic Dutch Republic. The People have suffered unfairly and should be the main target of aid and reconstruction."

This further signalled a shift in Vaadian policy from one of indifference to Tanah Burung to a more friendly and open stance. It was noted that Sir Alec only spoke of aiding the People and made no mention of the rebuilding of the government. It is well known that the Collective Presidency was viewed as unwiedly and unresponsive by past Republican Councils , and was viewed as having an equal share in the blame for the Knootian Invasion.
05-04-2005, 00:53
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 3rd, 2015

Republican Council Debates Constitution

The Republican Council started a late sessions debate on the possibility of becoming a signatory of the Federated Klatchian Coast Constitution (debate here) ( and formalizing relations with the Free Republic's neighbors.

LNS Polls have been done to gauge public opinion:
Viewerws were asked:
Should the Free Republic join the Federation?

don't know:6%

It appears as though the Vaadian public may need serious convincing before voting anything the Republican Council decides on into law.
06-04-2005, 15:16
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 6th, 2015

The Free Republic's Population Reaches Five Billion

The Free Republic celebrated the birth of it's five billionth citizen early this morning. The Minister of the Interior met with the lucky parents and hospital staff at Pythagoras General Hospital in Corcyra.

The sheer size of the Free Republic is astounding , especially considering the strict enviromental laws . Housing still remains the number one concern for most families, the Minister of Urban Development has been pushing for greater funding for moderate income housing for new families, and reviewing 'Residency Zones' in the more rural areas where development has been halted for nearly sixty years. With the dwindling size of farms and rural communities it would seem to stand that these areas would be prime for development.

The other side of the issue would be increased de-centralization. Currently ninety eight percent of all Vaadians live in it's cities, central to the Free Republics services and resources. Great Lassic alone has a population of one hundre and fifteen million, with Costa Tula growing to one hundred million. It remains to be seen if infrastructure spending will be diverted to develop urban centers in new areas for the burgeoning population of the Free Republic.
12-04-2005, 15:47
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 10th, 2015

Republican Council Appoints New Ambassador to the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak

The Republican Council today too the Minister of Foreign Affairs advice today and named Sir Isaac Tancred as Ambassador to the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak. Sir Isaac is the most experiened and seasoned staff member at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is posted to nations that the Republican Council see as especially close. Sir Isaac was formally Ambassador to Knootoss, Phyrric and Zorba.

Sir Isaac is expected to leave for the Glorious Kingdom this evening and be at his post by tomorrow evening. Commenters were a bit wary of this move. Chuck McLaughlin , LNS commentator and pundit had this to say:

" I think it's a matter of concern that the Free Republic is moving closer to establish closer ties with a monarchy, it may be that the Republican Council sees this as a way to offer carrots for democracy, or perhaps just a way to line the pockets of the Free Republics corporations with increased weapon sales."

The outcome of the possible closer ties remains to be seen. The Republican Council will hear a specail intelligence briefing on Friday about the various states of the FKC and their current governments and stances on international policies.
19-04-2005, 15:59
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 19th, 2015

Retaliatory Guard set to Expand

The Ministry of Defence today announced an ambitious plan to expand and re-organize the Retaliatory Guard. This new plan calls for eight more Retaliatory Guard armies, a re-instatement of the Quarter Masters Corps. and the addition of new equipment. Minister of Defence William 'One-Hundredman' Issem explained at a press conference at the Ministry.

"The Retaliatory Guard needs to expand it's capabilities in order to defend a nation of five billion that spans several regions. It is also imperative that the Velite Guard be relieved of their duties to provide logistical support to the Retaliatory Guard to give them the freedom to focus on the important issue of national defence.

This is why the Quarter Masters Corps. will be recommissioned and expanded on different levels.

The Fist of The Vaad Army will also resume it's role as 'Air Cavalry' with the introduction of the new Avery Frost Aeronautics 'Artemis' Attack Craft. This new jet will be unveiled in the coming weeks and will have tank-killer and ship-killer variants to also facilitate it's use by the Naval Guard.

The Retalaitory Guard will become better prepared than ever before in these coming months."

The Republican Council approved a five trillion Drachma boost in the MOD's budget for one time expenditures to equip these new armies and to purchase 'Artemis' Tactical Attack Craft. This step is the first move in the apparently burgeoning political career of Minister Issem. Pundits see this move as a reflection of his growing confidence and growing power within the P.R.P.

Tech geeks are anxiously awaiting the unveiling of Avery Frost's 'Artemis' which is being billed as the 'Ultimate anti-material weapon in the world' by Avery Frost marketing.

More on the Retliatory Guard (
21-04-2005, 15:22
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 21st, 2015

Republican Council Sends Observer to Parliament

The Republican Council had appointed The Nachxa to act as Observer to the Parliament of the Federated Klatchian Coast. It is expected that The Nachxa will report on developments in the Parliament and advise the Council on the ongoing debate on whether the Free Republic should join the Federation. In related news the Minister of Foreign Affairs also met met with the Minister of Inter Klatch Affairs and the First Republican had met with Miss Amanda Blackwell, Key to Torrhall in the Alconian Parliament, no official details were released from either meeting.

Vrak Gets Greenlight on Military Purchases

The Glorious Kingdom of Vrak has become the third state to be granted licenses to purchase regular military equipment from the Free Republic. They have also been granted the right to retain Vaadian military contractors for development projects.

The Glorious Kingdom recently purchased a large amount of Cruisers and Destroyers from Costa-Tula Shipyards LTD, and it has been rumoured that the Glorious Kingdom is interested in the Jaguar Arsenal-Cruiser for a role in it's re-organized navy. Avery Frost Aeronautics has also expressed an interest in developing aircraft for the Glorious Kingdom. With the Council's approval, these things are now possible.

Positive gains for both Costa-Tula Shipyards, Avery Frost Aeronautics and Narvik Advanced Ordinance helped push the IVEX to 1524.81 today on fairly active trading.
21-04-2005, 22:23
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 21st, 2015

Ministerial Toucan Dies at Age 5

Mr. Loops , toucan fixture of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for nearly five years, was declared dead. No body was found, but a large, contented looking cat was found asleep on Mr. Loops' perch this morning. Minister of Foreign Affairs Sir Alec Connover spoke briefly to the press.

"Mr. Loops was a decent toucan with a critical eye and quick to offer constructive views to anyone within earshot. We will all miss him."

The cat has been held over for questioning by the Velite Guard. It is not known if the cat was affiliated with the Order of the Invisible Hand.
29-04-2005, 17:36
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 23rd, 2015

The Nachxa Greeted by Lawsuits

The Republican Council last week appointed The Nachxa as Special Envoy to the Federated Klatchian Coast Parliament. Reports indicate that The Nachxa purchased a run-down mansion in a poor part of Port Olympus to renovate and improve , but that his neighbors have reacted by filing no less than eight frivolous lawsuits and that the Port Olympus Tax Office has attempted to illegally tax the structure. Pat The Llama, reports from Port Olympus.

Dreary, and run-down describes the 'Shades' section of Port Olympus. The Nachxa, who has always advocated urban renewel, has purchased this mansion behind me (he motions to a large building with some fire damage, with workers sitting idle) with the hopes of restoring it to it's former glory and re-investing in this community, that has been neglected by Port Olympus authorities and become a lawless morass of iniquities and ill-repute.

The Nachxa's philanthropic efforts have been stalled by the by big interests in Port Olympus. We see that a lawsuit has been filed by The Nachxa's nearest neighbor, Utical, who has demanded that the property be sold to them, for a miniscule 65,000 kr, to build (he pauses and laughs) a car park. Through intrepid investigation I have also learned that Utical is behind the tax morass as well. To avoid paying property taxes Utical bribed officials to switch assessements on their fouteen story office building with that of this abandoned mansion, gving them literally millions upon millions of kronors worth of illegal tax breaks a year, and they now want to stop the sale to save their illegal subsidies.

The Catholic Synod has filed suit against The Nachxa as well as the structures former owners and various other entities who hope to gain by attacking The Nachxa. This entire episode is a sad commentary on the deep corruption running through Port Olympus. Why, to simply file this report I was forced to pay 60 kronors 'protection money' to Porty Olympus Security Corp, a veritable legal mafia that shakes down visitors and residents alike.

This has been Pat The Llama, LNS, Special Reports, Port Olympus, The Klatch.

The Republican Council has had no comment, but leader of the opposition V.L.P. , Miss Aliyah Yusuf had this to say.

"This is a shameful episode. The Republican Council should act immediately to declare The Nachxa's new home as an embassy, and Vaadian soil and then call in the Retaliatory Guard to secure it. This episode shows how foreign interests in the Klatch are allowed to supercede the Republican Council's duty to protect Vaadian citizens."

Pundits agree that if the matters in Port Olympus are not smoothed over soon, Miss Yusuf's opinions may begin to take hold in the majority.
04-05-2005, 17:07
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 25th, 2015

Landgravine of Hubris Seriously Injured in Blast at Nachxa's Home

It was reported earlier today that the Landgravine of Hubris , Outer Consul of the Klatch, was seriously injured in a reported explosion at the new residence of The Nachxa. It was also reported that there were two and possibly more deaths and that The Nachxa's assistant , Jonathon Tocatl, was also badly injured in the blast. Velite General Yash Ihsan, briefly spoke with reporters.

"As of yet there is no concrete indication of what caused the blast. The Nachxa was not hurt and was not present and is in a safe secure location. I am in the process of dispatching a team of the Supreme Judiciaries Lictors to help aid in the investigation. I would urge everyone to not to jump to conclusions until we have more information. Thank you."

Reporters were quick to jump to conclusions. Pat the Llama, LNS Reporter in Port Olympus, reported from an undisclosed location that the company Utical, which he has been investigating has a long history of assissinating business rivals. Utical has of course launched lawsuits challenging The Nachxa's purchase of his new home. It has been speculated that Utical is responsible for the blast. Unconfirmed reorts indicate that the blast was followed by automatic weapons fire, further supporting the cobnclusion that this was an attack of some kind, aimed at The Nachxa.

There are also no reports as to why the Landgravine was at The Nachxa's residence.

Stay tuned to the LNS for more details as they become available.
06-05-2005, 16:08
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 26th, 2015

Vrak Sends in the Tanks

Port Olympus- The Klatch

It has been reported today that columns of armour belonging to the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak have mobilized and are moving to seal the city of Port Olympus after the explosion that apparently injured the Landgravine of Hubris. Information coming out of Port Olympus is sporadic at best, with the city being turned into a 'no-go' zone. LNS Reporter Pat the Llama mangaed to slip out of Port Olympus following the explosion and is reporting from an unknown location.

Port Olympus, where money talks and if you don't listen, big business will KILL you. The epicenter of this unfolding drama has been Utical and their attempts to force The Nachxa from his new home. In Vrak it is comon knowledge that corporate power works fist in glove with military night, and Utical has excelled at liquidating threats to it's assets with a veritable ballet of violence.

Sources indicate that it was expected that The Nachxa would be at the house and that a car bomb, or suicide bomber was inplace to end his life, and clear Utical's obstacle to building it's new car park. By a quirk of Tolteca custom, the head of the house never enters an uncompleted dwelling and instead Jonathon Tocatl, The Nachxa's assistant was most likely present at the time.

I have no reports on Mr. Tocatl's condition or exactly what form the attack came. I can only tell you that this was no accident as reported by Inner Consul Lunchtime O'Booze's office, but a well planned co-ordinated attack. Who is behind it? The jury is still out, but Utical jumps to the front of the class.

Your truly is also a target of Utical for my concise, indepth reporting of the underbelly of business in Port Olympus and I only managed to barely escape the Glorious Kingdom, shortly after the explosion. I am currently with my crew in an undiclosed location and will continue to file reports to the LNS, so long as I am alive, and with Utical's previous hit record, each report may very well be my last.

Tell Marsha I love her, this has been Pat the Llama reporting from parts unknown , the Klatch

Speculation on the events unfolding in Port Olympus is rampant. Earlier today the Republican Council session was thrown into chaos as oppostion Ministers formed a bloc to debate condemning the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak and making Utical personae non gratis within the Free Republic. Public sentiment has quickly shifted from support for the Glorious Kingdom, to call sto send in the Retaliatory Guard.

Whatever the outcome , relations in the Klatch will be strained for some time to come.
12-05-2005, 01:15
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 29th, 2015

Republican Council Debates Condeming Utical

The Republican Council has practically ground to a halt with the Ministers debateing the ramifications of the possible assissination attempt on The Nachxa in Port Olympus. The V.L.P. and R.O.P. minority seats have joined forces to force a debate on the possibilty of condemning Utical, the pime suspect in the attack, The Glorious Kingdom of Vrak and possibly the FKC Parliament and security forces that nominally control Port Olympus. Minister of Foreign Affairs had this to say.

" I think that this debate is totally political in it's motivations. There has not been a chance for authorities in Port Olympus to even investigate, or report on this incident. It is not clear what exactly happened or who is responsible. How can we condemn anyone before we even have the facts? It's ridiculous and after the day of mandatory debate the minority bloc has, we'll move on with the real business of the People."

The opposition Minister of the Judiciary had this to say.

" The Nachxa was sent, in good faith, as the Envoy of the Republican Council and representative of the People to Port Olympus to observe Klatchain government in action. So far he has only observed corrupt government officials, corrupt law enforcement, coporations with a free hand to flex military muscle and chaos, promoted by authorities in Port Olympus. The Klatch needs to know that their lawless, criminal,chaotic state of affairs is not tolerated by the Free Republic and we will not assiciate with such states.

The Honourable Key of Torrhaven from the United Duchies was greeted with honours, and extended the courtesy of a visiting representative of a foreign state, meanwhile The Nachxa is sued, attacked and harrassed by unscrupulous officials and citizens of Port Olympus. The welcome our Envoy received, was lacking to say the least."

The debate in the Council is expected to end this evening.

Democracy in Edolia?

Citizens of Edolia will apparently have a real chance to vote to determine their own future for a change. It was announced that Marshal Von Tusk, Military junta leader, has supported a general referendum for a new democratic constitution. The First Republican was asked his opinion of Edolian Democracy.

"I will wait and see. The Edolian's talk a good game, but they rarely act upon their words. I would seriously doubt that any government in Edolia would be welcomed by the Free Republic. The People have no love for the duplicitous Edolians. Their recent seizing of the Scarlet Isles and their abandonment of the Free Republic in the Menelmacari crisis, in direct contradiction to their word, weighs them down. I would not trust the Edolians. Doing so has been poorly repaid in the past. I would leave any diplomacy or relations to Sir Alec and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

Polls show that People in the Free Republic are almost universal in their condemnation of Marshal Von Tusk and his Junta and feel that any referendum under the military dictatorship would be farcical at best.

Sir Lloyd Hamilton of ,the Coventry Institute of Democracy, has called for international inspectors to monitor the referendum to insure that the military junta does not illegally interfere with the polling.
12-05-2005, 21:50
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 29th, 2015

Imperium Imperialism

Earlier today a press release from the Imperium News Network, it was announced that the Imperium of Scandavian States was seizing islands to it's NorthEast in the Haven Straits. The news was met with mixed response. The Minister of Foreign Affairs had this to say.

"So what of it? Edolia and Menelmacar set precedent by seizing lands in Haven and in the Haven Straits with no discussion in the region, why should it seem so odd that the Imperium would do the same? They are admitted imperialists and are continually on the lookout for new territories to enslave."

The First Republican was quoted as saying " We have no interests in North Haven or in the North Haven Straits. It is a matter of supreme indifference to the Free Republic."

Most eyes were on what Lord Indigo would think of Imperium forces being raised and stationed so near the Austar Union's Havenic Territories. Political commentator Bud Sypeck had this to say about Lord Indigo's reaction " I think he'll just sh*t!"

The Imperium has once again followed the path of all the other imperialist nations in Haven by seizing land and increasing political tension in the region.
Luin Anarore
16-05-2005, 03:16
OOC: I-V, is it ok with you if I post an IC response to that last news report? I need to clarify a few things.

(This is obviously Etaros. Read a few of my threads to find out why I'm using this to post independently.)
18-05-2005, 03:07
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
April 30th, 2015

Have Gun, Will Travel

Reports from inside the Supreme Judiciary indicate that Chief Lictor Dominous, may be dispatched to Port Olympus. The Supreme Judiciary , as usual, had no comment, but Zero Tadic, Minister of the Judiciary had this to say.

"We have offered the authorities in Port Olympus the assistance of Velite and Judiciary investigators to aid in the ongoing investigation into the incident at the house of The Nachxa. I am confidant that the authorities in Port Olympus will accept our aid."

With the high profile of this incident, it is almost assured that the skills of Lictor Dominous will be chosen ro lead any investigation empowered by the Supreme Judiciary.
06-06-2005, 20:29
LNS, Knootcap, Knootoss
May 1st 2015

Business Tough for Knootians

After the resolution of the Free Republic's trade boycott of the Democratic Dutch Republic and the Democratic Dutch Republic's 'Declaration' or war Knootian businesses still find barriers in place. The Ministry of Foreign Trade has increased the scrutiny placed on Knootian businesses that wish to trade with the Free Republic. Aside from the normal regulations for safety, enviromental protection and worker pay the Ministry of Foreign Trade has added two additional barriers that must be overcome by hopeful Knootian enterprises.

First Knootian businesses must prove that all suppliers that contribute to a finished product for sale in the Free Republic are registered with the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Minister of Foreign Trade, Madrid Arden, explained.

"It is a matter of public record that Knootian owned businesses, mines and logging companies, do not have the levels of worker safety, pay, and enviromental protection to sell goods in the Free Republic. We do not want these companies to be able to even supply raw materials for any finished product that may eventually end up in the Free Republic, it's as simple as that."

The second barrier is a bit more controversial. Business travellers from the Democratic Dutch Republic must sign an affidavit declaring that they are not members of the terrorist organization the Order of the Invisible Hand and they do not do business with the group or it's members. Without this affidavit, the traveller will have their visa request automatically denied.

Ambassador Nagy, Vaadian Ambassador to Knootoss, explained.

"Since the Order of the Invisible hand will not explain itself and the authorities in the Democratic Dutch Republic will not identify and arrest these terrorists, the Free Republic must act to secure itself from such an obvious external threat.

A group whose doctrine espouses the overthrow of socialist economic systems and governments and whose professed members have engaged in economic terrorism cannot be allowed to operate in the Free Republic.

I would rather see every single Knootian denied access to the Free Republic than to allow them to export the terrorism of the Order of the Invisible Hand and the imperialism of their Queen, Galadriel Nos Cirdan."

Ambassador Nagy's comments were uncharacteristically low key and much less mean spirited than typical.

The Republican Council has not taken up this matter and the First Republican has stated that the actions taken by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are well within the jurisdiction of both Ministries. With that said the Republican Council is unlikely to debate either of these issues.
07-06-2005, 22:17
LNS,New Itaros, Etaros

Democracy for Itaros?

With elections over in the The Omnaeus Erasat of Etaros it is unclear exactly who runs Etaros. Election officials have declared Erasito Ëtaros Eledhwen as Congressional President, but the People of Etaros must wait for a coalition government to be formed. There are still questions about The Omnaeus Erasat of Etaros' Havenic 'province' of Luin Anarore and it's exact relationship with Etaros. No members of the Republican Council were available to comment on elections or on the candidates except the First Republican who briefly discussed the matter with reporters.

"I am certain that the Erasito will find some way to keep his totalitarian grip on the long suffering People of Etaros, petty tyrants normally hold on to the death.

I have stated in the past my lack of respect for dictators and dictatorships, but the Erasito is a rare and odious exception that deserves even more contempt than the normal dictator. Any ruler who would sell off the lands of his people and his people for personal gain, such as the Erasito, are only deserving of being called an animal. This person has no love or respect for the people he so totally rules.

I would refrain from doing so, I would not wish to insult any animals."

The First Republican's strong words were echoed by public sentiment. Most pundits and talkshow personalities decried the elections as rigged at best and staged at worst. It is amply clear that the People of the Free Republic harbour no love for a nation whose province they once pledged to defend in better times.It is also clear that the Republican Council views the Erasito and Etaros as 'non-entities' at best.
07-06-2005, 22:37
LNS, Lassic Ilek-Vaad
May 6th 2015

Black and White
Editorial by LNS Lassic News Editor Vaul Hanssen

Born in the blood of the repression of the Inquisition and abandoned by Byzantine benefactors the Free Republic has been, for better or for worse, a nation that views the world in black and white.

For centuiries, outside forces that threatened invasion and friends that abandoned the Republic have all been historically absolute monarchies and dictatorships. The People of the Free Republic have been conditioned for nearly two thousand years to resent, hate and fear non-democracies, but not as you would expect, by the government. Since the Kingdom of Coventry invaded the fledging Free Republic to the threats of Noldorin Imperial invasion, the People of the Free Republic have been threatened at every turn by these non-democratic forces, bent on forcing the democratic Free Republic to turn it's back on the promises of democracy.

The price paid has been international isolation and fiery criticism from nations that kill their own citizens rather than allow them even to taste freedom. With only a few rare exceptions, no friend of the Free Republic has ever turned down a chance to bury a dagger in the backs of the People of the Free Republic. Phyrrus,Nisraam, Blaye,Cyberjaya, Feline, Edolia, Knootoss and an endless list of 'friends' that swore friendship to the Free Republic , turned on the People.

It is no wonder that the People of the Free Republic and by extension, their elected officials, have such venom for foreigners and nations outside the bounds of their secure , safe, free and prosperous Free Republic. It has even seen the biggest supporter of the UN and international engagement, the Progressive Party, turn it's back on internationalism and become as isolationist as it's adversaries in the Vaadist Loyalist Party.

The whole psyche of the Free Republic has been traumatized and shaped by the endless attacks of tyranny and abandonment by supposed close friends. Xenophobia and mistrust are the end result. Perhaps, the damage is too deep and things will always remain as such, though there are those of us, that hope, that things will eventually change. Not change for better or for worse, or for black or white, but change to allow for some recognition of those 'grey areas' that the Free Republic once had the confidance to explore.
08-06-2005, 06:08
08-06-2005, 16:20
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad
May 7th 2015
Sports Desk

Coventry Fortnight Approaches

Racing fans from across the Free Republic are beginning to filter into Lassic for this weekends beginning of the Coventry Fortnight Classic. The annual Grarn Turismo race between Lassic and Coventry is the highlight of the Gran Tour season and leads into the Coventry Formula 1 Classic at Coventry Downs Race Course.

Last years winner , Sir Daniel Hill, won for the fouth consecutive Fortnight, but will not be racing this year. At the conclusion of last years Formula One Season Sir Daniel retired from racing, leaving his son, Sebation Hill, to lead Team Jaguar rhis season. Sebastion Hill has been tagged at third place overall with points earned from his win at Narvik Raceway and his third and second place finishes at Ilek-North Courses and South Haven Speedway.

Sebastion Hill has excelled at road races and is expected to carry on his fathers dominance of the Coventry Fortnight. It has not yet been announced what car Sebastion will be driving although in the past he has favoured the Jaguar XJ220 for road races.

It has also been announced that Team Tlaloc of Tlaloc Motors LTD. will be fielding three of their Viper-1220t Gran Prix cars in the event this year. Team Tlaloc broke up Team Jaguar's one, two, three finish last season by posting second in the finish at Coventry.

For those Nostalgic fans Team Jaguar will also be fielding a 4.2 litre Jagur XKE Series 2 'Light Weight', a variant of the same model straight six car that beat the larger twelve cylinder cars at Modena in the Sixties. The three hundred horsepower nine hundred pound car is still well respected by drivers today for it's lightning acceleration and it's second to none handling.

This Coventry Fortnight Looks to be shaping up as one of the best ever.
08-06-2005, 16:49
LNS, New Itaros, Etaros

The New Itaros Monitor Blasts the First Republican

The staff of the New Itaros Monitor has lambasted the First Republican for his comments on the elections in The Omnaeus Erasat of Etaros. The editorial referred to the First Republican as 'beligerently ignorant' and decried that 'dictatorship is not oppression', our reporters managed to briefly speak with the First Republican this morning as he headed into open session of the Republican Council.

"I have no comment on the views of the staff of the New Itaros Monitor. I do however support their right to free speech, in this, or any matter." Stated the First Republican.

Layne Al Azarad, Chief of Staff to the First Republican, had this to say

"I'm not sure what to make of all this. I don't think that the First Republican is beligerently ignorant. Maybe we in the Free Republic are ignorant of the Affairs in Etaros, but how can we not be? The first thing we even ever knew of Etaros was when they began selling land off in Haven for military bases for the Eternal Noldorin Empire. They have made no effort to contact or even open normal relations with the Free Republic and have at no time offered anything but belligerence and indignation at our democracy, it's free speech and our concern for what happens in the region of Haven.

I honestly can't believe that anyone in Etaros would blame any Vaadian for ignorance on their internal matters when they themselves have not even allowed us to see what is really going on. I must confess that we are all ignorant as to the constant instability and upheaval in Etaros, it's mind-boggling."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also had a brief comment on the situation this morning.

"I can't speak for anyone else, but first oppression is at the very heart of any dictatorship, if you look up dictatorship in a dictionary it will say absolute despotic and opressive control. I mean how long has Etaros even had freedom of speech and press? One year ? Six months? Welcome to the 19th century Etaros.

I also would like to say that I would not be likely to recognize any elected leader in Etaros. I don't care if it's their Longeavi Prince or Alfred the butcher. I don't trust their elections and past experience shows that we can't trust them."

Once again foreign affairs has set off another debate of the course of the Free Republic in the world at large. More reactionary voices from the Vaadist Loyalist party are calling for a 'liberation' of Luin Anarore, and a reinstallment of indigenous , democratic government.

When asked about this call for liberation the Minister of Defence had this to say.

"That is absolutely ludicrous. So long as I hold this office Vaadian lives will not be used for the benefit of our duplicitous neighbors and fair weather friends. How many times did we militarily back states in Haven just to have them turn on us? I think that the Loyalists are having trouble learning from past mistakes."
17-06-2005, 20:55
LNS, Lassic Ilek-Vaad
May 8th 2015
Protesters Kidnap LNS Newsman

This afternoon anti-government protesters in Port Olympus, The Federated Klatchian Coast held a rally in Goverment Square near the FKC President's residence and Parliament Hill. This protes was in defiance of s curfew called by Port Plympus security forces after the attempted assassination of Special Envoy of the Republican Council, The Nachxa. It has been reported that The Nachxa is currently safe and is well guarded.

LNS Sattelite 1 newsman, James Villarreal was in Port Olympus covering the protest live when he was seized by several protesters. His current wherabouts are unknown and the LNS is working frantically to locate Mr. Villarreal. Mr. Villarreal did manage to video his captors as they seized him. Those images have just been shown on LNS news and their no certainty that authorities will be able to make a positive identification with the images.

Political analyist Thomas Schiff explained possible reasons for the protest on LNS Live

"There are many disaffected communities within Port Olympus. One only need to consider that Port Olympus was, pratically, an independant fiefdom controlled by the Port Olympus Assassins Guild. The Federal Authority in Port Olympus is still rather new. It's too early say what exactly is at the root of this protest, but it is readily apparent that the protesters have pre-emptively lost whatever support that the People of the Free Republic would have given them by the kidnap and possible horrible mutilation killing of James Villarreal."

The LNS would like to point out that there is no indication at this time that James Villarreal has been harmed in anyway.
22-06-2005, 20:28
LNS Coventry, Ilek-Vaad
May 8th 2015

REO and Auburn enter the Coventry Fortnight Classic with a new car, an old race team, and under the radar

It was unexpected in most corners and REO Rover had to push up the introduction of The Auburn 950R by almost four months to make the race. Second this will be the first time in twenty years that Auburn has raced a car period. Not since the takeover buy Catham International and the retirement of the beloved 900XL line, has Auburn entered any race.

But Auburn, a strong but stagnant manufacturer, was sold off to REO as part of the creation of Olympic Motors five years ago.

Now it appears the Auburn moniker will return to the raceways of the world under their present owner and with new vision for the future of Auburn.

The 950R's the engine may be the most dramatic new feature of Auburn under REO. The beloved J V-8 (still manufactured by Catham) has been replaced with a REO Z6 Rotary Engine. REO has been working on developing high performance rotary engines for some of its military project for over fifteen years now. The Z6 is one of the children of that program.

The 950R has a few more obvious finger prints of its parent company, as it is an AWD vehicle. "Part of the REO's goals for the purchase and revitalization of the Auburn brand is the leveraging of some former Rover products into new markets via the Auburn line, as well as utilize a host of secondary technologies they have tradtionally licenced to other manufactures in the past" Notes Industry Analyist Paul Merkey.

But the off-road racing world was stunned by the annoucement of who was racing. Ellen Jenssen, one of the greatest off-road drivers to ever race with Rover. With over nintey wins in her carrer, Jenssen is a seasoned competitor. However, one wonders if a woman who has slaughed it out in the mud, sand, and ice of the world will deal with a decidely diffrent type of race.

"In the end it is a good question, however we should remember Jenssen did race road cars early on, before her marriage."

Jenssen will be supported by the same crew she has had in off-road races with a few mechanics from Blackwell Engineering rotated in to help service the engine.

LNS, Port Olympus, FKC
May 8th 2015

Newsman Alive, but Wet

LNS Sarellite 1 correspondent James Villarreal was able to contact the LNS this afternoon after his 'kidnapping'. LNS Producers explained that Mr. Villarreall was not kidnapped, but was assaulted, robbed of his satellite camera and thrown into a canal. James was rescued and is currently safe, and working to get back to covering the protest.
30-06-2005, 17:20
LNS, Knootcap, Knootoss

Galadriel and Conservatives Out, Elections go into Second Round

Prime Minister of the Democratic Dutch Republic of Knootoss has been rejected for another term by voters in the DDR. KNN World News is reporting that with all votes in that the Green party led by Femke Halsema has made the most parliamentary gains. The race for Prime Minister will go into a second round of voting as no single candidate secured a fifty percent share of the vote. The runoff election will be between Jan Willem Daatman and Femke Halsema members of the Socialist and Green parties, respectively.

The SLP and KGP parties have a long history of forming coalition governments and opposing conservative rule. Analysts believe that the defeat of the Conservative party will return the DDR to it's traditional path of Socialist and human rights values that the Conservatives tried so hard to dismantle. It is also expected to return at least some credibility to the government of the DDR.

LNS Analyst Joel Rifkin had this to say:

"This election goes a long way in confirming that the government of Prime Minister Galadriel Nos Cirdan had acted in a manner that wildly over stepped the bounds that not only the international community believed acceptable, but of what the Knootian people believe was acceptable."

It is still to be seen if the election results will mean a thawing in the relationship between the Free Republic and the Democratic Dutch Republic. The current government of the Free Republic is still dissatisfied with the DDR's handling of the IMC, Columbia, the Invisible Hand, Tanah Burung, the Declaration of War against the Free Republic and the loss of trust between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the DDR's Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. A long list of issues to resolve, to say the least.

Prime Minister Daatman or Halsema, will have a very tough road to smooth out international relations or relations with the Free Republic, if it is a job that they make it a priority to tackle.
05-07-2005, 15:49
LNS, Torrhall, Alcona & Hubris

Dyellians Bomb Alconian Positions

In the continuing unrest on the Gonad Peninsula the 16th Alconian Royal Marines were saturation bombed by elements of the Dyellian 3rd Squadron 1st group. There is no indication as to why the Marines were in the area or as to why Dyellian Command proceeded with saturation bombing of an area rife with ongoing civilian evacuations. The Minister of Defence responded to this incident for the Republican Council.

"We currently have Tactical Groups Sir William Issem, Namroth Vedic and Emperor Ehecatl in the area and will be rendering whatever assistance we can to the Alconian Marines. The Free Republic condemns the tactic of using defoliants and carpet bombing, both are outdated, archaic methods of warfare that can only increase friendly fire incidents and civilian casualties. I will be consulting with the Supreme Republican Commander this afternoon to apprise the Republican Council of the best course of action."

It is not known if the Foreign Guard in Dyelli Beybi will called upon, or what forces the Supreme Republican Commander may activate. Political analysts believe that this incident may hurt the recently improving relations with the Free Republic and Dyelli Beybi.
06-07-2005, 16:03
LNS, Costa-Tula, Ilek-Vaad

VLP Blasts Instability in the Klatch

In a speech before the Consumer Activists Board VLP leader Aliyah Yusuf was critical of the Free Republic's Klatchian Neighbors. The VLP has suffered huge and gains and even greater setbacks in recent years and is looking to energize their xenophobic and militaristic base. Ms. Yusuf's remarks were in line with the VLP policy of military confrontation and no compromise.

"The Will of the People is being subverted for friendship with foreign petty tyrants. The People of the Klatch are beset on all sides by their government and governments, the Klatch itself is in danger of becoming an assemblage of petty fiefdoms and wracked with infighting and instability, even moreso than now.

It is more than obvious that the current government and Supreme Republican Commander do not have the stomach to deal with the force that is necessary to make our Klatchian neighbors understand that stability is in all of our best interests. Nothing gets done in the Federation parliament, diplomacy only takes place on the battlefield in the Klatch."

Ms. Yusuf remarked in her speech. Ms. Yusuf also blasted the Republican Council's ever closer ties with the Vrakian Monarchy and Alconian Monarchy.

"Monarchies and hereditary dictatorships are an anachronism in the moder world. Just as lifeforms evolve and adapt, so do governmental organisms. Monarchs are the unchanged neanderthals of the political lanscape and hearken back to the tribal rule of hereditary strongmen. The People need an evolved form of government that expresses their will, not a government that bends the People to the will of a single ruler."

Ms. Yusuf has been able to exploit current Klatchian unrest to give the VLP a modest gain in popularity, no doubt positioning her party as a viable alternative in the February elections.

Pundits were quick to point out that Ms. Yusuf had backed off of former VLP Chairman Unrath Assad's fiery demagougery and was sounding more like a PRP politician in her well reasoned and calm speeches. Ms. Yusuf appears to be staking out intellectual high ground by expounding on Republican theories as a basis for a strong Vaadian prsence in the Klatch.
20-07-2005, 20:40
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

Proposal of Alliance with FKC Unveiled

Earlier today the First Republican and the majority PRP Ministers unveiled a jointly written proposal for close Allaince with the Klatchian Federation. This proposal is meant to be a meaningful alternative to the Free Republic joining the Federation outright. Supporters hail this as a way to support Kltachian allies while preserving the Republic's Constitution and independance. Critics see it as a step towrds Federation membership and Federation control.

A copy of the proposal was obtained by the LNS:

The Free Republic realizes that it cannot operate in the region of the Klatchian Coast without closer ties and better coordination with it's Klatchian neighbors in the Federation. The Free Republic also realizes that it's laws, constitution and traditions do not allow it to join the Federation as it exists.

This Draft Proposal hopes to reach a compromise with which the Free Republic may become closer to the Federation and not give up it's distintcly unique and well organized governmental structures. This Proposal hopes to bridge the gap between the Federation and the Free Republic.

Section I - Alliance

The Free Republic recognizes all Federation States in good standing as allies and Friends of the Republic.

Section II - Trade

The Free Republic confers upon all Federation States in good standing favourable trade status, reducing tariffs and allowing corporations and businessess from Federation States to apply for expediated trade permissions with the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Section III - Support

The Free Republic pledges it's foreign aid budget to mainly assist and benefit Federation States as they require it.

Section IV - Military Co-operation

The Retaliatory Guard shall refrain from taking military action outside of it's lawful borders without informing the Federation's Joint Defence Forces. The JDF shall be apprised of all Retaliatory Guard military asset movements. The JDF will receive co-operation from the Retaliatory Guard.

Section V - Representation

In exchange for the previous concessions to the Federation the Free Republic will be allowed to elect and send a single 'Key' to the Federation Parliament. This will do two things, allow Federation States to have instant access to a fully empowered Envoy of the Republican Council and also give the Federation a chance to consider the Free Republic's view of matters that affect the whole of the Klatch.

It is the hope of the Republican Council that these provisions will be accepted by the Federation and allow the beginning of a new era of co-operation and friendship in the Federated Klatchian Coast.

It was further announced that Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Alec Connover will be personally delivering this proposal along with a speech to the Federation's Parliament, in four days.
25-07-2005, 20:01
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Meet With Burungi Diplomat

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Provisional Military Administration of Tanah Burung Raden Prabo, is expected to arrive in the Free Republic and meet with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Alec Connover. It is uncertain what powers, if any, Ambassador Prabo has in regards to the governmental situation in the United Provinces. Officially, there seems to be no body actually in charge of the United Provinces.

The United Duchies of Alcona and Hubris are deployed to enforce the agreement signed by the Burungi Government in Exile and the Prime Minister of the Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss that will allegedly result in the end of the Knootain invasion and occupation. The agreement did not give the United Duchies any role in governing Tanah Burung. It is assumed that the elected government of Tanah Burung, is the defacto power.

This may not be the case entirely, the United Duchies Ministry of Foreign Affairs had only this to say about Sir Alec's upcoming meeting:

"The Foreign Minister of Ilek-Vaad can meet with Blinky the Clown in an attempt to create the Leauge of Super Hero Wank Clowns and it would have as much importance to us as him meeting with a man who apparently is nothing more than the envoy of the former leader of the resitence movement in Tanah Burung. Unless she wants to become the 'Great Pumba of Burungi' in which case we think the Vaadians will want zero to do with her."

It is obvious that the United Duchies does not belive that Bi Kikere, one of the Collective Presidents of Tanah Burung, has any actual power.

"The Alconians have little concept of what it is to have 'elected' leaders that actually have power in government. Even 'elected' leaders in the United Duchies bow to the Grand Duke and his entourage of priveleged and landed aristo-fat-cats. I have no doubt that the Alconians now believe that they are in charge of Tanah Burung, in their minds they have to be. They clearly are over stepping the bounds of their power as detailed in the Knootian/Burungi treaty." Stated noted pundit Joel Rifkin.

Sir Alec made only a brief comment "So far as I know, Bi Kikere was elected through constitutional electoral procedure in the United Provinces. Knootian invasion does not negate the will of the People of the United Provinces. Bi Kikere is still a member of the legally elected Collective Presidency of the United Provinces, until such a time as she voted out of office. Until then I have no issue meeting with the United Provinces duly appointed Ambassador."

It still reamins to be seen what exactly will be discussed or what will be the likely outcome of any such talks between Sir Alec and Ambssador Prabo.
28-07-2005, 21:15
LNS, Katla, Karmanyaka

Coup d'État in the Dominion of Karmanyaka

Early yesterday morning Battleday Square in downtown Katla was the scene reminiscent of the Soviet crushing of the Prague Spring. Protesters were literally killed in cold blood by Karmanyakan Army Forces and a member of the Tengil Guard that attempted to halt the killing was taken into custody. Shortly thereafter the Lord Tengil, Joseph Kader was apparently put under house arrest.Correspondent Rondo Mc Hatten was near Battleday Square as it happened and filed this report:

Katla, green peaceful and quiet on most days, became the scene of bloody treason earlier. Disloyal units of the military led by Field Marshal Grune killed Karmanyakan citizens literally in cold blood. Those who ran were shot in the back, those who attempted to surrender were bayonetted.

Law and order have been replaced by marshal law and fear in the capital as the whole city waits to see who Grune's murderous eye will fall on next.

This has been Rondo McHatten, Katla, Karmanyaka

The military junta appears to be led by a Field Marshal Grune. It has also been reported that Karmanyakan Minister of Foreign Affairs has fled to the Free Republic, seeking asylum from Grune's death squads.
18-08-2005, 16:36
LNS, Tollan, Ilek-Vaad

Retaliatory Guard Storms Karmanyaka

With gridlock and internecine fighting plagueing the Federation of Klatchian States the Republican Council has released the Retaliatory Guard to act to restore the legal government in Karmanyaka and restore peace and stability. Supreme Republican Commander Ring led the Retaliatory Guard across the border early this morning.

It has been reported that Karmanyakan troops are joining the Retaliatory Guard in mass waves to help oust the Military Junta headed by Field Marshal Grune. The Northern city of Markberg in Karmanyaka was taken without a shot as the Supreme Republican Commander was welcomed as a hero and liberator.

Correspondant Libby Cline was there:

Relief, joy and celebartion marked the entrance of the 2nd Purifiers Division of the Retaliatory Guard into Markberg this afternoon. Forces loyal to Grune had already fled, leaving everything behind. Loyalist Karmayakan forces marched proudly alongside the Retaliatory Guard to re-take the first major city in the name of Lord Tengil.

With gridlock in the Federation Parliament the people of Karmanyaka see the Retaliatory Guard as their best hope and are showing overwhelming joy at the restoration of liberty and democratic progress.

Expert propagandists could not have framed a better scene for the Retaliatory Guard entry into Karmanyaka. The frustaration and fear of the people thawed by the prospects of a return to normalcy and a return to the democratic reforms as envisioned by Joseph Kader, the Lord Tengil. Action has spurred the People and surely Karmanyaka will soon be free again.

This has been Libby Cline, Markberg

Military Analyists have cautioned that Marshal Grune's forces are gathering strength in the central and southern portions of Karmayaka and that the Retaliatory Guard could find the going up hill from here. It is also uncertain as to what action the FKC and JDF forces will take, if any.
30-08-2005, 16:01
LNS, The Hague, Knootoss

Foreign and Defence Minister of the Democratic Dutch Republic of Knootoss , Hans van Mierlo dies

Cabinet minister Hans van Mierlo, 89, has died from fatal injuries after falling from stairs while attending diplomatic talks on the conflict with Excalbia, in Saxmere. He fell down from the stairs of the Lavenrunzian destroyer Alfkonur directly after finishing the talks.

Hans van Mierlo was flown by Medical helicopter to St. Josephs hospital in Saxmere, where he was pronounced dead, a visibly emotional Foreign Ministry spokesman told the assembled press. It is understood Mr Van Mierlo, who has several adult children and granddchildren, arrived at hospital about 15 minutes after his fall and was declared dead five minutes later. It was more than three hours before the Foreign Ministry confirmed his death, as it is believed family members were being informed.

Hans Van Mierlo's remarkably long career put him both at odds and on good terms with several Vaadian Administrations over the years. The R.O.P. Government under Scipio Nemaraan was generally on very good terms with the Democratic Dutch Republic and Minister Van Mierlo. These good relations continued, but quickly soured under the V.L.P. government of Unrath Assad.

Most recently the current Progressive government took a very harsh stance in regards to both the Democratic Dutch Republic and Minister Van Mierlo. Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs had remarked that Minister Van Mierlo was 'No longer a trustworthy partner for negotiations' and First Republican Theleb Kanaan had publicly stated that 'Minister Van Mierlo had either made false assurances to the Free Republic, or did not have the power to make those assurances in the first place.'.

With Prime Minister Nos Cirdan's over-ruling of Minister Van Mierlo's peace accord with Tanah Burung, Minister Van Mierlo was viewed as a powerless puppet of the domineering Nos Cirdan. Many had commented that lately Minister Van Mierlo was a shadow of his former self in the Nos Cirdan regime.

It is reported that condolences were delivered to the Knootian Embassy by Minister Connover and Ambassador Nagy has also delivered condolences to Minister Van Mierlo's office in Knootcap . No officials are expected to attend any services for Minister Van Mierlo.
30-08-2005, 16:21
LNS,Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

The Inglorious Kingdom of Vrak
Editorial by LNS Lassic News Editor Vaul Hanssen

Friends of the Republic, Preseident of the Klatchian Federation, special titles and honours abound for the Glorious Kingdom and it's King, but none of them are really justified. Freedom of the press, democracy , civil rights, all things that are out of reach of the King's subjects, but still the Progressive government coddles the giant walrus.

Karmanyakan Minister Sir Henry Pommer seeks asylum in Ilek-Vaad and is given it and treated like the visiting foreign dignitary that he is , yet the Federation President, the King of Vrak, feels threatened and sends an entire platoon of 'The King's Own' jesters to 'liberate' Minister Pommer. The King collecting his due from us lowly Vaadians.

The Federation and it's President, the King of Vrak, stalls and hems and haws as Karmanyakans are killed in cold blood by an illegal military junta, the Federation refusing to uphold it's own laws. The President lacking foresight and fortitude does nothing and prepares to accept Dictator Grune into the family bosom of the Federation and it's other absolute rulers.

The Inglorious Kingdom, shamed by it's own inaction and it's lack of legal standing moves to condemn the brave Retaliatory Guard, who act singlehandly as Karmayaka's only friend, for interfering as an outsider.

I would ask the King of Vrak one thing: If the Federation won't act in it's own defence and best interests, then what else is left but for outsiders to act?

The Inglorious Kingdom is shamed, the outsiders in the Free Republic care more for and act far more often for the good of the Federation than it's own President. Have the protests in Port Olympus stopped yet?
07-09-2005, 19:07
New Governments in the Democratic Dutch Republic of Knootoss and the United Provinces of Tanah Burung

LNS,The Hague,Knootoss

Daatman elected Prime Minister

Polling in the Democratic Dutch Republic ended with just over fifty-three percent of the vote in favour of Daatman, Femke Halsema conceded yesterday that the second round of the Prime Ministerial elections was a victory for the SLP candidate. With the celebrations over, the SLP party and Daatman himself will now have to decide who they are going to govern with: retain the narrow government majority with the RCPK, or a new adventure with the greens. Hard decisisons are ahead, because Daatman will have to form a government that is facing many immediate problems at home and abroad.

LNS,Rumbipura,Tanah Burung

New government announced

RUMBIPURA -- A three-party coalition headed by the guerilla resistance leader will govern Tanah Burung during the upcoming period of reconstruction, it was announced today in the new national capital.

The KOTA Party and the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation were able to come to an agreement, and then convinced the World Federalists to join them in government. KOTA leader Bi Kikere, 89, will serve as first minister and minister for reconstruction, while CCF leader Alvaro Pinto, 38, takes the foreign ministry. In an unusual move, past foreign minister Violeta Bi Bere, chief of the World Federalists, takes on a new portfolio as minister for Klatchian affairs, a position expected to involve closer relations with neighbouring countries.

KOTA and the CCF each took 15 seats in the 63-member Peoples Assembly, while the World Federalists managed seven. With Socialist leader Mari Alkatiri (whose party also took 15 seats) expected to face trial before the Regent's Court in Alcona & Hubris, that leaves the opposition largely rudderless and disunited. KOTA and CCF share most of the government portfolios.

With both these parties largely dependent on backing from the major religions (Catholicism and the Church of the Rocks and Trees), that suggests the possibiltiy of national reconciliation but also the danger of clashes. Pinto, a past ambassador to SeOCC and Pantocratoria, has little personal following and is thoughht to be beholden to the church for much of his aprty's support. Certainly he lacks the national profile of Bi Kikere, and it seems only prudent that the KOTA leader took on the head of government duties. She first earned fame as goalkeeper for the Crocodiles, Tanah Burung's national football squad, and later coached the team before being elected people's representative (minister) for territorial defence and sports. During the Knootian occupation, unable to walk due to crippling leg pain, she led the resistance forces from a mobile pallanquin carried through the jungle by her loyal fighters. Bi Kikere has the fame and the stature to untie a shattered nation, while Pinto can offer the diplomatic finesse that she lacks completely.

LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reacts to New Governments in Knootoss and Tanah Burung.

The Reaction by Minister Connover was caught as he left the House of the Republic this afternoon.

"I want to congratulate both First Minister Bi Kikere and Prime Minister Daatman. More importantly I would like to congratulate the peoples of Tanah Burung and Knootoss for their exercise of democratic rights, as they are, in both nations."

Minister Connover had no other comments and resumed preparing for his trip to Port Olympus to speak before the Federated Klatchian Coast's Parliament.
07-09-2005, 22:05
LNS, Lassic,Ilek-Vaad

Knootian Businessmen Sentenced

Four Knootian businessmen out of the twelve charged nearly a year ago with Economic Sabotage, Circumventing Trade-Laws of the Republic and Economic Terrorism were found guilty and sentenced today by the Supreme Judiciary. The other eight defendants had plead guilty and given evidence to the Velite Prosecutors in exchange for lighter sentences.

The four men, as of yet still unidentified publicly, were the alleged ring-leaders of the steel-smuggling scheme and self professed missionaries of the terrorist organization 'The Order of the Invisible Hand'. After private sentencing Lictor Trotsky of the Supreme Judiciary made a brief public statement.

"The Supreme Judiciary has sentenced the four defendants in the Republic vs. Geervliet International Imports LTD to death, as per the law of the Republic.

It has fallen on me, as Chief Lictor of the Supreme Judiciary to carry out this sentence in a manner in accordance with the Constitution of the Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad. I have decided that this sentence shall be suspended, as the defendants are foreign nationals. They will be immediately deported to the Democratic Dutch Republic of Knootoss and have their Vaadian Travel Visas PERMANENTLY revoked.

IF any of these individuals are ignorant enough to attempt to enter the Free Republic at any point during their natural lives, I will immediately re-instate the sentence of death and I will carry it out in the most expediant manner at hand.

Let this be a fair warning to all, the laws of the Free Republic should not be taken lightly. Actions have consequences in the Free Republic."

With the mountain of evidence against these men the sentence was not at all suprising. Court commentators only remarked that the Velite Prosecution team had not firmly identified these men as actual members of the Order of the Invisible Hand, and as such dropped Order Membership from the original list of charges. The Velite Prosecutors did raise the specter of their 'probable' membership during trial.

It is unknown whether there will be any appeals at this time.
08-09-2005, 15:24
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

Avery Frost Aeronautics LTD Spins off AFA International

Avery Frost Aeronautics LTD of Costa-Tula has has split it's assets and corporation to found AFA International LTD. AFA International will be headquartered in the city of Regal in The United Kingdom of Azazia. AFA International will be the foreign subsidiary of Avery Frost Aeronautics. This will allow AFA to reach a global market outside of the constraints of the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

The Minister of Foreign Trade approved of the deal stating that increased sales for AFA would only mean more funding for the parent company in The Free Republic. AFA Internatinal is already forming licensing contracts with several corporations and should be turning a handsome profit within three years.

AFA International LTD has stressed that it is committed to the same high employment standards espoused by Avery Frost. Pay, benefits and working conditions will continue to be set at a high level, in all of the countries that AFA is eventually representated in.
08-09-2005, 15:50
LNS Exclusive

Pat the Llama Interviews Velite General, Yash Ihsan

Earlier today LNS' own award winning journalist Pat the Llama sat down with Velite General, Yash Ihsan, for an interview.

Pat the Llama(PTL): General Ihsan, thank you very much for sitting down with me today, I know you are very busy and I am humbled that you would meet with me.

Velite General, Yash Ihsan(YI): No problem Mr. Llama, public relations is part of my job.

PTL: General Ihsan, were the Knootians convicted the other day political pawns? Knootian media is citing trumped up charges and false confessions.

YI: No they were not political pawns. I am not beholden to the Republican Council in any way. I have my job for life and I don't need to make anyone happy, politically or otherwise. If their confessions were false why did we have the paper trail to back it up?

PTL: The defendants were not coerced in any way?

YI: Of course they were coerced. Vaadian citizen or not, when we arrest someone for a crime that involved a larger conspiracy we always give the small fish the option of helping themselves by testifying against the big fish for us. We made it quite clear to everyone arrested that they could be facing death and if they wanted to avoid death they should tell us everything they know. I'd say that's coersion. I would be willing to wager that Knootian authorities use the same tactics.

PTL: But to threaten death? You basically threatened to kill them?

YI: No, we told them that the Judicial Lictors would be the ones killing them. We also pointed out that as foreign nationals it was unlikely that the death sentence would be carried out and they would most likely be deported, with a travel ban in place. I understand their lawyers advised them of this as well.

PTL:There was news that some Velite Guard were also on trial in connection with these charges?

YI: Yes. Velite Guard Customs Officers were found to be operating with Geervliet, from Geervliet's employees and account records we foubnd that several Velite Guard at Coventry Port Authority were being paid as 'consultants' to allow false classifications on illegally imported materials.

PTL: That trial is still ongoing?

YI: That is correct. It is a capital offence case as well and needs to be examined by the Supreme Judiciary. Now that the Geervliet case is resolved we can probably resolve this one in a matter of weeks as well.

PTL: Now, the fact that the Geervliet officials were arrested originally in conjuction with the 'Knootian Boycott' does make it appear to be politically motivated, how do you answer that?

YI: The investigation had been ongoing before the boycott, however, the boycott allowed us to make immediate arrests under it's auspices and we did so . The boycott law allowed us to make arrests of Geervliet officials before we were ready to go for warrants under other charges. This of course allowed us to interview them for an unlimited amount of time and to seize their documents and assets without warning. That really did make the case. I will admit it did make the boycott law appear to be politically justified, but we simply used a law that we were given to conclude an ongoing investigation.

PTL: What about the Invisible Hand? It was alleged that many of the defendants were members?

YI: I can't say for certain. One of the primaries in the case upon his arrest stated that he was 'An important member of the Order of the Invisible Hand' and that if my Velite Investigators wanted the Order to 'Go easy' on them , they should let him go. It may have been a bluff, but at the very least it was a threat.

PTL: So, you don't know then.

YI: Not for certain no.

PTL: Do Knootians have anything to fear from your Velite Guards?

YI: If they intend to break the law, yes, they should be terrified and should stay out of the Free Republic.I don't care who someone is, where they are from or who they associate with, as soon as they break a law they are target number one in the eyes of the Velite Guard.

PTL: Well thank you General, this has been very informative.

YI: Thank you Pat, before you go, I do have some questions about your investigative article on Utical, questions of libel have been raised.

PTL: Uhm, well you see...........

Pat the Llama was questioned and then released. It is not known if charges may be pending.
09-09-2005, 19:37

Aerospace Genius Avery Frost, Strikes Gold Again

Avery Frost, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Avery Frost Aeronautics LTD proved that lightning does indeed strike twice. In response to recent concern that Avery Frost could not meet domestic and international demands, Avery Frost has spun off an entirely new corporation. AFA International LTD, based in the United Kingdom of Azazia. Mr. Frost explained to our financial correspondent.

"With a dearth of workers from the Free Republics chronic high employment and the Interior Ministries reluctance to let us invest in new production and test facilities due to enviromental concerns, a new strategy was needed.

I decided that it would be best to our use capital and expertise to found AFA International. AFA will be responsible for meeting one hundred percent of our foreign cutomers needs and Avery Forst Aeronautics will focus solely on our customers in the Free Republic. This will reduce prices, eliminate the backlog of product to be delivered and allow us to tap the resources and minds of the able citizens of other nations to continue to offer innovation to our customers, worldwide."

So far this has included a 1.2 billion DR licensing deal with Ledley’s Aviation Ltd. for the Marathon line of commercial jets, an estimated 200 billion DR partnership with W.M.D. Inc. and a newly announced order from the government of the Dominion of Karmanyaka for over 2 billion DR to provide transports to the Lord Tengil and the government's Ministers.

With these lightning quick deals and sales the initial IPO price of AFA International rose from 550 DR to 765.09 DR on the IVEX. Investors see nowhere to go but up at this point.
12-09-2005, 22:46
LNS Exclusive

LNS Interviews Political Pundit Maan Nordberg

LNS reporter Kate Lynwood managed to get an exclusive interview with political talkshow host Maan Nordberg. Maan Nordberg's top rated show 'POLITICS!' airs Tuesdays and Thursdays on IVN. Kate was able to get Mr. Nordberg's opinions on recent international events.

Kate Lynwood (KL): Good evening Mr. Nordberg and congratulation on your show's recent Entertainment Awards Trophy.

Maan Nordberg (MN): Why thank you Miss Lynwood, I'm pleased to be here.

KL: Your show has quickly become famous for it's no holds barred frank discussions on international politics, in an age when most Vaadians ignore international politics what made you tackle it head on?

MN: Well, essentially because it is so interesting. I was very interested in the international arena and I set out to simply share my enthusiasm for the subject. I think that very few Vaadians are aware of just how important the international arena is here at home, the myriad of causes and effects that can literally effect everyone in the nation.

KL: Give me a for instance?

MN: Well, Karmanyaka leaps to mind. In the mind of most Vaadians military action in Karmanyaka is necessary to stand by an ally, the legal government, and to prevent hostile military forces to take root on our very doorstep. Most Vaadians don't know, or don't even care that events in Karmanyaka could lead to war with the FKC.

KL: How so?

MN: Well, the Federation Constitution states that member states may make treaties and alliances with outside powers, but it allows the Parliament to block such alliances and render them invalid. Most people in the Free Republic don't know about this and would be amazed to know that the FKC powers, Vrak namely, is very intent on blocking the Free Republic from acting , and declaring war now that we have acted.

KL: That makes no sense? The Glorious Kingdom benefits directly from a closer alliance with the Free Republic, why would Vrak take this stance?

MN: Now that is why international politics gets so interesting. The Glorious Kingdom of Vrak's King, is also the FKC President. Even though Parliament has a constitutional obligation to militarily aid the legal government of any and every Klatchian State, he decided that it was purely an 'internal matter' that Karmanyaka had suffered a bloody and illegal coup d'etats.

AT the same time both The United Duchies and the Kingdom of New Shiron began acting 'covertly' to support the legal leaders of Karmanyaka in direct defiance of the King. While the King is very limited in how he can punish FKC member states for defying him, it is relatively easy to vent his ire at the Free Republic. That and the fact that strong action by the Free Republic underlines the King's increasingly indecisive and weak rule.

KL: I see, and why isn't more of the nation interested in all of this?

MN: Well they are since I've featured many Vrakian political commentators on my show. I believe that most Vaadians are inclined to ignore such things mainly becaue of the Retaliatory Guard.

KL: Why is that?

MN: Well, the Retaliatory Guard has not lost a major engagement since the sixteenth century and has never lost a war. Such threats are, well, simply non-threatening. It is inconceiveable to most Vaadians that any power, including the combined Klatch, could raise a serious threat to the Free Republic. The fact that the Federations JDF forces are just as likely to be killed by the Federations member states as the enemy, makes this seem even less urgent.

This interview will be continued in tomorrows Exclusives column.
13-09-2005, 14:59
LNS Exclusive

The Second Installment of LNS' Interview with Maan Nordberg

We continue with yesterdays interview of the host of the popular political talk show 'POLITICS!', Maan Nordberg.

KL: I see, I see. Politically, how has the Republican Council responded, and has it been adequate?

MN: Well, the Republican Council is of course limited in it's scope with a Military Mandate in place, but it has responded in probably the best manner it can. The First Republican and Minister of Foreign Affairs have been very quiet about the whole thing. Normally they are very vocal in their support and friendship of Vrak, but now, they don't even mention it. It's a clear warning, without any public threat, something the Glorious Kingdom should have tried itself.

KL: Will there be war between the Free Republic and the Federation?

MN: Absolutely not. The Fedeartion if it declares war can only claim victory if they invade and hold The Free Republic. That is possible , but it would be so bloody and so long that the Federation would be bankrupt half way into it, the central authority would be further weakened and with a country as rich as Ilek-Vaad is, the infighting amongst the Federation states for 'spoils' would be savage and costly. Invading Ilek-Vaad would be the death of the Federation as we know it, whethet they won or lost.

KL: Many officials and other commentators have accused you of coddling foreign powers on your show and not criticizing the Republican Council enough, how do you respond to that?

MN: Well, I'm an analyst . I can only analyze what really happens, if someone makes a political mistake the analysis will of course not be favourable to them, but if they do something right, I can't just sit there and be contrary just to simply be contrary. With the foreign view, I try and play Devil's Advocate and put myself in the shoes of the foreign powers and analyze what I would do if I were them. Yes it does seem at times that I am pro-foreigner, but it's simply because I'm trying to get inside their process and cooment on how I think they would or should act. I mean I'm already inside the Vaadian mindset, so I have to devote more time to exploring the point of view of foreign nations.

KL: What would you say is the biggest issue in international politics at the moment?

MN: That is too hard to answer. There are a myriad of topics and issues that are of equal of importance that can each bring about drastic change if they go a certain way. Karmanyaka is definently an issue. Resolving it quickly in favour of the Lord Tengil will mean a further weakening of Federation control simply because of Federation inactivity balanced by Vaadian initiative, it could signal a shift from a Federation centered Klatch to one that might look to The Free Republic for guidance.

There is the new government in Knootoss, that could be an opportunity for the Republican Council to put any remaining issues with the DDR to rest for good, or could even inflame things further.

There is the Alconian 'oversight' of the reconstruction of Tanah Burung, this could prove very troubling, depending on how the Alconians treat the new Burungi government. If they act too colonial or over step the bounds of their powers outlined in the treaty it could get very messy.

There is the involvement of New Shiron and the United Duchies in Karmanyaka. For some reason 'Free Karmanyakan' forces were being led by an Alconian Baroness and New Shironese air assets were blatantly penetrating Karmanyakan sir space. If the King of Vrak condemns Vaadian and Midlonian actions then he also must condemn the United Duchies and New Shiron, both of their actions could legally lead to attainment. The rate things are going the President of the Klatch may end up attaining a third of the Federations members.

KL: That is a long list of issues.

MN: Those are just the ones that I can see right off the top of my head.

KL: Well, thank you very much for the interview Mr. Nordberg. This has been Kate Lynwood, LNS News.
15-09-2005, 16:45
LNS, Narvik, Ilek-Vaad

CRP Chairman Attempts to Register Party

Narvik City Center was the scene of a near riot today as self proclaimed Communist Republican Party (CRP) Chairman Jesper Landers presented a petition to the Board of Electors to allow recognition of the CRP as a legal political party in the Free Republic. The petition was taken by the Electors and was judged to have the required number of signatures to allow the party to stand, but the party certification was withheld on constitutional grounds.

This decision caused the supporters of the CRP to march on Narvik City Centre to demand a repeal of Line Four of Act 8 of the Free Republic's Constitution that defines communist political parties as illegal and membership in such parties treason. This Line was added after the unsucessful communist insurgency of 1999. The atempt by the CRP to regain legal status was most likely prompted by the retirement of Supreme Republican Commander Istvan Vaikov in February.

CRP protesters attempted to overwhelm the security forces at the Narvik City Center to gain access to the Narvik City Council Chambers and the Offices of the Board of Electors. The protesters carried placards and chanted 'End the occupation of Narvik!' as they surged into the city center. It was noted that the red communist flag was flown over the crowd alongside the Imperial Standard of the Czars of Narvik. The protesters numbered in the thousands and the Velite Guard were activated en masse to dispel the crowd. Thee were several arrests, but no major injuries.

This marks the first time since 1999 that a CRP 'Chairman' has actually been named and appeared publicly. It was uncertain at this point if Chairman Landers was detained and will face charges of treason in accordance with Act 8. This afternoon, the Velite Guard are stepping up their presence in the city of Narvik and have tightly cordoned off the City Center.

An unidentified member of the CRP had this to say to reporters:

"Narvik is an occupied city, we are unable to vote for or even form the poltical party that was born here and was the party of our mothers and fathers and grand parents. Democracy in the Free Republic is incomplete until the CRP is in power again and the state works for and provides for all the people!"

Security concerns abound as the Purifier Army, normally stationed just outside of Narvik is currently deployed in Karmanyaka. Velite General Yash Ihsan has yet to request any additional help from the Retaliatory Guard or to shift additional Velite resources into Narvik.
16-09-2005, 15:05

United Nations Votes to Ban Fossil Fuels

In a vote today the United Nations voted to replace fossil fuels with solar power in a time span of ten years and seven months. The body of the proposal is as follows:

BEING a fact that the burning of Fossil Fuels in order to make electricity is fast destroying the environment.

AWARE that there are other means of making electricity other than Solar Panels and Fossil Fuels.

NOTING that Solar Panels provide each home with the most reliable source of electricity.

REALISING the expense that the promotion of Solar Panels incurs,

On the passing of this resolution, the UN and all it's members will -
1) Begin projects to promote Solar Panels in all homes and places of work.

2) Will set aside an amount of government funds going to the environment into the project of manufacturing and distributing Solar Panels.

3) Over the period of ten years and a month after this proposal passes Solar Panels should be installed in all homes and places of work and leisure.

4) After the period of ten years and seven months all burning of fossil fuels shall be halted and electricity shall be generated by Solar Panels, together with and environmentally friendly methods each respective nation should wish to introduce.

5) The UN shall hold meetings as often as necessary to discuss the funds needed in order to carry out the project.

ASSUMING and REALSING that not all nations may be able to make the transition in the time period given above -
1) The UN shall meet to discuss possible ways of aiding the nations in question.

2) A time extension shall be given, the amount will be decided individually for each nation depending on the amount of wealth of the nation.

MAKING note that -

1) Each nation has the right to decide the price of the Solar Panels distributed in their nation. As well as whether to provide subsidies for those with lower income.

2) That each nation that burns fossil fuels does damage to other nations as well as their own.

3) That burning fossil fuels is putting a limit on how free our children and other future generations will be in the world when it comes to enjoying luxuries that are disappearing as we speak such as, fresh air, clean oceans and community gardens.

4) The burning of fossil fuels is one of the factors that depletes the Ozone Layer, which in turn melts the polar ice caps.

FINALLY NOTING that the mass introduction of Solar Panels everywhere will give us the long term benefits we will never enjoy if we do not implement this resolution.

The resolution passed with nearly a three thousand member majority. The Minister of the Interior, had the following comments:

"The Free Republic has not used fosil fuels for nearly a decade now, all fossil fuel requirements are met by bio-diesel and ethanol. I do applaud the UN for taking enviromentally friendly measures, but this resolution is ignorant.

This resolution should allow for additional alternative energies and not simply focus on solar power, solar power alone cannot replace most nations fossil fuel consumption. The goal of not burning fossil fuels in ten years is unrealistic. Solar power cannot power jets, cargo ships and a myriad of engines needed for heavy manufacturing.

Since the Free Republic is not a member of the UN, it does no affect us, but many nations will surely face ruination at the hands of this bill, and may drive UN membership lower still."

In related news bio-diesel and ethanol producing firms had modest gains on the IVEX today, in anticipation of the fossil fuel ban.
22-09-2005, 14:14
Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

Population Tops Six Billion

The population of The Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad topped six billion earlier this week. The staggering population growth of The Free Republic has been matched by economic growth, the two growth rates seem to be locked together thanks to careful planning by the Ministries of Economics and Interior. The Ministry of Urban Development, however, has been hard pressed to keep services and housing in line with urban growth.

The other downside to the rapid population growth combined with rapid economic growth has been a lack of prospective employees. The Free Republic over the last several years has seen every available job filled. Employers are pressed to fill open positions and must offer very competitive wage and compensation packages to lure prospective employees from other employee hungry businesses. This need for jobs has been fueled by many of the Free Republic's largest corporations sucess in the international market.

The Ministry of Economics has worked closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to step up immigration. New immigrants and asylum seekers are a ready source of new workers, and many are eager to come to the Free Republic in search of opportunities, but are hindered by the lengthy background investigations by the Velite Guard. Getting into the Free Republic is easy, but becoming a citizen or obtaining a work visa is as hard as ever. Other companies have turned to opening production plants outside of the Free Republic, but even this move must have the approval of the Ministry of Economics.

Economic analysts predict an economic down turn may be looming if the Free Republic cannot solve it's chronic man-power crisis.
03-11-2005, 04:11
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

Elections Loom

November 1st marks the legal date that campaigns can begin for February's national elections. The Republican Council is currently controlled by the Progressive Republican Party, and with the strong economy and stable political front, the Progressives look hard to unseat. The closest contenders would most likely be the Republican Order Party.

The R.O.P. only lost power two years ago because of the death of the wildly popular Minister of Foreign Affairs , Aran Adhemar. His death led to a two seat deficit in the Republican Council. The Republicans could conceivably regain power if they can select a home-run candidate for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a strong candidate for the Ministry of Defence. It remains to be seen who will be tapped to challenge the Progressives strong Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs.

The Vaadist Loyalist Party , humiliated by a vote of no confidance that eventually led to Progressive dominance , have regrouped behind the high profile and very conservative new Party Chairwoman, Aliyah Yusuf. The voice of conservative Ilek-Vaad, Aliyah Yusuf has steadily pounded away at the Progressive plans to move into an alliance with the Klatchain Federation and more importantly the monarchies therein. The Loaylists could conceivably prey on conservative fears of a loss of Vaadian sovreignty.

Without any party announcing it's list of candidates, the speculation will swirl, and the pundits will weigh the incertaintity of the coming electoral season.
03-11-2005, 15:22
LNS, Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

Minister Ishring Announces Retirement

Popular octagenarian Minister of Technology the Right and Honourable Valdemar Ishring announced this morning that he will not seek re-election. The Minister announced that as soon as his replacement is elected and seated next February he will retire and instead focus on charitable work both nationally and internationally.

"I have served the People for nearly sixty years, and I feel that finally, I have nothing left to give in public office. It is time I stepped aside and allowed, younger, more energetic candidates to take my place and bring fresh new ideas to the Republican Council." Stated the Minister at his press conference.

Minister Ishring's seat was a guaranteed win for the Progressives, and his retirement presents an oppurtunity for the opposition to gain a seat. Progressive Chairman and First Republican , Theleb Kanaan , has to anounce a candidate list for next February's elections, so it remains to be seen how the Progressives will fill this gap.
29-11-2005, 16:09
Military Coup in Dyelli Beybi

Reports have come in from the Djel Valley Region in Dyelli Beybi that confirm that Dyellian Military units apparently loyal to a Genorale Soult have seized control. Vaadian Embassy officials have reported that fighting has been very heavy in the Capital City of Cyro. The Vaadian Embassy in downtown Cyro has reported that it has remained open and is accepting refugees and offering safe-haven from the fighting.

In Tollan Retaliatory Guard Command has reported that the Dyellian Foreign Guard have been placed on alert, no fighting has yet ocurred near the base. Retaliatory Guard Command also reports that General Ramtheosz Imro, of the Klatch Guard arrived at his scheduled dinner with the coup leader Genorale Soult, and has not been heard from since. Retaliatory Guard Command has informed the Republican Council that they are operating under the assumption that General Imro has been illegally detained, or assassinated. Retaliatory Guard Command reports that up to ten Retaliatory Guard Armies may be activated and that two Naval Guard Tactical Groups are currently off the coast of Dyelli Beybi.

Minister of Defence, William Issem, has left Great Lassic for Port Olympus, he has currently demanded to be allowed to speak to Federation Parliament. The Republican Council has also summoned the Vrakian Ambassador to apprise him that kidnapping or assassinating a member of the Retalitory Guard could very well lead to a Military Mandate being issued to deal with the offenders.

Much of Ilek-Vaad remains indifferent to these events, but Retaliatory Guard Command in Tollan and Naval Guard Command in Costa-Tula have been a veritable bees nest of activity. It remains to be seen how this newest episode of Federation unrest plays out.
20-01-2006, 18:43
Republican Council Expels all Federation Representatives, Recalls Minister Issem and The Nachxa

Chief of Staff to The First Republican, Mr. Layne Al Azarad, has called a snap press conference to drop some bombshells on the press. His opening statements were as follows.

"The Republican Council has decided to formally and offically cut all ties with the Federation Government of The Federated Klatchian Coast. The Republican Council's Special Envoy has been recalled, Minister of Defence William Issem has been ordered to NOT address Parliament and to return to Great Lassic , the Republican Council has voted to scrap the Draft Resolution for Alliance with the Federated Klatchain Coast.

The Republican Council has citied the following factors for this decision. Inability for the representatives of the Republican Council to even meet with any empowered Federation Officials. Continued threats of war and direct insults from the Federation. Attempts to kill , kidnap and detain Republican officials by the Federation and or Federation states. Gross incompetence in the Federation Government. Violations of lawful treaties with the Free Republic. Acts of war committed by Federation members.

The Republican Council is also requesting that all Federation officals currently in the Free Republic , including the Minister for Inter-Klatchian Relations leave, immediately.

Federation member states that have embassies in the Free Republic, may keep them, the Free Republic will still deal with all Klatchian states on an individual basis, the Federation government itself, is a non-entity in regards to the Free Republic.

The standing order that JDF warships be allowed to use Vaadian ports, is revoked. Federation Officials and representatives are hearby barred from obtaining Visas for travel to the Free Republic

The Free Republic has tried everything within reason to meet with and normalize relations with the Federation and has been rebuffed one hundred percent of the time. Until such a time that the Federation decides that it can act as a willing, responsible and honest partner, the Federation will receive Non-Entity status in regards to the Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad.

The Republican Council regrets deeply that it has in fact come to this, but the Council simply sees no other way. Without access to Federation officals for meaningful dialogue continued contacts are utterly pointless."

Mr. Al Azarad answered only two questions, one pertaining to the status of the Karmanyakan Embassy and the Vrakian Embassy, his response was as follows.

"Both The Dominion of Karmanyaka, Tanah Burung and The Glorious Kingdom of Vrak may keep their embassies here, and we are leaving our embassies intact in their nations. It is only the Federation authorities in Port Olympus that have been barred. As I said we will still deal with states within the Klatch on a state by state basis, not within the framework of the Federation. The way we see it, the Federation has no standing, as it does not act to enforce it's own laws or to even meet with Vaadian officials. The Federation will be treated as any failed government by the Free Republic, it will be ignored until such a time that it can actually function as an entity."

In no uncertain terms, the Republican Council for better or for worse has officially ende it's rocky relationship with Federation Authorities. The wider consequences of this will surely become apparent in the next few days.
13-02-2006, 18:29
Progressives Gain a Seat in Elections, Gain Controlling Majority.

With Election results releasd this morning the Progressive Republican Party has gained an additional seat on the Republican Council, this gives them a Controlling Majority and now the opposition V.L.P. and R.O.P. cannot even form a bloc to bring contentious issues to debate, that is unless they can gain at least one Progressive defector. The election winners are as follows:

Minister of Internal Affairs:
Valumar Von Raukov - R.O.P.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Sir Alec Connover - P.R.P.

Minister of Economics:
Thomas Wright - P.R.P.

Minister of Education:
Lars Danielsson - P.R.P.

Minister of Defence:
William Issem - P.R.P.

Minister of Technology:
Sir Valdemar Isrhing - P.R.P.

Minister of National Security:
Zero Tadic - R.O.P.

Minister of Judical Affairs:
Ivar Istvaad - V.L.P.

Minister of Foreign Trade:
Madrid Arden - P.R.P.

Minister of Urban Development:
Lammenth Sul'Ayia - P.R.P.

The Council retained all of it's members with the exception of Minister of Urban Development Wright Iansley of the V.L.P losing his seat to Lammenth Sul'Ayia of the P.R.P.

The Council will meet this afternoon and is expected to re-elect Theleb Kanaan as First Republican and he is in turn expected to leave Supreme Republican Commander Adan Ring in place. There have been some rumours that Theleb Kanaan and Sir Valdemar Isrhing with both retire at the end of this Council's session. Next years elections could be very contentious if this is the case, but for now the Progressives have entirely regained the dominance of past decades.

The Progressives particularly gained among the Right with their very strong stance against the Federation Government of Klatchian States. The perceived 'weakness' of the Progressives internationally has been replaced with a feeling of a strong and principled leadership in the minds of the People of The Free Republic. That coupled with an economic growth rate at a sustainable 4.2% and a finally stabilizing housing market has given the Progressives almost carte blanche to govern as they see fit.
16-02-2006, 16:07
Supreme Republican Commander Ring Addressess The Press

With the untimely withdrawal of the Foreign Guard from Dyelli Beybi, Supreme Commander Ring addressed the press corps. this morning in Tollan to explain the current situation. He did not answer questions at this time and only offered his appraisal of the situation. The address is as follows:

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. As you all know by now the Foreign Guard is withdrawing from Dyelli Beybi. I want to address the reasons why this withdrawal is being undertaken, and what we believe the root causes of the failure of the Foreign Guard. Of course , Retaliatory Guard Command will be reviewing every aspect of the Foreign Guard program and will be issuing a full report to the Ministry of Defence.

The Foreign Guard did see brief and sucessful action the other day, however, the Foreign Guard and Dyellian Army elements both took the unfortunate and unacceptable step of executing prisoners and attacking and killing civilians. General Imro of the Foreign Guard, immediately withdrew his men after this occurred, apparently his initial appraisal that his men, all indigenous residents of Dyelli Beybi, were disciplined and well trained was in error.

The main body of forces that asked us for help against Generale Soult's rebellion, also began committing the same atrocities and compounded the situation by taking slaves and committing even more battlefield atrocities. Needless to say, these are not the type of allies that the Retaliatory Guard supports, and these honourless animals that fooled us into helping them, will now be left to the fate they have chosen.

It is my belief that the initial assumption that foreigners , of any kind could be expected to perform with the same level of control, professionalism and duty of Vaadian Retaliatory Guardsmen was a false assumption. It was always assumed that the command structure in foreign armies was to blame for the lack of control and professionalism, but perhaps this was not the case. It is now the concensus of Retaliatory Guard Command that only Vaadians that understand and are loyal to the Republic, can ever make satisfactory Retaliatory Guardsmen.

The entire situation in Dyelli Beybi, in regards to the Klatch Guard and it's officers will be placed under immediate review by Retaliatory Guard Command as soon as the situation permits.

I thank you for your time. My life for the Republic."

The Republican Council has yet to comment on the situation. Minister of Defence, William Issem merely commented that he would await Retaliatory Guard Command's final report.
16-03-2006, 16:38
The Nachxa 'Gives Away' His House in Port Olympus

It was anounced by the family of The Nachxa earlier today that he had given his house to the relative of Command General Itzcaotl. The identity of the new owner was not provided to the press. The Nachxa's family further announced that The Nachxa would be officially retired again after returning from Vrak Prime.
21-03-2006, 17:50
The Right and Honourable Theleb Kanaan Announces Retirement

Earlier today after the morning session of the Republican Council, First Republican Theleb Kanaan announced his intention to retire from public life at the end of his current turn. He further announced that he will be stepping down as Chairman of the P.R.P. and has nominated Minister of Defence, William Issem, as his replacement, making him the P.R.P. candidate for First Republican.

Pundits are buzzing about the new development, coming hard on the heels of a P.R.P. election victory. Thomas Moynihan of LNS-SAT1 News had this to say.

"The Progressives seem to be banking on their current popular position, to make changes in their own party, of course they will have to be very careful in pickinh Minister Issem's replacement and I also would not be suprised if Minister Issem took a more active role in affairs of the First Republican's Office, give the People a chance to see him in action in the office he will hope to fill."

Pundit Jefferson Vabeck of the popular syndicated political column in the Lassic Daily copmmented further.

"It will be more important to see if Minister Valdemar retires as well, there could very well be two holes in their ticket next year, two VERY big holes that would be an oppurtunity for the R.O.P. It will also be interesting to see if Sir Alec backs Minister Issem, it is well known that he was being courted as Party Chairman, but refused to take it. He is still more popular than Minister Issem, and much more visible, it will be interesting to see how he handles this."

These new developments within the Progressive Party make next years elections look wide open, at this early date.
31-03-2006, 18:10
Coventry Institute of Democracy Lists New Knighthoods, List Includes Two Foreigners

For the first time in five years the new listing of Knighthoods includes two foreigners among it's twenty two recipients.

The First foreigner listed is General Fatih Ozcan , of the Karmanyakan Armed Forces, citied for his involved role in fighting against Field Marshal Grune's military coup. The Second foreigner listed is Miss Amanda Blackwell, Key to Torrhaven in the United Duchies, cited for her ultimately unsuccessful attempt at bringing closer relations to the Free Republic and the United Duchies.

Both will be honoured along with twenty others at the CID's annual ball held next month in Coventry at the home of CID Grand Master The Right and Honourable Sir Lloyd Hamilton.
12-04-2006, 19:25
Dominion Party Declared winner in First Karmanyakan Elections

The first elections for the Council of the Dominion in Karmanyaka passed without any major surprises. As expected the Dominion Party got most of the votes and the Socialist Party came in second. Here follows a summary:

The Dominion Party (DP) – A conservative party that aims to preserve the unique traditions and values of Karmanyaka, while at the same time adapting to a modern world. According to polls this is by far the largest party with support from around 48 % of the people. Mostly composed of members of the current political elite. Chairman: The popular former Minister of Foreign Affairs, sir Henry Pommer.

The Karmanyakan Socialist Party (KSP) – A social democratic party concerned mainly with social equality, welfare and human rights. Second largest party with about 18% of the votes. Chairman: Respected former welfare advisor and Chancellery official Anton Krupp.

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) – Around 15% of the population supports the LDP, a party that values human rights, civic liberties and political freedom. With its successful TV campaigns, this party has quickly risen as a serious threat to the DP and is expected to steal a lot of DP votes in the next election in four years. Chairman: Pierre Vanderkost, successful entrepreneur and celebrated philantropist.

The Isolationists / Preserve Karmanyaka (I/PK) – This hardcore right-wing party wants Karmanyaka to return to the long isolation that reigned ever since the War of the Green Valleys. The isolationists work for a departing from the Federated Klatchian Coast (FKC) and for a return to a more non-democratic constitution. Around 9% support this party. Leader: The retired general sir Mandrake Bouffin.

The Communist Party of Karmanyaka (CPK) – A classical "euro-communist" party. Radical environmentalists, Feminists, Stalinists and Marxist-Leninists all strife for power in this fragmented movement whose main goals (among many) are the nationalisation of the means of production and the abandoning of the capitalist system. Around 4% of the population voted for the Communists. Chairperson: Dr. Rita Feen, a popular, former TV-show host and university lecturer in gender theory.

The Environmentalists (E) – A party that turns to the environment friendly segments of the population. Mainly concerned about increasing pollution and about promoting ecologically sustainable means of agriculture an industrial production and with an estimated 2% of the votes. Spokesperson: Vidar Spaend

The Lionheart Party (LP) – A political movement whose main goal is the complete and unconditional independence of the two Green Valleys. Little or no support from outside of the Valleys. Support within the Green Valleys: 35%, support in the nation as a whole, including the Valleys: 0,8%. Thanks to the big support in the Valleys, this small party is still an important factor in Karmanyakan politics. Chairperson: Charismatic schoolteacher Sofia White (believed to be the former leader of separatist terrorist organization 'The Lionhearts').

The remaining 3% of the population support a high number of smaller parties and interest groups. According to early statistics the number of voters was very high, probably above 90% of those entitled to vote.

The current Lord Tengil, Johan Kader, has been proclaimed the first Tengil Premier, the new position replacing that of the Lord Tengil. He is appointed for a period of 6 years. The Tengil Premier is the head of state appointed by the Council of the Dominion and the Prime Minister, currently sir Henry Pommer, is the head of the government and leader of the largest party.

From Karmanyaka Today ( – independent news from the Land of the Klatchian Flame

First Republican, Theleb Kanaan , spoke briefly with reporters after the sucessful first run of elections in Karmanyaka.

"Like all things must evolve over time, so too must government, to meet the wishes and concerns of the People. The People of Karmanyaka have taken a great step forward and have shrugged off the neanderthal trappings of non-democratic rule and have truly excercised their freedoms and taken the first step into a great golden age for their nation.

The People of The Free Republic, congratulate them, and wish them the very best."
07-06-2006, 17:00
Retaliatory Guard Issues 'Foreign Guard' Report to Ministry of Defence

It was announced earlier today that a full report on the Foreign Guard has been issued by Retaliatory Guard Command to the Ministry of Defence. The review was triggered by the unseemly and illegal actions of indigenous Dyellian Guardsman in action in Southern Dyelli Beybi against the forces of the warlord Genorale Pierre Soult.

Anonymous sources from within Retaliatory Guard Command cite failing in apprisal of foreign recruits and inadequate supervision as the main failings of the Foreign Guard. The Foreign Guard was deeply unpopular with Retaliatory Guard Command and there is no doubt that the final recommendation will be to scrap the entire program.

The Minister of Defence's office has reported that the Minister will review the report and present it's findings to the Republican Council next week.

Republican Council Votes to Ban Recognition of Despotic Governments

The Republican Council voted 8-2 to refuse recognition to any government that assumed power under force of arms. Though the constitution of the Free Republic hints at such governments being illegal, this law confirms it and codifies what it is considered despotic.

The new law defines that any government that assumes power by using force of arms to kill or disable current legal governments as illegal in the eyes of the Free Republic, and will be given 'non-entity' status. It also defines how a government can regain it's legality through monitored , free and fair referendums or national elections.

This effectively bars Dyellian warlord Pierre Soult from forming a government of any legitimacy in the eyes of the Free Republic any time soon.
09-06-2006, 16:50
Narvik Advanced Ordinance Wins EMP Ordinance Contract

The Ministry of Defence announced today that Narvik Advanced Ordinance (IVEX: NAOL) Ltd. has won the contract to develop a new EMP warhead for the Retaliatory Guard's Apollyon Cruise Missile and Perun's Hammer space to surface missile.

The warhead is to replace the current EMP warhead used on the Apolo cruise missile. This new warhead is expected to carry an advanced warhead capable of spreading EMP effects over a wider area to affect more than one or two targets. The new warhead is expected to spread the affect over several square miles, knocking out whole city blocks or whole ship and plane formations. Development is expected to run through the end of the year and be prepared for testing by early next year.

In related news, NAO Ltd also announced that it will be ready to unveil it's new HAARP Global Strike System by next month. This top secret project has been a focus of a great many rumours and speculation, with only it's name being known publicly. It has been estimated that NAO Ltd has spent nearly five hundred billion Drachma on the project since 1993.
29-06-2006, 21:50
William Issem Elected New Chairman of PRP

Delegates of the Progressive Republican Party met today at the Omni Convention Center in Outer Lassic. Delegates were there to accept the resignation of The Right and Honourable THeleb Kanaan as Chairman and to elect a new Chairman. Theleb Kanaan has announced that he will retire before next February's elections and will not seek office or seek to be selected as First Republican.

Delegates overwhelmingly elected popular second term Minister of Defence William Issem. As Chairman William Issem will be the Progressives candidate for First Republican. He will also have the task of selecting his own replacement and the replacement of Sir Valdemar Ishring to run for Minister of Defence and Minister of Technology.

No names have yet been proposed for the two replacements that the PRP will need to make next year, having both vacancies filled by the ROP would seriously shake PRP control of the Republican Council and both of their candidates were very strong seconds last year in general elections.
14-07-2006, 16:01
Vrakian Ambassador Leaves Lassic in a Hurry

It has been reported that after a meeting with Defence Minister Issem, Ambassador Ujay Hagwonak of Vrak has hastily departed the Free Republic leaving the Vrakian Embassy vacant. It was reported that Minister Issem was to discuss the recent Vrakian military buildup in Karmanyaka, allegedly to fortify Karmanyakas Northern border. Karmnayakna Officials have yet to clarify if they had requested any such assistance from the Glorious Kingdom.

Minister Issem citing the Military Mandate declined to comment on the situation and reffered all questions to the Office of The Supreme Republican Commander. Command General Lucane made himself available to the press and commented on the situation, he did not answer questions. His comments were as follows:

"International decorum would seem to indicate that good neighbors should advise each other on large scale military deployments. The Free Republic has in the past done this. Federation approval was sought, and granted for the Foreign Guard base in Dyelli Beybi. Federation Parliament was well apprised of Retaliatory Guard action in Karmnayaka by Minister Pommer, I also personally had contact with the Vrakian Government during that time to assure them of the scope and length of our action.

The Republican Council heard nothing from the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak prior to or even after their large scale troop deployments in Karmanyaka. Having been informed that they should now contact Retaliatory Guard Command, the Glorious Kingdom has still remained silent on their troop movements, their scope of deployment and their ultimate mission.

The Glorious Kingdom has either had an error in oversight, or has decided that they do not wish to be good neighbors. The possiblity also remains that the Glorious Kingdom has even more nefarious plans, we have ruled nothing out, nor can we without Vrakian input.

I have received personal assurance from The Karmanyakan Ambassador as to the Vrakian military presence, and I do take that at face value, but without confirmation from the Glorious Kingdom, I am afraid it is hearsay and I cannot give it full weight. I am currently working with the Kramanyakan Government, to find out exactly what the situation is.

I would of course like to speak with a Vrakian Representative, but they have taken a page from The Federations Foreign Relations Handbook and are now out of our reach, or mysteriously unavailable. That is all."

Despite Karmanyakan assurances, most analysts in the Free Republic believe that Vrak is attempting to gain a permanent foothold in Karmanyaka in response to recent anti-Federation protests in Katla and the rest of Karmanyaka.

PRP Chooses Replacements for Minister of Defence and Minister of Technology

Chairman of the PRP , Defence Minister William Issem has announced that his position and the position of Minister Ishring will be filled by next years election. The candidate for Minister of Defence for the PRP will be The Right and Honourable Livingston Bramble, currently Ambassador to Biotopia and the Candidate for Minister of Technology will be Corum Vaad.

Ambassador Bramble has been an Ambassador for eleven years and has previously served as an assistant to the Minister of Defence under PRP Minister of Defence Colin Rohm. Corum Vaad is the founder of Brahmin Technologies LTD the largest custom software provider in the Free Republic , a company which his is currently liquidating his shares in to avoid any conflict of interest in his new, hoped for position on the Republican Council.

Both candidates are seen by pundits as very strong.
13-10-2006, 20:10
ROP Nominates Strong Candidate for Minister of Defence

It was announced today that Colonel (ret.) Kylie Codreanu formerly of the 2nd Twisted Serpent Retaliatory Guard Division would stand as the Republican Order Parties candidate for Minister of Defence. Colonel Codreanu retired in May of this year after serving eight years in the Retaliatory Guard. Upon retiring Colonel Codreanu founded the private think tank the Institute for Stategic Assessment.

The ISA's essays and publications have quickly become standard for many local and international news services. Colonel Codreanu's essays helped coin the term 'Joke Defence Farce' in reference to the Federation's JDF and took a firm stance on a larger Retaliatory Guard role in Karmanyaka.

Colonel Codreanu is seen as a tough and credible challenge to the PRP's nomination, the Right and Honourable Livingston Bramble.
04-12-2006, 17:56
Election Season Officially Starts

The main political parties have all declared their candidates, and the sitting members of the Republican Council are free to campaign. Voter turnout is expected to be particularly high, and the Progressives are in an unusually vulnearable position , thanks to the retiring of First Republican Theleb Kanaan and Sir Valdemar Isrhing , both very strong incumbents.

The Republican Party has sought to take an early leading campaigning with Party Chairman Scipio Nemaraan making a whirlwind of campaign stops for his party. The popular young former First Republican seems more energetic and optimistic than he did this time last year.

The public seems to be happy with the current Progressive Council makeup, but it remains to be seen if this will translate into votes for individual candidates, especially in the race for Minister of Defence. That seat is being vacated by Minister Issem, who intends to replace First Republican Theleb Kanaan, but the R.O.P. has mounted a targeted and fierce campaign for the seat. This puts what was a secure seat for the Progressives, into play.
16-02-2007, 20:22
Republican Council Election Results, William Issem to be Named First Republican

With a strong showing in the race for Minister of Defence, Kylie Codreanu gave her party the muscle to edge out the Progessive's Command Majority, this added to the victory by Michael Comnenus of the R.O.P. over Ivar Istvaad of the V.L.P. means that the V.L.P. holds no seats on the council. The election was seen as a clear gain for the R.O.P. even though the P.R.P. retained it's power with a solid majority.

The Republican Council now stands at six Progressive and four Republican seats.It is expected that in the first session Monday morning out going Minister of Defence and Progressive Chairman William 'One Hundredman' Issem will be named First Republican, he is expected to retain Supreme Republican Adan Ring.

The current ministers and their parties are as follows:

Minister of Internal Affairs:
Valumar Von Raukov - R.O.P.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Sir Alec Connover - P.R.P.

Minister of Economics:
Thomas Wright - P.R.P.

Minister of Education:
Lars Danielsson - P.R.P.

Minister of Defence:
Kylie Codreanu – R.O.P.

Minister of Technology:
Corum Vaad - P.R.P.

Minister of National Security:
Zero Tadic - R.O.P.

Minister of Judical Affairs:
Michael Comnenus – R.O.P..

Minister of Foreign Trade:
Madrid Arden - P.R.P.

Minister of Urban Development:
Lammenth Sul'Ayia - P.R.P.
20-02-2007, 15:50
Ambassador to Dyelli Beybi Kidnapped

Ambassador Cassandra Von Drachenfels was kidnapped on her way to meet with the new Foreign Minister for the new government in the nation of Dyelli Beybi. According to the Velite Guard report she was kidnapped by a pair of Dyellian Cheka agents who demanded information while making threats to the Ambassador, her staff and her family. She was then dumped in an alligator preserve on the outskirts of Cyro. Fortunately, the Ambassador was able to contact her embassy and was relatively unharmed.

Sir Alec Connover had this to say about the situation "This is the second Vaadian Officail to be kidnapped in Dyelli Beybi. It is more than obvious that groups within the government continue to act in a manner above the law and remain unaccountable for their actions. Barring the Dyellian state allowing our embassy official to be armed at all times, I will have the embassy evacuated and closed.

Kidnapping and threatening a legally accepted and empowered Ambassador is an act of war by most nations standards and with the current Military Mandate in place I will be speaking with the new Minister of Defence to give her a briefing and decide if this incident applies and should be handled by the Supreme Republican Commander.

No official from any state has ever been detained or threatened in the Free Republic, and I do not think that it is too much to ask or neighbors that our officials receive the same treatment.

All ties with the Dyellian government are suspended until this matter is resolved and I will be introducing a bill to suspend trade with Dyelli Beybi as well. I take the safety of those I send overseas very seriously."

Sir Alec's statements were harsher than usual, but this is the third time that an Ambassador has been threatened or detained by a Federation State.

New First Republican Sworn In

William 'One Hundredman' Issem was elected by a vote of six to four today to the post of First Republican and was sworn in to a standing ovation in the House of The Republic this morning. He, as expected, confirmed Adan Ring in his position as Supreme Republican Commander and requested that he continue on with his duties.

The First Republican made a brief speech to the Council before the session was adjourned for the new members to organize their respective Ministries.
21-02-2007, 18:35
Coventry Institute of Democracy Elects New Grand Master

For the first time in it's twenty five year history the C.I.D. will not be led by The Right and Honourable Sir Lloyd Hamilton, who has decided to retire. The Board of Master Knights of the C.I.D. has selected The Right and Honourable Sir Theleb Kanaan to assume the post of Grand Master. Sir Theleb is the outgoing First Republican and did not stand for re-election this year, leaving him free to take the post of Grand Master. Sir Theleb now leads an international charitable organization with assets estimated at nearly three hundred and eighty billion Drachma, with chapters in nearly twenty eight countries world wide.

The C.I.D. mission has been to help new and struggling democracies. C.I.D. organizers help any nation that requests them with grants of money, voting equipment media advisers and polling trainers. The C.I.D. also helps fund and organize political parties in many nations and extracts from them promises to refrain from violence, follow democratic principles and accept polling results favourable or non-favourable.

Sir Theleb has outlined a much more rigorous drive to court and fund young democracies than has been charted in the past by the aging Sir Lloyd. The C.I.D. is expected to be more visible in it's international work and it's associated charitable activities.
22-02-2007, 09:48
A computer buried deep within ARCHIVES which was, of course, attached to but never openly proclaimed, the VIS spinned and whirred...

** Intel Scan **
** Monitoring **
Target: Ilek-Vaad
Type: Media announcement
key words: charity, Theleb Kanaan, C.I.D.

** compression **
** cross references complete **
** action: report sent **


Within minutes, an analyst poured over the report and snorted,

"Charities. Hrumph."

With that, he added in his own commentary and sent it up to senior level bureaucrats in the intelligence chain. Course there was always the chance that this was misinformation, but the name Theleb Kanaan did attract attention within VIS circles. As well as movements that purported to support political parties in other countries. That was something that the VIS liked to keep tabs on.
22-02-2007, 18:02
OOC: Always so suspicious, you walruses..............

Talks With Federation Fail

The Supreme Republican Commander met with the Republican Council earlier today to discuss the results of the summit hosted by the UIK between the Federation and The Free Republic. After the meeting the new Minister of Defence announced that the talks had failed and that the Supreme Republican Commander had not requested that the current Military Mandate be withdrawn. Minister Codreanu made a brief statement to the press.

"The Supreme Republican Commander has informed the Republican Council that Talks between the Federation and our Republic have failed utterly. His emissary, Command General Lucane, reported that he refused to engage in discussion over two issues.

First, that the Federation Representative equated Retaliatory Guard intervention in restoring the lawful Karmanyakan government as a 'terrorist' action and support for an 'insurgency'. The Federation also stated that the Free Republic had supported a Dyellian insurgency.

Second, That the Federation does not consider terrorist actions, funding of insurgencies and related actions as 'aggressive' or as actions that would compromise the territorial sovereignty of a state as was to be defined in the proposed non-aggression pact.

We in the Republican Council agree with Command General Lucane's assessment and back his decision to not compromise on such absurd matters. I would further warn other nations that have signed pacts with the Federation to carefully re-examine such pacts in the light that the Federation believes that it can conduct espionage, terror attacks and fund separatist insurgencies without acting 'aggressive'.

The Retaliatory Guard have the support of the People and of the Council. All Power to the People."

Staff Seargent Eban Emael of Retaliatory Guard Command stated "The Supreme Republican Commander now believes that it is only a matter of time that the Federation or it's member states uses another Squall Straits incident or terrorist attack type incident to provoke the Free Republic into open war. We have never and will never fire the first shot."

The Office of the Velite General released a statement to the effect that since the the Federation believes that it can engage in 'non-aggressive' terrorism that the Velite Guard will now pursue Federation officials and agents as terrorists. The Velite General once again warned that all Federation citizens within the Free Republic should either leave or be prepared to face extra scrutiny.

Command General Lucane could not yet be reached for comments.
01-03-2007, 21:01
Ministry of Defence to Double Size of Retaliatory Guard

After debate this week, the Republican Council has voted to approve the budget of the Minister of Defence that will efectively double the size of the Retaliatory Guard, as well as accelerate weapons development and testing programs. The plan was supported by Supreme Republican Comander Ring.

Minister Codreanu explained it this way "The current backlog of trained and able Guard cadets that are simply waiting for an open posting will allow us to double each Retaliatory Guard Army from four to eight divisions, with two armored and six mechanized divisions in each army.

The funding also makes sure that the new cadets, some of whom have been waiting for postings for up to two years, will also be fully equipped by the end of the month."

The new size of the Retaliatory Guard is to top three million standing troops with over 150,000 units of armour ready for action at any given time.

The current backlog of cadet postings has been caused by a spike in volunteers that not only sign up but can complete the three year training course.
21-03-2007, 17:03
Condemnation from the UIK

On the heels of a travel advisory from the UIK's Ministry of External Affairs comes condemnation of the withdrawal of Retaliatory Guard negotiators from the unofficial 'Constans Islands conference'. Dr. Barin Lakusa of Cislatûr called the actions of Command General Lucane "Empty showmanship". Such calls for condemnation are growing although it does not reflect the apparent official stance of the UIK.

LNS reporters did catch up with Sir Alec Connover for a response.

"I have not heard these comments, I have no comment on any such 'condemnations' other than I support the rights of any and all to free speech. I will only respond to official comments, as is my duty."

Retaliatory Guard Command had no comment and did not make anyone available to reporters.

Comments did however come from the office of Scipio Nemaraan, Chairman of the R.O.P. which made substantial gains in this years elections.

"While I of course support the rights of anyone to voice their opinion I would ask those in the UIK to examine their 'neutral' stance in regards to the situation and the Constans Island conference. It is clear that the UIK wishes to align itself more closely with the Federation than with the Free Republic."

Comments from other aspiring politicians and pundits are expected.
24-05-2007, 15:22
Republican Council Passes Tribal Territories Act

After four days debate the Republican Council passed the Tribal Territories Act. The Act officially recognizes Orc Tribal entities North of the border of the Free Republic, recognizing their claims to land and sovereignty. The measure passed with a majority 8 votes for 2 against and 1 absent.

Sir Alec Connover, sponsor of the Act explained it's significance.

"This Act simply formalizes the relationship we have had for hundreds of years with our Northern neighbors. They have for years been allowed to enter the Free Republic on temporary three day visas, and this act will allow them to apply for and receive permanent visas, residency visas and work permits. Many of our Orcish citizens in the North, of which there are over a billion, have families across the border and this act will make traveling to see them much easier, and will improve cross border relations signifigantly."

Minister Arden, who voted against the measure summed up the opposition position.

"This is bad for trade and security. The tribes up north are only interested in selling stolen goods in the Free Republic and then buying weapons with the proceeds. I think it is a very bad step."

Varag Ghoulchewer, Chieftan of the Gouged Eye Tribe who was on hand for the vote and first recipient of a permanent travel visa was elated.

"This is a monumental first step for Tribes that seek legitimacy in the eyes of the world. For too long racial attitudes and prejudices haver barred orcs, orcs that have lived in the Klatch longer than the Federation has existed, from becoming citizens of any nation, or forming nations of their own.

I intend to take full advantage of this Act and seek financial and humanitarian aid from our friends in the Free Republic to build a lawful, ordered Gouged Eye nation and give what the North has lacked for so long , security."

PRP Minister of National Security who also voted against the Act had this to say.

"We must be dreaming if we think that Varag Ghoulchewer and his cadre of Black Orc 'Shock Troops' and mercenaries will bring anything but oppression and suffering to the peoples of the North. While I do agree that someone should take responsibility for policing the North lands, Mr. Ghoulchewer is not the man to do it."

The issue that was not brought up was the issue of the 'Orc Tribal Lands' being claimed as park land that is part of the Federated Klatchian Coast. On the First day of debate First Republican William Issem reminded the Councilors that the Federation was not a legal entity under Vaadian law and could not be considered during the debate.

Fallout from the Federation is expected.
10-07-2007, 03:02
Economic Growth Slows for the First Time in Five Years

The Ministry of Economics released it's quarterly report this week showing a half of a percent decline in economic growth. The Minister of Economics blamed tension with the Federation.

"Trade has suffered as a result of the tension between the Federation and the Free Republic while not directly impacting trade in most cases has slowed trade in general in the entire region. Foreign merchants are put off simply by the uncertainty, and it will take some time for trade to reroute further East and correct this current shortfall." Stated Minister of Economics Thomas Wright.

Buried in the technical details of the report was some good news, unemployment fell to 1.28% as the Velite Guard called up all Reserve Velite Guardsmen eligible, the unemployed or underemployed were called up first. Estimates show that several million were being activated each month, in preparation for a Federation offensive that few doubt will be coming soon.

Federation forces and JDF tank divisions still sit perched on the border with Karmanyaka.
17-08-2007, 17:13
Unprecedented Celebrations in Tolteca Republic

With war all but declared on The Free Republic by the Federation, the Tolteca Peoples of The Free Republic are using this years summer carnivales to underline support for The Republic and more importantly , The Retaliatory Guard.

Requests for Jaguar and Red Jaguar forces to come and perform the Tolteca Circle Dance has been made not only by Tollan, where the event tops off the Tollan Summer Festival, but also from Costa-Tula, Costa-Mela, Tlaxcalla and Huitzpl. No less than one-hundred and sixty thousand Jaguar and Red Jaguar will be deployed to do the four day long Circle Dance at carnivales across the South. Record numbers of tourists are also expected to swamp the Tolteca Republic. With only one tropical storm this year the beaches on the Southern Coast have been closed only a remarkable six days this summer.

Retaliatory Guard Command briefly commented on the number of Jaguar deployed for non-combat purposes this summer.

"The forces of The Federation have given us no reason to fear their prowess in the field, and our numbers are more than sufficient to remove any Federation threat, or the threat from any Federation member-state.

They talk a good game, but we have yet to see any competent deployment from our neighbors that would have given us any cause for alarm. Dyellian regulars, sweating in the summer heat in Karmanyakan trenches is less of a threat than mosquitoes at this time of year."
06-09-2007, 15:27
Corum Vaad named Regent of the United Duchies

Lassic, Ilek-Vaad

It was reported this morning that Corum Vaad, Patriarch of The House of Vaad and titular King of Lassic, Coventry and The Border Principalities has been named Regent to the Ducal Throne of The United Duchies of Alcona and Hubris. The press release cites family ties to the House of Crawford, whose mysterious disappearance has left the Ducal Throne of the United Duchies empty.

It was also reported that Corum Vaad has tendered his resignation as Minister of Technology to The First Republican. His post will be filled by his assistant, Cameron Strangue, until next years elections.

It is still questioned whether Corum Vaad can legally enter the United Duchies to fulfill the duties of his post in regards to the 'Vaadian-Terrorist' laws in The Federation. A spokesman for Corum Vaad stated that all legal options were being looked at. He has also stated that Corum Vaad has no plans to relinquish Vaadian citizenship or move permanently to the United Duchies.

Republican Council Approves Funds for Karmanyaka

At the end of session today The Republican Council voted to make five hundred and fifty billion Drachma available to Karmanyakan businesses and landowners that are still retaining their property in The Free Republic. The funds will be released to any any Karmanyakan that can prove ownership and can prove hardship caused by the Federation's closing of the Karmanyakan/Vaadian friontier, applications can be made at the Vaadian Embassy in Katla. The First Republican had this to say:

"The hardship imposed on our neighbors by the actions of the Federation and it's new President should be relieved in some manner, and as usual the Federation simply ignores the problem. These funds will effectively allow absentee Karmanyakan business owners to pay property taxes and bear the additional expense of not being able to travel to their businesses and properties within the Free Republic. The monies can also be used to help defray the cost of retaining aid in selling said businesses or relocate them.

The hardships imposed by the extensive and nearly year long closure of the Karmanyakan border is shameful, and despite the Retaliatory Guard standing down from the border, Dyellian troops under Federation command are still entrenched on the Karmanyakan side."

Karmanyakan businesdsess have been doing their best to sell off Vaadian investments, but many are still hobbled by the illegality of conducting business within the Free Republic.
02-10-2007, 20:58
Retaliatory Guard Pilots Arrested by Dyellian Authorities

Earlier today Flight Captain Jacob Sturm and his co-pilot Flight Officer Theo Cornwall were forced down into Dyellian Territory while flying over Federation Airspace en route to pick up Kaiser-General Hydrik Kûbler in North Germania to fly him to a conference with Supreme Republican Commander Adan Ring. Kaiser-General Hydrik Kûbler had agreed to come to Tollan to meet with The Supreme Republican Commander in an attempt to resolve the current crisis. Command General Lucane, who has been placed in charge of the Klatchian Campaign and Sphere of Operations had this to say.

"This was expected, with a Vrakian representative already in Tollan and with Supreme Republican Commander Ring now meeting with the Regent of The United Duchies of Alcona and Hubris, the Dyellians can't stand to have yet another Federation nation defy their drumbeat to war.

This simply goes to show where the blame lies. The Free Republic has no issues with working these matters out with the Vrakians, Germanians, Karmanyakans or Alconians, but when it comes to the Dyellians, you see the results. It is only Dyellians that claim that their representatives would be unsafe within the Free Republic, which is interesting considering the Dyellian government has in the past kidnapped Vaadian Ambassadors and Retaliatory Guard personnel and that the Tzarina's new Elven allies saw fit to try and assassinate the new Regent of the United Duchies.

The only issues we have are with the Dyellian Tzarina and her vassal the Dyellian Federation President.The whole world can see who is obstructing real dialog from taking place."

When asked about Secretary Delgado's offer for talks, Command General Lucane had this to say.

"Once again, were it an actual offer Mr. Delgado would have offered a time, and a venue for such talks. They have made these vague offers before and have refused to make any substantive steps towards such talks actually taking place. If Mr. Delgado is serious, Federation Delegates can land in Great Lassic when they like and I will meet them, but at this point we realize that the Dyellians are not serious about such talks."

When asked about possible military action he responded.

"That is for the Supreme Republican Commander to decide. The Deadline for Dyellian troop withdrawals has passed and perhaps the Supreme Republican Commander will act as soon as he is finished with the Alconian and Vrakian delegations.

The Retaliatory Guard are always ready to act, at his command. My Life for the Republic."
07-02-2008, 16:15
Accord Signed With the Federation

The office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced today that after direct negotiations with the President of The Federation of Klatchian States an agreement has been reached. Retaliatory Guard Command confirmed that Sir Alec had been empowered on behalf of The Supreme Republican Commander to negotiate and the Assistant to the First Republican confirmed that the Accord would be ratified in the next few days and a vote would be taken on removing the Military Mandate currently in place.

The text of the accord is as follows:

Accord for Peace Within The Klatchia

In order to foster an environment in The Klatchia free of aggression and conducive to the growth of mutual understanding and cooperation, The Federated Klatchian Coast (Herein referred to as The Federation) and The Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad (Herein referred to as The Free Republic) have reached the following concordat.

First The Federation and Free Republic agree to exchange foreign embassies in Port Olympus and Great Lassic respectively. Ambassadors assigned to such posts will be fully empowered to represent their governments to The Federation and to The Free Republic.

Second The Federation and The Free Republic agree that common borders should remain free of military formations to a distance of 20 miles excepting in times of dire national emergency or unless in cooperation. Military Formations shall be defined as any group of 10 or more armed or militarily equipped persons belonging to a military or paramilitary organization, excepting police officers, but including any Gendarmerie armed with weapons of greater firepower than might reasonably expected during police work.

Third The Federation and The Free Republic agree that Klatchia Regional waters be open and free, meaning free from the imposition of any tariffs, taxes, levies as well as the boarding and/or seizure of vessels registered to a Nation not engaged in hostility with the party wishing to conduct the boarding and/or seizure, to all states within The Klatch, up to the territorial waters of recognized states residing within The Klatch. Waterways essential to the health of the commerce of The Klatchia as a whole, such as the Squall Straits and the Sea of Lacon, will remain accessible to all states within the Klatchia.

Peoples residing within Federation Territory that are not citizens of a Federation State shall be treated as Foreign Nationals. These Peoples will receive all of the protections, rights and benefits that Federation Member States would extend to Alien Residents, Foreign Tourists and other non-citizen visitors and residents. The 'Peoples' referred to will be any sentient being of any racial , or tribal group that have resided within Federation Territory. The Free Republic will also agree to treat these Peoples as treaties with the Federation and Federation Member States require.

Changes to this agreement may only be implemented bi-laterally and neither The Federation or The Free Republic shall amend, alter or change the contents of this agreement without the full consent and input of the other.

It is hoped that the broadly framed agreement will ease tensions in the Klatchia.
09-02-2008, 00:37
CTN International (online)

The Ministry of External Affairs today issued a statement welcoming the "Accord for Peace Within The Klatchia". A spokesman for the Minister declared that Lady Valdir was "extremely pleased" with the development, sentiments echoed across the Covenant. An early Secretariat of State for Immigration, Tourism, and Citizenship poll has revealed an increase in public opinion towards all Klatchian nations.

The Lord-President of the States-General, Sir Edmund Foxworth, praised Baroness Caroline ab Ieauf and Sir Alec Connover for "their hard work and dedication to peace". The Lord-President has been invited to address the UIK Daíl (House of Lords) later today on the matter.

All Tourism Secretariat Travel Advisories that cover Klatchia are likely to be moved an entire grade ahead as a direct result. Only the Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad enjoys a green rating at present. This move would see the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak join Ilek-Vaad in that grade, while Alcona and Hubris, Dyelli Beybi (Capital Region), Fodmodmadtol, and Port Olympus would all move to the blue grade.
22-09-2008, 19:24
From the KCN Newswire
Thunderbay, The United Duchies

Late this afternoon the forces of the Red Army airforce intercepted and destroyed a single unarmed diplomatic transport of the United Duchies of Alcona and Hubris. On board were Captain Hammersmith, his co-pilot Leftenant Cpl Sanderson and their passenger Sir Thomas Bentwaters, there have been no reports of survivors. This transport was part of the diplomatic mission of the Regent of the United Duchies to mediate between the Dyellian Government at York and the Telau Parliament of Cyro.

In Cyro the Red Army has also seized the Alconian embassy and embassy staff, and Red Army compatriots have seized the Alconian Keys to the Federation Parliament and taken them hostage as well.

The Regent, The Lord Vaad is reportedly on his way to Thunderbay where a meeting of the Privy Council is underway at this moment, before going into session, Lord Hull made a statement to the press.

'These unfortunate, heinous and illegal actions of the so called 'Blessed' Kingdom of Dyelli Beybi will be dealt with in due course, and with the full weight of Federation Law. The Dyellians at this time are guilty of attacking a Federation state and illegally detaining it's citizens. Federation Keys may be seized and impeached solely on the consent and order of Parliament. The Dyellian Junta is acting outside of the Constitution of The Federated Klatchian States and we will see if the Federation has the fortitude to finally apply it's laws, or will simply continue to sit impotently as the Federation unravels.

Rest assured if the Federation does not act, The United Duchies reserves the right to redress the wrongs it has sustained.. I ask the heads of State of law abiding Federation States to join the United Duchies in condemning these illegal actions by one of our member."

It is reported that in Port Olympus, the Speaker of Parliament is attempting to convene a session to discuss these matters.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Comments

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Alec Connover released and official statement to LNS Satellite News:

"As per the Accord signed with the Federation these matters within the Federation are an internal matter and have no bearing on the Free Republic and so long as the Accord is not breached, we intend to not interfere with Federation business.

Having said that, we are very disappointed that once again Federation member states seem perfectly willing to flout Federation law and attack each other. Regional stability is the concern right of all nations within the Klatchia and the Free Republic will of course always act if absolutely necessary to restore stability to our region.

I do so hope that cooler heads in the Federation will prevail, although considering the track record, it's going to be a rough couple of months."
23-09-2008, 17:13
United Duchies and Free Republic Fail to Reach Accord

The past few months have seen several rounds of negotiation between the Free Republic and the United Duchies of Alcona and Hubris. The most recent round, being held in Costa-Tula, ended without an accord or any new date for talks. It was expected that a mutual defense pact along with trade pacts would be negotiated and signed but the two parties could not come to an agreement. Assistant Permanent Secretary of the Outer Ministry Mathew Bethune gave comment to the LNS shortly before leaving for Thunderbay in the United Duchies.

'Aside from normalizing relations and agreeing to exchange ambassadors, there were several sticking points which the Regent was adamant that I not accept without some form of concession in return. I am sure we will revisit these matters at some point in the future.'

Alan Cherkess, Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs who represented the Republican Council at the meetings had a brief comment for the press as well.

'I will not comment or discuss the details of any ongoing negotiations. Let's just say there is still more work to be done.'

Republican Council Approves Ambassador to the Federation

The Republican Council has approved the posting of The Right and Honourable Livingston Bramble to Ambassador of the Free Republic to the Federated Klatchian Coast. He is expected to leave for Port Olympus over the next few days along with his staff.

Ambassador Bramble last served as Ambassador to Tanah Burung and served there throughout the Knootian invasion. He was honored by both the CID and the Burungi Government for protecting refugees in his embassy during Knootian bombing raids and for providing relief to Burungi and foreigners alike in the Burungi capital.

Ambassador Bramble stood unsuccessfully as the ROP candidate for Minister of Foreign Affairs in last years elections. He was defeated by Sir Alec Connover.

In the Free Republic Ambassador Bramble is best known as having been the IVBA Super Middleweight Champion for four and a half years before having to retire from professional boxing after a career ending knee injury during the Costa-Mela IronMan Tri-athalon.
23-09-2008, 18:49
Border With Karmanyaka Reopens

The Velite General's Office announced today that by early next week all border crossings with the The Democratic Dominion of Karmanyaka would be reopened and that once again Karmanyakan citizens would be free to cross the border without travel Visas. It was further reported that citizens of other Federation states would still need to have a travel visa in place before traveling to the Free Republic.

The border opening is expected to renew the long stalled trade between the two nations and should benefit both nations economies to the tune of billions of Drachma a year.
19-11-2008, 17:01
Commonwealth Completes Spaceport

The Commonwealth of Arisse ( today that it's spaceport, Lagpunkt Terra, is now officially open. The spaceport is connected to the Northern Vaadian highway system and high speed rail lines are expected to be completed by March of next year. The Ministry of Foreign Trade also announced that three hundred and fifty Velite Guard Customs Officers will be stationed at the Space Port to facilitate movement of goods into the Free Republic.

The only unknown is the Federation response. Negotiations for Commonwealth use of Federation 'parkland' were supposed to take place earlier this year, but failed to materialize with the series of incidents within the Klatchia.

The spaceport will almost certainly be a boon for trade for the Free Republic and the Klatchia as a whole.
11-02-2009, 23:12
Election Time in the Free Republic: Bombshell for the Progressive Republican Party

With elections weeks away the Republican Order Party announced drastic changes in it's strategy to challenge the ruling Progressive Republican Party. Former party chairman Scipio Nemaraan explained to LNS News earlier today:

After long consideration and a vote supported by an overwhelming majority the Republican Order Party has voted to replace me as Chairman. Standing in my place will be the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Alec Connover. I, with Sir Alec's blessing, will be standing for Minister of Foreign Affairs to replace Sir Alec, and we fully intend to support Sir Alec as the ROP candidate for First Republican.

The stunning news was met with derision and scorn by current First Republican William Issem. The growing rift between the Sir Alec and First Republican Issem became more and more apparent as the First Republican worked to openly undermine Sir Alec after his successes in opening ties with the UIK and getting the Federation to sign the Accord for Peace authored mainly by Sir Alec. In recent days there have even been charges that First Republican Issem improperly used his office and position to undermine and follow Sir Alec.

The Office of the First Republican has yet to answer to any of these charges. The Republican Order Party has announced that Sir Alec will make a speech and answer the press' questions tomorrow when the parties publicly announce their full slate of candidates.
18-02-2009, 23:30
Progressive Republican Party Unseated

After four days of polling the Velite General's Elections Office released the official results of this years Republican Council elections. The seats on the Republican Council have been awarded as follows:

Minister of Internal Affairs:
Valumar Von Raukov - R.O.P.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Scipio Nemaraan- R.O.P.

Minister of Economics:
Thomas Wright - P.R.P.

Minister of Education:
Lars Danielsson - P.R.P.

Minister of Defence:
Kylie Codreanu – R.O.P.

Minister of Technology:
Petra Baykal - R.O.P.

Minister of National Security:
Zero Tadic - R.O.P.

Minister of Judical Affairs:
Michael Comnenus – R.O.P..

Minister of Foreign Trade:
Madrid Arden - P.R.P.

Minister of Urban Development:
Lammenth Sul'Ayia - P.R.P.

It is expected that the Republican Council will elect R.O.P.. Chairman Sir Alec Connover to the post of First Republican. The stunning R.O.P. upset can be credited almost entirely to Sir Alec's defection from the P.R.P. and his vigorous campaign against William Issem's one-man rule tactics in the Republican Council. Sir Alec and the R.O.P. also benefited from the alleged improprieties taken by the First Republican's Office apparently under the direction of First Republican William Issem.

The Velite Guard have so far announced three arrests in the ongoing investigation into the tailing of and possible coercion used against Sir Alec.
20-02-2009, 16:53
Sir Alec Connover Elected First Republican, Names New Supreme Republican Commander

This morning the Republican Council voted unanimously (10 votes to 0) to elect former Minister of Foreign Affairs Sir Alec Connover to the post of First Republican, capping the R.O.P.'s return to power. Sir Alec wasted no time in addressing the nation and setting his priorities.

"All Power to the People. That is the motto that this great Republic is founded on, and is the ideal that I dearly believe in. My mentor, Minister of Foreign Affairs Aran Adhemar instilled in this inexperienced youth an over-riding belief that the machine of politics functions best when many hands steer it and the will of the People is blue print for it's operation.

The People have spoken and placed me in a position to steer our Republic through the treacherous shoals of the Klatchia and to put us back on course. My predecessor the honourable William Issem is a hero, a great man and at no time must we ever doubt his conviction that he did what he thought was best for the Free Republic. This great man will no doubt with time and lessons learned someday serve our Republic again and in similarly heroic manner. We must all learn the lessons of his administration. The lesson that the voice of no single man drown out the People of the Free Republic and that the judgment of one must always be bent to the judgment of the masses.

I pledge here to return to the path hewn by the Honoured Statesman and serve not at a single man with the power of of the office of First Republican, but as a guide to the will of the People. I will not seek to take the lead in Foreign Affairs, or to use the Retaliatory Guard as an extension of my policy, or to impose my own agenda on any ministry. The People have spoken and elected the best men and women to lead the Ministries of the Republican Council and I will not second guess them. I will guide, moderate, debate and lead discourse in the Council Chambers, but I will never assume that my ideas alone are the only course of action. I am but a single man, and I will never forget that.

The humility learned at my many,many failures in my life of public service will serve me well. The apprenticeship I served at the knee of one of the greatest political minds to serve on the Council will remind me every day of my duty and of my own short comings. I will always know that no matter how smart, charming or clever I think I am that I will not always know best. I will always seek to look on the Ministers of the Republican Council, wise men and women all, handpicked by the People for their unique qualifications to guide me.

I can only promise to attempt to be worthy of this great trust, and to serve the People with humility.

To our neighbors in the Klatchia I must offer nothing. The recent past has been strewn with accusations, arguments , petty squabbles , hostility and misunderstandings. These have come from us as well as them. I offer nothing to our Klatchian neighbors in the Federation nothing but the chance to start anew and to forge honest ties.

I will assert for all to hear that we have no territorial ambitions and we will never use the Retaliatory Guard for colonial gain. I will assert that no person in the Klatchia acting on behalf of the Retaliatory Guard or Republican Council is taking part in any way in the unfortunate unrest in the United Duchies and the Blessed Kingdom. I will swear that our Retaliatory Guard will no longer be an instrument of intimidation and will not deploy unless the Free Republic or the whole of the Klatchia is threatened.

I will not allow the Retaliatory Guard to be a Klatchian police force. Corum Vaad is a Vaadian and the Regent of the United Duchies but we are not supporting his regime financially or militarily and will not do so. We have a greater obligation to the Federation and the Klatchia to allow our neighbors the room they require to settle their own personal affairs. I will give that.

For all peoples in the Free Republic, the Klatchia and the Federation I pledge to always remember the people."

After his inaugural speech First Republican Connover relieved Supreme Republican Commander Ring of his command and appointed General Sulla Edhelin of the Bendith Reavers to the post of Supreme Republican Commander. Supreme Republican Commander Sulla is the first of the Bendith ethnic minority to ever be posted to the command of the Retaliatory Guard and Tollan.
26-02-2009, 12:25

News>World News>Klatchia

Ilek-Vaad votes in new Government
Sir Alec Connover elected First Republican
Dmitri Sardovis in Great Laasic
Arn-Maciska Times

Former Vaadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Alec Connover, has swept to victory in a landslide election in the Free Republic.

Toppling the former First Republican, William Issam, the youthful Sir Alec’s party has secured six of the ten seats on the Republican Council, and bipartisan support for his appointment to his new position as Chief Executive of the Free Republic.

Analysts state that Sir Alec will bring much needed vigour to the post, and will revive inclusive, consensus-based, decision-making at the highest levels of Vaadian politics.

In his inaugural speech Sir Alec has pledged the Free Republic to keep a non-interventionist path with regards to the Federated Klatchian Coast, offering a “chance to start anew and forge honest ties”. Sir Alec was also at pains to assure the international community that Ilek-Vaad has no territorial or colonial aspirations.

It remains to be seen if the ab Ieauf Administration in Port Olympus, or, indeed, any other Klatchian regime, will be able to meet the challenge of honesty set by Sir Alec.

In a show of confidence in the new regime Lady Justina Valdir, Minister for External Affairs, has announced the confirmation of Count Mattias Sakir as Permanent Ambassador to the Free Republic. Count Sakir replaces the temporary Ambassador, Edoud Créyan. First Republican Connover and Acting Ambassador Créyan negotiated the Covenant-Free Republic Non-Aggression Pact, which is attributed as the main driver behind the booming trade between Ilek-Vaad and the Covenant.

Acting Ambassador Créyan has spoken favourably of Sir Alec, referring to the Vaadian leader as a man of integrity and good faith. Baron Créyan will be returning to the UIK for a well-earned holiday next week.

Lady Valdir has also stated that she looks forward to working with Sir Alec’s Administration to cement closer ties and increased cooperation with the Free Republic.

The First Minister will call the new First Republican later today to congratulate him on his victory. This will be the first time in over two decades that a First Minister of the UIK has personally congratulated a foreign leader in this manner.
26-02-2009, 12:25

News>World News>Klatchia

Ilek-Vaad votes in new Government
Sir Alec Connover elected First Republican
Dmitri Sardovis in Great Laasic
Arn-Maciska Times

Former Vaadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Alec Connover, has swept to victory in a landslide election in the Free Republic.

Toppling the former First Republican, William Issam, the youthful Sir Alec’s party has secured six of the ten seats on the Republican Council, and bipartisan support for his appointment to his new position as Chief Executive of the Free Republic.

Analysts state that Sir Alec will bring much needed vigour to the post, and will revive inclusive, consensus-based, decision-making at the highest levels of Vaadian politics.

In his inaugural speech Sir Alec has pledged the Free Republic to keep a non-interventionist path with regards to the Federated Klatchian Coast, offering a “chance to start anew and forge honest ties”. Sir Alec was also at pains to assure the international community that Ilek-Vaad has no territorial or colonial aspirations.

It remains to be seen if the ab Ieauf Administration in Port Olympus, or, indeed, any other Klatchian regime, will be able to meet the challenge of honesty set by Sir Alec.

In a show of confidence in the new regime Lady Justina Valdir, Minister for External Affairs, has announced the confirmation of Count Mattias Sakir as Permanent Ambassador to the Free Republic. Count Sakir replaces the temporary Ambassador, Edoud Créyan. First Republican Connover and Acting Ambassador Créyan negotiated the Covenant-Free Republic Non-Aggression Pact, which is attributed as the main driver behind the booming trade between Ilek-Vaad and the Covenant.

Acting Ambassador Créyan has spoken favourably of Sir Alec, referring to the Vaadian leader as a man of integrity and good faith. Baron Créyan will be returning to the UIK for a well-earned holiday next week.

Lady Valdir has also stated that she looks forward to working with Sir Alec’s Administration to cement closer ties and increased cooperation with the Free Republic.

The First Minister will call the new First Republican later today to congratulate him on his victory. This will be the first time in over two decades that a First Minister of the UIK has personally congratulated a foreign leader in this manner.