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29-03-2005, 19:06
The small bio shock resounded through Latons head. Lifting himself out of bed, his genetically modified secretion glands began to produce adrenaline; though no match for caffeine, it was a quick and less time consuming way of getting up in the morning. Leaving the ruffled bed, he swiftly made it into the shower and began to wash, as usual the water was a perfect thirty seven degrees centigrade. Disappointingly the allotted four minutes quickly passed and the drying fans began their cycle, as the water disappeared into steam Laton made his way back into the bedroom to change for his presentation.

A pair of Nike trainers, blue denim jeans and a black Addidas sweatshirt made Laton appear he was going for a run, but the lab coat he dawned said otherwise.

Are you sure you don’t want to wear anything more formal?
what? I think this is good enough.
Quaint, what about a suit? Something more formal, like most bipeds wear at such an event.
Yes but I’m not a normal biped am I?
One Neural Nanonic chip does not make you superior.
I think it does.
Really? Well if you’re so superior you would be here on time, there is quite a crowd, would you like to see?
Shit! What’s the time?
Nine o’clock, I thought you knew?
You didn't think to mention it?
You have your nanonic, you should know the time at all hours, did you set it for daylight savings, the clocks went forward an hour last night.
Fuck, okay I guess I'll be there shortly.
Very well, I’ll just make do with my audience until then.

England’s transport system had remarkably improved since the nineteenth century, with almost all road traffic removed in favour of faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly electro rails. The shake up to the Empires transport system almost bankrupted the royal family, but it paid off once it was completed, with the Empires trading ability increasing one thousand fold not to mention the dramatic increase in the nations health.

Slamming the call button on his terraces platform Laton quietly waited for a pod to arrive, even he had to admit that this method was far superior than the old combustible engines that used to be in production. He even heard that some countries still used them, like the United States and France. Shuddering at the thought of combusting oil just to move about almost made him sick, that was the main reason why he refused a research position in the American military, who were now falling far behind the Empires remarkable technological advancements.

The pod slowly ground to all halt and to Latons pleasure it was empty, well no wonder, it was Easter Sunday and what loser would go to work on a national holiday.

A loser like you!
Shut up. I have to do this, it is for YOUR benefit.
And not at all for the two million a year salary?
That’s a small bonus.
I’m sure it is, where are you? They are starting to get….restless.
I’m on the University turntable, Ill be there in seven minutes.
Seven whole minutes? I shall try to stay sane.
Sane? When were you ever sane?
Good point.

Moving along the electro rails at almost two hundred kilometres an hour Laton activated his Nanonic Comm link, accessing the Universities main database he enquired to whom was present.

His Majesty Emperor William
Her Majesty Queen Rachel
Defence Minister Arnold Whetherly
Prime Minister Harold Smithe
Foreign Minister Angela McDonald
Deacon James Mckiver

The list went on listing almost fifty major government and military dignitaries, including an envoy from Germany, now regrettably falling behind in the technological race. The list confirmed Latons fears, he was the only one who was late.

Pulling into the universities station, the pods silver tellanium doors quickly opened, obviously the Databases AI personality recognised the rush Laton was in. Running through the clinical white corridors professor Laton Havlin was stopped by the rigorous security checks. Giving his finger prints, retinal scan, DNA confirmation, body mass approximation and Nanonic reference number he finally got through the security checkpoint and into the hyper pod.

Falling almost two kilometres into the Earths crust, the pods large cushioned seat helped him absorb the change in velocities. Usually he would take the elevator but, he was in a rush and couldn’t afford to wait half an hour before reaching the lower levels.

Dazed and confused Laton waited a few minutes before getting out, the display chamber was right in front of him, and with it, the Empires future.

OOC:This is a move of my nation into Future tech, there will be plenty of opportunities to join in later, if you want to take part once I have developed the scene more tg me. Please don’t tag the thread.
31-03-2005, 00:49
Moving into the display chamber with some confidence Laton proceeded straight to the stage.

So you’re finally here then. It’s about time.
Shhh, I’ll introduce you soon enough.
I’m quivering with excitement.

Putting on a small headset Laton clasped his hands waiting for the theatre to quiet down. The rows were almost filled to capacity, fifty government delegates and well over three hundred from the scientific community, this would be Latons greatest mark upon the Empires history, and he had better not muck it up.

“Majesties, ladies and Gentleman, let me begin by first of all apologising for being so late, unfortunately, I neglected to set my clocks an hour forward.” A laugh moved through the rows, much to Latons glee. “And then let me apologise again for using the oldest excuse in the book. But ladies and gentleman you are here for demonstration not a comedy routine.

Twelve years ago Oxford Universities bio research division, led by me and a team of leading experts made a breakthrough in a field known as Nanonics. These microscopic devices have become fairly common throughout the Empire, and I suspect each one of you has, or is considering to have one installed. Nanonics operate by using the body’s small electric current, which in turn allows you to access secure databases and information, within reason of course.

Nanonics however, have another purpose. They were developed for a project codenamed Eden, which has been in development for thirteen years now. The project is reaching the end of stage one, which is why I am introducing you to the Universities most expensive and ground breaking achievement since the Nanonic development.” Nodding his head at an aide Laton signalled for the holobarrier to be lowered.

You ready for your close up?
Hu, ehh oh sorry, I was falling asleep?
You don’t sleep.
With that speech you just made anything would fall asleep, and the jokes, really, did you have to make them?

Laton turned his head to the white wash wall behind him just in time to see it fall and disintegrate. The revealing sight was one of particular intrigue, there behind the stage sat a vast object, two hundred meters in height, almost fifty in width, and what appeared to be transparent ports along its body. Large tubes that could easily swallow an electro pod fed their way into its shiny black surface. Inside the tubes were filled with a green substance, of which the guests could only guess its composition.

“Ladies and gentleman, this is Eden. An artificially created biological construct with full sentience and personality. This is also the reason why we have developed the Nanonic system. Eden can communicate with anyone with such a device. Over the past thirteen years we have been growing Eden to its present size, cultivating him to what we humans would consider a state of puberty. I assume you are all wondering, very nice professor, but what does Eden have to do with the Empires future space expansion?

Well, Eden is the first in what we hope to be a long line of biological stations, we have theorised that Edens growth rate is almost unlimited, with the personality residing within in complete control of how large it becomes. Eden’s cellular walls have been genetically modified to survive a pressureless environment, Eden has also been engineered to create living space, for crews and human personnel as it grows.” Pointing to the view ports Laton gave are more hands on example. “Essentially ladies and gentleman, we have our first fully automated space station.”

How nice of you, you talk of me as though I’m a tool.
But you are, just one that I won’t throw away.
HA, just wait until I’m in orbit, lets see how much you care then!

“I’m now opening the floor to questions.”

Defence Minister Arnold Whetherly stood up, coughing to insure he spoke clearly he activated his own Neural Nanonic to access the speaker system. “Professor, this is indeed a great work of art, but how do you intend to get Eden into orbit? Is it space capable itself?”

“You have raised an important question minister, and may I say, the purpose of our demonstration. Eden will require military support to enter orbit, in fact it will require a command carrier to pull it out of the Earths atmosphere, into a Geo-stationary position above London.”

“Are you serious Professor? A command carrier in low orbit above Oxford, ludicrous, thousands could die if anything went wrong.”

“Of course Minister we would move Eden to another location before transport is commenced, Eden is located in the primary supply shaft, he can be excavated and brought to the surface if necessary, and then moved to another less populated location”

“And weapons professor, can Eden defend itself?”

“Currently we are working on modifying weapons into Edens genetic code, but right now the answer is no. Eden does not have the ability to defend itself from an attacker.”

The defence Minister was cut short by a more important voice, His Majesty decided to dawn his opinion. “I am most intrigued by Eden professor, tell me, what other lines are you enquiring into, this technology surely has a further more militaristic ability.”

Beginning to sweat Laton dabbed his forehead with a small towel, his Majesty practically dominated the room. “So far Sire, we have begun three parallel strains of research, which are only in the preliminary stages, but the results are promising, however with improved funding research speed could be tripled.”

“Hmm, I’m sure it could professor. You say Eden is fully sentient, can you prove this, I do not see a means to communicate?”

“As previously stated Majesty, communication is done through Neural Nanonics, with your permission, I can have Eden talk to you.”

“No I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet, but you are in full contact with Eden, and he hears what we are discussing?”

The entire hall leaned forward on their seats intent on Latons words, obviously still sceptical but intelligent enough to realise the ramifications this would have for the entire Empire.

“Everything Majesty, he is fully aware and sends his regards.”

No I don’t!
Well you do now.

“This is indeed a major project professor, I and my ministers will depart now, I assume you have your data and future intentions all drafted into a report?”

“Yes Majesty.”

“Very well, data stream it to the secure home office branch, and your project shall be reviewed. This is indeed a great discovery, we must now determine if we can allow it to go ahead, sacrificing moral obligations for national development, is not a light decision.”

Laton bowed as His Majesty rose for another pressing engagement, leaving him to discuss Eden with his peers. As the last of the political dignitaries left, a round of applause erupted in the hall, Eden, was apparently a scientific success.

Well how do you think it went?
It went….. Okay but you could have talked a little louder, and removed some of the stuttering.
I never stuttered
Suuuuure, but on the whole I think you done a commendable job.
Ha, high praise from the endangered species.
Well what would you rather I say?
Nothing, nothing at all.
Right, now I’m confused.
Okay, we really have to teach you about sarcasm and irony.
I look forward to it.
The WIck
31-03-2005, 04:38
OOC: Im not a crack pot this is the history of my Untied States of the Americas. THe rivial to the evil tyrannical British Empire. And yes it does belong here...itll make sense in a few posts

October 7th, 1777
The Battle of Bemis Heights
Saratoga, New York
The United States of America

The Battle of Bemis heights had been raging for more then two hours now. The tall well built officer paced about the continental camp. He smelled powder in the air, heard the reports of muskets and cannon, battle called to him but he could not answer it least he disobey the order of his superior. General Gates, he spoke the name with venom perhaps the most cowardly and stagnant officer in the army, but the congress loved him, the same congress that appointed political militia generals into possessions of responsibility greater then his own. Hadn’t he proved his worth in Quebec, on Champlain, or his relief of Oriskiny! Damnation!

He saw gates sitting in his tent with his numerous aide all doing nothing, he should be at the battle leading not hiding! Washington understood that, he was a brave man indeed a real fighting general, he loved him so. He wished him luck against Howe, if the continentals did not win the next few battles there would not be an America.

A rider entered the camp at a gallop his shoulder bloody, he dismounted slowly. Arnold ran to him, and bellowed at the battered courier,

”What news do you bring! What of the Battle !”

“Sir, Colonel Morgan has fallen those bastards under Frasier bayoneted him a dozen times, By Jove sir he took two with him though!” This news the death of his close friend spurred the impetuous officer into action, if Gates ineptitude would lose this battle he would win it, by his life if need be the cause was that great.

His huge black charger Warren sped him to the front through the thick woods, he could feel the battle now it invigorated him, he felt not the massive pain in his thigh from his wound in Quebec.

He now came into the midst of a mass of retreating American troops the British lines only a few hundred yards away! This was it his moment with destiny…

“By God my Boys stand with me the enemy is just yonder!” The battered troops paid the incensed officer no heed they cared only for there lives in the hot summer’s heat. The general noticed that underneath the broken body of a young lad was the national colors he picked it up with care hold it in his left arm, the wind caught its banner showing all its patriotic splendor torn by bullet and shell.

“Stand! Hold the line!” The officer yelled over the din of battle, the fleeing men’s eyes caught the mighty banner, then they recognized who held those colors, the only man who could win this battle. “VICTORY OR DEATH my Men, stand! Hold the line! Liberty shall be won on this field or it shall perish, Goddamn George III and his devilish empire God bless the Continental Congress, God bless these United States!” His speech was greeted by a chorus of “Huzzahs!” from those men who rallied by his side.

It must have been quite a sight to the British seeing this crazed American galloping back and forth through the fleeing continental lines, but he actually rallied them! They formed into tight ranks even being reinforced from the rear…

The general spoke to a sergeant by his horse the British no more then a hundred yards from them now.

“What Brigade is this?” he asked.

“Colonel Latimer’s sir!” the sergeant replied proudly.

“AH my old Norwich and New London Friends. God bless you! Now come on my boys fix bayonets! If the day is long enough we shall have them all in hell before night fall! Follow Me!” The general cried as he rode it the midst of the enemy his man right behind with fixed bayonet.

The battle was fierce and violent, each side slaughtering the other, each knowing this effort here would determine the outcome of the war, It seemed the Americans would win, led by their courageous officer they shattered the regiment that opposed them and engaged the next which was on the brink of defeat as well, should that regiment fail the British would lose the whole game. One man now changed the entire outcome of the Revolution, he was not American nor English, but a Hessian and a wounded one at that, with his dying effort he discharged his musket into the stomach of the brave American, who fell from his horse, the national colors wrapped around him in a death shroud.

The fall of the general broke the spirit of the Americans and the British counter assault drove them from the field. The Continental army reformed around Albany, Its commander the brave gates was last seen riding his charger past his broken troops not stoping until he reached Boston. The coward gates has fled, the tragic hero of the Americans, their most able commander, the heart and soul of the campaign in New York left dead on the field in Saratoga. Out of great Respect for the man’s unshakable courage under fire British General Frasier buried his body with full honors, even lamented of his death and his courage. He said,

“That gallant officer is General Arnold, I admire him his duty like our own prevented him from fleeing the call of battle, he was our equal. It was necessary that he died though my heart aches at the action, Oh fatal ambition I wish the body of Gates laid here not his!” Arnold casket was buried shroud in the flag he died wrapped in.

Benedict Arnold died the greatest hero America has ever known.
01-04-2005, 00:19
Laton was at home, his head pounding from the celebratory drink kindly provided by the University, it wasn’t often that Oxford splashed out on anything other than profitable research projects such as Eden, but here he was, living testament to the deacons kindness.

So what are you going to do today?
I was going to run some tests on the bio filters.
So you’re going to Prod me over and over again with your big tool?
Very funny.
I thought so.
But seriously I need to find out when you’re up for review by the home office, I think that the church will be our largest opponent.
Undoubtedly. They’re always afraid of change, makes me wonder how they managed to accept Christ in the first place?
Yeah, well you know the Catholic Church, they will probably put a bounty on my head.
Yeah, they done it too, what’s his name ehhh…. Professor James Talvan that’s it.
But he was the man who developed the eternal personality, and conscience transfer. Why on Earth would they kill someone like him, he was a genius!
He was, but religions are afraid of change, the Empire is the only nation that allows personalities to exist.
Well you don’t follow the Catholic faith, if anything you’re protestant.
Nah, I follow my own faith, faith in myself, and you of course.
So I’m your God?
In a way, but I don’t pray to you, you’re my ticket to well, proper immortality. If our research is approved, I will be remembered throughout the ages. Entire textbooks will be written on me and my theories.
What a great read they’ll be.
Are you implying something.
Only that you’re well a tad boring for the normal human, when was the last time you done something crazy?
Crazy…. I bought chocolate mint Ice cream two days ago, that’s pretty wild for me.
I give up.
What? Seriously, tell me!
No no, I think you need to work this out by yourself, anyway, I’m up for review this afternoon, it appears His Majesty wants to get me off the ground, quite literally.
Is he funding it himself?
It appears not, he’s asking parliament for assistance, which is why there is a large civil meeting today, apparently the Protestant church has objections on you playing God.
Wait….. How did you get this information?
The News, where else?
But this is supposed to be top secret! How did the BBC get a hold of it?
There was over three hundred people there, come on, like I would’ve been a secret for much longer.
Okay, I’m heading in, order a transport pod for me while ya?
Yes Master, at once master.

Laughing Laton made his way to the shower. Opening the blinds he got a shock, there was quite literally a crusade at his door, a mob of religious madmen. One was even tied onto a make shift crucifix.

Are you seeing this?
Of course, I see everything you see.
How did they find out where I live?
Well, you’re in the phone book, that’s a good place to start, or maybe they got divine inspiration.

Shocked, and quite horrified Laton quickly shut the blinds again. “Jesus the world is full of freaks.”

I think, that this is the point of their protest.
Well I’m away for that shower, have the pod arrive in the next fifteen minutes, and please make sure its empty.
You know they are large enough for eighteen people.
Okay, okay, I’ll take anything that passes by.

Letting the warm water run down his body, Laton felt his muscles relax, second by second he fell into an artificial Euphoria, just as the cycle began its conclusion Laton was rocked out of his world by a rock which came tearing through his bedroom window. Grabbing a towel from the nearby handrail Laton walked into his room now strewn with invisible shards of glass.

Don’t suppose you could call the authorities for me?
Already did. Based on our previous conversation I estimated a ninety four percent chance that the demonstration could get violent.
Don’t you have anything better to do?
Not until you get here with that tool of yours I’m utterly free. Besides, I thought you would have shown some gratitude.
Thank you.

Grabbing a clean pair of jeans, socks and other assorted clothes at random Laton quickly entered the living room which was, as yet free from invasion. Making sure to Close the blinds in hope they would at least slow down any incoming missiles. Throwing on his Nike trainers, Laton was still in shock of the ruckus outside

I Just don’t believe this is happening!
The transport pod will be there in six minutes.

”Fuck” Grabbing his ID card, and lab coat Laton headed towards the door, he would be inevitably late for the pod as usual. As his hand touched the brass handle the room sounded with a crash.

Look out.

Turning, Latons face melted into terror, his heart instantly began to beat faster while rocks and other deadly missiles came gliding towards him. Falling to the floor in a brave effort of evasion Laton was rocked by several impacts, blood flew against the Magnolia walls, while flesh was torn from his pale English body. Slipping into unconsciousness Laton witnessed the world melt around him.


The room was like any other civilian building, in any other civilian office, in any other civilian city, however the great uniqueness it demonstrated was what was inside. Within sat His Majesty King Willian, Prime Minister Harold Smithe, Henry Williams leader of the Labour party and The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Sitting at the head of the table His Majesty King William decided to chair the meeting, of which he would have his way, Eden would be put into orbit, and damn anyone who stands against him.

“Welcome gentleman to a most important discussion, one which will see our nation prosper or remain in an eternal stagnation.” William could have swore the archbishops face brightened at such a prospect. “As you are all aware, the project known has Eden has become of particular national interest, quite literally overnight, and what we have to decide is whether to fund it. The royal treasury has been under considerable strain of late assisting parliament in its national deficit, but I believe you have made some considerable profit this year, some of which could be redistributed towards Eden?”

The Prime Minister looked up almost horrified. “Your Majesty, the budget has yet to be released, we can hardly begin setting aside money for Eden when we have more pressing matters.”

The Labour party now pounced on the conservative’s weakness. “Your Majesty, I assure you, that you have the Labour parties full support with Eden, as, like you, we see Eden as the Empires future.”

“Oh please Henry, you know just as I do the budget is tight, we have just got rid of all the national debt, in three years we will be able to finance Eden easily, but we don’t have the resources.”

“And then we have our moral obligations, are we right to be playing God, Eden is a moral travesty.” Added the Archbishop rather dryly.

William turned, the church was starting to become a obstacle, one that would have to be removed. William narrowed his eyes, staring directly at the leader of his faith. “Archbishop, I am the defender of the faith am I not.”

“Well that is your official position Majesty.”

William smiled, such were the benefits of being monarch. “Well, archbishop, since I am the defender of the faith, I judge Eden to be no obstacle, nor moral travesty to England or our church.”

“Your are the defender of the faith Majesty, not its judge. I work on the laws set by God, not your whim.”

The archbishop had overstepped the mark and he sadly he didn’t even know it. “The church will offer three hundred million pounds towards Eden Archbishop, or I will have every single churches financial records examined. I can assure you now, the money will be taken willingly or through large fines, it is you choice. I am also now ordering my government to pay the money, or I shall appoint another Prime Minister.”

Smithe stood up outraged. “You cannot do that.”

“Mr Prime Minister please… I can do anything I want, this is my country after all. If the money is not found to be forth coming I will increase the royal loans interest, I think you get the point Prime Minister.”

“This is blackmail!”

“Yes it is, isn’t it, am I doing a good job?”

“Too good a job Majesty.” The archbishop replied rather sullenly.

“Excellent, now if you will follow me, I think we can brief the press on our decision.”

“But we have only been in here for twenty minutes, you can’t.”

“Do as I say gentleman.”

Instantly all three got the point and followed His Majesty to the awaiting press conference, Eden would be going into space.

To be continued
The WIck
03-04-2005, 01:38
Congress Building
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Capital of the United States of the Americas

“So Allen just what the hell are you proposing we do about it?” Asked the president of the United States to his national security advisor just a little perturbed to his friend he had known since their days in ROTC in college.

“Easy Bill” His friend cautioned. “I’m not saying we do anything overt just yet this Eden isn’t even in orbit yet. For now its merely a curiosity a station with advanced AI, however it doesn’t even mount weapons yet. My people tell me it will grow them in time however.”

“I don’t think anyone in this room is in doubt that this station is something that those damn tea drinkers will eventually turn into a weapons platform, we obviously can’t let that situation develop, the Constitution is in orbit right now she could take care of this nuisancea before it becomes a problem.” The secretary of war stated.

“And risk an all out war?!” gasped the President, “Never, not on my administration. Allen what do you recommend as a course of action?”

“I think we should send up a sloop, have it keep its distance but have it scan that thing for every bit of intelligence it can gather. Look we all know we are entering a new era now, it’s the Age of Discovery all over again except this time it’s in space, this is not a race we can afford to lose people and we are already behind.” Every one nodded in agreement.
04-04-2005, 02:21
King William sat in the smoking room contemplating his Empires future, the Americans were up to their tricks again and this time, this time it was serious. They were trailing behind in the technology race, and when Americans started to lose, they got arrogant and dangerous, history dictated the need to be cautious when involving the damned yanks, after all, one just had to look at the communist debacle. Motioning for his servant to switch on the News his Majesty waited to see the footage of Eden’s rise into space.

It had been several years since the removal of I.T.V and all other commercial competition towards the BBC after all, he was sick and tired of the medias grip upon his government and the monarchy as a whole, the alleged scandals were threatening the Empires way of life, and more importantly it was threatening his way of life, not to mention the lowering of traditional British morals and values, signalling for the volume to be raised, his servant picked up the remote control, only a hands throw away from His Majesty, But servants are here for a reason. he thought to himself, it would be unfair of me to do his job.

Eventually the camera panned away from the studio to the command carrier slowly descending into the atmosphere. The sun shone with a bright haze as the Empires greatest military vessel formed its own artificial eclipse, the crowd stood in awe at a designated three miles away from Eden, forming a great human circle enveloping the countryside.

Cameras, lenses, binoculars, all were banned from the site in a vain attempt to maintain secrecy, but Eden had been covered up very well disguising its shape, and true size. Three stealth superiority fighters fled past the camera lens, causing a great roar from the television. “Damn them, turn it down Parkins please, in fact turn the damned thing off.” Waving his hands in a mood His Majesty decided he needed to relax. “I think I shall have my tea shortly Parkins,and has the Prime Minister arrived?”

“Yes sire, he has been waiting for an hour now, in the waiting room.”

William looked up shocked. “I hope you took his hat Parkins, it would have been awfully rude not to.”

“I did not sire, I was bidden by Her Majesty not to.”

“Excellent, you learn quickly Parkins. Send my appolagies to the Prime Minister but I’m currently engaged and will not be free for some time, but don’t let him leave.”

“Yes Sire.” Parkins said rather laboriously.


Laton are you there? HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO. Odd, where is he? He has never been gone like this before, ehhh, what’s happening, why are my outer sensors deactivated, who the hell are these people, what the hell is this place, and Laton where on Earth are you? come on its not funny! LATON, I’m not laughing, where are you?

As Eden fell into a fit of fear the command carrier slowly moved into position two thousand meters above the fledgling station. Now covered in a titanium chain mail composite, along with thousands of support hooks attacked to its thick almost metal like shell Edens time on Earth had ended. From orbit hundreds of reinforced chains were lowered and quickly hooked onto the station, and in traditional red coat fashion the ground crew performed their work to perfection. At the last moment the tarpaulin chain mail was hooked onto the primary supports and the command carrier began its ascent back into space.

The change in velocities was the command staffs current fear, the supports were only designed for cargo in an emergency situation and Edens weight never had been tested, but His Majesty was adamant, and therefore Eden had to be taken into orbit as soon as possible lest civil strife increase.

Passing through the atmosphere swarmed by superiority and stealth fighters visual contact was maintained with Eden at all times, finally they passed through the outer atmosphere and entered the blissful void of space.

This is Captain Ippleswaith of His Majesties Command-Carrier Imperial glory to His Majesties Research Station Eden one……….

Several seconds flashed by, while the Command carriers bridge maintained absolute silence “Has the station made contact yet captain?”

“No, not as yet, but I do feel great stress and fear through the link. These Neural Nanonics are truly ground breaking Winston, if I had my way every officer in the fleet would have one.”

“You know what they say captain, be careful what you wish for.”

Yes I’m here, and who are you? And where is Laton?
Eden, Laton is currently unavailable, you know he was attacked by religious zealots?
Yes, but I don’t recall the projected courses being life threatening, so where is he?
There is so much we have yet to understand about the human mind Eden, I’m afraid professor Havlin is in a coma, our medical staff are prepared to implementing the personality withdrawal according to his wishes if he does not recover within two years, I truly am sorry….
I see, and I am currently in orbit above the Earth I assume?
Yes, how did you know.
I am not stupid captain, and I still monitor the news as well as other communication frequencies.
I see……
Yes well, when will these chains be taken off me?
In a few hours, once you reach lag point one, our maintenance crews will begin the final transfer of nutrients and atmosphere.
Okay, but tell them to leave the hooks in.
I’m hungry that’s why.

“Well it seems Eden is raring to go gentleman, inform his Majesty that the transfer process has been a success, if I’m needed I shall be in my quarters composing a report.

A report, is it on me?
How on Earth did you know that.
Well once you opened your nanonic frequency, I am now privy to everything you say and do captain. I think I will enjoy talking to you, Laton did get a little boring after a while.
Oh well cheerio, I’ll drop in later on and help you compose that report shall.

Good grief, that thing is in my head. Ippleswaith thought to himself, or what he thought was to himself as Eden quickly retorted much to the poor officers surprise.

Well of course I’m in your head, how else are we supposed to communicate, and I thought aristocrats were smart

Laughing Ippleswaith realized just what he’d let himself in for,
The WIck
04-04-2005, 06:34
Harbor Three
John Paul Jones Naval Base
New York Harbor,
New York, NY
United States of the Americas

Lieutenant Alyssa Covington was amazed at the harbor three complex each and every time she had to pass through its bustling hub of activity, both commercial and military. Right now she was merely one person of a hundred thousand who were shuffling about the main concourse, the center of the base, essentially a huge glass dome rising almost ten stories above sea level. All along the periphery of the dome there were dozens of causeways all leading out into the harbor, hundreds of ships berthed at their slips. Her ship was one of those berthed she thought with pride.

Alyssa finally made it to her causeway, number thirty-four. She straightened her class A uniform, adjusting the heavy tunic so that it fit properly. She marched up to the marine sentry at the entry to the causeway nobody was within five meters of the man, who had two security bots behind him. He came to attention when she approached.

“Ma’am how may I help you?” He asked formally of her.

“Corporal I am to assume command of the sloop of war Boston , here are my orders.” She said presenting the small hard drive to the marine who promptly inserted it into his mini-comp and read her orders.

“Everything is in order here Ma’am go on ahead the Boston is berthed at slip 27-A” He told her, and she replied by thanking him and moving onto the causeway when the security doors opened for her. She was glad for the moving walkway as it took her swiftly the two miles she had to travel to reach the slip her new ship was berthed at.

The sight of her new command took her breath away. It lay just beyond an old Ticonderoga class cruiser. Its design was new, all two hundred meters of her sleek and deadly hull. She thought of what her father would have described it as, he would have called it a trim ship, a great complement indeed. Her late father was one of the most respected officers in the navy until his death when his ship was rake by a volley from a Royal Navy Destroyer killing him and half his crew. It was one of her motivations for joining the service, she like most Americans in the military had an axe to grid when it came to the Lobsters.

She looked at the fighting deck noticing the her ten gun ports were opened, standard practice while in port, it lets in the fresh air and makes maintenance on the guns much easier. She noticed the ship rode fairly high in the water probably only two decks submerged. The interceptor turrets on the ventral surface would of course be retracted unlike those on its dorsal which were open to the air, she noticed about 15 men and women were bathing in the sun up top the hull. They were not expecting to be re-deployed so soon she understood the ship had just finished her sea trails and judging by her displacement probably wasn’t loaded for battle, but she had her orders and she would execute them.
08-04-2005, 03:27
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The WIck
10-04-2005, 03:03
"Attention on Deck!" shouted midshipman Terrezin as Lieutenant Alyssa Covington walked on the small bridge of her men of war. It may be a small bridge, and her ship may be small, in fact the smallest vessel that warranted a officers billet but she was damn proud of it already. When she came onboard two days ago she was rather concerned at the apparent lack of discipline on board the vessel. She imagined that was due to the fact that over half her ratings were from the countries prisons serving out their time onboard ship, for their lack of discipline such people were often motivated to serve ably for if they didn’t it meant hard labor.

“As you were” she said quickly allowing her people to go back to whatever business had them preoccupied before her arrival. Her XO LT(jg.) Holster walked up to her and touched the brim of his cap with his index and middle figure in a relaxed salute that his skipper returned.

“Skipper we received word from the Harbor master the tugs will be here within the hour to tow us out to the launching point.” The Boston for all of her grace in space wallowed like a drunkard while in the water or atmosphere. It required two tugboats to guide the warship to a launch point about a half mile outside Harbor three. If a ship needed to it could launch from its slip but the damage to the surrounding ships and dock facilities would be great. So the ship would be towed out into the harbor where she could launch safely.

“Understood XO, are we ready to depart?” she asked him.

“Aye that we are Ma’am, the last of the torpedoes were loaded only 30 minutes ago, and we have ¾ the normal load for counter-missiles but it’ll have to do. We also only have about the same for the auto-cannons. Foodstuffs and water is all top off though.” He told her roughly obviously displeased that their ammo levels were not at full capacity, such things irk any war fighter.

Her ship’s mission was that of reconnaissance though she had a feeling that the Brits wouldn’t like her ship peeking at their new space station, and who knew what that could lead to?

The two tugs that pulled the Boston into New York Harbor had now moved off a ¼ mile from the sleek man-of-war. The hatches previously left open on the Boston were now buttoned up, making it rather uncomfortable inside the ships armored hull.

“Fusion Reactor is at 99.87 percent, the harbor master reports that we are a go for launch skipper.” Her XO reported, they would be in space soon and so all of her crew and herself were dressed in the bulky skin suits of the navy, they would protect the crew should the hull be depressurized in the launch.

“Coxswain Barrett deploy the ships launching thrusters.” She told the helmsmen.

“Deploying launching thrusters aye, aye, skipper.” He repeated her orders as he activated the program to deploy the four thrusters that would propel the ship into orbit. “Thrusters deployed Skipper” he replied after a minute.

“Very well coxswain,” Covington then activated the ship wide intercom, “Ship this is Six.” She identified herself to the crew with the naval slang for the skipper, “Prepare for launch to orbit in sixty seconds, I say again prepare for orbital launch in sixty seconds that is all” she said closing the circuit.

Covington then strapped herself into her seat, the rest of the crew were doing likewise when the ship launched the crew would be subjected to some serious Gees and it would not be good if one took those standing up. The Coxswains voice filled the intercom across the ship,

“Launch in thirty seconds….Twenty….Ten….5, 4, Main thruster start, 2 , 1, LAUNCH!” with that one word the final sequence of the launch program activated as the ships thrusters activated fueled by the ships small but powerful fusion reactor. The whole vessel shook violently seemingly not able to defeat Earth’s gravity. If one was to view the launch from one of the tug boats a veritable wall a flame would have engulf the ship for a few seconds before it superheated the water she rode on surrounding the ship with a cloud of gas. Slowly at first but at an ever increasing rate the ship accelerated into the sky, soon it was out of site making its way into the upper atmosphere.

Covington remember her first trip into space, it invigorated her, it was the reason why she joined the Navy, the sense of adventure of exploring the unknown, a motivation that was held by any sailor since the Age of Discovery. She watched in awe as the sky turned from a brilliant blue into the black of space.

“Orbit reached Skipper suggest we jettison the fuel tanks.” Her Xo stated.

“I concur XO Jettison the fuel tanks, bring the main engine online, lets get on with the mission. Tensions have been high with the Brits lately I want the interceptor grid and the counter-missiles manned at all times.”

“Aye, aye Ma’am.” Outside the two 100 meter long fuel pods jettisoned from the ship falling back into the atmosphere to be burned up. Within five minute the ships main engine propelled her forward at 2 gravities roughly 18 meters a second.
10-04-2005, 20:36
The Imperial Hegemony of Japan...long an ally of the United States despite battle against them during the Second World War. She turned her sight from conquest, content with her colonies in Manchuria and several of the islands to the south, and instead chose to 'invade' the world with high technology, anime and martial arts dojos. Or so many people believe.

While that was true enough, the Hegemony was a strong oriental empire, outlasting the Chinese Communists beside it and entering the world as a superpower, one of the three Great Nations.

Tennō Heika Ryūnosuke called a council with Prime Minister Hirosana Takashi and his cabinet to decide on the events begun by the British gaijin.

"My lord, it does appear to be an unusual new space station, apparently named Eden by the British." The Prime Minister reported as he tuned off the news conference, and reaching for his papers. "Currently, it has no weapons, but the Americans have become reportedly concerned from the embassy that it would grow soon enough."

"Hmph. So what do you propose we do here?" The Emperor of Japan asked.

"We do have the Hirohito..." The minister of defense suggested, referring to the battleship named after the WWII emperor, great-grandfather of the current one.

"And ignite World War IV? You surprise me, Jaken, I thought you wished for peace." The Emperor cut into his subordinate sarcastically. It is well known that the minister of defense is an advocate of increasing the hegemony's military power to match the more powerful British Empire and the Americans. In a fight, they could hold their own, but to go on the offensive is a dangerous game.

"Apology, your Majesty." Chastened, the defense minister wished he could avoid the wilting glare of his lord.

"I suggest we contact the Americans about this, knock our heads together so see what we could come up with." The minister of foreign affairs ignored the defense minister and spoke up. "In the meantime, we can move a small unassuming craft closer to take a closer look. The Americans will have already begun as well."

"Very well, let's do it. And get me the President as well." The Emperor ordered.


Aboard the Kunai, a small corvette of the Imperial Space Navy, orders were recieved from Imperial Command and Lt. Commander Manashi ordered his ship to change course and slip the small, almost civilian-like craft closer to the Eden. A Naval career officer in his thirties, Manashi does have designs to command a powerful battleship like the Hirohito, but that's a long way off. For now, he has his orders and will carry them out.
The WIck
12-04-2005, 16:26
"Skipper I receiving word from Crown Point” The sloops communications officer ensign Kevin Webster stated identifying the USN large Naval Station in orbit of Earth at Lagrange Point one. “They are receiving our uplink five by five. They also have sent along several dispatches that are “for your eyes only’” he said as he uploaded the dispatches to her command console.

“Thank you ensign” Alyssa told him as she entered her command code to open the encrypted files, an old weathered voice filled her ear from the receiver she had in it, it was a voice anyone would recognize, Vice Admiral Perry commander of the 7th Space Fleet.

Lt. Covington,

Your mission is a vital one, you are to make a reconnaissance of the Lobster’s new space station. They call it Eden and apparently it is self aware to an extent and strangely enough it’s a living being, and growing. We suspect that they intend to have it “grow” into one of their principle orbital bases. They state it has no weapon systems yet but that is for you to confirm, they have a doughnut escorting it and a goodly amount of fighters so play it cool. We do not need another incident, but should things go south support will be available. The Japanese are sending up a corvette of their own on the same mission as yours the Kunai so lend out allies what ever aid they may need.

Do your full duty.


Vice Admiral Perry 7th ASFCO

“Guns, what’s our range to the target?” the Lt. asked.

“25 km Ma’am and we are above them along the ecliptic.”

“Understood let’s keep our distance for now” by international law a minimum of 8km was required from any military station and only 3.5km from ships of war of un allied nations. “Alight, go active on all sensors lets start getting some data on that monstrosity.” She said calmly.
13-04-2005, 12:14
The slow introduction of BBC news rolled into households across the English speaking world. It was five o’clock in London, and the tradition was, that no matter the hour the entire Empire would receive a news broadcast, disrupting whatever was on television at the time. The announcer turned towards the camera with traditional British composure, and began to recite the evenings broadcast from the autocue.

“Good evening, our main story tonight is Neural Nanonics, which have been brought to the House of Parliament’s attention today in the form of a bill which has seen significant controversy from human rights organisations across the Empire since it was introduced four years ago. Introduced to the richer members of society six years ago, these microscopic devices were hailed as a success by Oxford Universities biotechnology division. It has subsequently been revealed the devices original purpose, to establish a secure communicative bond with the recently revealed space station Eden. It has subsequently become apparent that Neural Nanonics have informative and military applications, with the device being capable of storing terrabites of information with relative ease. James Adam, Member of Parliament for Oxford has brought the bill forward with stern conservative and forward labour bench support. Earlier today, BBC news obtained an interview with James Adam to ask why his plans for full Nanonic military and civil integration are so necessary.”

The screen flashed and the camera switched to a lounge located within Westminster itself. In front of the camera was James Adam, a typical politician with a sneered nose and sided grin over his face. “Mr Adam’s, first of all, I would like to thank you for appearing on tonight’s programme.”

“No problem at all Christopher.”

“Mr Adam’s, I’m sure you recognise that people view Nanonics as a threat to our individuality, and most importantly our privacy, it has been claimed by P.R.F, that this is just another attempt to establish a “Big Brother” state. What do you say to these fears?”

“First of all Christopher, I would like to reinforce to everyone that penetration of a Neural Nanonic unit is impossible without the owners consent, it just can’t be done. These units use new encoding which will revolutionise privacy rights across the Empire. Passwords will no longer be in the overstretched and complex binary numbers, instead they will be chemically induced, caused by a specific memory unique to you. Without the memory, the exact chemical formula is impossible to gain, therefore the Nanonics are impossible to break. Of course that is just a generalisation, the specifics are a closely guarded secret of Oxford university.

As for individuality, this has already been destroyed with the telecommunications era, and globalisation of the planet. Neural Nanonics will allow instantaneous communication over the entire globe, provided your in range to a relay satellite, however Neural Nanonics are going to revolutionise our environment. For example, these devices, smaller than the eye can see, constantly monitor our bodies health, we will essentially be travelling with a continuous doctor, this will revolutionise the National Health Service, saving billions of pounds every year.”

“But, can the government or outside parties monitor our conversations via Nanonic interface?”

“Another good question, to break a data stream from Neural Nanonics is, once again almost impossible. The devices tune into chemical variations in the brain, and as everyone has different brains and consciousness you would first of all have to break into the Nanonic chip, currently impossible.”

“I notice how you use the term currently.”

“Well not even I can tell the future.” Adams laughed with a typical political sneer.

“Quite. My next question refers to education and national progress, you claim that this will almost instantly revolutionise the Empires output in the sciences and every field of research.”

Adam’s took his time, looking deeply into the camera. “Neural Nanonics will remove the necessity of rigorous studying, years of learning and indecision and learned induced poverty. Information can be downloaded and stored at will, no one will require the need of schools only datablocks which can be made and produced with the education systems current budget.”

“But what about those that will lose their jobs?”

“Neural Nanonics can only be installed once the child has reached puberty, primary schooling will be unaffected, though secondary and Univeristy education will no longer be relevant. Neural Nanonics are the onset for a new society, a British led Utopia.”

“One final question Mr Adams. Is it true that His Majesty is forcing the bill through Parliament?”

“Absolutely not. The monarchy remains outside of political jurisdiction for many reasons, the King has no political footing behind this bill.”

“But he does support it?”

“I really wouldn’t know….

21-04-2005, 19:37
It had been almost a week since Eden was officially brought into orbit and publicly announced to the world. The Vatican had called it a crime against nature, declaring King William a heretic, there were even rumours of the church withdrawing the few clergy still preaching in Britain back to Rome. While outside Europe, Japan and America called it “An unsettling development to global security.” Of course none of this was ever screened by the BBC, or even allowed to reach the Empires air space, it was all very hush hush, kept to the upper levels of government.

The Empire was for the most part democratic, run by parliament, protected by the military and overseen by the emperor, who ruled with an iron fist. Rebellions had become a rare thing, people had begun to live with their lifestyle, after all, it was constantly propagated how life before the Empire was intolerable, stricken by unending poverty. All of which led to a super loyal civilian populous, ever mindful of what could be lost, and what could be regrettably gained. International migration was outlawed, and internal passports a must for every civilian, if they wished to move to another province, they would have to undergo strict health tests in order to prevent the propagation of resilient viri like Aids.

International trade was also banned, the Empire was self sufficient, it could easily trade with itself, removing the need to poison British beliefs and ideals with American and Asian evil: their fast food lifestyle, and binge culture revolted almost everyone in the Empire, and if asked, everyone would say, “We are happy in isolation.” Indeed the Empire, though vast and spanning the globe, was isolated and cut off from the world. It is this political situation that will lead to the Edenist reality.

HMS Tarsus

Admiral Ippleswaith looked up from his information pad, steadily reading off the daily checklist. Running a digital line though “Combat scenario” the Admiral realised he had completed everything set out by the officers manual; a twenty five thousand page book on how to run a command carrier. Of course, there were more tasks to do, than his small list provided but, his executive officers oversaw them, leaving the Admiral to concentrate on more complicated matters.

Politics was the bane of every Admirals existence, in theory, a military position was liberated from the trials of civilian life, however, refusing to play politics in his position was not an option, otherwise the politicians would have him constantly flying by schools on air shows to promote their election campaigns or manifestos, that was the best they could offer, after other political traps had much more deadly snares. Gently floating towards his desk the Admiral entered his personal voice code, revealing a priority message from London, the title as ever read “Most Secret.”


Situation Update

Our American operatives have recently monitored an Republican frigate departing Pearl Harbour, on an unscheduled take off. We can only assume their mission is to make an interception of Eden and scan the station. His Majesty has given the expressed desire for this to be kept at a minimum. Visuals are allowed, however detailed scans must be prevented.

We expect a Japanese vessel to attempt the same within the next few days, be on your guard, and protect Eden; that is your primary objective.

Andrew Brown,
Intelligence Director.

Frowning, Ippleswaith picked up the small internal phone on his desk. “Commander Matthews?”


“Have the ship raised to increased readiness, and put the fighter squadrons on alert, we are to expect company some time this week, the yanks are coming up for a peek at our new station.”

“Bloody colonials.” Mathews muttered down the wire.

“Yes, I agree, but His Majesty shall deal with the Americas when he is good and ready, alert the Hood, that we are to receive guests.”


Ippleswaith lowered the phone and attempted to get some sleep. Pulling himself down, and strapping himself into the zero gravity harness the Admiral slowly dozed off, into a world where dreams ruled.

His sleep was fractured and broken, sharp images of Laton banging against an invisible wall flashed into his memory, a look of despair and pain flustered along his brow. Turning, and stressing against the harness, globules of sweat began to escape from the Admirals pours, which were quickly sucked up by the air filters. Moving through the dream world wasteland, Ippleswaith attempted to help the stricken professor, but every step he took, seemed to bring him no closer, it was, his subconscious decided a futile task. Stopping, all the Admiral could do was stand there, watching the professor’s pleas for help. Every second seemed like an age, all the while Laton screamed words that never sounded, carried away by secret wind, invisible to the human minds perception.

A new resolve consumed Ippleswaith, he would help this man, he would save him. Walking forward he began to make gains, encroaching upon the invisible barrier that Laton continued to pound, slowly, it dawned upon Ippleswaith that he was not alone, there was something there, clawing at the man, tearing an endless amount of flesh away from his bones, a great sea of…….

There is a craft approaching , you must wake up now. Intelligence classifies it as an American frigate, no threat to the carriers, but it does pose a minimal risk to my security.

Waking up with a jerk the Admiral rubbed his eyes, he had a vague feeling about something, a dream that wasn’t quite of the bed time story type, pushing it to the back of the mind the Admiral moved into combat mode.

How far away is it?

Two thousand kilometres, your second in command is just about to.

The internal phone rang in the cabin, the sound waves reflected off the mono trivalitite interior, shrilling through the Admirals head. Picking up the phone Ippleswaith immediately issued orders, already aware of the situation.

“Launch two bomber and fighter squadrons and take the carrier to a threatening pose, initiate an electronic warfare field, and drop chaff buoys around Eden, we have to distort as much of their scans as possible.”


Pushing himself up from the floor Ippleswaith made his way towards the bridge, the game, had apparently just begun.
The Merchant Guilds
23-04-2005, 19:06

This occurs after the German European Alliance Representative has heard what is going on at the conference

The sub-terrainian halls of the European Alliance’s Central Government centre echoed with the sounds of busy footsteps and quick chatter of thousands of clerks and officials. Not unusual for the Parliamentary and Governance head quarters of an Empire stretching to the plains of Poland to the Atlantic shores of France to the North African coast, however today something different was afoot.

An Emergency meeting of the European Alliance Supreme Council had been called and was now in session, such a thing was not uncommon but rumours were abounding as they usually did that this particular meeting concerned the British Empire. That much-maligned giant, who thought it could spin the world on its index finger. Hate, Fear and Mistrust of the British Empire as well as a more general xenophobia had been ingrained in most Europeans since birth due to the interesting lack of official dissenting opinions and thoroughly conservative and Alliance bias in the education system. The balance of the planet had not changed in generations, but the Europeans the final victory would be there’s naturally…

Within the vaults of the fortress behind sets of metre thick blast proof doors and sealed genetic checkpoints the Supreme Council was in session. Not unusually the 20 odd members that made up the Ministerial cadre of the Alliance were in a heated debate over the news that had reached them not forty minutes ago from an German alliance representative, Hans Von Vittinghof. Who had been present at an announcement by the British Empire of something that could tip the balance of power drastically in favour of that giant.

The Director of the Alliances Internal Security Forces was almost frothing at the mouth, whilst arguing loudly with the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food about this development. While the Director of Science and Technology tried to interject only to be told to mind her P’s and Q’s to put what was said mildly. The Director of External Security and Defense looked pole-axed and the Executive of the Alliance sat in his chair trying to think while his Directors continued to raise the volume of their many arguments. Eventually Le Grande had had enough, he stood up very abruptly, knocking over his black leather reclining chair and smashed his fist onto the hard oak circular table. When this didn’t even get a second glance from the Directors, he promptly screamed at them in order to restore order. The scream was along the lines of:

Will you get back to your positions, I don’t care about your personal issues with each other now or I will have everyone of you who insists on being so like the Americans and British removed from this room. Forcibly if needs be, do you understand!

It was the Directors turn to look generally stunned, although the Director of External Security and Defense looked slightly happier if still silent and try to comprehend the significance of what they had just heard. They made their way grumpily to the table a few of them making comments about French people under their breath. Le Grande ignored them, he didn’t have time for the inter-regional squabbling that was so much a part of the European Alliance’s Governmental System now, not ever really but especially not now.

Now we are settled again, let us formulate response to this news. I want to hear the opinions of the Director of External Security and Defense, Director of Science and Technology and the Director of Foreign Affairs on this.

Le Grande continued. The rather unsettled looking Director of External Security and Defense then nervously started talking:

Fellow Directors and Executive, we are faced with a massive new threat to European Hegemony over this continent, we all know what this British Project could mean for our Defense. They could bypass the Atlantic, Baltic and the Gibraltar wall, which as I am sure as you are all aware is the 10 kilometre deep defensive belt, not including sea defenses, which has protected us from the Imperial ambitions of the British Empire for so long. Now, we have some very experimental Earth/Space Fighters in the pipeline for the European Air Force, however these are 5-6 years away from any sort of operational model due to military funding issues. Effectively other than a few antiquated SDI weapons, we don’t have very much, which could counter any advantage gleaned by the British Empire, we require funding and permission to begin research into banned scientific areas.

He said staring acutely at the female Director of Environmental Matters, who was staring needles in return.

Le Grande seeing the Director finish nodded courtly to the strangely young Director of Science and Technology. The young women proceeded to get up and make her assessment:

Fellow Directors and Executive, what we have hear is a monumental breakthrough for human kind, our scientists would in my opinion certainly be able to help produce some kind of counter measure in an accelerated time frame if we could find out more specific details of this new innovation by the British Empire. We would ask the Supreme Council to approach the British with a view to gaining some operational knowledge of how this ‘thing’ is supposed to work. However, I will have my Department do a full report of what we know in co-operation with Security and Defense departments. We must make sure that we are ready for anything the British can throw at us in future. To this end I propose we vote more money for combined EASA (European Alliance Space Agency) and Defense developments in this area.

She said looking a little embarrassed still playing with some many of the Alliance’s ‘big fish’. A kerfuffle broke out as the Director the Environment tried to say something but was promptly stared at by Le Grande. The Director shut her mouth realising Le Grande was serious about removing her…

Le Grande looked at the Director of Foreign Affairs again courtly nodding for the oldish balding man with at least two chins to begin his assessment and recommendations. The man promptly responded by moving about in his seat with a lot of effort and creaking. It has caused much amusement when his chair had broken under his bulk several months ago, causing him to have to try and live down the event. A hard thing to do in most walks of life but near impossible in pack of rabid wolves that was the supreme council. The man spluttered slightly a took a large gulp of water from a French crystal glass near him, the Director of Trade and Industry looked like he wanted to explode… that was his glass of water and he felt violated. The man eventually spoke:

Fellow Directors and Executive, this revelation endangers world peace as you probably have guessed, if the Americans, Russians and Japanese were to find out about this it would cause a new and terrible Armaments race. This may cause even worse international and internal repercussions than those, which resulted from the formation of this very alliance in July, 1922. Possibly cumulating in the exploration of the Solar System and the colonising of alien worlds all in order to gain advantage over the other powers here on Earth. We need to counter this yes, but I think we should work together with the British Empire, perhaps increase our unofficial contact with them to the maximum tolerable point.

This caused not a few faces to go red as tomato’s as the Directors they belonged to wanted to jump up and down condemning the Director of Foreign Affairs for treason as being a British spy and agent provocateur. The man continued seemingly unfazed by this reaction amongst almost half of the council.

We would of course work this to our advantage, taking as much as is possible from the British whilst giving as little as possible to them, but we must seem co-operative in order for us to do this. Let us look to the long term not just the short-term solution. We will make the British dogs tremble before us before long, don’t worry my fellow directors.

Le Grande nodded his thanks to the Director of Foreign Affairs, he could see many others were fuming but he didn’t want to give them the chance to put across their concerns simply because decisive action was needed and quickly.

I call a vote on the three propositions.

Le Grande stated, mouths feel open as if on command… Le Grande continued.

A decisive response is required, this is no time for idol gossip and debate, we need to be prepared to catch up if nessacary now

The Directors looked more fiery than usual but seemed to assent to it because they realised if they didn’t Le Grande would have them removed.

With a press of a button the Supreme Council was ready to vote…

Le Grande continued to state the proposition and then have the Directors vote afterwards.

On the issue of allowing the External Security and Defense Department to explore forbidden and outlawed areas of Science.

A few seconds later the result came in, displayed on each Directors holographic screen and on the table centrally through the same technology.

The result was 15 Yay – 6 Nay. PASSED

The next proposition was put forward by Le Grande:

On the issue of allowing a yet to be determined increase (later agreed to be a 30 billion Euro grant to be reviewed at the end of each year) to the funding of the EASA/External Security and Defense Joint Programmes for Offensive and Defensive means to deal with this new threat.

The result was 19 Yay – 2 Nay. PASSED

On the issue of allowing maximal tolerable contact with the British Empire and co-operating with it with the intention of stealing it secrets for use by ourselves for the betterment of the European Alliance.

The result was 11 Yay – 10 Nay. PASSED BY EXECUTIVE

The result was enough for now… and the Naysayers especially the Director of Environmental Affairs looked like had they had the power would have started a civil war over it.

Le Grande smiled and looked at his Directors…

Anyone like a cup of freshly ground coffee or tea, and a Croissant?
The WIck
26-04-2005, 01:59
“Would you look at that skipper.” Covington’s sensor operator noted as the first lidar and inferred returns reached the Congress “Its something else I’ll give it that much.”

She had to admit he was right, it appeared to be roughly spherical though the beginnings of outcropping perhaps slips for ships to berth at were appearing to grow out of the center sphere slowly, but growing nonetheless. The base appeared to really be some sort of growing entity, well she was skeptical that it was actually alive and cognitive she could imagine that modern science could produce and organic structure with defensive properties even if those properties were merely only amour at the moment. Her concentration of thought was suddenly averted as alarms rang through her ship, she automatically knew what they were telling her,

“Sound general quarters, activate the defense grid, launch the port and starboard tethered decoys and four of the mobile ECM emitters!” she said quickly noticing the carrier launching a wing of Aero fighters and bombers. The Brits didn’t like her peeking at there new toy eh? Well too bad for them she hadn’t broken any international laws and the Brits were not the masters of the universe.

“Contact Crown Point and the Constitution apprise them of the status change, and request some additional support the Brits want to play hard ball lets play back.” Her ship continued to “Ping” the base with their lidar as the carrier activated its ECM hazing the ship in a sort of electronic haze, but still useful information was returned Sloops were the eyes of the fleet for a reason after all, but the Congress slowly increased the range between the ship and the strange base and carrier.
27-04-2005, 16:08
Ippleswaith lumbered onto the command deck located in the very centre of the carrier. Most space capable ships had their bridge on the outside, in a dominating position, but the royal navy saw that as a needless arrogance which was only to be kept in maritime warships. Activating his magnetic boots Ippleswaith clung to the floor, slowly trudging towards his chair.

“What’s the situation XO?”

“SAR, they American sloop has begun scanning the station, our ECM is active and their returns will be minimal.”

“Threat to the station itself?”

“The Americans are probably attempting to use a maritime law which states they are allowed within ten kilometres of our position.”

Ippleswaith scoffed. “Nonsense, open a transmission, they will maintain a twenty kilometre distance at all times, if not we shall fire upon them.” Looking around the bridge the Admiral watched for any untoward reactions amongst his staff; there was no place for cowards on his ship.

What are you doing?
A little bit of posturing, we consider the Americans a threat to your safety.
Will they open fire?
That is something we don’t yet know, but I don’t believe so, they wouldn’t get within eight kilometres of you, it would be madness to attack while both command carriers and their escorts are present.
So what are they doing?
It’s a political statement as well as a military operation. Their government is letting us know that they know about you, while attempting to gleam every little bit of information possible.
I see…..

Ippleswaith lifted a small microphone from his pocket, “Transmit on all frequencies.”

“Channels open Admiral.” A young officer responded from across the bridge.

“American vessel, you are approaching a classified military installation under the guise of an outdated Maritime law. The British Empire has not singed any such treaty nor do we recognise it. Eden is considered British Sovereign territory, and a five hundred kilometre territorial radius is therefore applied. You will therefore maintain a five hundred kilometre distance or be destroyed, you have fifteen seconds to turn about.”

Will they turn?
They have no choice, if they don’t they will instigate a world war and be destroyed, the yanks are not stupid enough to begin a war the can’t yet win.”
“Sound general quarters, and have all fighters launch.” Clenching his hands Ippleswaith had no desire to be known as the man who begun a world war, but if the Americans continued in their arrogance hw would have no choice but to open fire.
The WIck
10-05-2005, 04:24
She knew that she should have ordered her ship about when the Brits message played over the sloop's comms.

“American vessel, you are approaching a classified military installation under the guise of an outdated Maritime law. The British Empire has not singed any such treaty nor do we recognize it. Eden is considered British Sovereign territory, and a five hundred kilometer territorial radius is therefore applied. You will therefore maintain a five hundred kilometer distance or be destroyed, you have fifteen seconds to turn about.”

Even over the mechanical distortion of the officers voice and the static that infected it she could here the elitist tones in his voice seemingly condescending. Were those the words they told her father before they fired into his command? They angered her.

"Wait fourteen seconds then break off to 500 kilometers. As we break though release chaff and release a stealth RD I want it to maintain station and keep a close eye on that thing." She said in a determined voice the Brits would most likely see the Chaff as merely something to cover her ships retreat, which in a large part it was.

A stealth drone was essentially a small satellite with an independent drive source that could keep pace with the British ships. It was designed from stealth materials and like the aerospace assets of the American Aero-Space Force it contained no right angles and unless it began to maneuver relatively radically it would be all but invisible.

However if the Brits has any idea of firing upon the Congress perhaps the approaching bulk of the Dreadnaught Constitution and four frigates consorts would dissuade them. Though the American ships were still a thousand Klicks out it was still within range of thier anti-ship missiles.
04-06-2005, 19:56
The command crew looked relieved when the American sloop turned about. “They’re leaving Admiral, shall I stand down the conditional alert?”

Considering it for a brief moment Ippleswaith decided to conserve the fighters fuel. “Very well, have the fighters dock, but keep the fleet on stand by, we all know that the yanks are always up to something.” Ippleswaith turned and left the bridge. It was time for a visit to Eden itself, which, having being brought into space a mere week ago had grown considerably, out pacing even professor Latons expectations.

Reports from Eden and the new science officers assigned to her indicated that the atmosphere and pressure inside was now significant enough for habitation, great news for the Empire which was badly in need of even the smallest of orbital stations, but Eden wasn’t going to remain small for long. In some places especially the new docking rig the habitat was growing in excess of five meters a day, a triumph assuredly, but still a few of the sceptics remained concerned, most of them didn’t like the removal of the human element but they were people of the past and the Empire desperately needed to accelerate, in almost every area of expertise.

Moving down the central command corridor Ippleswaith eventually reached the shuttle bay, there sitting on the private pad was Angel, his personal yacht, capable in theory, of reaching the moon if, and all at the tax payers expense. Privately thanking the Department of Administrative affairs for their subtle manipulation of the figures Admiral Ippleswaith slowly boarded the craft, carefully inspecting any damages to the paint work. Re-entry was such a taxing thing, and he so liked the black paint the way it was.

Taking the pilots chair Ippleswaith ignited the engines and ascended out of the cargo bay towards Eden…..

London: Royal George Hospital


What is this, my word, surely you are smart enough to realise the middle of the bag when you get there?

I don’t know, I…I can’t see anything, my god I’m blind! I’m blind…..

A thousand laughs erupted from around the professor. No you’re not blind, but you are getting warmer….you see professor you cannot see as, there is nothing to see.

What do you mean, I…I’m in London.

Why yes your body is, but your mind…..I’m afraid well, that’s a little bit further away….

What, what on Earth are you talking about? Look, I’m fed up with this, now I really must get back to the university, Eden will be worried.

Ahh yes, your biological construct, ingenious I must say, a bit before your time really, but I’m sure it will work well, after all, as far as I know Eden is enjoying space even as we….eh communicate.

Don’t be silly, Eden is not in orbit, we only saw the King yesterday.

Oh there we have it, he mentioned time. Someone teach this man the meaning of the word for goodness sakes.

A great silence consumed the void.

Oh well, I guess it’s up to me. Professor and I use the word loosely, time is so, well new, and well, it has no meaning here.

Don’t be such a damned fool, if time had no meaning then how come I just said that.

Oh professor, you haven’t said anything at all, I said communicate but we can hardly talk when there is nothing to talk to.

But we’re talking right now?

Oh professor, we’re communicating, not talking, if we were talking well, perhaps you could tell me where your mouth is?

Well it’s right….eh.. where is it?

Exactly my point, you don’t have a mouth, body, or any physical attribute at all, its all, a matter of the mind.

I thought you said there was nothing here?

There’s not, well not in the materialistic way.

Well what way then?

Well, there is plenty of energy about for one?

That should satisfy the gas bills ehh.

Professor please, Gas does not exist here.

Well what does?

I told you, nothing, nothing exists here.

But you just told me energy exists.

No, I told you energy is present, energy cannot exist in a material form, well if it did, it would be matter.

But where am I, you’ve still to answer my question.

You’re nowhere.

Please, for once, just answer my question directly….

I am trying.

But you’re hardly getting anywhere, now, once again, what is happening to me and where am I?

You’re nowhere and nothing is happening to you as your just about dead.


Yes, you’re just about dead, I did tell you.

No, you told me I didn’t exist.

Make of it what you will, but I did tell you.

Couldn’t you simplify it just a little bit?

No, I’m sorry, I’ve simplified it all I can, but, there is a way I can help you to understand, you just have to be willing…….


As usual His Majesty was peacefully enjoying his Empire, blissfully enjoying the big map, looking at all the red, and once again he was looking at that big blue bit. The COLONIES.

“Andrew would you look at this.” His Majesty exclaimed rather profoundly. “Did you know that the new biological defence contracts are fifty million pounds cheaper than our existing ones.”

The secretary turned. “Does that mean you will be verifying the existing ones?”

“Verify the existing ones?” George asked confused.
“Well it’s such a waste of money and I do work for the civil service. But shouldn’t you consult Sir Whetherly first Majesty.”


“Well it is a policy decision Majesty, and that is what he’s here for, to advise you on policy decisions.”

“Fine, call him in.”

While Andrew picked up the phone His Majesty poured a brandy. Before the liquid hit the glass Sir Whetherly entered the room. “Majesty, how can I serve today?”

“I have decided not to renew the existing defence contracts.”



“Yes Why?”

“Well we’ll save money.”

“Fifty Million pounds Majesty.” Andrew interjected.

“Yes we’ll save fifty million pounds Whetherly.”

“Yes but why?”

“Because we’ll save money, and get more public support for the new biological division.”

“Well, I am only here to serve Majesty, but may I add what a courage’s decision.”

“Courage’s?! Why, what’s going to happen?”

“Well Majesty, while saving financial materialistic coinage, I must interject that such a change on policy would cause a slight intermediary reaction in the preliminary contractual area of personal affairs, resulting in an immediate deficit of governmental employment statistics in certain areas around the nation. Therefore I must insist that we have an inter-departmental committee resolve this matter so that it may be examined from a variety of angles, upon such a time when it is completed, we may have the appropriate course of action taken.”

“What? Speak in English Man. English!”

“But Majesty I don’t know how to put it any simpler than that.”

“Look, I am cancelling the current contracts and that’s final.”

“Is that a final decision Majesty?”

“Yes, final final.”

“Very well Majesty, if you sign the document I will see that it reaches the correct people.”

“Now, I want this through Mavil. I am committed to the biological division.”

“Yes Majesty, I’m sure we can come to some accommodation.”

“No, no accommodation.”

“But Majesty this is politics.”

“I am the King.”

“Yes you are, but, you have also entered politics and as a result we have to be political. You can’t just go about making policy decisions.”

“But that’s what I’m here for.”

“No, that’s what I’m here for. You’re here to make us look good.”

“What! I am here to run the country.”

“Yes Majesty, whatever you say.”

“I serious Mavil, I want this through.”

“Your wish is my command Majesty, as always, but I must add, that this new policy could have repercussions…..”

“Damn the repercussions.”

“By your will Majesty, but I did tell you so……”

As Mavil left the room with signed document in hand, the king looked on slightly worried. “Will there really be any bad repercussions Andrew?”

“Well, I’m only a secretary and Sir Whetherly is your advisor, perhaps you could ask him?”

“I did and he stonewalled me.”

“Well I can only advise that you ask your advisor Majesty……”


The hydraulic pistons slowly extended the landing struts as Ippleswaith came in to land. His fighter passed the Cargo bay door, which had just folded out of his way like a pair of curtains. The bay was one of Edens smaller facilities, just large enough for his shuttle and a maintenance crew, and that was it. Ippleswaith was curious as to how the station would grow larger facilities.

Well first of all, I just think what I need and I start to grow it. It’s rather useful you know.

So where on Earth am I to be heading.

Go out of the front door and turn right and head straight down the corridor, your colleagues are waiting for you there. Oh but wait for the bay to pressurize first of all, we don’t want an exploded Admiral on our hands now do we?

No, I suppose not.

Waiting for the pressure to build up Ippleswaith could only wonder at what he would find when he finally managed to exit his ship.
The WIck
05-06-2005, 18:52
The commercial advertising the newest flavor of Coke-Cola, Coke with Orange finally completed. The transition to the feature presentation was seamless, it was seven pm eastern standard time, time for the News.

“Welcome to the ABC’s (American Broadcast Channel) Nighttime News, as always we are graced with the captivating presence of Miss Rachel Franklin.” The older male anchor dressed in a grey three piece suit with a full head of thick grey hair looking quite the gentlemen said smiling towards the much younger and quite beautiful female anchor to his left who wore a simple dress yet it seemed to contour to her shapely curves perfectly. “And I’m Markus Downing” her finished saying.

“Good evening and welcome to all the Americans watching this broadcast from Bangor, to our brothers and sister in Buenos Aires, and also to all our ships at sea, and to all of you watching from the sea colonies. Here is your News at seven.” She said the introduction to the program and also leaving an opening for Markus.

“Thank you Rachel, Here are tonight’s headlines.” He said pausing for a moment as the camera zoomed into his face and the picture above his right shoulder display an object in space visible only by inferred returns. Obviously a space craft but it lacked the ridged blocky forms of a USN Orbital Platform or an Essex class Carrier.

“In a stunning Naval maneuver a Royal Navy deployed both of their Command Carriers to tow this Space station christened Eden to its current location roughly 3 thousand miles from the surface of the earth. This station is completely Organic, as preposterous as it sounds our experts have stated that it was “Born” and will grow on its own. For a more detailed investigation of this Space station we go now to our expert Reginald Ivey former Admiral in the USN and a veteran of the Pacific Wars onboard the Carrier Constitution Reg can you hear me?” after a short pause the response came though with some static and his picture lagged a second behind his words, one of the disadvantages of transmitting from space to surface.

“Yes loud and Clear Markus, I am reporting to you tonight from the Essex-Class Space Carrier Constitution. We are currently holding station roughly two thousand miles from the station dubbed as Eden. The Royal Navy has established a CAP, that is a combat air patrol to protect their station with fighters being stewarded by one of their own Doughnuts, ah that’s Navy slang for a Command Carrier. This station is phenomenal we are still receiving visual returns from our telescopic sensors, its completes organic and its shape reflects that with its asymmetrical and ecliptic form. Right now it’s the size of a small station though a distant hanger bay and command ring are evident. Naval intelligence is concerned about this Eden’s rate of growth right now measured at two meters a day, personally I believe that the Royal Navy intends this station to grow into their major fleet base opening a new frontier for colonization. This is history in the making people and will become a major strategically and tactical concern for our future security. Back to you Markus.”

“Thank you Reg be safe out there ok?” Markus said as the camera shifted and zoomed in on the lovely Rachel’s face.

“In a related story we have confirmed reports from the Pentagon that construction on the new Angeles class sea and space carriers. This class of vessel is claimed by its proponents to be the most advanced carrier to date capable of combat both under the sea, upon its surface, and in the depths of outer space. Using its hydrogen fueled rockets it has the ability to supercavitate at speeds of march one in depths reaching three kilometers. As one can suspect this vessel was adopted by the Navy to counter the massive sub fighter force of the pacific state Kalitha. The critics of this class of vessel state that it is to far reaching for its time, to advanced and to over budget. They state that the Norfolk advanced tri-marine carrier and Essex Class space carriers both far more conventional designs and far more affordable are the best investment of the taxpayers money. This conventional carriers can field the Navy’s new Stormrider fighter. It remains to be seen whether or not the next Angelus class carrier the Coral Sea will be completed now that construction has resumed for the moment….

+ + +

Two of the Navies S/A-16C sub fighters supercavated approximately 2200 meters underneath the surface of the pacific ocean approximately 600 kilometers south of Nova Hawaii. They patrolled roughly along the Demilitarized Zone that existed in the buffer state of Cartania. This state of course about ten years ago was the pretense of the Second Pacific War. The largest of the Pacific states Kalitha attempted to annex the state, however a Japanese tri-marine carrier was docked in its capital and was fired upon by the Kalitha Empires sub fighters. The resulting battle was bitter indeed, both the Japanese and the Kalithians poured in naval assets and it appeared that the Kalithians with their superior sub fighters and larger numbers was about to win the day. When suddenly the United States Navy the long time competitor to Kalithian domination of the Pacific intervened, with their new S-16 A sub fighters that were specifically designed to savage their Kalithian counterparts. The veteran Kalithian fighters bitter opposed the entrance of these relatively green American pilots into the conflict and showed the Americans why they were the most feared force in the pacific. It was a baptism by fire for the sub fighter pilots of the USN, but these green warriors won the day, in the resulting negations it was decided that the state of Cartania would remain independent but demilitarized except for three squadrons of their own S-16 A fighters. The resulting three years have been strenuous on the American sub fighters tasked with policing the border, it was a limited patrol often the Americans were forced to watch as Kalithian renegades raided the mines of Cartania or its freighters.

Lieutenant Casey Jones checked the display on his new ST-6 sonar which reported to him that there were no unknown or potentially hostile contacts in the area only one of the massive underwater tankers of the Cartania merchant marine. Another blip close to the center of the display represented the sub fighter piloted by Captain Ross Gallagher. The Captain lead the pair of subfighters on the patrol, he was a veteran of the Cartania conflict since its earliest moments . In that bloody conflict he was decorated an ace, only one of four in the entire navy. He was a hero to the other sub fighter jockeys back at Pearl, and Jones held the utmost respect for his quiet C.O, he had heard the man was outspoken and loud before the War, but Jones supposed seeing some of your best friends killed could quiet any man.

“Sir the scope is clear besides that freighter, it seems like it will be an uneventful patrol again.” Jones almost sounded disappointed.

“Lieutenant Jones I for one will take a quiet day over the alternative any day” The captain said rather sternly.

“Sir the squadron is getting together for a volleyball game against those leathernecks of VMF-102 tomorrow we could use your support. It would mean a lot to the squadron.”

“Lieutenant I didn’t join the navy to play volley ball.”

“But si-” Jones cut himself off knowing better then to prod any further, he had been the captain’s wingman for four months now since he graduated from the academy and knew that mans attitudes better then most, “Aye, aye sir.” The next few minutes were silent as the fighter continued along at a paltry 600 mph, roughly half their top speed at this deep depth. Jones fiddled with his sonar some more adjusting the resolution and its range, he concentrated the beams at several points allowing it to reach out further then normal, out of boredom more then anything else he was utterly shocked when it returned with six unknown contacts that the computer identified as Kalithia’s new hammerhead sub fighters.

“Oh fuck.” The now quite nervous Lieutenant swore to himself. “Fuck.” he repeated realizing his first outburst was loud enough to be picked up by his com system. The captain never swore and wouldn’t be happy that Jones did.

“Explain Lieutenant.” the captain said quickly.

Remembering his protocols know as his mind raced at mach three, Jones stuttered “B-B-Bingo! Contact six-pack” Naval slang for half a squadron “Bearing 035 degrees 200 miles sending you the telemetry sir.” he finished.

“Good job Jones, contact the George Washington apprise them of the situation and follow my lead.” the captain said all business as he increased of his fighter to a thousand MPH and plotted a least time course to the DMZ.

“Home Base this is Viper flight One-niner over.” Jones waited for the carrier to acknowledge “Contact six pack Kalithan sub fighters inside the DMZ over.”

“Roger that One Six close to the DMZ but do not I repeat do not cross it unless rules of engagement are breeched.”

“But home base the Kalithians have already crossed the DMZ.” Jones pleaded knowing it would do no good, the USN did not want another Pacific War with recent increased tensions with Britain. “Sir it’s the same old story from Home Base we can’t cross the DMZ.

“Roger that Two.” the captain stated, then Jones heard the message sent to them from the Freighter.

“American Fighters the Kalithians have vectored onto our position, please help us!” It used to be that these raids would only result in a loss of cargo for the Cartanians but recently the Kalithians realized a missile would work just as well at terrorizing the Cartanians. The destruction of the oil freighter was assured if events were allowed to continue as is.

“Copy that Cartanian Heavy, come to 185 degrees make for the DMZ get to American waters. Over.” The Kalithians responded sullenly, knowing that they would never reach the border in time, but it was all that could be done at fifty km the first two anti-shipping missiles were fired by the Kalithians who ignored the freighters pleas to allow them to evacuate their vessel first, Jones watched horrified as the escape pods raced away from the freighter, time was against them they would be caught in the shockwave of the explosions that would kill their freighter. The death of the freighter killed its former owners.

“Goddamnit sir! Those murdering suns of bitches just ignored the Cromwell Convention! We need to do something!” the junior officer appealed to his commander.

“Control yourself Lieutenant.” Ross Gallagher considered the situation it was a breech of the ROE’s in a technically sense but this was not a fight he wanted to occur, they were outnumbered and outgunned, and the demons of his past still haunted him, did he still have what it took to fight this kind of battle. His skin ran cold at that thought. “Send a report on to Homebase.”

“Sir, I didn’t join the Navy to watch our enemies murder civilians.” Jones said icily letting his rage pour into his voice, he regretted his words knowing they were not justified when talking to the captain, but he knew as well as the captain what that report to Home base would bring, a recall order.

Jones’ out burst hit a cord in Gallagher’s soul perhaps his spine, his objective was clear, they would avenge those murdered Cartanians, they would protect the innocent which was one of the core mandates of the navy in the pacific. “Home Base this is viper one-five ROE breeched, engaging the enemy, requesting reinforcement soonest.”

“Negative One-five return to base, over.”

“Ah…Hom---ase---can’t read---eaking up ---…” The captain let static fill the line after that.

“Follow my lead Jones, weapons are hot.” The captain ordered and Jones replied enthusiastically as they vectored onto an intercept course with the raiders. Who noticing the navies maneuvers matched them the eight vessels closed with one another at better then 2000 miles and hour. “Jones they can turn on a dime when we pass by don’t try to turn inside them instead break for the surface we have more power then them. Open the gap then we will come back at them the alert squadron should be here soon.”

“Aye aye SIR!” Jones stated, but Gallagher knew the truth the odds were stacked against them if they survived the first pass he would be shocked, but one does not join the Navy expecting to live forever. “I’ll take the two on the left , you have the two on the right Jones. Missile range in Five-four-three-two…fox two” the captain stated launch two of the sea-shark anti-sub fighter missiles at the enemy, Jones responded doing the same. Their enemy similar responded, counter measures launched from sub fighters on both sides , several missiles on both sides exploded before they reached their targets by microwave interception devices, several lured away by decoys, in the end one of the enemy fighters exploded another broke away damaged . It was not a one sided exchange, the captain fighter remains unscathed even as two missiles exploded in close proximately of it. Jones was not so lucky.

“Aw shit.” Jones swore to himself their fighters passed the Kalithians. “not good arghhh.” He grunted in pain and from the change of pressure as he pulled up on his stick climbing rapidly to the surface, “Sir I’m hit…I’m bleeding all over the place, avionics is shot she’s handling like an brick.” Jones looked down to his stomach and the dark blacked blood oozing from it wasn’t good. “I’m finished sir stomach wound, we cant win get out of here while you can.” Jones begged his superior already his craft was losing acceleration he couldn’t out run their tormentors. In the background Home Based urgently requested a salute report and responded a group of the new Stormriders were inbound.

“Jones make for the surface and the Stormriders, the viper got more speed in shallow waters then them, Get out of here son…you did good, those two kills were yours. Viper One-Five out!” Jones swore to himself as he banked towards the Calvary, his damaged ride shaking violently threatening to tear itself apart. He saw the captains fighter enter back into the fray damaging another with his pulse gun, the enemy swept onto the American fighter striking it several times with pulse blasts. Then Jones saw the captain do the impossible, he turned inside of a Kalithian sub fighter, the Gees of that maneuver were supposed to rip a viper apart. Two more enemy craft fell victim to this surprise maneuver before the remaining two fighters finally destroyed the American’s crippled fighter.

Jones prayed for his captain soul but knew his own number may be up as well as the remaining two fighters closed with his own wallowing, he had one chance and that was to break to the surface, his fighter wasn’t capable of air flight yet that is where the Stromriders would be vectoring in from due to their superior speeds in the air. He couldn’t see above the waves but they should be close by now,

“You want me come and get me you bastards.” Jones slammed the throttle as far forward as it would go as his rose quickly to the surface, he move as his craft seemed to tear itself apart in his suicidal maneuver for only the faintest hope of survival. The enemy closed on him though, he watched pulse blast skim by his craft at the closest of margins. Things began to black out as his craft approached to surface, he was going to die even if he reached the surface, he had one chance left to go out with a blast, he reversed his throttle as his ship broke the surface. He grunted as he was propelled out side his craft as he pulled the ejection handles. He watched his craft seemingly hang in midair as it rose above the surface of the water, this stall was so unexpected by the enemy closely pursuing him that it rammed into it obliterating both craft. Things went black as he noticed four Stormriders approach, sending the remaining sub fighter scurrying.

+ + +

“ Our final story of the night comes from the Pacific state of Kalithia tonight where Emperor Trelleus has sworn to uphold peace in his realm and the surrounding pacific states. The emperor has stated that he has no wish for another Pacific War and that his dynasty is committed to peace and prosperity. While our analysts here at ABC are concerned over unsanctioned renegade assaults into the demilitarized zone of Cartania we are hopefully for continued peace in the Pacific and applaud the Emperor’s efforts to keep the peace.” The soprano voice of Rachel Franklin said pleasantly. “That’s the news American Have a wonderful nigh-” She looked shocked as her co-host cut her off suddenly during her conclusion.

“Excuse me Rachel.” Markus said as he held his ear obviously adjusting the receiver he had in it. “This just in approximately two hours ago their was a sub fighter engagement south of Hawaii two of our fighters engaged six Kalithian fighters who violated the Cromwell convention. They were both destroyed but claimed five enemy kills, we are also receiving a confirmed report of a strike on the George Washington and her escorts, and there are unconfirmed reports out of Kalitha Ra
And oh…Oh my god…”

ABC broadcast of Nighttime News, 8 January, 2065.