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Human Genocide

29-03-2005, 02:24
The young man prepared to drop on the small town. His platoon had been asked to drop a mile from the the town. The light turned on and the Lt. said lets do this boys. They started to drop out of the airplane. The young man loaded his weapon and headed toward the meeting point. The platoon crossed the mile meeting no one on the way. They split up and come in at different angles. The young man comes up to a house and busts the door open, he checks inside the door way for anyone. He searchs the house no one is home. He looks across the street to his buddy shooting up a family of four. He turns and enters the next house to see a family huddled on the floor playing a game. He unloads a clip of his assualt rifle into the family :gundge: . The young man is filled with a sudden wanting to kill. He quickens his step and hurries to the next few houses unloading and loading his gun on the poor innoccent families. He meets up in the middle of the town after killing all the people. A young boy comes from out of a alley. The young man turns and shoots the boy in the head killing him. The young man walks over to the boy and continues firing his gun tell he can barely tell that it was a young boy. The raid was over and a helicopter was sent to pick them up and take them back to home base.

Back at home base

The King of varger looks over his paper work and yawns too much to do and to little time. His secetary walks in. "Sire the general is here to see you." The king looks up from his work. "Well send him in I guess." The secetary walks out and brings in the general and then closes the door. "Sire, we extermanited the town of battleon. No human's are left there." The king looks at the general. "Good the humans are a inferory race and need to be exterminated." The King then looks down at a list of human towns across the nation. "We are down to three more towns then the humans will all be exterminated." The king laughs and hands a set of orders to the General. "See to it that these towns with humans in them are taken care of soon please." The General Smiles. "Of course Sire the men will be happy to head out on another assignment soon." The general bows and leaves the room. The King looks at the papers on his desk and starts to work on them he acts like nothing has happened at all.

OOC: This is my first rp. if you can give me some pointers plz
Count Ivy
29-03-2005, 02:38
Eh... Some more :sniper: :sniper: and a little more :gundge: :gundge: , and you've got yourself a great rp.
29-03-2005, 02:46
little more shooting ah
well do you think that it is a good start for a begginner
The Resurgent Dream
29-03-2005, 02:47
OOC: Well, since you asked for opinions...genocide rps out of the blue like this tend to either be ignored or responded to by a much larger nation making a single post about bombing you into nothingness. You need to build up to something like this, develop a history of racial problems in your nation, and basically tell a story with developed characters that we can care about before you can expect real interest in something like this.

Another point, you've established that your population is not human but it might help to establish what they ARE. Klingons? Sentient dinosaurs? Werewolves? As long as you don't claim TOO MANY (you're allowed some) species innate powers, it doesn't matter what you want to play as. But we do need to know what you are.

P.S. I think Count Ivy was mocking your use of smilies. Using them in rps is generally frowned upon. More character, not more shooting.
29-03-2005, 03:00
Thank you for the comments i just decided to do this to see what people would just for fun. but I was thinking of going through and actually having a civil war between the varger race and humans.
29-03-2005, 03:06
OOC: I have to agree with others on this. Besides, genocide is pretty rare on the NationStates forum (check out International Incidents for the typically more violent subject matters). Consider developing a few characters before launching right into the RPs about mass murder. Sure, it's a bit of work, but it demonstrates a certain commitment to the RP that will eventually encourage others to join in.

It helps to have a reason for any massive purge/civil war. Consider the difference between:

"There was a civil war and millions of people were killed" and

"The workers of [X] had never been particularly well-treated, but the abolition of minimum wage laws was the last straw. Realizing that their government no longer represented them in any tangible way, they took to the streets. Within hours, cities were like war zones, with indiscriminate beatings, cars being set ablaze, and shops being looted. Thousands, if not millions, would likely perish in the coming struggle to stabilize the nation".

The first example merely tells the audience what happened, and then only in the barest of manner. The second example sets the stage by providing a reason for the civil war (workers' rights) and leads up to total war by slowly escalating the situation. Similarly, genocide isn't something that happens overnight. There has to be a strong reason for most governments to consider it, and even then, there are logistical concerns. I personall find the subject too distasteful to RP, but as a reference, remember that genocide in the (RL) Sudan has been ongoing for years. Even if the "action" takes place over a short period of time, there's a lot of planning that would have to accompany such a coordinated strike. The same is true for a civil war or a war with another nation. Details are good.
29-03-2005, 03:11
thank you for the comment s they have opened my mind to a new idea.....