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The Island of Rose
28-03-2005, 23:25
There is birth, there is death
There is happiness, there is sadness
There is love, there is hate
There is war, there is peace
There is knowledge, there is ignorance
There is life, there is the Force

The philosiphy of the Rosatan Sith. Rosata Dexima's philosiphy on the Force was different. It mixed the teachings of the Sith with the philosiphy of the Jedi. The pros of both minus the cons. A Grey area if you will. This was taught to all of those who were close to the Force, and there were many. You could be many things. A Guardian of the peace, or a warrior for the Empire. A Sentinal who dabbles in all, or a person who can be flexible for the Armed Forces. A Consular of peace, or a man who can betray in the name of Augustus.

All of this was taught throughout the system. But the main temple... was on Planet Rose. The Temple of Augustus, the founder of the new philosiphy and High Imperator of Rosata Dexima. Of course for years this practice has been put into place with his own people, but how would it be if it was put into practice with other Worlds?

The Temple of Augustus was opening up to foreigners at long last. The Council was very liberal when it came to Force matters, if it was more powerful they would adopt it. Not like the insane Sith or the conservative Jedi. This was a new wave.

But the Temple it self was a sight indeed. A white tower penatrating the sky, with a large plaza around it. And around the plaza were various buildings dedicated to the teachings of the Force. It was structured after a university then anything else and it was a stark contrast to the buildings of the city it was located outside of. One of the few tranquil spots. Hell it even had its own spaceport for new arrivals. And today would be the first day, an entire class of foreign Force adepts arriving at the Temple to learn.

As the Mayor Class Transport shuttle (that looks like an amphibious plane minus the wings, propellor, and landing thing) the man who would be leading the class, Master Ak'Dan as he was known, stood outside the pad waiting for the doors to open.

The doors opened, and out came the new students.

(OOC: The rules are simple. First of all they had to be teenagers, 13 to 16. Second, no one liner posts. At least put some effort. Third, no cheap tricks. Fourth, if you have a suggestion tell me. Have fun! Now post foo. And yes, Sith and Jedi are welcome. And err... yah I'm reposting this here.)
29-03-2005, 00:58
OOC: No one else posted, so whatever.

Alexander Reign walked from the ramp down to the ground, and he looked around with deep interest. He was a teenager of 15, just now coming from the teachings of his races ancestors. These teaching were key, and although he looked human, he hid his presence well before the others. But, thats beside the point, he was here to learn of this "Force", and of this neutral teaching which his Father and Mother encourage greatly.

Sighing happily, he looked toward the instructer, then around, eager to begin whatever adventures may be ahead.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
29-03-2005, 01:00
Zadeth Tyrneanea stepped through the doors and looked around. He had his long black hair tied back as he looked at the other students with his piercing black eyes. This was to be a new start for him, no silly Jedi rules and no silly dragon rules. A wide smirk crossed his face, yes this was to be a whole new start. He pulled his Jedi apprentice robe tighter around him and began walking to wherever they were meant to be heading for. At thirteen, he knew he would be one of the youngest.
29-03-2005, 01:05
OOC: Soo, should my char say hello to yours? I dunno...
The Island of Rose
29-03-2005, 22:44
Master Ak' Dan looked at the new students. "Ah, so positive. That's a good thing. I want you all to announce your names and tell me why you're here. Oh and your age... of course."

The first one to speak up was a 14 year old boy named James Kan, he always wanted to be one with the Force. That and the fact that he was moving very large items with no ease, of course he was offered to be trained in space with the elites, but he didn't want to go. His loss, eh. "My name is James Kan and I'm 14! I joined because... err... I'm good I guess." A smirk.

Damn cocky bastard.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
29-03-2005, 22:50
"I'm Zadeth Tyrneanea," Zadeth said, his cold black eyes looking forward. "I'm thirteen and I'm here to learn more, to push myself to the limits and beyond."

His expression stayed the same, it was as cold as his eyes were.
30-03-2005, 02:08
"Alexander Reign," started Alexander as he stood still looking at the sights, "and I'm 15 years of age. I'm here to learn how to advance and contain the knowledge and power that is mine."

He was telling the truth, afterall. Alexander wasn't after "POWER", not in general, just understanding of how he could survive and be at peace in this universe.
The Island of Rose
30-03-2005, 02:20
Master Ak' Dan listened as everyone else said their names and whatnot. He nodded. "Well the important thing is that you're here. Today we'll do basics and see what you're good at so you can get appropriate classes. Oh and, catch!"

A bunch of steel longswords flew at the students, with most of the native Rosatan students catching it. "Those who didn't catch them..." Said Ak' Dan. "... can go home." And back into the transport they went. "Okay, I'm going to pair you up. You and you, you and you... and you..." He said pointing at Alexander and Zadeth, yes this means they have to fight with swords. "And you and you..."

After a minute he stopped and all the students were paired up. "Okay. It's simple, exhaust your opponent to submission, the only rule is no death. Ready?" A pause. "FIGHT!"
Draconis Nightcrawlis
30-03-2005, 02:23
Zadeth held up the sword, he awaited his opponents first move. He looked toward Alexander and took in everything he could about him that he could be only looking at him. It would not be until the older boy made his first move that he would be able to judge his moves.
30-03-2005, 02:30
Alexander held firm his weapon, and examined his opponent intently, going into an offensive stance slowly. With every breath he thought of the possible outcomes, of what he had been tought before-hand by his Uncle. He had been told his people were Warriors, and this would be the chance to prove this theory.

A quick glance at Alexander showed the figure of something else, for just a milisecond, appearing standing in the human boys place. This only ment one thing: Concentration was totally centered on what he was looking at, his opponent. So, withour further hesitation, he used his firmly placed left leg to thrust himself towards Zadeth, his right foot thrusting further his assault-like run.

His sword came up to his chest, almost as if ready to swing. A jump to the right, quickly, then a thrust to the left. With a testing eye he pushed himself forward to his opponent, slicing down with his sword as he got very near...
Draconis Nightcrawlis
30-03-2005, 02:37
Interesting, Zadeth thought. As his opponent neared he leapt into action, blocking each move that Alexander made. As a Draconian he learned to use a sword from a young age and he put it to good use. His opponent was very good, he noticed. Evidently, Alexander would be a challange, a good thing to as Zadeth enjoyed challanges.

With each fluid movement of the feet, each frust of his sword he began to watch Alexanders movements. Looking for his strengths and his weaknesses.
30-03-2005, 02:41
A slash here and a down-ward swipe there. All blocked. It was interesting, thought Alexander, at how well played this battle was beginning to be. No matter, he was starting to enjoy this, and there was no need to put his all into it just yet. So, he wanted to toy with his opponent, to get an understanding of what his strengths were, and to gaze quickly at weaknesses.

Alexander knew the Draconian before him was doing the same thing, Alexander was just going about it another way.

He slashed downward hard once, to see how this would be blocked...
The Island of Rose
30-03-2005, 02:45
Master Ak' Dan chuckled as he observed the two fight. Interesting. He thought. Both lack any use of Force powers, even though they have the right to use them... that or they're smarter then they seem and are just toying with each other. A smirk. Let me give them a small test.

All of a sudden another longsword started flying towards the two fighters as an attempt to distract them.

He chuckled. Yes. He thought. Only the best get the worse tests... of course this just makes them better....
Draconis Nightcrawlis
30-03-2005, 02:45
Zadeth ducked out of the way and using his sword, he pushed Alexanders blade away. This guy is good, he quickly thought to himself. He would have to pull something out of the bag to defeat him. His eyes looked around for a clean opening.
30-03-2005, 02:51
Alexander cought a glimpse of the coming longsword, loosing his natural concentration, revealing a long momentary glempse of a reptilian creature snearing as the sword literally passed inches from his stomic. Concentration returning, the image of the boy returned to all around him, and Alexander noticed that he had been pushed back several inches by his opponent.

He shook his head, stancing defensively this time.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
30-03-2005, 02:57
Interesting, Zadeth thought, seeing the reptilian creature hidden behind the image of a normal human boy. Looked like he wasn't the only one with a secret. He avoided thinking about the longsword that had almost hit Alexander and went about making a new attack.

This time, a had a small smirk upon his face as he made a slash towards his opponants arm.
30-03-2005, 03:04
Somwhoe he felt the need to play games no more, a quick thrust forward towards his opponent as his sword remained in defensive, clanging hard to the attackers, as he arched upward to defend. He remained in the position for a few moments, before trying to thrust his opponent off, noticing quickly that blood was seeping from his arm.

He tried to keep concentrated..
Draconis Nightcrawlis
30-03-2005, 03:08
A hit, good, Zadeth thought. He watched his opponent before making his next move, he raised his sword up, hoping to push Alexanders back a bit, giving him the oppertunity to make him lose balance and hopefully fall over.
30-03-2005, 03:42
For some odd reason, Alexander stumbled, and tripped, falling on his back. Suddenly he realized his situation, and tried to counter by thrusting his sword, as he lay on the ground, towards his opponents chest...
Draconis Nightcrawlis
05-04-2005, 15:37
OOC: Well TIOR told me to wait until he posted but meh, he needs to be reminded this thread exists.

IC: Zadeth was quickly aware of Alexanders attempted move, but since the older boy was at a disadvantage already, he easily blocked the move.
The Island of Rose
05-04-2005, 21:43
Master Ak' Dan suddenly withdrew the swords using his Force POWAHs and whatnot from the students. He chuckled, with a hint of cynicism detactable. "We're hear to learn not to watch a drawn out fight."

He approached the two young students. "Both of you are perfect for Guardianship. Anyway I just greet the new students. Ah... here comes your real teacher."

Master J' datt. He was a real warrior, he could make a weapon out of a leaf. No I'm not kidding, he killed a man with a leaf... then ate him. Yes that was me, sorry. Anywho. "These are the students eh?" He saw that there were fifteen students, not alot for a normal Temple. "So what are your names eh?" Did I mention he was Canadian?
Draconis Nightcrawlis
05-04-2005, 22:05
Zadeth looked at their teacher with interest, he studied the man. Already annoyed with the fight being ended prematurly, he replied. "Zadeth Tyrneanea."

So far after first impressions, he didn't like the teacher.
The Island of Rose
05-04-2005, 22:43
Master J' datt chuckled. "If you're so annoyed with me say it to my face."
Draconis Nightcrawlis
05-04-2005, 22:49
Zadeth's eyes narrowed, he new he was talking about him. "The fight was broken up too soon," he scowled.
The Island of Rose
05-04-2005, 22:58
Master J' datt smirked. "Ah. You think you know everything. You want a fight? Very well."

He drew out his blue bladed lightsaber immediately putting the boy in a Force-held chokehold. "If you knew enough you could've detected this." He ever let him go ever so slightly (not really) and then put his own lightsaber away.

"Very well." He said. "Tell me, what do you think is the ultimate way to use the Force in combat?"
Draconis Nightcrawlis
05-04-2005, 23:09
Zadeth glared at him, he felt the choke close around his neck. However he would not give Master J' datt any pleasure from this.

"The ultimate way is to kill the bastard you're fighting," he growled.
The Island of Rose
05-04-2005, 23:18
Master J' datt merely nodded. "There's your problem. Being aggressive is a good thing, but you must keep your opponent alive at times. That is why the Sith Empires have always fallen. They don't think."

He chuckled. "Like you. If you are to become a fighter you will need to balance your aggressiveness with calmness. Understand?"
Draconis Nightcrawlis
05-04-2005, 23:26
"Hmmph," Zadeth smirked, his eyes grew narrower. "Oh I understand all right."

He disagreed about about letting the opponent live at times. He suspected that Master J' datt already knew he disagreed with him.
The Island of Rose
05-04-2005, 23:33
Master J' datt chuckled. "You're lying. Tell me, if you think you know everything why do you come here?"
Draconis Nightcrawlis
05-04-2005, 23:41
"Who said I think I know everything, I certainly didn't," Zadeth smirked at him. "As I told the other guy, I came here to learn more."

And he certainly hated him, which wasn't a mean feat since Zadeth hated everyone.
The Island of Rose
05-04-2005, 23:44
Master J' Datt smirked. "Okay... if you know so much, you lead the class. Come on."

He joined the other students that were sitting down. "Let's see what you know."
Draconis Nightcrawlis
05-04-2005, 23:52
"Hmmph," Zadeth replied. What a wanker, he thought. He held up his hand and held it towards Master J' datt. For a few moments he said nothing, he just glared at him. "How about... force lightning." He sent a bolt towards the teacher.
The Island of Rose
05-04-2005, 23:59
Master J' Datt suddenly dissappeared, more like a hologramish thing. All of a sudden a sudden the real J' Datt appeared and put his hand on the cocky boy's shoulder.

"Hello." He said. "For that, 500 pushups. No Force powers." He turned to the class. "Class what I just did was a technique you could learn. It's called a hologram and going very very fast." He pointed to the metal device that caused the hologram. "Now, are you ready to learn Padawan? Or will you be a smart aleck?"
Draconis Nightcrawlis
06-04-2005, 00:15
"Hmmph," Zadeth smirked. He looked toward where the hologram had been, still it was worth the 500 push ups. "Always ready to learn."