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Winged Icestorms. Trespassers in the snow. (Open Fantasy RP)

Reformed Velmora
28-03-2005, 19:50
The endless rolls of ice and snow were the usual sight for Gileeai, the curling winds flowing above the dry ice, the snow tightly packed and harsh due to it. Well, harsh for any normal folk, Gileeai thought.

Gileeai was currently gliding above the arctic tundra almost silently, her massive form casting a vast shadow down below. Her wings created a subtle howl, and was all the more chilling due to it. She was a thing of legend, something which people feared and respected due to fable and myth. She was a dragon. A white dragon, who resided within a high peak of these snow gripped mountains, one who was well known of in this area for preying upon innocent travellers. Or at least, that was what the rumors were. When Gileeai heard of such rumors, that a mighty snow dragon named "Artic Wing" would freeze you alive with her breath should you so much as enter her territory, she was slightly insulted and amused.

Humans had such a tendency to make stories of her.

Overall, Gileeai had little patience for humans, although she had learned from a certain individual that humans could have their uses. Over the many years, her impetuous nature had been reformed into a more patient character, making her more conversable. White dragons were reputed to be highly ferocious, and unlike many other breeds of dragon, without honor or dignity. Even if such a stereotype was true, Gileeai was no such dragon. Although true she had a vicious temper when her patience was tried too much, the fact that she had some tolerance for humans was impressive.

She dipped down low, the winds flowing over her glistening scales of white, the morning sunlight making them appear like a mirror to the eye. For a dragon, she was slightly smaller than the average dragon, in human years she was around her early twenties, but was still dwarfed humans in comparison.

The white dragon cocked her head as she thought she saw something down below, something small like a human. Her glazed pale blue eyes focused on the person with greater interest as she circled the person, wondering who was down below...

(OOC Feel free to come in as you wish. I do ask that you avoid the clich├ęs, or if you must go as stereotypes, add new flair. Please be descriptive and put some effort into it. And, this rp has no particular direction at all. If you wish to add a nearby town or something similar, please free to do so, but nothing too drastic. In essence, there are a range of mountain peaks nearby, these collection of ice fields, dotted with some pines etc. So, almost everything is flexible here. Have fun!)
28-03-2005, 20:03
OOC: I would use one of my fantasy characters, but you would have to allow it first. Have a char pic of it, its called a Komodren. Gotta have your permission first since its of a reptilian stance.
Reformed Velmora
28-03-2005, 20:09
(OOC If it is humanoid, it is cool (that is, like a human in the way he/she walks, or something similar). Feel free to join. It will be interesting to have someone of that breed because of the interelation. I know what one looks like now, that is perfectly fine.)
28-03-2005, 20:18
OOC: Gotcha, here I go....


Katan had been traveling for many days, running from something only he knew. The cold around him had no specific effect, he had a large black cloak on that covered his identity. His tail dragged behind him in the hard snow, only barely seen. His breath came forth as frozen every time he exhaled.

Katan stopped for a lonely moment, his full heing at least Seven foot. He looked up, and around, his reptilian eye gazing at the sky and his enviroment. See nothing of interest he continued, he had a long time to travel before he would be able to rest.

He didn't know exactly where he was going, of course. But, to Katan, this was an adventure, a much needed one. A vacation almost. It was the chance of his lifetime to see the world, and he was enjoying every moment. Stopping again to look behind him, making sure his footprints didn't register much on the ground behind him, he gazed back forward, and continued.
Reformed Velmora
28-03-2005, 20:31
The dragon got a closer view of this being down below, and apparently she had not been spotted yet. The figure who was running was easy to spot and track, that large flowing black cloak of his revealign his presance for everyone who could take the skies, or anyone on the ground in fact. Due to the winds being in the wrong direction, Gileeai could not smell the individual who trekked through the snow. But, regardless of this setback, Gileeai was pleased. She had the first move here, and had not doubt that if this person was not used to encountering her species, he would be in for a shock when she made herself known.

Gliding around in a huge arc, her wings spanning out to grant her direction, Gileeai flowed through the air behind the man who walked along the snow. Such a graceful creature to behold, the rays of early morning light upon her scales, making her seem like a creature made of pure white light, an angelic serpant come forth from beyond.

Completing her circle in the air, she swooped downwards, that low sound of her wings dipping into colder air being faintly audible. Gileeai was yet to learn how to raise her wings in the correct manner to prevent this sound from occouring, but often she found that it inspired a primal fear into those who heard it. Feeble minds of humanoides were affected by her presance, her form resonanting a aura of both awe and dread at the same time.

Landing gracefully upon the floor, her long feet planted gently upon the ice and snow, wings beaten to make her stop. A massive force of wind came from her wings, deliberately done as to attract the traveller's attention. She watched as his black cloak fluttered about him, almost ripped off by the force of the cold wind.

She spoke, her female voice commanding a great amount of power to it, her massive vocal cords resonanting her message forth.

"Do you know where you tread?" She said calmly, knowing that as always, she had the advantage here. Her pale eyes looked over the figure as he turned around, her long snout bringing in the scent of the person.
28-03-2005, 20:50
OOC: Note: Katan has never seen a dragon before.


Katan felt the massive air burst past him, standing firm as he had slowed to a halt earlier upon hearing a noise. He turned around, his cloak had all but fallen off, yet thankfully his hood stayed its place. A slight growl as eyes gazed at the creature, yet the growl died down as Katan viewed a large winged beast.

Katan heard the creature speak in a commanding voice. One eye gazing widely, then calming its expression as he took in the situation. Katan knew better than to challenge those stronger than him, and he would be a fool to challenge a creature as this.

In the moments after the winged creature spoke, a wind from the east came forth and flew his cloak. This gave Katan time to think over the possible outcomes of this encounter, many of which did not seem good. It would be impossible to run from such a massive beast, for even in large creatures speed was important. Determining the capabilities of his possible opponent did not yield well to him, for indeed he would be smitted down quickly in battle.

So, in the end as the wind that came from the east died down, he decided to answer the creatures question. Standing to his full seven foot height, he responded, "I know not, I am a traveller. I mean no trespass to your domain, I just seek to pass through."
Reformed Velmora
28-03-2005, 21:03
The dragon raised it's large eyebrow slowly and inhaled a large amount of air into her nostrils. This intake of air made the surrounding vapour around Katan chill, although this was not the dragon's intent. She blew it back out slowly, as if mulling over the scent like a fine wine, sampling the different flavours within it.

Those eyes seemed not really to focus upon him, but seemed to stare right through. They held no pupil, it was just like an inlaid pearl, pale blue and wonderful due to it. She pulled her head back up slightly, cocking her head from one side to the next as if testing something.

"What race are you?" She asked quizically, ignoring her usual line of questions. She was most intreged by this being, because she had never seen a dragonman before. She had heard of them from a knowledgable source, but had never enncountered one in her time. Dragons in general are very curious beings, thier lifespans lending to them a want to find out as much about the world as possible. However, this did not mean journeying around the world to find this information, this meant reading and inquiring. Most dragons were content with knowing as much about thier territory as possible. Gileeai had discovered that there was a pleasure in learning new things, and had learned that lesson reluctantly from another.

To the person who viewed Gileeai for the first time, her movements were like beautiful music flowing through the air, her movements not like some lumbering beast of the land. No, dragons were majestic creatures, thier movements like flowing water within a river, always deliberate and completely captivating. But, white dragons did command a sense of fear about them. Thier heads had raised scales which made them look dangerous and adapt in killing, a more primative bone structure and large talons which made them appear like flying monsters of the wind and snow.
28-03-2005, 21:11
COPYRIGHT - Armorine (Friend whom drew it for me)


The cold air flew past him, Katan could tell that the large white beast was testing something. A slight chill came through his being, nothing of worry, but of course something to think about. This winged creature had strong lungs, meaning that its muscles were strong.....perhaps....

The exhale cought his attention back to reality. Before, Katan did notice the gracefulness of this beast, it wasn't like that of many other large creatures he had encounter. This majestic quiality in itself had calmed him enough, when he first saw this white winged creature, that he would not jump or run. Beside the point, he had been asked another question, and, seeing how he sensed no threat, as of yet, from the creature, he calmed his stance.

"I am Komodren, what are you?"
28-03-2005, 21:29
Reformed Velmora
28-03-2005, 21:33
"What am I?" The dragon asked, shuddering it's flanks strangely, creating a strange noise. It was like a chandelier rattling lightly, or a set of glasses chiming in stocatto. It was an odd gesture, and one which was hard to interpret, and somehow unnerving.

"I am obviously a white dragon." It declared, her female voice sounding patronising now. She was now talking down to this person, evidently annoyed by this display of ignorance. In her youth, she took great pleasure in lording over lesser beings who knew not of dragons, knew not of her nature and power, and trembled in fear and awe. Now it was just repulsive, but at least this one was not running away or something similar. She decided to give him another chance of sorts.

Her tail swayed slightly, almost playfully. She could use it at any time to swipe at the reptile being no doubt.

"Where are you heading, in my lands?" She asked testingly, her eyes narrowing a fraction.
28-03-2005, 21:46
Katan had felt a shudder beneath his skin from the noise the now-known Dragon made. However, he felt more amused than threatened. He saw the dragons tail swaying, his own following. Seconds later he decided it best to reveal himself, taking off his hood before he would respond to the white dragons question.

His eyes gazed sharply to the Dragons, almost as if he challenged her. He decided it best to take this situation as he would any other: Truthfully.

"I have no idea, but I may rest a few days within your territory if I tire," Katan responded in a flat but truthful tone.

A grin, small and hopfully not seen, came from his snout. His eyes widened somewhat after he responded, and he felt somewhat brave to be talking to this Dragon, but knew well what the consequences would be if he truthfully tested her.
Reformed Velmora
29-03-2005, 15:01
The ice dragon curled her mouth upwards slightly in a sort of smile, revealing her large teeth. She inhaled and exhaled in a short breath, curling her tongue upwards so that chilled air would sweep in a beautiful manner around her lips, like an ocean waves ebbing and flowing in and out. Gileeai slowly set herself fully down on the floor, lying down on the floor with her long slender arms wrapped around one another. This could be interpreted as a good sign.

"Refreshing attitude. Not like some others would want to go through these paths. They are either cowering, running, or proclaiming they are a dragon hunter. Such a tiresome line of conversation they have...but in any regard, I am curious to know why you are travelling in these parts." She asked, more pleasantly and casually than before, if a dragon could be called casual.
29-03-2005, 22:08
Katan watched as the dragon exposed her teeth, later realizing it was a smile. He tensed up somewhat, readying for a possible attack. He watched the flowing air, not knowing what it may mean. However, he soon watched as the Dragon layed on the hard snow, which then allowed him to exhale a great sigh of relief. Honoring the Dragons calm position, he sat as well, of course he sat as well, taking most of his cloak off to create something to sit on.

Katan heard the Dragons comment and question, calm to the point. "I am honored by your compliment, if I may be so bold to call it such," started Katan in response. "As for your question, I am running from my past."