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How do you start a war?

28-03-2005, 17:24
How do you start a war on someone? Sounds easy enough, but I can't figure out how to do it. I bet this thread dies within 10 minutes.
28-03-2005, 17:43
Yes, it probably will.

To start, and wage, a war all you need to do is type a post describing your actions. Those actions would include your leader declaring war, deploying troops, actually fighting, etc. I'd advise you don't declare war right away, spend some time building up your army and getting a feel of how the game is played before starting any major conflicts.
Bryn Shander
28-03-2005, 18:07
A good start would be to post a thread in which you kill $minority, or ban $concept.
Reformed Velmora
28-03-2005, 19:24
Wars are not things which you should initiate unless you know what you are doing, and have a lot of experiance roleplay. It requires a gallon full of work and effort to pull of a war effectively and realisticly. Look at the guides before you do this.

I certainly would not have a war with a nation who has only just sprung up, because I would know that the person would be unable to handle it.
28-03-2005, 20:28
Call me a stupid name, I've got loads of nukes to get rid of so, you know.

Wars and Nukes were ment for each other!
28-03-2005, 21:17
There are two real ways of starting a war, as has been mentioned. Either announce your declaration of war, or deliberately make some action which is bound to start a war - like the persecution of millions of people, etc, which will prompt people to intervene. However, both situations are slightly dangerous for RPing - specifically for new players. If you invade someone, you need a good reason. A very good reason. Partly to stem the tide of pointless, and rubbish, war RPs, RPers here have become quite intolerant of wars, particularly those done by new nations. If the US invasion of Iraq had been RPed here, it would have been shot down and IGNOREd in seconds. Unless a war has a really good cause, people will shout it down as being a n00by attempt to expand, and will essentially waste the whole idea by saying just that. So, if you want to start a war RP, you need to make a very good starting post, that will make people think "This war deserves to be played out to its conclusion". Of course, it should be noted that the older you are on NS, the less your wars will be shouted down. It also should be noted that in most (not all) cases, if you have arranged the war with whoever you are fighting, and you make that clear in the thread, people will likely let you continue. The other way to start a war is to prompt one. This is much easier, and much less likely to be IGNOREd, but it has the disadvantage that you don't get to pick who you fight, quite often you end up facing several large nations, and you will be fighting on the defensive instead of the offensive - giving you little margin for error. Or of course, you could get involved in a war elsewhere that someone else started, but players tend to look down on new nations jumping into wars for the sheer fun of it, for obvious reasons.

The choice is yours if you want a war RP. I, however, agree with Reformed Velmora that wars are not a great way to start out RPing. Try more peaceful methods first...your RPing skills will develop faster, and you will become a more respected member of the community.