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Harlesburg Shipping Co Inc

28-03-2005, 05:25
Today Harlesburg Shipping Co Inc announces the opening of its doors to members of the International community.

Harlesburg Shipping Co Inc intention is to supply the World's needs for reliable seafaring transport vessels.

Harlesburg Shipping Co Inc reserves the right to refuse sale to any nation or organisation which we believe cannot afford to pay for the requested products.
Harlesburg Shipping Co Inc uses the Thirdgeek Economy Calculator. Harlesburg Shipping Co Inc understands that not all nations are able to pay for their products immediatly and so we are willing to offer extended payment plans with a slight Interest rate.

The Gemini (
The Gemini is powered by twin Alco model 16V251E four stroke cycle, single acting, 2,575 b.h.p. V-16 diesel engines built in 2005 by EscoAlco Engine Div., White River Industrial Power Inc., Auburn,Harlesburg.
These engines burn marine diesel oil with the power being fed to twin fixed pitch propellers giving the vessel a rated speed of 14.4 m.p.h. The tanker is capable of carrying 75,298 barrels (11,972 cubic meters) of product or 12,500 tons (12,701 tonnes) at her mid summer draft of 23’00 ½” (7.023m).

The cargo is contained in 12 epoxy phenolic coated cargo tanks (6 starboard & 6 port); all tanks being coiled and capable of maintaining a temperature of up to 175 ½ F (79.72 C). Cargoes could include gasolines, heavy fuel oil, diesel/distillates, or petrochemicals. Because of her tank coating and construction, the vessel may also carry calcium chloride, caustic soda, or nitrogen fertilizers. The tanker also carries 344 tons (349.68 tonnes) of diesel oil and displaces 2,849 tons (2,895 tonnes) lightship
Overall Dimensions (metric)
Length 432'06" (131.83m)
Beam 65'00" (19.81m)
Depth 29'04" (8.94m)
Capacity 75,298 barrels / 12,500 tons
(11,972 cu. meters / 12,701 tonnes)
Power (diesel) 5,150 b.h.p.
Speed 14.4mph*
Cost:$33Million Dollars

The Chassiron (
The main engine of the The Chassiron is a MaK 8M32 medium speed diesel engine suitable to run on heavy fuel oil.The 3840 kW main engine drives a four-blade 3800 mm diameter KaMeWa controllable pitch propeller through a Vaimet reduction gearbox with flexible couplings. The gearbox features built-in clutches and is executed as a two-speed gearbox to be able to use the shaft generator as driving motor in PTI-mode.

Tank arrangement includes twelve cargo tanks and six segregations, one slop tank and one washing water tank. The double skin and double bottom accommodates L-shape ballast tanks.Each cargo tank is provided with a hydraulically driven variable speed Framo SD 125 deepwell pump placed in a recessed well.

With six cargo pumps running the vessel's maximum cargo discharge time is eight hours.The vessel's cargo system is based on one pump per cargo tank and one crossover per pair of tanks.

Overall Dimensions metric
Length b.p. 113,68 m
Beam 17,80 m
Depth 9,50 m
Design draught 6,,00 m
Scantling draught 7,39 m
Gross tonnage 5100 GT
Deadweight 9995 ton
Cargo tanks 100% 10135 m³
Sloptank 179 m³
Heavy fuel oil 490 m³
Ballast water 4065 m³
Washing water 110 m³
Gas oil 100 m³
Potable water 85 m³
Power 3840 kW
Speed 14.2 kn
Cost:$30 Million Dollars
Polar Resolution
cost $230 million
Jahr Viking 2oble hll 300Millon
Cargo Class Freighter (
Displacement: 6000 tons, fully loaded, 11,000 tons
Power Plant: Two boilers, geared turbines, two shafts, 22,000 total shaft horsepower
Speed: 19 knots
Length: 441 ft.
Beam: 59 ft.
Draft: 20 ft.
Crew: 150
Description: These are simply inexpensive, abundant freighters with limited cargo capacity. They are an abundant design, and sometimes are bought by smugglers and modified for greater speed, for smuggling and blockade running of course. The captains of these ships are often willing to haul nearly anything.

Cost: $5.2 Million

Smuggler Class Freighter
Displacement: 6000 tons, fully loaded, 9,000 tons
Power Plant: Four General Electric LM 2500-30 gas turbines; two shafts, 100,000 total
shaft horsepower
Speed: 19 knots cruising speed, capable of 25 knots for short periods, in an emergency can make it up to 28 knots. However, this is not recommended as it places severe stress on the structure of the ship.
*All tests were with ships carrying full cargo loads.
Length: 441 ft.
Beam: 59 ft.
Draft: 20 ft.
Crew: 150
Description: These are ships that are designed to be fast freighters. They are designed for smuggling, pure and simple. The governments of Harlesburg and those that kindly support our sale of these fine vessels P3X1299 officially frowns on smuggling, however, unofficially, it actually encourages the practice because it can lead to marked increase in profits. This ship has become available on the market because of that stance. Once again, this is a variation of the Cargo Class freighter.

Cost: $9.2 Million

More to come. ;)
28-03-2005, 21:07
The Free Lands of Nedalia would like to make an order of 2 Geminis from Harlesburg Shipping Co. We have the means to pay for them upfront, a total of $6.6 we are led to believe. We do, however, need to know how soon the ships can be delived to the Kafra Seaport. Thank you in advance for your prompt reply. A TG will be sufficient.

Bilal Shaheed
Minister of Investment
15-05-2005, 19:51
Killaloe would like to purchase one of your ships. (this does not come out of the defence budget does it?) Thank you for offering your services to the world.