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Martial Law Declared without Royal Government Assent!

28-03-2005, 05:15
Aerion Public News (APN)

“This is Aerion Public News. We are receiving reports that a full legion of the Royal Army, 100,000 men have marched into the Aerion capital city of Astevane despite the Royal Guard’s jurisdiction in handling security within the central city itself. An official statement from the Royal Guard Headquarters indicates only, “We defer to General Amathar Kadolen in this matter.”

We have breaking news now, General Amathar Kadolen is coming in on a news conference at the Royal Armed Forces General Headquarters.

(A middle aged man with dark hair, blue eyes, and sharp features come onto the screen. He is wearing an burgundy dress uniform of an Royal General and staring out at the press core from behind an podium upon which is the seal of the Royal Armed Forces.)

“I, General Amathar Kadolen, His Majesty’s General of the Third Legion of Aerion declare a state of martial law throughout the nation. Furthermore, I declare that the Royal Governors shall hand over temporary authority to the respective General of their province. A curfew will be enforced throughout Aerion, enforced upon ALL classes of Aerion society. Furthermore, private security forces employed by the larger corporations of Aerion shall immediately disarm and turn their weaponry over to the respective military authorities in their location. I make this statement in solidarity with other officers in all branches in His Majesty’s service. This temporary measure is necessary for the internal security and stability of our nation. We all are going through a difficult stage during these turbulent times, and I encourage the cooperation of all in these matters. Cooperate, and you will be safe”

(The speech ends and the vision returns to the news desk)

“It is rumored that the Deputy Ministers within the Royal Government are outraged at this, though at this time are not speaking publicly. Several helicopters and private jets were seen leaving the city prior to the legion’s entrance. We will keep you informed as we receive more information."

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28-03-2005, 07:40
Aerion People's News (APN)
Inquiries to the Royal Guard Headquarters and the Royal Armed Forces General Headquarters have also gone unanswered. We are unsure what is happening, but a state of martial law is being enforced in all areas. This martial law includes curfews, soldiers on almost every major street corner, and checkpoints throughout the nation. Air travel is virtually impossible. Or any travel between cities for that moment.
28-03-2005, 11:29
Aerion People's News (APN)

It is reported that several members of the Royal Family, second and third cousins to the King who may have been considered heirs to the throne have left the country because of the state of martial law. When inquiries were sent to the Royal Government officials remaining in the capital, they were left unanswered. It is assumed the members of the Royal Family have left the country for safety reasons, but it has been rumored that some departed as soon as the Royal Third Legion entered the capital.
31-03-2005, 02:30
Aerion People's News (APN)

"It has been stated that the martial law will be in effect longer than expected. This has worried many citizens, but the enforced curfew continues." It is rumored that there has been increased military presence in all provincial capitals, and that the Royal Governors have stepped down as commanded by the General with the Generals over each of the 20 Aerion provinces holding the authority over that province for now.
31-03-2005, 17:24
With a fair bit of focus still on the conflict in Syskeyia, most of Lavenrunz' military satellites were busy on that, on their watch on the Reich and other potential enemies, or watching the weather in the South Atlantic. However, transmissions were picked up from news channels on a regular basis, and a small section of the Ministry of Information was put to work doing an analysis of the situation in Aerion.

Thus it was that Erica Schantz found herself recording news flashes from Aerion and doing a background research profile for her supervisor. She was a third grade analyst in Information Retrieval, and had a small interior office with no windows but a holographic picture that could be programmed to show a view of sandy beaches, blue skies and blue green water, or else set of seasonal changes of a typical Lavenrunzian park. One of these was up right now, because it was spring, and so trees that were white with blossoms seemed to be waving in the breeze. Apart from this small luxury, the rest of the office was her desk, a filing cabinet, her desktop computer, and her chair, with a small space enough for someone to come in and perch on the desk to fill the office almost entirely.

Nevertheless, she was used to this, and was busy chain smoking and reading up on all the information she could find. She was a fair haired, short young woman who wore glasses to read, light gloves so she wouldn't nicotine stain her fingers, and who liked to buy knockoffs from expensive lines of clothing from the Dominion of Nathicana or New York and Jersey. This meant that she was barely able to afford her minicar on her government salary, but the other privileges were good. Such as being able to send requests for satellite photographs. Admittedly, she expected these to be rejected; she was just one cog in the wheel of the Department.
"The Grand Kingdom of Aerion..." she mused as she called up the files on her searchprogram.
31-03-2005, 17:32
The Taraskovyan authorities monitored what was going on in the southern parts of Sisgardia with attention. Ever so protective of their most holy and sacred region from good for nothing, bad and evil, with some exceptions, outsiders, they already feeled that trouble loomed over the horizon. And, even if the Federation did not intervene in any possible matter for now, there was clearly and intention to raise the issue in the Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations, of which Aerion was a member, to decide on the best course of action to undertake.

Of course, the Federation could simply flex its muscle and intervene straight away, but with the ongoing White Legion uprising within its borders, its interventions in Der Angst and Tavaroth, the Taraskovyans clearly had more than enough on the agenda.

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31-03-2005, 19:15
Azerran monitoring teams examined the collected data on Aerion; since the Empress had offered to detain Aerions who came to their nation since the bombing of the Privy council the Aerions had been receiving more attention then usual and began to seem that it was so with good reason.

Perhaps it was the bitter taste that still remained in the mouths of most Tavarothians that had left their old land and moved to Azerran; But to them it seemed unavoidable that there was a change of regime occuring. For the sake of those involved the Azerran's hoped it would be a as bloodless one as possible.
01-04-2005, 03:10
Aerion News Network <ANN>


In a startling decision, General Amathar Kadolen has declared himself Lord High Marshal of the Armed Forces of Aerion, and temporary commander in chief of the armed forces. Tradition and previous notes on this matter clearly state that only His Majesty King Wasterin X of Aerion has the authority to appoint an Great Officer of State, or if is absolutely necessary the Royal Regent. As the King is comatic and all members of the Privy Council were killed in terrorist attacks no one is authorized to take this action.

It is also rumored there is internal derision among members of the Royal Guard, with units of the Royal Guard cooperating with the Third Legion under General Amathar in the capital, and other Royal Guard units refusing and leaving the capital or staying at the barracks.
01-04-2005, 06:31
03-04-2005, 10:13
What with the main focus of the Empire really being economic recovery, Erica found it difficult to really interest anyone in what she was doing. It seemed rather depressing...a proud nation being divided by ambition and violence. Same old story, she thought.
It was not even really mentioned in the Lavenrunzian news; she had picked it up from an international station and off satellites. Erica decided she would have to look more into the recent past of the country in question to figure out the significance of what was happening now.

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11-04-2005, 19:35
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14-04-2005, 03:05
Aerion News Network <ANN>


"In startling news today, the Lord High Marshal Amathar Kadolen has declared that the Royal Government is "defunctional", and shall be replaced by a streamlined bureaucracy composed of knowledgable officer specialists of the Royal Army. He has ordered all Deputy Ministers who were serving to run the Ministries to immediately step down and to serve as aides to new military officers that will replace the Deputy Ministers. Aerion remains in a state of martial law, and the national economy has slowed but is in a steady pace as it is closely controlled."
14-04-2005, 07:36
Aerion People's News <APN>


"The Lord High Marshal is increasingly tightening his restrictions upon the Grand Kingdom of Aerion. Members of the Royal Family, old Royal Government officials, and the wealthy have been leaving the country."

"Now the Lord High Marshal has declared the Royal Government "defunctional", in this declaration he has wiped out what vestiges of Royal Power are left. It is rumored that he has also been purging the ranks of the Royal Army from those who are not loyal to him, they are being discharged, sent home, or worse being executed on charges of treason those executions are less common so far.

We will report as long as we are able to, but we have been broadcasting from our anonymous location now for awhile."
18-04-2005, 18:24
Aerion People's News (APN)

"Things are getting worse in the Grand Kingdom of Aerion. We are now broadcasting from a secret location for fear of being placed under arrest. The Royal Government has literally been taken over by officers of the Royal Army loyal to the self-proclaimed Lord High Marshal Amathar Kadolen. The Deputy Ministers, and remaining government officials that refused to cooperate have been deported or have have been expelled from the capital and their assets seized. Some have disappeared. We are hearing rumors of an elite force being trained, but we are unsure what this is for. We will bring you the news as it comes, and as we still are able to."
19-04-2005, 09:06
Erica had finally been granted permission to have a brief satellite pass over Aerion, and for communications to be monitored over the period of a couple of days as well as pictures taken of activities going on mostly in major cities and the like. This was to confirm the information in question.

Meanwhile, Princess Latheran Wasterin had been offered an elegant suite in the Klefburg Hotel, and was scheduled for an appointment with the Foreign Minister. The Ministry of Information sent a message down to Erica's windowless room requesting information on the Princess, who tried to obtain the equivalent of a "Who's Who" of Aerion to find out more about her.
20-04-2005, 06:17
Aerion People's News <APN>

"We have reports that the Lord High Marshal has had executed a total of 250 of those who he has called "traitors", those who were disloyal to him in the Royal Army or were speaking against his path to power. The atmosphere in Aerion is truly fear now, as even the higher classes stay locked within their mansions, at least those who have not fled the country as several high ranking executives in the megacorporations and Royal Government personnel have. It is becoming more difficult to leave the country, however, and many are feeling the iron fist of the self-proclaimed Lord High Marshal tighten around the nation. Many live in fear."

Aerion News Network <ANN>

"The Lord High Marshal has issued that unauthorized travel between provinces within Aerion is still against the law, and will result in severe penalties. All those who plan to leave, or enter the country must receive permission to do so, and currently the waiting list is long for those wishing to leave the country."

(Satellite imagery would show significant troop movements, and a lot of activity at many military bases. Especially around central Aerion, near the capital.)
22-04-2005, 03:42
26-04-2005, 05:14
(Character RP Story Tied to this: )
The Ctan
26-04-2005, 09:49
The Senatorial Permanent Committee for Legislation and Management was the de facto ruling body of the C’tan Empire. Occupying a tier of the Emperor’s palace somewhere below his own quarters but above the large museums and galleries that dominated the lower structure, they generally resided in a small room when in session, which was just about always.

At any one time, several senators could be found asleep on the wide sofas and couches surrounding the table where interesting materials were kept. Lady Senator Laudrina Frost, the sitting leader of this organisation, took a sip of lemon tea and picked up her notebook. She’d always found paper a far more psychologically satisfying medium to use than computational methods, and it was a simple enough matter to scan the thing in after meetings in order to comply with the strict regulations regarding public access to governmental data, which allowed citizens to access almost all of the data regarding SPCLM meetings.

She drew a line across the page, then began writing. “Aerion Issue”

“Pre-existing state of relations, effectively nonexistent, policy implications of coup not currently codified. No specific precedent,” she added.

“Bearing in mind the poor universal standard of living in Aerion we should be cautious of expressing direct support for the old regime, as Senator Aiyana has reminded me however, we are not socialists, and the internal distribution of wealth while undesirable, is not our business. We find it unlikely that this military dictatorship is in the interest of the people of Aerion, and shall therefore take no action overt, covert, or passive, to aid it. Furthermore, the return of the previous regime is to be considered desirable for long term stabilisation of the Sisgardian region. Therefore, we direct ███ ███ ██ ████████ ██ █████ at their discretion and leisure. Such action should be taken with extreme care. Further, at an official level, we will consider refugees and asylum seekers from Aerion to be legitimate, and direct any such applicants to be processed with additional speed. Our official policy is ‘we support the people of Aerion, regardless of government.’ This actually means that we support the royalty and nobility, to an extent.”
27-04-2005, 03:15
Aerion News Network <ANN>

Today the Lord High Marshal has announced that there will be an upcoming mandatory conscription for all boys aged 16-21. They will be sent to newly built army training camps, where the Lord High Marshal says they will learn "discipline, loyalty, and honor." When asked if this will affect the megacorporations due to losing employees, the Lord High Marshal stated "They will just have to compensate.

Aerion Peoples News <APN>

The Lord High Marshal intends to steal young boys, as young as 15 or 16 from their families, and force them into military service for what purpose we do not know. There are no planned military invasions or assaults, and the Grand Kingdom of Aerion is not under attack. This move is obviously unnecessary. There is speculations if the megacorporations will eventually retaliate, though with their removal of ability to have private security forces it is unlikely they are in a position to do anything. It is reported that at several large megacorporations there are Royal Army soldiers posted, as well as the corporate structure being infilitrated by agents of the Lord High Marshal's loyal military intelligence.
28-04-2005, 07:46
06-05-2005, 00:23
Aerion News Network <ANN>

"Today, a number of people were arrested for seditious activitiy. The office of the Lord High Marshal issued a statement that some of these men and women could have even been potential terrorists. "We are working to make Aerion a safer, more stable place for all following the terrorist attacks which resulted in the death of the Lord Chancellor, and the bombing which resulted in the deaths of the members of the Privy Council."

Aerion People's News <APN>

"Today, 5,000 people were illegally arrested in the central province, 1,000 of which were in the capital of Astevane. They were named as participating in "seditious activities", though the truth is these are people who were arrested were only arrested because they voiced their opinion about the self-proclaimed Lord High Marshal's dictatorial ways. These people, rightful citizens of Aerion, were rounded up and loaded into trucks which transported them to temporary internment camps outside of the city of Astevane. Sources say they are being treated similar as someone in the prisons would, being fed as basic as possible, and sleeping in cots. One must worry for their safety though."

((NOTE: Aerion News Network <ANN> is the "official" news of Aerion, sanctiond by the government (previously under purvew of the Ministry of Public Information in the Royal Government." Aerion People's News <APN> is an independent news source broadcasting from a secret location within Aerion. Both broadcast to television and radio as well.))