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Streleheim: Factbook

27-03-2005, 06:24
General Information
- Long Conventional Form: The Holy Empire of Streleheim
- Short Conventional Form: Streleheim
- Common Form: Dasreik
Nationality: Strellic; Streleheimian; Dasrik
National Currency: Geld
Languages: Strellic (English dialect) – Official, German, Italian, French, Castilian, Malagasy
Capital City: Corounne
Largest City: Draaksberg City
Population (as of March 27, 2005): 472,000,000
National Animal: Strellic Falcon
National Motto: "Für Gott und Kaiser"
State Religion: The Strellic Orthodox Church
National Flag:

Type: An empire system, in which several territories are held by a single power.
Internal Subdivisions: 3 Principalities (Teutony, Kershalt, Rotesfürstentum); 2 Duchies (Merovingia, Frontalières), 4 High Captaincies (Roqueria, Nouvelle Montagne, Draaksberg, Königreich), 2 Administrative Territories of the East Shona Company (Patakistan, Indostralia)
Head of State & Gov’t: HIM Charles Lothar III, Empereur de Romains, Kaiser vom Vest, Imperatore del Sant'Impero Romano, La Mano de Dios, Prins av Norden, Grand Master of the Order of the Falcon, Emperor of Streleheim
Legislature: The Dasrik Palatinate College of Nobles
Head of Gov’t Elections: Whenever the Emperor abdicates, or dies without naming a successor

Imperial Ministries:
• The Imperial First Ministry (First Minister Hadrian Claudius)
• The Imperial Ministry of Security (Castor Draaga)
• The Imperial Ministry of Information (Theseus Gnaeus)
• The Imperial Ministry of Trade and Commerce (Vladamir Geretzen)
• The Imperial Ministry of Welfare (Cassius Delmar)
• The Imperial Ministry of Environmental Protection (Achillides Nevski)
• The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Constantine Falco)
• The Imperial Ministry of Interprovincial Relations (Jaan Veski)

Government Budget Details:
Administration: $23,550,056,767.36 10%
Social Welfare: $42,390,102,181.26 18%
Healthcare: $21,195,051,090.63 9%
Education: $32,970,079,474.31 14%
Religion & Spirituality: $18,840,045,413.89 8%
Defence: $32,970,079,474.31 14%
Law & Order: $32,970,079,474.31 14%
Commerce: $0.00 0%
Public Transport: $9,420,022,706.95 4%
The Environment: $11,775,028,383.68 5%
Social Equality: $11,775,028,383.68 5%

National Holidays
Church Holidays:
• Easter: Last Sunday of April
• Christmas: Second Sunday of November
• Good Friday: Friday before Easter
• Ash Wednesday: Wednesday before Easter
• St. Castor’s Day: March 21st
Imperial Holidays:
• Independence Day: March 3rd
• Streleheim Day: May 17th
• Empire Day: June 30th
• National Karaoke Day: September 1st

• Currently None
• Currently None
Hostile Nations:
• Currently None
Embassy Exchange Nations:
• Lower Corvus
• The Lycan Confederacy
• Harlesburg
• Nedalia

Economic Statistics
Exchange Rate: 33.8475 Gelds = $1
Gross Domestic Product: $256,069,390,178.98
GDP Per Capita: $542.52
Unemployment Rate: 14.53%
Consumption: $24,105,276,000.00
Government Budget: $240,306,701,707.80
Government Expenditures: $235,500,567,673.64
Goverment Waste: $4,806,134,034.16
Exports: $29,917,907,803.49
Imports: $33,454,361,298.15
Trade Deficit: $3,536,453,494.66
Income Tax Rate: 90%
Major Industry: Information Technology

United Nations Profile

UN Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights: Average
Economy: Good
Political Freedoms: Superb

Region: Aurora
The Holy Empire of Streleheim is a huge, environmentally stunning nation, remarkable for its devotion to social welfare. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 472 million love a good election, and the government gives them plenty of them. Universities tend to be full of students debating the merits of various civil and political rights, while businesses are tightly regulated and the wealthy viewed with suspicion.
It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Social Welfare, Education, and Law & Order. The average income tax rate is 92%, and even higher for the wealthy. A small private sector is dominated by the Information Technology industry.
Citizens must pay to enjoy Streleheim's pristine beaches, the automotive industry soaks up huge government handouts, there have been a series of riots between local cannibals and health food advocates, and the Streleheim Automotive Racing Series draws millions of spectators annually while those near the tracks complain about the noise. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Streleheim's national animal is the Strellic Falcon, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the Geld.

More to come soon...