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Factbook: Lunatic Retard Robots

Lunatic Retard Robots
26-03-2005, 02:54
(Here goes. I don't think this will be done for several days, but it should give you a good idea of the makeup of my humble state.)

General Information; Lunatic Retard Robots

Official Longform: The Parliament Funkadelic of Lunatic Retard Robots and the Robotstani Archipelago
Official Shortform: Lunatic Retard Robots, Robotstan
Common Shortform: LRR, The P-Funk
Nationality: Robotic, Robotstani
Total Population: (2005) Between 2 and 2.5 billion (RP'ed), incomplete census data and shifting communities make an official number difficult to come by
Capital: Kingston
Largest City: Chocolate City
Regional Administrative Capitals: St. Julian, Port Lem, Port Isaac, Lewisvil, Dubton

Government Information; Lunatic Retard Robots

Nomenclature: Parilamentary Democratic Republic
Administrative Divisions: Central Parliament>Regional Assembly>Provincial Assembly>District Commune
Regions: Kingston, West Dub, East Dub, Cambria, Svenland
Head of State: Mordechai Rabbat
Head of Government: Vijay Kumar
Elections: Every five years, or by referendum
Suffrage: 18 years of age, Universal (all races, genders, sentinent lifeforms, etc.)

Notes on Government


If one third of voters petition for it, any issue at any level of government can be brought to direct popular vote. The referendum can be used to hold early elections, and to remove representiative officials from office.

Agencies of Government (Major ones, anyhow. Ones with ministers.)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-Gil Berowitz

Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
-Isak Denison

Ministry of Defense
-Maicek Syzko

Ministry of Education & Social Programs
-Frank Anistasio

Ministry of Sports & Recreation
-Louise Zappa

Ministry of Telephone, Telgraph & Communication
-Drez Igor

Ministry of Space
-Rachel Kayyam

Ministry of Music
-Samuel Pope


Total Area: 22,844,960 sq. km
Land: approx. 8,500,000 sq. km.
Water: approx. 14,344,960 sq. km


*Only those with population greater than 100,000,000 are listed.

Grand Kingston

Capital and largest city: Kingston
Population: 103,000,000
Approximate Total Area: 74,530 sq. km.

Lesser Kingston

Capital and largest city: Chocolate City
Population: 200,000,000
Approximate Total Area: 66,000 sq. km.


Capital City: Port Lem
Population: 101,000,000
Approximate Total Area: 62,000 sq. km.

Ile. St. Julian

Capital City: St. Julian
Population: 180,000,000
Approximate Total Area: 71,000 sq. km

East Dub

Capital City: Dubton
Population: 106,000,000
Approximate Total Area: 60,000 sq. km.

Ile. Sven

Capital City: Lewisvil
Population: 102,000,000
Approximate Total Area: 56,000 sq. km

Kingston: Its Not That Cold Down Here

Its easy to get lost in Kingston. After all, the capital city of Lunatic Retard Robots does cover an island the size of many countries, with a population fit for many countries to boot.

Established in the late 1000s AD, Kingston is notable for its status as the only major city in LRR with a port directly on the ocean. For this reason, it has always been a hub of trade. Kingston houses the sprawling shipyard complex of Lunkwill & Fook Shipbuilders, and is home to an ever-growing commercial district. Kingston is also known as one of the more hospitable cities in the archipelago, being near its southern extent. Summer temperatures can climb into the eighties, and what few beaches there are always find themselves packed full of citizens eager to go for a swim without a drysuit.

(More to come)

So, how do you all like so far?
Lunatic Retard Robots
27-03-2005, 01:25
(Time for the obligatory military numbers.)

Robotic Defense Force


Ever since the cream of the Robotic military was destroyed in the 1940s, the service has never fully recovered. When the last few Churchills finally bit the dust, the military stopped caring about itself. The idea of the RDF as possessing any kind of notable capabilities outside of the local environment is farfetched, and the military relies as much on the inhospitable weather and unusual geography as on its weapons to thwart an invasion. However, the military does have some effective weapons systems.

Equipment (As of 2005)

Ground Forces

5,000 BTR-50PKR amphibious multirole carriers
3,000 BTR-90R amphibious infantry vehicles
5,000 BMP-1R/2R amphibious infantry fighting vehicles
12,000 TC. 22 amphibious logistical carriers
1,000 BT. 6 amphibious tank destroyers
450 BT. 2 medium tanks

3,050 MT-12 100mm anti-tank guns
2,000 D-30 122mm howitzers
4,000 SM. 4B 82mm automatic mortars
4,500 SM. 1/2/3 51-80mm infantry mortars
1,752 2S1R 122mm self-propelled howitzers
600 AMV-R-M 120mm self-propelled automatic mortars
2,000 R. 130 130mm rocket artillery launchers
1,750 R. 122 122mm rocket artillery launchers
600 AT. 60 self-propelled land attack missile launchers
7,000 AT. 43A anti-tank missile launchers
5,000 AT. 43B anti-tank missile launchers
2,000 AT. 46/50 land attack missile launchers
244 SA. 300R anti-aircraft missile launchers
1,000 SA. 504 anti-aircraft missile launchers
1,000 SA. 504A anti-aircraft missile launchers
2,000 SA. 550A anti-aircraft missile launchers

10,000-12,000 assault boats

Military Aviation

250 JA/SAf. 37 (Viggen) multirole fighters
204 Su/SAf. 27 (Flanker) multirole fighters
300 SEPECAT/SAa (Jaguar) close air support aircraft
240 BAe/SAi (Hawk) trainer/light fighter aircraft
200 L/SAi. 159 (L-159) light attack/light fighter aircraft

90 Il/SAt. 76 transport/tanker aircraft
22 A/SAs. 50 AWACS aircraft
200 An/SAt. 2 transport aircraft
150 An/SAt. 14 transport aircraft
106 An/SAt. 26 transport/ECM aircraft
100 An/SAt. 26MR patrol/ASW aircraft

2,080 Mi/SAh. 8 multirole helicopters
800 Mi/SAh. 24 assault helicopters
1,000 SA/SAh (Gazelle) scout helicopters

Maritime Forces

700 assorted armed LCI
150 assorted armed LST
250 'Son House' class coastal missile boats
70 'Grisha-R' class ASW corvettes
30 U-212R AIP attack submarines
4 Heavy Attack Submarines
8 'Sovremenny' class destroyers
12 'Krivak' class frigates
100 'Koni-R' class corvettes

400 Mi/SAh. 14 ASW helicopters
50 An/SAt. 2MR patrol aircraft
80 An/SAt. 26MR patrol aircraft


5,842,775 total armed forces personnel

approx. 2,750,000 in the ground forces
approx. 2,000,000 in the maritime forces
approx. 1,000,000 in the airforce

The remainder are special operations troops and whatnot, most likely. But you didn't hear it from me.

Equipment (as of 1955)

*Note, due to lack of accurate recordkeeping exact and complete inventory is not available. A # indicates incomplete inventory data.

Robotic Ground Forces

Comet Cruiser Tank#
Centurion Main Battle Tank#
20,000 TC. 1 amphibious multipurpose carrier
2,000 TC. 2 (Pre BTR-50) amphibious multipurpose carrier
15,000 WC. 6 amphibious logistics carrier
Daimler Dingo Scout Car#
8,000 Daimler Mk. II Armored Car

75mm Mountain Howitzer#
R. 82 artillery rocket launcher#
SM. 1/2 51mm/66mm infantry mortar#
57mm Anti-tank Gun#
100mm Anti-tank Gun#
37mm Anti-tank Gun#
80mm Anti-tank Rocket#
100mm Anti-aircraft Gun#
40mm Anti-aircraft Gun#
37mm Anti-aircraft Gun#
23mm Anti-aircraft Gun#
12.7mm Anti-aircraft Gun#
7.7mm (.303) Anti-aircraft Gun#
15 S-25R Anti-aircraft missile launchers

Robotic Maritime Forces

4 Tribal Class Destroyers
25 Hunt Class Destroyers
88 River Class Frigates
24 Black Swan Class Sloops
14 H-Class Submarines
140 K-Class MTB

SAa. Beaufighter Fighter-Bomber#
55 SAf. Spitfire Mk. XXIV Fighter-Bomber
SAt. Walrus multirole amphibian
SAt. 9MP Patrol Bomber#
Westland/SAh. Wessex multirole helicopter#

Robotic Air Force

deHavilland/SAf. Venom#
deHavilland/SAf. Vampire#
Hawker/SAf. Hunter#
20 Saab/SAf. 35 'Draken'
SAt. 2 multirole transport#
deHavilland/SAf. Mosquito#
SAt. 47 multirole transport#
SAt. Walrus multirole amphibian#

Small Arms (1955-2005)

IW. 1946 (SKS) 7.62mm Semi-Automatic Rifle
IW. 1941 (Lee-Enfield No. 4) Bolt-Action Rifle
IW. 1948 (Ak-47) 7.62mm Assault Rifle
IW. 1930 (Thompson M1928A1) 9mm Machine Pistol
IW. 1945 (Sten Mk. V) 9mm Machine Pistol
IW. 1961 (L1A1) 7.62mm Assault Rifle
IW. 1955 (Sterling) 9mm Machine Pistol
IW. 1970 (Galil) 7.62mm Assault Rifle
IW. 1938/1959 (Bren/L4A4) 7.7/7.62mm Light Machine Gun
IW. 1924 (Nagant) 7.62mm Revolver
TR. 1965 (RPG-7) 40mm Grenade Projector

Command Structure

Service Commanders

Robotic Maritime Defense Force: Grand Admiral Owen Bentham

Robotic Ground Defense Force: Marshal Vasily Zukhov

Robotic Air Force: Marshal Ibrahim Karzai

Special Air Service: Colonel General Edouard Andropov

Regional Commanders

Eastern Military District: Deputy-Marshal Sergei Whitman

Svenland Military District: Deputy-Marshal Omar Abbas

Kingston Military District: Deputy-Marshal Isaac Tubal

Western Military District: Deputy-Marshal Phillippe Dreyfus


1-78th Motor Rifle
78-122nd Parachute/Light Infantry
122nd-126th Special Reconaissance


*Applies to combined arms commander, not belonging to any particular part of the military.


Colonel General
Major General

Lieutenant Colonel

Senior Sergeant



Grand Admiral
Flag Admiral
Vice Admiral


Senior Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer

Lunatic Retard Robots
27-03-2005, 05:20
Beth Gellert
27-03-2005, 13:25
(Tag for now. Nice to know that there's no part of the multiverse one can inhabit without running into LRR :) )
Lunatic Retard Robots
27-03-2005, 18:14
Aye. No matter how hard you try, nobody can escape!

Unless they have a good military and decide to attack me...
Lunatic Retard Robots
29-03-2005, 03:26
29-03-2005, 03:53
Tagged and forgotten
Lunatic Retard Robots
30-03-2005, 02:25
Beth Gellert
30-03-2005, 03:19
(Ah, LRR, you are having little more luck than I in attracting attention. BG in the none AMW world now has the bones of a factbook (the exceptionally wordy bones!), here (, by the way. Defensive military only, so no smashing you, sadly :) I wonder, does Robotstan lie anywhere in particular relative to real world geography, or is it just one of those vague things we love so much? I have much to learn about extra-AMW LRR, mayhap I shall follow you around for a bit [smiles in a slightly crooked fashion].)
Lunatic Retard Robots
31-03-2005, 00:33
I dunno, BG. I was sort of counting on following you around. You an Iansisle, for some good RP action outside of futuretech and AMW.

So if you have anything going now, I'd be happy to participate...
Beth Gellert
31-03-2005, 01:57
Ah, nothing yet, but I'll certainly let you know.
I'm still fiddling about with my map and trying to decide how to equip the guardsmen and women. Maybe I'll start out with elections to the Soviets or something.
Lunatic Retard Robots
31-03-2005, 03:26
As for my location, I always imagined it to be in the north pacific, very near the arctic circle, and with the atlantic not terribly distant across the pole.

Equipping your soldiers? Well, I'm probably not the best at that. Most troops still wear 1968-pattern DPM, with 1950-pattern uniforms still very common among reserve troops. Webbing is fairly modern, though, as well as boots, with local adaptations of the CS95 gear the most common. Firearms are not the most modern, though. The Ak-47 is still by far the most common rifle template, although the IW. 1948 (Robotstani Ak-47) can accept rifle grenades. L1A1s (IW. 1961s) are also fairly common. The IW. 1955 SMG is a very prolific weapon as well, and is used by just about every type of unit.

Generally, Robotstani gear is made to be reliable and comfortable, and military dress protocol is virtually non-existant beyond the uniform jacket so more wearable civilian clothing can be used.
Beth Gellert
31-03-2005, 03:46
Well, the none AMW BG shan't really consider itself to have soldiers, as such. The army has been disbanded, anyway. Gigantic national guard type effort. Strategically questionable having been untested, and relying for lessons instead on the strategic weakness of the communards a hundred and thirty years ago (without admiting to influence by Trotsky's criticism of same or BG's Russian population's bitter experience with his solutions), while armed largely with Finnish arms often not far removed from the AKs themselves. No LRR worries about pissing off the Igovians in this reality! Attack us and we'll probably mobilise enough fighters to pick your army up and carry it back over the border, but there's not much danger of us counter-attacking with anything more than an angry letter.

Ookay, just kick me if I keep spamming your thread with what ends up being crap about my nation :)
Lunatic Retard Robots
01-04-2005, 01:21
Well, in order for the LRRA to attack any country not very close by, somebody else would have to provide ships. Unless, of course, I organize an invasion force with assault boats towed behind a few elderly destroyers and frigates.

I rely on the sheer awkwardness of LRR terrain as my first line of defense. Tanks are virtually useless, and non-STOL aircraft or any equipment that can't stand up to extreme cold and very primitive facilities will also be in trouble. In LRR, the rubber inflatable boat is the primary means of transportation for infantry. (Engineers usually get tracked carriers, and LCIs are used over longer stretches of water).