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Cup of Harmony XIII- Rejistania/Legalese

26-03-2005, 01:11
Cup of Harmony XIII - now in Rejistania and Legalese!

OOC: So you are aware of our format, we will be using Leagion to scorinate. The 4 groups of 4 format will be kept, but the draw is being redone with pots. It will be top 2 advancing per group to the quarterfinals, then single-elimination from there.

RPs will be scored, mainly by length, as follows (each point decreases your KPB Seq Rank by 1):

0: utter crap (less than 600 characters)
0.5: okay-ish (600-1999 characters)
1: okay (2000-2999 characters)
1.5: needs a life (3000+ characters)

The Groups shall be as follows:
Blue and Orange will be played in Rejistania, and Scored by Legalese.
Red and Black will be played in Legalese, and Scored by Rejistania.

Blue Group:
Giant Zucchini
Liamist States

Orange Group:

Black Group:

Red Group:
The Belmore Family
Raptor Claw
Gaian Ascendancy

MD 1: 1v4 2v3
MD 2: 1v3 2v4
MD 3: 1v2 3v4

Post all RPs and Rosters Here! MD 1 will take place on Saturday.
Liamist States
26-03-2005, 01:56
Collective Disappointed Sigh From LS
Back to Square One
Liamist States Times

The Cup of Harmony XIII has been canned. Mid-tournament too. The results we did have on the board have since been deemed null and void by the WCC and the entire tournament has been moved to the World Cup stalwarts Legalese and Rejistania. This not that bad when you consider that we can now forget about our equal biggest loss ever against Kipto-Mare and that with no sex scandals of late, the Liamist States Times can give you fairly decent coverage of the Cup as it progresses. The downside is we do have to start again in a different group, which will contain the 26th, and highest, ranked Jeruselem, a strong side from Giant Zucchini (43rd) and the group's whipping boy, 88th Oliverry. This is a somewhat different outcome from the four teams only separated by eight slots in the rankings in the previous non-Cup.

Cup of Harmony 13
Qualifying (Group Blue)
MD1: Giant Zucchini (43), Rejistania
MD2: Jeruselem (26), Rejistania
MD3: Oliverry (88), Rejistania

The Marmadukes can realistically topple Giant Zucchini and Oliverry and if they can, they have a good chance of qualifying for the quarters.

The team for the real CoH will be the same starting side as the one for the non-Cup:
GK: Mi Rainford Jr (City de Liam)
LB: Alvaro Wiggen (East Trenport)
LCB: Thomas McQuary (Alexandra)
RCB: Hugh Killick (CDL United)
RB: Drew Vallis (Sheffield)
LM: Jackson Eaks (Alexandra)
CM: Troy Champion (Trenportsmouth)
RM: Rod Manoni (C, Mayfair)
LF: Christian Dressel (York)
CF: Armand Iziary (Canterbury)
RF: Hal Bell (CDL United)

The team will be using the standard international uniform ( that debuted in the BoF and WC XXI.

MarmaStat Wanking
17 10 2 5 35 22 13

*Baptism of Fire (Pre-WC21)

**Pre-WC21 Baptism of Fire
*Qualifying (Group 4)
Win (3-0): Danieljoh, South Osettia
Win (2-1): Gaian Ascendancy, South Osettia
Win (5-0): Nify nick, South Osettia
Win (3-0): Krakatou, South Osettia
*Finals (South Osettia)
Win (3-1): Anarquistan, South Osettia
Win (2-2): Naglegrad, South Osettia
Win (3-0): Chicanada, Vilita

**World Cup XXI
*Qualifying (Group 10)
Loss (1-4): Vilita (2), Vilita
Loss (2-3): Oaker (43), Oaker
Loss (1-3): Lovisa (13), Adali
Win (2-1): Gaian Ascendancy (92), Fairbank
Draw (2-2): Evalness (-), Trenport
Loss (0-1): Vilita (2), City de Liam
Loss (0-2): Oaker (43), Gradburg
Win (2-1): Lovisa (13), Lovisa
Draw (1-1): Gaian Ascendancy (92), Gaian Ascendancy
Win (3-0): Evalness (-), Evalness

Top Scorers
1. Hal Bell - 12
2. Armand Iziary - 11
3. Christian Dressel - 8
4. Rod Manoni - 3
5. Jackson Eaks - 1

Biggest Win: 5-0 Nifty nick, BoF Group
Biggest Loss: 1-4 Vilita, WC21Q Group

Longest Winning Streak: 7
Longest Losing Streak: 3

Current Rank: 58th
Highest Rank: 58th
Lowest Rank: 75th
Gaian Ascendancy
26-03-2005, 07:07
~ Seraphims look to a new Cup ~
Friendlies over, now to the real action folks..

The Seraphims after learning their previous two matches of the now defunct first try of the Cup of Harmony, now regroup to make a new push, after playing to an unexpected low quality the previous two matches against Oliverry and Gaint Zucchini, now being treated as friendlies.

Coach Kerensky after learning of the defunct status, and the renewal of match play under FAR better hosts, with Legalese the host, now face a new host of teams. Each game will be an 'away' game for the three day qualifier, but the Seraphims, seen by observers being essentially ripped into by Kerensky earlier today, as well as a harsh practice session after, is putting the team into form once more.


Keeper: (Home Guard)
GK: Kelse Howe

Defenders: (Shield)
RD: Azrael Bekker
LD: Julian Masaki
CD: Xan Tsgen

Midfielders: (Armor)
LM: Fasha Clark
RM: Eros Maine
CFM: Russel Issac
CRM: Pryde Tamara

Strikers: (Sword)
LF: Sean Masaki
RF: Richard Kreese
CF: Ian Andersen

The team sees two new faces, as Azrael Bekker promotes to starting Defender for Lincon Dinor, and Richard Kreese who stands up for N'Buta Kerensky, the two recent transfers to the Vilitan Division Series, Freech League before the start of CoH defunct friendlies. Bekker and Kreese look forward to living up to their promotions and were seen practicing hard today as well.

Draw: Red Group
The Belmore Family (30)
Praying2God (51)
Raptor Claw (55)
Gaian Ascendancy (62)

When the group draw was revealed, some observers cracked about if they should expect Luke Skywalker as Red Five.

Far from, the draw brings three difficult, but far from insurmountable challenges. And yet again, three new teams to test their mettle. The Ascendancy looks forward to these challenged like all others. Willingly...

Former Match Results:

~ Baptism of Fire Cup Pre-World Cup 21

Group D:
Matchday 1 - W
Nifty nick v. Gaian Ascendancy - (Tbilisi Arena) (0 - 4)
Matchday 3 - L
Liamist States v. Gaian Ascendancy - (Gori Ring) (2 - 1)
Matchday 4 - W
Krakatou v. Gaian Ascendancy - (Tbilisi Arena) (1 - 2)
Matchday 5 - W
Gaian Ascendancy v. Danieljoh - (Tbilisi Arena) (2 - 0)
Quarterfinals - L
Naglegrad vs. Gaian Ascendancy (Ts'khinvali Stadium) (2 - 1)
South Osettia Regional 3PPO - W
Gaian Ascendancy vs. Anarquistan (Gori Ring) (1 - 0)

~ World Cup 21

Group 10:
MD01 - L
Lovisa v. Gaian Ascendancy (2 - 0)
MD02 - L
Gaian Ascendancy v. Vilita (0 - 2)
MD03 - D (Nullified by Pimento withdrawl)
Big Pimento v. Gaian Ascendancy (0 - 0)
MD04 - W
Gaian Ascendancy v. Oaker (3 - 1)
MD05 - L
Liamist States v. Gaian Ascendancy (2 - 1)
MD06 -W
Evalness v. Gaian Ascendancy (0 - 2)
MD07 - Day Off
MD08 - L
Gaian Ascendancy v. Lovisa (0 - 5)
MD09 - L
Vilita v. Gaian Ascendancy (3 - 1)
MD10 - W (replacement friendly match)
Gaian Ascendancy v. Vilita U20 (3 - 0)
MD11 - L
Oaker v. Gaian Ascendancy (2 - 0)
MD12 - D
Gaian Ascendancy v. Liamist States (1 - 1)
MD13 - W
Gaian Ascendancy v. Evalness (2 - 0)
End of Regulation Matches

~ CoH Group Friendlies:
FD1 - D (Friendly)
Oliverry v. Gaian Ascendancy (1 - 1)
FD2 - L (Friendly)
Giant Zucchini v. Gaian Ascendancy (5 - 0)

National Team - Cup Results:
Pre-WC21 Baptism of Fire: 5th Place
World Cup 21: Group 10 - 5th Place (Did not qualify)
Under 21 World Cup 13: Group E - 2nd Place / Lost 2nd Round Match

~ Baptism of Fire Record:
Team: P W D L F:A GD Po
Gaian Ascendancy 6 4 0 2 11:5 +6 12

~ World Cup 21 Record:
Team: P W D L F:A GD Po
Gaian Ascendancy 10 3 1 6 10:18 -8 10

~ National Team Friendly Record:
Team: P W D L F:A GD Po
Gaian Ascendancy 3 1 1 1 4:6 +2 4

~ National Team Overall Record:
Team: P W D L F:A GD Po
Gaian Ascendancy 18 7 2 9 23:29 -6 23

The Seraphim also feel it's time to show better results for their efforts, and look to this Cup as a real stepping stone. Far from expecting total glory, a winning record and going deep into the Cup rounds is the team gola this time.

But going 'all the way' is the playing attitude the Seraphims will take into the Cup. The team is done with being newbies, and ready to perform to the next level.
26-03-2005, 08:03
Chicanada Footy News

For when no one cares, cuz there's hockey to be watched!

Chicanada Leaves for Cup Of Harmony...Agai

After going 0-1-1 in The Belmore Family, Chicanada will head to Rejistania to re-start play in the Cup Of Harmony.

Expect very nice, random, useless and lengthy news reports from both lands as the Kodiaks take the field.

The situation has actually helped the Kodiaks, as most of the NSWCXXI team has been released to play in the tournament. Star player Baston Jillien is the only major player not to make the trip, as he continues to play with Inland Peaks FC in Vilita.

The official roster for the Kodiaks is:

Coach: Jesnui Viladetta AS Cana
Assistant: Kristoff Lundvensen Verde Mund
Assistant: Terrince Livingston Bishop FC

Starters (4-4-2 scheme):
GK: Jersey Openzender AS Cana

DF: Flinnegan Keblen Eastentown Prep
DF: Dirk Bjzeli Risa FC
DF: Loeb Noebi Saint Croix
DF: Eroden Venlill Bishop FC

MF: Damarus Bastian FC Livingston
MF: Kodi Lomerbint North Coast
MF: Perides Mastroeni Acadia
MF: Jude Westington Mission

FW: Jorden Pullman Verde Mund
FW: Weston Kozten Bishop FC

GK: Haeden Grogen AS Cana
GK: Timonn Lisbon Acadia

DF: Tony Cherundolo Bishop FC
DF: Gordan Elish FC Livingston
DF: Jason Livitz Kasytelton Heights
DF: Grant Twellman FC Livingston

MF: Timon Glendell Saint Croix
MF: Szj M'li'kion Sani College at Rosa
MF: Morrison Omeni AS Cana

FW: Eeglin Ingelton FC Livingston
FW: Chinglin Erish Bishop FC
FW: Huston Goven Narobi

The team is very excited to begin play in the Orange Group for the tournament, even if it means being in the same group (once again) as Melmond. Chicanada, of course, would love nothing more than to get "revenge" for their "7"-0 "loss" in Melmod (amongst allegations of ref tampering at two Chicanadan goals disallowed due to some random penalties). In addition, the Kodiaks will face Haperd and Sonaron in match play, both games which are seen as excellent chances for the Kodiaks to get points on the board and help in possibly advancing.

With the recent switch in groupings, playing sites, and players used, analyists with CanaTV (who will carry the matches) have Chicanada finishing second in their group to Melmond with a strong possibility of advancement. Pundits at other stations and betting parlors are more cautious, as they all project the Kodiaks placing third behing Haperd and Melmond.

Of course more lengthy news reports as stories and scandals develop.
26-03-2005, 09:06
What the hell is Arthur thinking? , thought Tommy Walters, as he stepped off the plane, which touched down in Francis Town. I mean, we've had Robbie's death, the start of the National Soccer League, and now the Baptism of Fire coming up shortly. It's way too much to handle!

Such were the concerns for Legalese's former starting keeper, and now the new manager of the Men's National Team. Walters never expected it, personally. In fact, nobody really did. Robbie Heard was the forefather of Legalese Soccer... why would he have taken his life like that? It all made no sense to anyone, though it was clear that he had ended it. It was also clear that it was time to move on.

But why me?, Walters pondered. What made them think I'd be the man for the job?

Of course, everyone knew why Walters was the perfect choice. As starting keeper for the Black and Red for 10 years, he knew how to get the best out of his other 10 on the pitch. He'd forever be known in Legalese history for his actions in Cup of Harmony X, where after an injury in the first half kept him off the pitch, he returned during extra time, to not only deny the final penalty kick by the opposition, but to convert Legalese's final attempt, putting them in their first-ever Cup final.

Even after retirement, Walters was a leader, establishing his Goalkeeping School in Binchensburg, and teaming up with the local clubs, in creating a nearly year-round youth program. If there was anyone who would help ensure Legalese's future, and help them make the next step, it would be him.

But for Walters, it was time to figure out the task at hand. With the LAFC taking on co-hosting duties with Rejistania, at least Legalese would be playing in front of friendlier crowds. Now he needed to be worried about picking the lineup for the match with Sjwitz, as he made his first return to Legalese National.
26-03-2005, 09:36
---For Immediate Release---

Legalese announces playing sites for Cup of Harmony XIII

The Legalese Association Football Confederation announced that 7 different playing sites will be incorporated into the matches played in Legalese for the Cup of Harmony. During group play, the Black Group shall play matches at Legalese National Stadium in Francis Town, as well as at Robinson Field, in Numalia. Both are coastal cities, bordering the Nemyan Strait. Meanwhile, the Red Group shall play their group matches at John Murphy Field in Sagdineo, as well as in the Binchensburg Coliseum, in Binchensburg. The quarterfinal matches (pitting the winners of each group against the runner up in the other group) will be played in Okerson and Nadiaville, at Okerson Park, and Nicholson Memorial Pitch, respectively. The semifinal (in Legalese) will be hosted by Legalese's Premier Soccer Home, The Castle, in Legalese City.

Specific Site Information:

Black Group Play:

Legalese National Stadium
Francis Town, Legalese
Capacity: 84,239
Legalese National is the home park of the Legalese National Team, as you may have guessed. It is a rectangular park, with stands on three sides, and the Legalese Soccer House (headquarters of the LAFC/Soccer Legalese) completing the south end of the enclosure. As the home of the Legalese National Team, the Legalese Men shall play all three of their group matches at this site.
Matches to be hosted:
MD1: Legalese v. Swijtz
MD2: Legalese v. Kipto-Mare
MD3: Legalese v. Oceaice

Robinson Field
Numalia, Legalese
Capacity: 83,000
Legalese's newest facility, named after Numalia's founder, Major Kit Robinson.
Matches to be hosted:
MD 1: Oceaice v. Kipto-Mare
MD 2: Oceaice v. Swijtz
MD 3: Kipto-Mare v. Swijtz

Red Group Play:

Binchensburg Coliseum
Binchensburg, Legalese
Capacity: 75,000
Binchensburg Coliseum is the host to FC Binchensburg, of the National Soccer League.
Matches to be hosted:
MD1: The Belmore Family v. Gaian Ascendancy
MD2: The Belmore Family v. Raptor Claw
MD3: Raptor Claw v. Gaian Ascendancy

John Murphy Field (fmr. Legalese Cricket Ground)
Sagdineo, Legalese
Capacity: 70,000
Formerly the home of Legalese Cricket, John Murphy Field has been the home of only one sport, soccer, since the Great Storm. Overlooking the beautiful Bekk Lake, the "Big Murph" is a beautiful place to play.
Matches to be hosted:
MD1: Praying2God v. Raptor Claw
MD2: Praying2God v. Gaian Ascendancy
MD3: The Belmore Family v. Praying2God

Knockout Round Sites:

Nicholson Memorial Pitch
Nadiaville, Leglaese
Capacity: 76,000
Named after Ben Nicholson, the founder and chairman of Nadiaville Athletic, Nicholson Memorial is the home of Nadiaville's major club.
Matches to be hosted:
QF1: Black Group Winner v. Red Group Runner-Up

Okerson Park
Okerson, Legalese
Capacity: 66,573
The home of Orange United, Okerson Park is a nice round facility, ready to host a quarterfinal.
Match to be hosted:
QF2: Red Group Winner v. Black Group Runner-Up

The Castle
Legalese City, Legalese
Capacity: 95,000
The largest, and most advanced, stadium in Legalese. The Castle features a retractable roof, as well as a plate-structure, allowing the natural grass pitch to be moved to a nearby parking lot for growth.
Match to be hosted:
SF: QF1 v. QF2
26-03-2005, 12:59
Jeruselem Sports News ... TV show

DB: David Becks
AG: Anna Goldstein

AG: Good morning, this is Anna Goldstein for Jeruselem Government News.
DB: Yes, this is David Becks covering the Cup of Harmony 13, well cut 2

AG: An official statement by the official host, The Belmore Family. They have withdrawn as hosts and well the CoH 13 is restarting
DB: I never liked that number 13, you Anna?

AG: Me neither, although the Under 21 Championship 13 was good
DB: That one did go well.

AG: Rejistania and Legalese are taking over. We are in Blue group and going to Rejistania.
DB: The land of infinite soccer defense

AG: Our new group looks different, yet the same
DB: First, Giant Zucchini. A good team but we know them well and should be able to handle them.

AG: Liamist States?
DB: A recent team, if we can't beat them we don't deserve to progress.

AG: Oliverry?
DB: No idea, but probably another new team. We should beat them too.

AG: Will this disruption cause any problems for our team?
DB: Yes and no. Yes, the team will be annoyed at having to restart but they are professionals and get used this all time in the domestic competition.

AG: The biggest threat in Blue group?
DB: Them Zucchinis. Unlucky in the World Cup XXI like us.

AG: Let’s look at Orange Group
DB: Melmond, Haperd , Chicanada, Sonaron. I pick Melmond and Haperd for this group. Melmond should have it easy.

AG: Black Group?
DB: Legalese, Oceaice, Kipto-Mare, Sjwitz. Legalese who are a host and Sjwitz for for me. Sjwitz are proving a hand full for better teams and Legalese are upcomers to challege the next World Cup generation.

AG: Red Group
DB: The Belmore Family, Praying2God, Raptor Claw, Gaian Ascendancy. The group of death for me. I say Praying2God and Raptor Claw, but I cannot write off ex-hosts TBF either. Gaian Ascendancy aren’t easybeats either.

AG: Overall our chances?
DB: Hard to say. There’s plenty of good teams here and although we are ranked nicely, anyone can win. For me Melmond, Legalese, Praying2God, Sjwitz and Raptor Claw are the ones to watch.

AG: Will the Jeruselem play our World Cup reserves?
DB: Definitely, our boys need a rest especially ones who played the World Cup finals. They’ll be back in action for later rounds if we do make them.

AG: Our record in the CoH isn't good is it?
DB: True, a few good ones but most have crashed. Mainly due to tired players or lack of motivation.
26-03-2005, 13:52
From the latest edition of the Daily NewSjwitz:

CoH13, part 2

The Sjwitz national team got a lucky break when the news was announced that the CoH13 tournament was to be annulled and rescheduled. The first two matchdays had brought nothing more than bad plays by the Sjwitz team and had only rendered them one point after two matches. Their third scheduled match, against Jeruselem, would have had to be won by some margin to ensure a ticket in the second round. But now, the team can forget all this and start all over, the tournament has been completely restarted, even with a new draw. Sjwitz will now be playing in Legalese in the black group, together with the hosts Legalese themselves and two relative unknowns Oceaice and Kipto-Mare. Ofcourse, to the Sjwitz team almost all teams are unknown and almost all matches are matches against stronger opponents. During this tournament it will not be different, apart from two other nations Sjwitz is the lowest ranked team in the whole tournament. Hence, it shouldn't be a surprise to see them in last place with zero points after three Matchdays. But Sjwitz wouldn't be Sjwitz if the supporters, coach and players were'nt going for a lot better. Coaches Schmidt and Greaves have been working with the team for a while now, bigger results are expected. Added here is a short overview of the team, given by the coaching duo in an exclusive interview with our reporter Vince McNugget, just after the annulment of the results.

So hi Simon and Steven, let's get this started immediately. Results annulled, what are the your thoughts?
Schmidt: Well it works out good for us really, it would have been very hard to qualify against Jeruselem. Ofcourse we don't know yet if the groups will be redrawn, if so we might end up in a tougher group.
Greaves: True, but tougher or not, we'll take this second chance and get this team where it belongs, up the rankings!

Yes well Sjwitz is about the weakest team in the tournament, isn't this tournament a bit over our Sjwitz heads?
Greaves: no it's ideal! You have to start somewhere and can't expect to be winning from the first match now can you? The results Steven got with the team during the World Cup qualifying tournament proved that already, as the tournament went on, the margin of loss became smaller, a lot of games were drawn already. I promise you that during the next World Cup qualifying tournament Sjwitz will get a load of points.

...and qualify?
Schmidt: We'll try but I personally think that will still be a very hard task, ofcourse i'm not so optimistic as my friend Simon here heehee.

Ok. So tell our readers about the Sjwitz team, who's in it, who's the big star for the future, who's about to get selected and such?
Greaves: A lot of questions at the same time there but we'll start with a short info about the team. Ehm, start with defence Steven?
Schmidt: sure. We've got quite a solid defence for the moment, there's the trio from Zalgiris Trinss: Dieter Simms, Fritz Steiger and Billy-Bob Reitsma. All three of them are quite good, the fact that they play at the same club helps ofcourse, they now eachother well. Steiger is definitely the best of the three though. I think he'll be playing for the Sjwitz national team for a long period, he's only 22 too. But he's not the only good defender in the team, especially Jolt and Svensson now how to tackle, ...
Greaves: Let's put it this way, if we lose, we don't expect it to be by a lot. Hehe. Even our reserves are good, Burt Hamm and Frank Peeters, but they've been playing the least of all these, we don't really know if their nerves will be cool when playing important matches.

Sounds nice, the keepers should not be having a lot of work then should they? Who's defending our cage?
Greaves: Well Frank Blurr is the absolute number 1 in Sjwitz, but that doesn't mean he's that extremely good, I personally think that the keepers are Sjwitz' weak spot. Don't understand me wrong, Tim Oz and Geert Van Der Snikkel, they know how to play, but the quality and quantity of keepers in Sjwitz is nothing compared to the Midfield and Defence. Offesively the team is very talented as of now, but I've heard that the youngsters aren't quite good in the offensive section? Steven?
Schmidt: It's true, our U-20 team scores a lot, but they play all out attack. Mostly the midfielders are scoring too. Luckily our current squad contains a very good bunch of strikers and we're also lucky that there are teams like Deportivo Salst-Gungen in the national league who are fully concentrating on training youth. For now we've got Roman Bingk as the absolute star, he's also the only player who's playing abroad. Barosj is undoubtedly the number two striker, followed closely by Peters and Verheyen in that order. But they're all four very close together, as I said, we're really lucky with or current offensive lineup.
Greaves: Personally I think the midfield is the strong point of the team, backed up with a great defence. Keeper and offence are ok. Well Bingk and Blurr are the best Sjwitz players in their position but I think those two positions need the most improving.

So we need the clubs to train more keepers and strikers. But I've heard both of you say that the midfield is great and we haven't heard of those guys yet, who are they and why are they so good?
Greaves: Oh well, on the wing Sjwitz has got two fast runners with great technique, Jelle J. Johnson and Jimmy Sjwitzer. They are the only two midfielders who are sure of their place in the lineup as of now. The others aren't, just because they are all so good and because they all have their different styles of play.
Schmidt: Yes many times the midfield is the point of discussion. We've got Stomp, he can really dominate the midfield and give Sjwitz a whole lot of possession. Ünterberger gives passes precise up to a few centimeters and can really open up the play towards the wings. Morrgh and DiLuciano play best together, they're both one touch players and if they play together it's sometimes even hard for the camera's to catch the ball up midfield. Let alone the other team. Missing one guy now...
Greaves: Ghornn, also a good player since he can adapt very well to new positions. He can play defensive and/or offensive midfielder perfectly.

So nothing but good news of the midfield. Defence was great too. The upcoming youth of keepers and forwards is bad but we have talented players now. So tell me, the whole squad is "great", as you guys say it, right now. Why aren't we winning more?
Greaves: Little experience is a factor. Plus if we say the team is great, then we mean the team is good knwoing the amount of time it exists. As we said earlier, you can't expect a new team to win immediatly. We will some day.

Guys I just got the news that there is a new draw for the tournament, which is to be hosted by Rejistania and Legalese by the way. Sjwitz will be playing Legalese, Oceaice and Kipto-Mare. Any thoughts?
Schmidt: We don't know a lot of the other teams but I think we can already say that the hosts Legalese will be hard to beat at home. Better get our points against Oceaice and Kipto-Mare then.

Thanks guys and the best of luck with the team!
Liamist States
26-03-2005, 16:06
Liamist States Marmadukes
Cast & Crew

Media Contact: Illario Forster
Forster is the man who presides over each of the Marmadukes press conferences, usually the only thing preventing Hal Bell and Mi Rainford Jr from killing each other, and secretly co-ordinates the psychological gaming that the Liamist States became notorious for in the BoF. Gaian Ascendancy, who the Marmadukes share a group with, were the first targets of such attacks, each player waking up with one hand in a bowl of water and a very wet patch on their sheets. He manipulates Mi Rainford Jr’s contacts for his own use, sparking off the terrible rivalry between the Marmadukes and Chicanada Kodiaks.

Embedded Journos (from the Liamist States Media Corporation or LSMC):
Ted Wehling (Liamist States Times)
The match reporter. An old-hand at soccer reporting, starting out covering the Minor League matches for the LS Times. Fourteen years later, he’s now embedded with the Marmadukes on their first ever international campaign. He could be considered responsible for the turning point in the BoF semi-final, raising a stirring song that brought the Marmadukes back into the game. He is very proud of that moment.
Mallory Renaga (LSTV)
The TV commentator. Has little tolerance for idiots, such as Necia Bell-Rainford (Rainford Jr’s ex-wife and Hal Bell’s current. She is rumoured to have slept with at least half the Liamist population. Think Paris Hilton but married three times and in her forties. Shocking.), and likes to let the soccer do the talking.
Neva Jardin (Soccer & Babes Magazine)
The Knockout. Winner of Soccer & Babes Magazine Bootylicious Babe of the Year title three years running, Jardin is actually a professional and serious journalist, unless faced with Jackson Eaks, who she has a very open crush on.
Cody Pickles (Soccer Monthly)
The Roving Reporter. Little is known about Pickles who is usually quiet and spends most of his time typing away at his laptop. His main hobby includes a nation simulator website, where he role-plays endlessly.
Julio Becraft (Triple N FM)
The Clown. LSMC’s radio journalist, Becraft was nearly killed by Mi Rainford Jr-thrown chair when he made comments about a certain ex-wife who is now married to another. He was noticeably absent during the knockout phase of the BoF. Many think he doubles as the Sturge on Triple N breakfast. Remember, the fish was delish and it made quite a dish.

Important Marmadukes
Mi Rainford Jr (City de Liam)
One half of the Bell-Rainford rivalry, Rainford is a surly, bitter and often sarcastic character. He feels he is unappreciated on a side who worships their forward line, with little regard for the fact that Rainford conceded only a handful of goals, most of which were penalties. He is the son of Commander Mi Rainford, head of the Liamist States Military Forces and his favourite film, as a result, is Team America.

Jackson Eaks (Alexandra)
A popular hit with the ladies, especially the babe reporter Neva Jardin, Jackson Eaks is the youngest Marmaduke at just twenty years of age. As such, he is a sensitive young man, yet to come to terms with the fame and pressure of international soccer, crying when it seems like too much (halftime against Naglegrad, for instance). He and Rod Manoni combine to form the back end of the forward five. A young talent to watch for, especially with his deadly corner kicking skills.
Rod Manoni (C, Mayfair)
The captain and midfield leader, Manoni is an experienced player, leading domestic champions and Liamist Club Cup winners, Mayfair, to their double victories. He is the second oldest on the team, after Darius Wisher, at twenty-seven years of age. Known as the Master of the Boot at home, he can take any free kick from the edge of the penalty box and turn it into a goal.

Armand Iziary (Canterbury)
A flamboyant forward, Iziary first made an impression by scoring a hattrick on his, and the team’s, international debut. He is an athletic striker and very passionate about his game. He, like Christian Dressel, defers to Hal Bell when making striking decisions.
Hal Bell (CDL United)
Hal Bell is considered by fans, his team and the media alike to be the MAN. He was highest scorer last season for his side and many tipped CDL United to take the Liamist Club Cup, until they were stopped in the semis by local arch rivals, City de Liam, when Bell choked, a psychological problem he faces until this day, haunting him. He and Mi Rainford Jr have not got a good relationship. They were friends up until that semi-final when Bell met Necia Rainford and began an illicit love affair, resulting divorce and the most vile football rivalry ever seen in the Liamist States Empire.
Christian Dressel (York)
Scoring two goals in the BoF final, Dressel is somewhat of a surprise package from that tournament. After Marlin Smoots failed to shine, he was given the go ahead and scored in his first match. The quietest of the forward five, Dressel has proven himself a decent forward and many look to him to replace Bell when he retires (may that day never come) as the forward pack leader.
Liamist States
26-03-2005, 16:36
Marmadukes Rate Chances: Okayish
Eaks Says Sex Is Fun
Press Conference

Forster: Good afternoon van Peebles, we’re back. I trust the media is good? Good. Shall we begin?

Jardin: How’s everyone feeling?

Rainford: Good.

Bell: Fine.

Eaks: Excitable.

(Jardin winks)

Manoni: Prepped and ready to go, especially with the false start.

Renaga: Hows are you dealing with the sudden change?

Dressel: It make a difference, no question, but then everyone has to go through it, so we don’t expect to be too disadvantaged.

Eaks: The same boat thing applies well.

Wehling: Any special plans for tackling Zucchini?

Manoni: Sure.

Wehling: Care to elaborate?

Manoni: Yeah, were gonna go hard and thump them. If we can harness Troy Champion’s obvious hostility to anything that moves and use it against the GZ, we should be able to stop them rather readily. Did you see him go at the Kipto Marian?

(All except Manoni and Jardin wince)

Rainford: The defence is looking at corralling attackers into corners, so it will be easy to deal with them.

Bell: I think we can all take a leaf from our non-game against Praying2God and continue that rather than our lack lustre game against Kipto Mare.

Iziary: Yes, I don’t want to equalise the Vilitan record again.

Becraft: Jeruselem media are saying that if they don’t beat you in the upcoming game, they don’t deserve to qualify. Any responses?

Bell: That’s a pretty fair assessment.

Rainford: Kinda irritating though.

Eaks: It wouldn’t be that bad losing to us. Losing to us wouldn’t be nearly as embarrassing as losing to Oliverry. Or Chicanada…or Gaian Ascendancy…heh…

Dressel: If we can beat them, then we should progress. But that’s the key isn’t it?

Iziary: Yes, I reckon well do okayish. The key is our game against Giant Zucchini.

Manoni: But look, were just taking it half by half, as you all know, its a game of two halves, and game by game and all we can hope for is to win more than we lose, you know? Well give 110% and I can’t ask anymore of the boys.

(Jardin coughs, Cliché)

Pickles: The new Premier League season pretty much starts directly after this tournament. Aren’t you going to be fatigued and in similar shape as when you began your WC campaign?

Bell: Yes and no. We have a lot more experience now.

Rainford: We’re also a hell of a lot better players.

Dressel: And capable of pacing ourselves and not going all out. It was a problem coming out of the BoF because it was either full on or not there at all.

Manoni: Gotta bring home the bacon anyway. That’s what they pay us for.

Eaks: And most of our team mates haven’t spent a long time out here.

Jardin: So…hows everyone’s private life? You allowed to get some (winks)?

Bell: Coach Springs policy is essentially if you aren’t training, eating, playing or sleeping, you better be getting laid.

Rainford: Good for body and soul.

Iziary: An excellent cardio workout.

Eaks: *Swea*ing fun.

Bell: Its hard on the wife…she claims it’s difficult to do it semi-professionally and recreationally.

Rainford: She would…slackass *swear*.

Bell: What did you say?

Rainford: Slackass *swear*.

(Bell tenses and relaxes)

Bell: Well…you would know…

Rainford: Damn straight.

Wehling: Have you any pre-touranment picks for the Cup? Besides yourselves, of course…

Bell: Legalese. Home crowd thing.

Iziary: Melmond.

Dressel: Probably Oliverry. If they go all the way, I’m gonna look like a genius.

Manoni: The Belmore Family because they haven’t expended any energy hosting a tournament (eye roll).

Eaks: Melmond. Highest ranked team in play.

Rainford: Is it even worth considering anyone else?

Forster: Well thank you media guys and gal. We are sorry it’s taken so long to get another press conference but during the WCQ was a real bitch. Although no one showed up for our conference after the final game…?

Renaga: We had a sex scandal to cover and we can’t waste our time on a team that, at that time, had no chances. But good luck. Well be here until the end.

Forster: Thanks and see you after the game.
26-03-2005, 19:27
Matchday 1 Results- Orange and Blue Regions:

Blue Group
Jeruselem [1] - Oliverry [0] (@ Estadije Jesejil Lines)
Giant Zucchini [2] - Liamist States [0](@ Estadije Hetkali Junis)

Orange Group
Melmond [2] - Sonaron [0] (@ Estadije Sike Veran)
Haperd [2] - Chicanada [1] (@ Estadije KaMaRi Ines)

Blue Group Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Giant Zucchini 3 1 0 0 2:0 2
2. Jeruselem 3 1 0 0 1:0 1
3. Oliverry 0 0 0 1 0:1 -1
4. Liamist States 0 0 0 1 0:2 -2
Orange Group Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Melmond 3 1 0 0 2:0 2
2. Haperd 3 1 0 0 2:1 1
3. Chicanada 0 0 0 1 1:2 -1
4. Sonaron 0 0 0 1 0:2 -2
26-03-2005, 20:25

Guillaume St-Francois: "Welcome everybody to Soccermag, the source for soccer fans all around Oliverry and Limbrugidlia. For the next 3 weeks, we will follow for you the Cup of Harmony, a soccr cup where Oliverry got invited for their participation at the World Cup 21. Now, today's news:

The United Provinces of Oliverry unvailed their roster 2 days ago. It will be the same that was used at the BoF and in the Qualify of the WCXXI.

GK: Richard Glannois
GK: Yohann Dubé

FW: Alain Chantlaloi
FW: Guillaume Louvain
FW: Living Inamerica
FW: Claude Living
FW: Renald NGuyen

MF: Winnie Thepooh
MF: Youri Langlois
MF: Jean Deladurantaye
MF: Ugo Toutilis
MF: Tiuly Xanwinum
MF: Ricky Lamothe
MF: Unil Ourig

DF: Régis Roger
DF: Pedro Garand
DF: Wayne Youlis
DF: Quentin Bérubé

(Players in bold are the starters)

They also revealed their jerseys:

The supporters were happy to know that Oliverry was invited to such a great tournament. They now hope to be in the next cup and to win some games in the future...

Now, yesterday's Oliverry game was against Jeruselem. Let's find our reporter, Gino Gasolina, describe what happened."

Gino Gasolina: "The team was expected to lose... but not in the last minute of the game. A Jeruselem player scored at the 89th minute of the game on a shot that passed Richard Glannois. Some Oliverrian players did miss some spectacular shots like Living Inamerica that missed an empty net at the 36th minute and Ugo Toutilis that kicked a shot right on the post at the sode of the Jeruselem's goaltender at the 65th minute. So the final score:
Jeruselem: 1
Oliverry: 0

In the next game, Oliverry will play Giant Zucchini, the favourites of the group."

GSF: "Thank you Gino. We'll be right back at Soccermag..."

Ad-guy: "Soccermag is presented by Pepsoli®:
Pepsoli®, everywhere you can find it, you'll find it."
26-03-2005, 20:27
A Cup of Harmony Preview
By Henry Kalangalangalang of the Melmond City Herald

REJISTANIA—We never did a preview for the first Cup of Harmony which was staged in the Sonaron and the Belmore Family…but when bureaucratic messes usually associated with socialist nations got in the way of the tournament, the first Cup of Harmony was cancelled and all the statistics were made immaterial, which was bad news for our Fearless Farmers as interim manager Kestrel Bluesummers led the team to two victories against The Belmore Family and Legalese in a ridiculously tough group considering it is merely the Cup of Harmony. However, Melmond gets a new start and a much easier group in the Cup of Harmony that will count here in Rejistania and also in Legalese. The Fearless Farmers are the consensus favorites to take the Golden Keg home after a disappointing qualifying run which resulted in the firing of Manager David Bixler. The Fearless Farmers have been put in the orange group of the Cup of Harmony, where they are sure to get a lot of vitamin C. Here are the opponents.

It seems that many publications are picking Haperd to finish second behind the Fearless Farmers, however here we don’t see the Vulcans as nothing but a mediocre and stagnant side.

The team everyone should pick to finish second is Chicanada. This is a side that the Fearless Farmers are familiar with and knows is a hard charging side. Too bad their journalists are a bunch of sad liars. Referee corruption in the 7-nil loss to the Fearless Farmers, were you guys even at the match?! Nevertheless, a team not to be underestimated.

Last and certainly least we have one of the ex-hosts in Sonaron. This side seems demoralized after having to give up home nation advantage, and we do not see how they can recover from it as the talent and spark seems to be missing.

The Prediction
1. Melmond
2. Chicanada
3. Haperd
4. Sonaron

Melmond National Team Cup of Harmony Schedule

v Sonaron (Rejistania)
v Chicanada (Rejistania)
v Haperd (Rejistania)

Next Game
vs. Sonaron (Somewhere in Rejistania)

We would like to tell you where in Rejistania this match is going to be, but honestly we have no clue where it will be. This will be the debut of interim manager Kestrel Bluesummers, who will try to make her case to be considered for the full-time managing position. The Fearless Farmers are expected to play more free-wheeling and loose this time. Expect them to have fun, at Sonaron’s expense. Here is interim manager Kestrel Bluesummers’ starting lineup.

GK- Alex McCarthy
D- Notint Hecloset
D- Maxwell Wong
D- Charles Unne
D- Laola Saenu
M- Bob Fillyfoo
M- Martin Goodwin Jr.
M- Pauline Hulme
M- Jake Cormier
F- Gene MacDougall
F- Debora Unne

For tickets to Rejistania and the Cup of Harmony matches, call the Therewegoes Travel Agency at 3-18-357-9009. In my humble opinion, there aren’t as many hosts as gracious as the Rejistanians. Enjoy their very unique culture.
26-03-2005, 22:47
Fearless Farmers Feeling It Out
Mistake-Riddled Melmond Still gets 2-nil Victory over Sonaron
By Henry Kalangalangalang of the Melmond City Herald

REJISTANIA—Despite winning two friendlies against The Belmore Family and Legalese early on in the failed Cup of Harmony, the Fearless Farmers certainly looked as if they had a long way to go to find their own style again after the fatal mistake made by ex-manager David Bixler of trying to stuff his physical style with a team which didn’t have the makeup to execute it well. Interim manager Kestrel Bluesummers just wants the Fearless Farmers to have some fun and enjoy the beautiful game in their own beautiful style. In the first match of the legitimate Cup of Harmony against Sonaron, the Fearless Farmers found themselves enjoying the game, but at times having a very hard time communicating with each other on the pitch, playing things too loosely. However, the team from the ex-Cup of Harmony hosting nation Sonaron was completely outmatched by Melmond.
Things looked very promising early on for Melmond. The Fearless Farmers virtually had a monopoly on the possession of the ball, keeping Sonaron on defence for the first fourteen minutes of the match until a breakthrough happened where Melmond midfielder Jake Cormier puts away a strike from Melmond striker Debora Unne which hit the left goalpost. The goal was at the 14th minute and the Fearless Farmers took the early 1-nil lead.
However, after that goal, the Fearless Farmers lost whatever rhythm they had between each other. They still played freely, but however they may have been too free as there seemed to be no synchronicity whatsoever, as if each player was more showing off their individual skills rather than showcasing their strength as a team. Despite all this, Sonaron still had a very difficult time gathering an effective attack. They only had two shots on goal for the entire first half, both easily stopped by Melmond goalkeeper Alex McCarthy. Melmond would take the 1-nil lead into the end of the first half.
The second half started much like the first half, with the Fearless Farmers finding a way to click on all cylinders and yet feel free to roam behind the wheel. An exciting chain of passes which looked to end up with a pretty strike by Melmond striker Gene MacDougall was interrupted before MacDougall can complete the climax by a whistle being blown right after a late tackle on Melmond midfielder Pauline Hulme by Sonaron defender Jackie Reliford. Reliford would get a yellow card for that effort and the Fearless Farmers would miss out on the penalty kick as the infraction was caused just a couple meters away from the goalkeeper’s box. Hulme would take the free kick however, and will convert it as her kick rocketed over the Sonaron wall and past the diving Sonaron goalkeeper Shana Robinson. The Fearless Farmers take the 2-nil lead at the 60th minute.
After that, the match was still dominated by the Fearless Farmers as they played with a carefree pick up game mentality on the pitch. The entire Sonaron side just basically expended all of their energy trying to keep up with the Fearless Farmers, and substitutions for the team that calls themselves the Pride were lyin’ to themselves thinking that could change the momentum of the match. The Fearless Farmers were clearly in control and the match could have been a big time rout if it weren’t for the overeagerness of the Fearless Farmers. Some plays that were meant to look fancy or made with an exclamation point went awry. Clever passes went unclaimed and cleared away by the Sonaron defence. Authoritative strikes were off target, going wide left, right, and most of the times over the bar. Passes to wide open players were overshot and many opportunities to pad the goal differential were blown. Although they weren’t able to get a third goal, the Fearless Farmers got three points and look to be finding their way to take their second Golden Keg.

Cormier, MEL 14th
Hulme, MEL 60th

Reliford, SON 60th


Other Orange Group Result
Haperd 2 – Chicanada 1

Orange Group
1. Melmond 3 1 0 0 2:0 2
2. Haperd 3 1 0 0 2:1 1
3. Chicanada 0 0 0 1 1:2 -1
4. Sonaron 0 0 0 1 0:2 -2

Melmond Team Stats
Goals: Jake Cormier (1), Pauline Hulme (1)
Cards: None

Melmond National Team Cup of Harmony Schedule

v Sonaron (Rejistania) W 2-0
v Chicanada (Rejistania)
v Haperd (Rejistania)

Next Game
vs. Chicanada

This appears to be a one-sided grudge match. The Chicanadans seem to be under the delusion that collusion caused their confusion into diffusion last time taking on the Fearless Farmers, where they were walloped 7-nil by a Melmond team which just got its butt whipped by infamous reality show drill sergeant Houlihan “Hoolie” Goon. Chicanada is a team of two faces. Many times they have appeared to be one of the up and coming powers in the footballing scene, other times they look like the heir to Ravea and Hash n Beans. If the first team shows up, Melmond will have a fight on their hands, if the latter shows up; this could be another big time rout. Here is interim manager Kestrel Bluesummers’ starting lineup, no changes from the last match.

GK- Alex McCarthy
D- Notint Hecloset
D- Maxwell Wong
D- Charles Unne
D- Laola Saenu
M- Bob Fillyfoo
M- Martin Goodwin Jr.
M- Pauline Hulme
M- Jake Cormier
F- Gene MacDougall
F- Debora Unne

For tickets to Rejistania and the Cup of Harmony matches, call the Therewegoes Travel Agency at 3-18-357-9009. In my humble opinion, there aren’t as many hosts as gracious as the Rejistanians. Enjoy their very unique culture.
26-03-2005, 22:58
Chicanada Footy News

For when no one cares, cuz there's hockey to be watched!

Chicanada Looses, No One Surprised.

The Kodiaks start on the same foot as they did in the previous CoH matches, as they drop their opener to projected #2 in Orange Group Haperd in Rejistania today.

Not as ugly as their first loss in the CoH held elsewhere, Chicanada got a goal from Captain Jude Westington but goalkeep Jersey Openzender continued to be hit or miss as he allowed two goals in defeat. Openzender did not speak to the press after the game, but released a press report stating he was disappointed in his play and that Coach Jesnui Viladetta has pulled him as a starter.

Their next match is against Melmond, who owns a 1-0-1 record against the Kodiaks. Many pundits wonder if the Chicanada of the 1-1 tie will show up and threaten the Fearless Farmers or if the 7-nil loss (which many still deny happening. Collective amnesia?) was just the beginning in a disasterous streak against them. Regardless, Chicanada needs at least a tie to have any chance of advancement to the Second Round.

The official lineup for tommorows match against Melmond:

GK: Timonn Lisbon Acadia

DF: Gordan Elish FC Livingston
DF: Loeb Noebi Saint Croix
DF: Eroden Venlill Bishop FC

MF: Tony Cherundolo Bishop FC
MF: Kodi Lomerbint North Coast
MF: Perides Mastroeni Acadia
MF: Jude Westington Mission

FW: Jorden Pullman Verde Mund
FW: Weston Kozten Bishop FC
FW: Chinglin Erish Bishop FC

The Kodiaks have decided to switch to a 3-4-3 scheme to see if it would help them mesh better against the agressive Farmers.

In other news, the game scored an impressive 35 million households for CanaTV, which was not enough to beat Northern's "Stuck On An Island" for #1 overall for the night but was enough to pass CityTV's "Law Games" and Canal4's special premiere of the CFAA nominated film Virgin. Many expect the number to increase tonight, as the "Chicanada Song Contest" will air before the Chicanada-Melmond game.

As always, more lengthy news reports as stories and scandals develop.
26-03-2005, 23:04
Scores of the Black and Red regions:

Black Group:
Legalese 1 Sjwitz 0 (@Legalese National)
Oceaice 1 Kipto-Mare 1 (@Robinson Field)

Red Group:
The Belmore Family 5 Gaian Ascendancy 1 (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
Praying2God 1 Raptor Claw 1 (@John Murphy Field)

Black Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Legalese 3 1 0 0 1:0 1
2. Oceaice 1 0 1 0 1:1 0
Kipto-Mare 1 0 1 0 1:1 0
4. Sjwitz 0 0 0 1 0:1 -1
Red Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. The Belmore Family 3 1 0 0 5:1 4
2. Praying2God 1 0 1 0 1:1 0
Raptor Claw 1 0 1 0 1:1 0
4. Gaian Ascendancy 0 0 0 1 1:5 -4

Rejistanian Venues for the Cup of Harmony

The Orange-White-Blue Regions of Rejistania chose these venues for hosting the Cup of Harmony. None of these stadia were or will be used for hosting the World Cup, since the most prestigous venues are used for the rejistanian league final competition XVSR.

Estadije KaMaRi Ines: Depite this name, this stadium is not in KaMaRi kali, the biggest city of Rejistania. The name 'new KaMaRi' refers to the fact that the club was founded by KaMaRian emigrants. Located in the port town Na~ovi kali, EKI is maybe the only rejistanian H1SR stadium in viewing distance to the sea.
Capacity: 60,000
Matches: Haperd vs Chicanada,
Melmond vs Chicanada,
Chicanada vs Sonaron,

Estadije Sike Veran: The construction of the new stadium for Sike Veran, a club from the rejistanian capital Sike kali, finished just in time for the begin of this tournament. The match between Melmond and Sonaron will be the first competition match taking place in this futuristic venue.
Capacity: 40,572
Matches: Melmond vs Sonaron,
Sonaron vs Haperd,
Melmond vs Haperd,

Estadije Jesejil Lines: Jesejil kali is a small city in the middle of the jungle. In the divisasi veran, Jesejil Lines is a very defensive club and for this reason, a small chapel to the rejistanian deity of Taderekansa (who is among others the deity of defense) is next to it.
Capacity: 51,300
Matches: Jeruselem vs Oliverry,
Giant Zucchini vs Oliverry,
Oliverry vs Liamist States,

Estadije Hetkali Junis: In the big and fascinating city of Hetkali is this stadium. Hetkali Junis is one of the less successfull clubs in Hetkali and the stadium is rather small, but the hetkalian major bribed the ASR to make Hetkali a location for the Cup of Harmony and other venues there were used for the XVSR.
Capacity: 20,048
Matches: Giant Zucchini vs Liamist States,
Jeruselem vs Liamist States,
Jeruselem vs Giant Zucchini,
Semifinal of this braket

Estadije KaMaRi Kaletri: is the most prestigous location of them all, it is only possible to have the final in the biggest and most chaotic city because the XVSR will be over when the final will take place. Local authorities already asked the fans of the participating nations to behave 'better than the kaletrian fans most of the time'.
Capacity: 69,700
Matches: the final
26-03-2005, 23:22
Tommy Walters picked up the phone. "Hello, Arthur", he said without looking at the caller id. Who else would call him at this hour.

On the other end, Arthur Schram had a slight chuckle. "Hello, Tommy. How'd you know it was me?"

"Arthur, it's nearly midnight, who else would it be?"

"Okay, okay, I got it. Congrats on your first win as manager, by the way."

Tommy briefly shuddered. It was odd to hear that title used on him. "Thanks, though I must say, Sjwitz gave us a harder fight than I expected. A decent start, at least."

"It was, indeed. Great work, you have those boys ready. How do you feel about Kipto-Mare?"

Walters paused. "To be quite honest, Arthur, I don't know what to think of them. Heck, we've never met them before, but I hope it'll be no matter. If Pedro keeps moving like he did today, and Mark stays solid in goal, I think we can take them, and get through to the next round."

Arthur smiled, thinking of a small barb to throw: "Yeah, Dasherson looked real good in the goal there," he mused, "Maybe a little better than some other guy I know..."

"Well, he has been playing well, Arthur. He may be one of our best ever."

Arthur laughed. "One of? You know there's a certain netminder that'll be ahead of him for quite awhile..."
Liamist States
27-03-2005, 02:06
Marmadukes Lose
Ted Wehling, Liamist States Times

When they say full coverage, they mean full coverage like at the end of the World Cup. Typical bastards.

It was a fine night for a football game. It was in the Liamist States. Not so much in Rejistania where the Marmadukes were taking on the much more experienced Giant Zucchini. The rain was absolutely hammering down on the field, quickly turning it into a grassy mudpuddle. Within fifteen seconds of being out in the rain, everyone was soaked and looking very miserable.

While the Marmadukes did try to play some football, it’s a little difficult when you are used to playing on a dry surface in temperatures above 4° C. Nearly freezing to death, the Marmadukes struggled to find any rhythm, conceding a goal in each half and looking very unlikely to make any gains. In fact, they didn’t, finishing with a two-nil defeat. Some very disappointed faces marked the Marmadukes as they came off the field post-match.

The next game is against Jeruselem, a much higher ranked team and much more likely to beat us than Giant Zucchini were. Although, coming off a slim one-nil win over Oliverry, they may not be in top form. A draw will give the Marmadukes a small chance of qualification but a win is really necessary if the ‘Dukes want to go on and play for the Cup of Harmony.
Gaian Ascendancy
27-03-2005, 02:36
~ Seraphims starting to wonder ~

Red Group:
The Belmore Family 5 Gaian Ascendancy 1 (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
Praying2God 1 Raptor Claw 1 (@John Murphy Field)

Red Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. The Belmore Family 3 1 0 0 5:1 4
2. Praying2God 1 0 1 0 1:1 0
Raptor Claw 1 0 1 0 1:1 0
4. Gaian Ascendancy 0 0 0 1 1:5 -4

GANN Sports Desk: ~ Unless there is a MAJOR turn around the next two match days, the Seraphims are already essentially eliminated overall, being the 'only' team to be drubbed the first match day out of all the matches played.

The goddess herself seemed to be against the Gaian Team, as only a score at the 77th minute to reduce the score at 4-1 before a final Belmore goal at the 82nd minute killed any hope for the Gaians. Keeper Howe continued to be stunned, as kicks at the 14th, 33rd and 35th minutes kept skipping by the keeper.

Coach Kerensky could only say this after the match. "Well.. we move on. We not 'mathmatically' eliminated, and as long as it is so, we will continue on. We still plan no changes, but our team chemistry seems off ever since N'Buta and Dinor were transfered, but that's no excuse for us.

We 'have' to keep playing. We can't keep being seen as beginners, and we still have something to prove."

When asked about being the only team the first day to be routed.. "Ask me how the sun sets every night. I can't control that either. But no matter how many such results we recieve, we will 'not' quit.

..sooner or later we'll get our way. It's only a matter of time."

Even with those words, the team has to regroup once again, as fans wonder when the team will see better days.

Even this reporter wonders when it will happen.


Lineup for MD2 vs. Praying2God

Keeper: (Home Guard)
GK: Kelse Howe

Defenders: (Shield)
RD: Azrael Bekker
LD: Julian Masaki
CD: Xan Tsgen

Midfielders: (Armor)
LM: Fasha Clark
RM: Eros Maine
CFM: Russel Issac
CRM: Pryde Tamara

Strikers: (Sword)
LF: Sean Masaki
RF: Richard Kreese
CF: Ian Andersen
27-03-2005, 07:41

The CoH XIII is getting off to a very late start this time around. It has finally been determined that it will be held in the nations of Rejistania and Legalese. The Warriors have been drawn into a group with The Belmore Family, Raptor Claw, and Gaian Ascendancy. Warriors Head Coach Paul Johnson is cautiously optimistic of his team's chances to advance, but says that it will not be easy for them. "These are all very good teams in our group, but if we play the way we're capable of playing we should make a run at qualifying," Johnson told the Praying2God media in a press conference yesterday. The Warriors are expected to come out playing like they have something to prove. It could be very easily argued that they do have something to prove, as they realize that if they had taken care of business against Gilgrado, they wouldn't be here, but would be in Cockbill Street or Lethislavania. Here is an analysis of the other teams in the Warriors' group for CoH XIII.

The Belmore Family: Rumored to be favored to gain the hosting priviledges for CoH XIII, but the late entry from Rejistania/Legalese got the nod instead. Still, a very good team, that is legendary in WC history. Especially for the mythical goal-scoring machine known simply as Alan Belmore many WCs ago.

Raptor Claw: Another seasoned WC veteran, which was unfortunate not to make it to CS/Leth for the WC finals. They are also trying to prove that they are indeed a soccer power, and are a team to be reckoned with.

Gaian Ascendancy: A youngster in the WC community, but a very talented youngster. They made a deep run in the BoF that preceeded WC XXI and made a decent run at qualifying, before coming up short. They certainly won't be push-overs by any stretch of the immagination.
27-03-2005, 21:39
Matchday 2 Results for Blue and Orange Groups

Blue Group
Jeruselem [1] - Liamist States [1] (@ Estadije Hetkali Junis)
Giant Zucchini [0] - Oliverry [0] (@ Estadije Jesejil Lines)

Orange Group
Melmond [1] - Chicanada [0] (@ Estadije KaMaRi Ines)
Haperd [4] - Sonaron [0] (@ Estadije Sike Veran)

Blue Group Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Giant Zucchini 4 1 1 0 2:0 2
2. Jeruselem 4 1 1 0 2:1 1
3. Oliverry 1 0 1 1 0:1 -1
4. Liamist States 1 0 1 1 1:3 -2

Orange Group Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Haperd 6 2 0 0 6:1 5
2. Melmond 6 2 0 0 3:0 3
E. Chicanada 0 0 0 2 1:3 -2
E. Sonaron 0 0 0 2 0:6 -6

Matchday 3 Implications:

Blue: Jeruselem and Giant Zucchini are not only tied for the top spot, but are also playing on the final matchday. If they (or Oliverry/Liamist States) draw, then both advance. If Jeruselem or Giant Zucchini win, then the second spot will depend on the winner of Oliverry/Liamist States, and/or the goal differential.

Orange: Chicanada and Sonaron have both been eliminated, and will be playing each other for pride (and a mini-KPB Boost).
Haperd and Melmond will play for the top spot in the Orange Group. If there is a draw, then Haperd wins the group. Regardless of the result, both will advance.
27-03-2005, 22:47
Chicanada Footy News

For when no one cares, cuz there's hockey to be watched!

Chicanada Plays Hard, Is Still Eliminated

The Kodiaks played hard, fast and tighter than normal but one goal by Melmond knocks the Kodiaks out.

With the loss, Chicanada must win against Sonaron to manage any respectability in the tournament, as they it 0-0-2 (although it is being reported that the Kodiaks may have magically gained a point through a technicality)

Timonn Lisbon played a brilliant game, blocking 18 shots on goal and only allowing a goal in the final minutes of the game. Captain Jude Westington, who had 2 shots blocked by the stingy Farmer goalkeep, said that the team was proud to do better, especially since the team is still suffering the sting of their 7-nil loss on Melmond soil.

Since the Kodiaks are out of the tourney, expect the team to play much looser as they face off against Sonaron tommorow.

The official lineup for tommorows match against Sonaron:

GK: Timonn Lisbon Acadia

DF: Gordan Elish FC Livingston
DF: Loeb Noebi Saint Croix
DF: Eroden Venlill Bishop FC

MF: Tony Cherundolo Bishop FC
MF: Kodi Lomerbint North Coast
MF: Perides Mastroeni Acadia
MF: Jude Westington Mission
MF: Chinglin Erish Bishop FC

FW: Jorden Pullman Verde Mund
FW: Weston Kozten Bishop FC

In ratings news news, CanaTV pulled ontop with their combination of the match and the "Chicanada Song Contest." The 64 million households comes close to the total that saw the Kodiak Hockey Club bow out to South Ossetia in Cherry Cup X and was more than enough to beat CityTV's "Offices" and Canal4's "Nickname" and "Glory/Peace" for the night. Their final match may lose ratings as the Official Drawing for Cherry Cup XI - Chicanada will be held on Northern tommorow.

As always, more lengthy news reports as stories and scandals develop.
27-03-2005, 23:07
Scores of the Black and Red regions:

Black Group:
Legalese 3 Kipto-Mare 0 (@Legalese National Stadium)
Oceaice 1 Sjwitz 1 (@Robinson Field)

Red Group:
The Belmore Family 4 Raptor Claw 3 (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
Praying2God 0 Gaian Ascendancy 1 (@John Murphy Field)

Black Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Legalese 6 2 0 0 4:0 4
2. Oceaice 2 0 2 0 2:2 0
3. Sjwitz 1 0 1 1 1:2 -1
4. Kipto-Mare 1 0 1 1 1:4 -3
Red Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. The Belmore Family 6 2 0 0 9:4 5
2. Gaian Ascendancy 3 1 0 1 2:5 -3
3. Raptor Claw 1 0 1 1 4:5 -1
4. Praying2God 1 0 1 1 1:2 -1
Gaian Ascendancy
27-03-2005, 23:42
~ Seraphims move back into contention ~

Red Group:
The Belmore Family 4 Raptor Claw 3 (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
Praying2God 0 Gaian Ascendancy 1 (@John Murphy Field)

Red Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. The Belmore Family 6 2 0 0 9:4 5
2. Gaian Ascendancy 3 1 0 1 2:5 -3
3. Raptor Claw 1 0 1 1 4:5 -1
4. Praying2God 1 0 1 1 1:2 -1

GANN Sports Desk: ~ Ian Andersen is the hero today, has the Gaians finally climb back into contention with their 1-0 win against a hard charging Praying2God team today.

Apparently the 'message' from the Gaian U21 Team match crowd got to the National team, and the tempo showed. For the majority of the match, there was a distinct charge in the air, as The Gaians kept matching the tempo of the 2Gods Team at midfield, keeping the match away from either goal for most of the match.

Keeper Howe managed to prevent two clear strikes on goal, with both being fisted away with brilliant dives at the 23rd and 64th minutes. Possession of the ball was deadlocked at half, and seemed unchanging as the Gaians found the midfield clogged with interceptions on both sides. However a chance header from Gaian Midfielder Russel Issac found it's way to Foward Richard Kreese, who passed it to a break away Andersen, who cught the 2God Keeper alone, and a smart kick off a fake to the left clinched the goal at the 77th minute.

A strong late charge after by 2God made for a tense few minutes after, but the Seraphims managed to hold off the charge to stoppage time, and a well needed win gave the team and the Gaian crowd much to celebrate.

This makes for victories for both Gaian national teams today, and the Republic is positively giddy. It also puts the Gaians in strong position to advance, though Raptor Claw still could spoil things and advance ahead of the Gaians. Still, momentum is everything, and the disaturous loss to Belmore is behind them for now.

"You have no idea how good this makes me feel. After yesterday, this win, and the fact I could help make it happen makes it all the more sweet. I think we have a major chance here to take the group.

I really think we can still go deep in this Cup." ..said Andersen after making it past the crowd throng that cheered his name.

As for MD3, things are shaping up, and if the Raptors can be put away, focus on a major run into the Cup rounds still seems realistic. But the recent defeats still remind the Gaians of what they need to focus on, the here and now.

Starters for MD3 vs. Raptor Claw:

Keeper: (Home Guard)
GK: Kelse Howe

Defenders: (Shield)
RWD: Azrael Bekker
LWD: Julian Masaki
CD: Xan Tsgen

Midfielders: (Armor)
LW: Fasha Clark
RW: Eros Maine
CFM: Russel Issac
CRM: Pryde Tamara

Strikers: (Sword)
LF: Sean Masaki
RF: Richard Kreese
CF: Ian Andersen
Liamist States
28-03-2005, 04:33
We’re Still In This
Dressel Draws Game Against Jeru
Ted Wehling, Liamist States Times

Estadije Hetkali Junis, Rejistania, was the location of the penultimate match for the Marmadukes. Scoring any points today would keep the Marmadukes in the running for finals qualification. Hope, luck and tenacity were all requirements if we were going to topple the biggest gun of our group.

The opening goal of the game came in the first half, some twenty minutes into the game. Jeruselem had forced themselves down our throat in an up-until-now vain attempt to score. A sweet and simple strike sweeping up into the top left corner dumbfounded Rainford Jr who had been on the lookout for something fancy. With feet glued to the ground, he could do nothing to stop Jeruselem from taking the lead.

After the break, the Marmadukes knew it was do or die time. They had to score at least once to stay in this competition. As usual, the Liamist States decided to leave it late and waited until the last six minuted o make a strike. The previous thirty-nine had been filled with loss-defying laziness and poor play that enraged fans and kept them edgy. Finally, Christian Dressel broke through, pouncing on the false sense of security the Marmadukes had “intentionally” built up. With nothing between him and the goals, Dressel popped the ball across the line to level the scores, which is how the game finished.

Tomorrow will be the most important match day for group blue. Both games are vitally important to the final look of the group. If Jeruselem and Giant Zucchini draw, we’re out. If Oliverry and us draw, we’re out. If Oliverry win, we’re out. If we win and make up the goal difference, assuming the Jeru-GZ game doesn’t end in a draw, of a maximum four goals, we’re in. The most likely scenario for our qualification would be a two goal win for us and a two goal win for Giant Zucchini. The Liamist States will be collectively on the edges of their seats as they watch the final game tomorrow.
28-03-2005, 21:27
Matchday 3 Results for Blue and Orange Groups

Blue Group
Jeruselem [1] - Giant Zucchini [1] (@ Estadije Hetkali Junis)
Liamist States [3] - Oliverry [1] (@ Estadije Jesejil Lines)

Orange Group
Melmond [2] - Haperd [2] (@ Estadije Sike Veran)
Chicanda [3] - Sonaron [1] (@ Estadije KaMaRi Ines)

Blue Group Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Giant Zucchini 5 1 2 0 3:1 2
2. Jeruselem 5 1 2 0 3:2 1
E. Liamist States 4 1 1 1 4:4 0
E. Oliverry 1 0 1 2 1:4 -3

Orange Group Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Haperd 6 2 1 0 8:3 5
2. Melmond 6 2 1 0 5:3 3
E. Chicanada 3 1 0 2 4:4 0
E. Sonaron 0 0 0 3 1:9 -8

Congrats to Giant Zucchini, Jeruselem, Haperd, and Melmond! Your Quarterfinal Matches will take place here in Rejistania, and will be scored by Rejistania.

Matchups for the QF:

Giant Zucchini v. Melmond (@ Estadije Jesejil Lines)

Haperd v. Jeruselem (@ Estadije KaMaRi Ines)
28-03-2005, 23:09
Scores of the Black and Red regions:

Black Group:
Legalese 0 Oceaice 0 (@Legalese National Stadium)
Kipto-Mare 2 Sjwitz 2 (@Robinson Field)

Red Group:
Raptor Claw 1 Gaian Ascendancy 1 (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
The Belmore Family 1 Praying2God 0 (@John Murphy Field)

Black Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Legalese 7 2 1 0 4:0 4
2. Oceaice 3 0 3 0 2:2 0
3. Sjwitz 2 0 2 1 3:4 -1
4. Kipto-Mare 2 0 2 1 3:6 -3
Red Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. The Belmore Family 9 3 0 0 10:4 6
2. Gaian Ascendancy 4 1 1 1 3:6 -3
3. Raptor Claw 2 0 2 1 5:6 -1
4. Praying2God 1 0 1 2 1:3 -2

Fixtures for the Quarterfinal:
Legalese vs Gaian Ascendancy (@Nicholson Memorial Pitch)
The Belmore Family vs Oceaice (@Okerson Park)
Gaian Ascendancy
29-03-2005, 03:44
~ A Draw to move on with ~

Red Group:
Raptor Claw 1 Gaian Ascendancy 1 (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
The Belmore Family 1 Praying2God 0 (@John Murphy Field)

Red Region Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. The Belmore Family 9 3 0 0 10:4 6
2. Gaian Ascendancy 4 1 1 1 3:6 -3
3. Raptor Claw 2 0 2 1 5:6 -1
4. Praying2God 1 0 1 2 1:3 -2

GANN Sports Desk: ~ Sometimes all it takes is holding one's own.

Course to do even that, the Gaians had to make up ground, managing a 81st minute goal, to make up for a poor defensive foul up by the Gaian defense to allow an unmarked 13th minute goal.

Richard Kreese is the hero of sorts today, mainly for allowing his goal to get the Seraphims to the next round. With the draw today, they earned their first Cup Quarters appearance. Even though the Gaians still show problems against teams at times, their tenacity is becoming remarkable.

Now comes what has been called the next step, and it's not an easy one to look at. Legalese is at the same level as Belmore, and that match is stll fresh in Gaian memory. That knowledge, plus knowing against top class competition has been dud, gives a bad taste in Seraphim fan mouths. One win going into the Cup rounds would go very far in giving the National Team farreaching confidence.

"We 'can' win. It might not seem so for a 'new' team such as us. But there 'are' such things as upsets. They may not happen often.." ..said Coach Kerensky.. "..but they do happen. Don't be suprised if we go even farther than anyone predicts.

We are 'not' going to stay second rates forever, and we intend to push harder and sooner than anyone else would like. Get used to it." ..finished a suddenly flustered Katya Kerensky. Apparnetly words of the team being called 'young', and 'fast learners' seems more of a insult to her. That thought seems to be permeating the team, and it's not hard to see why. "Sometimes people see time as a barrier, and anything new as a threat. To put them down, and to keep them down seems to be the way of the better.

We, and every new team out there is better than that, and we heed that call as their champions for our own right, in regard for that cause. That someday is now.."

Legalese will show where those words lie.

Starters for Qualifier v. Legalese:

Keeper: (Home Guard)
GK: Kelse Howe

Defenders: (Shield)
RWD: Azrael Bekker
LWD: Julian Masaki
CD: Xan Tsgen

Midfielders: (Armor)
LW: Fasha Clark
RW: Eros Maine
CFM: Russel Issac
CRM: Pryde Tamara

Strikers: (Sword)
LF: Sean Masaki
RF: Richard Kreese
CF: Ian Andersen

As the starters show, the team still is quite fresh, and seem unaffected by multiple days of matches. This can play to their advantage as the run begins, as a great deal of stamina will be needed to reach the end.
30-03-2005, 22:28
Quarter-final results

Legalese 1 Gaian Ascendancy 1 AET: 1:3 (@Nicholson Memorial Pitch)
The Belmore Family 2 Oceaice 0 (@Okerson Park)
Giant Zucchini 0 Melmond 2 (@Estadije Jesejil Lines)
Haperd 0 Jeruselem 0 AET: 1:0 (@Estadije KaMaRi Ines)

Gaian Ascendancy vs The Belmore Family (@The Castle)
Melmond vs Haperd (@Estadije Hetkali Junis)
Gaian Ascendancy
31-03-2005, 04:49
~ One step at a time ~

Legalese 1 Gaian Ascendancy 1 AET: 1:3

GANN Sports Desk: ~ It seems the tide is turning. The Seraphims weather a terrible second half to pull together and win a very memorable match against Legalese. And it seems the run will go very deep indeed.

The match, played in front of a manic pair of crowds at Nicholson Memorial Pitch, saw the Gaians play the away on the pitch, and had to play like it, for much of the match.

The match began under competing crowds from both sides trying to outchant each other, as the Gaians pressed their 3-4-3, attacking as best they could. For the onset of the match however, the midfield again was a bog down, as both sides kept each other off balance with strong pushes that would end with a chance interception, or errant pass, the drab weather and wind playing havoc with ball movement at times.

First blood was Seraphim flavored as Sean Masaki took a countered pass from Fasha Clark, and took a wide arc strike to the left and broke off of two defenders to assist a strike to an open Richard Kreese, catching the opening set by Andersen with a deft pick, and Kreese hits it home at the 29th minute. The cheers ran wanton from the Gaian supporters for a good bit as the Seraphims faced off the Legalese again.

The cheers went silent for the remainder of regulation time, as the Legalese ended up slowly taking over possession of the ball, a 50.5% rate by Legalese turned into a 64.3% version as second half all but steamrolled the Gaians over. However, the Gaian defenders managed to hold off the onslaught, allowing only 2 shot on goal all match long, until the 67th minute.

The Legalese midfield finally wore down their counterparts, causing the Seraphim Defenders to react more than they should have. As a result, a Legalese striker slipped past and a 'very' lucky pass over Gaian Defender Xan Tsgen caught Keeper Howe out of position, and a dive too late, brought the score to even. The Legalese crowd was just as jubilant, and expected with good measure to take the match with plenty of time left.

However the Gaians dug very deep and managed to hold off the Legalese through regulation, into overage time, with the next forty-three minutes a grueling series of defensive stoppages and worn down midfields. Only one clear attempt on goal each was made as the Legalese team apparently wore themselves out in the process.

This lent into penalties to decide the match at the 120th minute, as the Gaians entered their second major penalty phase of the team's career, the first way back at the end of their Baptism of Fire Cup run, garnering them 5th Place then.

So much more was at stake this time, and the Gaians dug deep even more.

Legal 1st Kick - ???? Score to the left on Keeper Howe.
Gaian 1st Kick - Ian Andersen finds steel and kills it past the Legalese Keeper.

Legal 2nd Kick - ???? kicks hard, but Howe regains form with a strong grab.
Gaian 2nd Kick - Richard Kreese tries to outwit, but the kick is sent off by a finger.

Legal 3rd Kick - ???? tries the same fake out, but Howe has none of it.
Gaian 3rd Kick - Sean Masaki simply kicks it dead past for the 1-2 penalty score.

Legal 4th Kick - ???? under the sudden pressure, balks and makes a weak kick, blocked off by Howe.
Gaian 4th Kick - Pryde Tamara gets the suprise call and delivers with a equally strong kick to the same place. 1-3 the penalty score.

Legal 5th Kick - The last chance by ???? is strong, but momentum is with Howe and another deft catch seals the victory!!!!

The Gaian crowd was electirc with pure joy, as the Gaians finally win their first Cup round victory! The Gaians congratulate their honored foes, with the crowd cheering in song as they did so. With the victory, the Seraphims move on to a rematch with The Belmore Family, a team that humiliated them on MD1.

The Gaians have a score to settle as a result, even more with the Cup finals at stake. The Seraphims should be more than ready for the Semifinal match with Belmore, this time well within form.

"This was a defining victory for us, and makes even more stoked for the match with Belmore. We haven't forgotten what happened only a few days ago, and we 'are' going to be better prepared this time." ..said Ian Andersen to onfield reporters.

"Legalese was no pushover, and they 'should' have beaten us in the second half aft that goal. However we pulled together and worn them down with us. To win the second time on penalties just gives us so much confidence, we 'can't' help but feel this is our time."

Coach Kerensky later at a news conference, responded simply. "We won this one, but now we have to put the next match in our heads. Legalese took down a good Oceaice team today, and without the grueling ordeal we had today. But we'll be fresh and ready for them come match time.

And even after that, Melmond or Haperd could also be in the way, and that makes for three dangerous teams we have to face possibly starting tomorrow, and further.

But.... we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this magnet rail car won't be stopping short of the goal this time. We feel we still have much to prove." ..Kerensky put with steel in her heart.

Semifinal match starters vs. Belmore Family:

Keeper: (Home Guard)
GK: Kelse Howe

Defenders: (Shield)
RWD: Azrael Bekker
LWD: Julian Masaki
CD: Xan Tsgen

Midfielders: (Armor)
LW: Fasha Clark
RW: Eros Maine
CFM: Russel Issac
CRM: Pryde Tamara

Strikers: (Sword)
LF: Sean Masaki
RF: Richard Kreese
CF: Ian Andersen

"We have to accept that Belmore has seen our best as well, and will act accordingly. But we feel momentum is on our side, what with the way we started.

We will go with that, along with our proven game play. We 'can' win it all, starting with the Semifinal." ..Coach Kerensky finished for the amazed crowd of reporters. The word is that the Gaians still act like upstarts to everyone else, but for us at home, the feeling may be more mutual than anyone expects. At home, the Gaian crowd, devestated at the loss the U21 team suffered, rebounded by leaps and bounds with the win today, and again, the original sense of Republic pride soars in Gaian hearts once more.

But tomorrow again, will go even more to proving how far the Gaian team has grown. But there's a sense of destiny this time.

A team that started at the bottom of the heap on MD1, now seems ready to rise like the angelic Phoenix of annals. The question will be if Belmore stands in the way of that.

Or if the Gaians stand in the way of the Belmore's own dreams.
31-03-2005, 05:36
Makinshakes Presents...
The Ketchup Times
Now you can eat your fries and read the latest news around Melmond!

Fearless Farmers Qualify for Knockout Round
It does seem rather quick for the two available places for the knockout round to be cinched up, but alas, Melmond and Haperd have already punched their tickets into that round as Haperd outclassed Sonaron 4-nil and the Fearless Farmers edged out a game Chicanada squad 1-nil. The majority of the match was a goalkeeper's showcase, as Melmond goalkeeper Alex McCarthy and Chicanada goalkeeper Timonn Lisbon played lights out as they basically stopped every barrage of shots that came from both attacks. However, it was Lisbon who would make the fatal mistakes at the final minutes as at the 88th minute, Melmond striker Gene MacDougall, reacting to Lisbon's overcommitting to stop his possible shot, made a clever back heel which was finished by Melmond midfielder Bob Fillyfoo to give Melmond the 1-nil lead and win. The next match will be against fellow knockout round qualifiers Haperd. The only time the Fearless Farmers met up with Haperd was the last time Melmond was in the Cup of Harmony, an unexpected tie. The Fearless Farmers really have no preference in terms of where they finish in the group or who they will play next, so interim manager Kestrel Bluesummers will start all the bench players.

Melmond's Second String Draws Haperd
So the Fearless Farmers lost the right to claim superiority of the Orange Group as they were two goals behind Haperd and remained two goals behind in a 2-2 draw. The Fearless Farmers second string strikers played very well. First scoring a goal in the match was Melmond striker Lave Serna, who headed in a corner kick for a goal. Haperd countered with the equaliser as their top striker Happy Haperd was able to drill a long-distance shot past Melmond goalkeeper Fgtgt. Happy Haperd was also able to put the Vulcans in the lead late in the first half as he was able to collect a deflection off the left goalpost from another teammates shot and put it into the net. In the second half however, it was more of a defensive matchup. But it was the Fearless Farmers who were able to make the only breakthrough in the half, a hard fought equaliser by Melmond striker Jamie Prior who weaved through a physical Haperd defence to be in position to collect the cross from midfielder Frank Columbia and put it past the Haperd goalkeeper, making the match 2 all, the score the match would end. Haperd would win the group and take on Jeruselem while the Fearless Farmers will take on Blue group champions Giant Zucchini in Jesejil, Rejistania. This will be the first ever meeting between the two sides.

An Ugly Victory for the Fearless Farmers
My experience with giant zucchini the food is that it is rather tasteless compared to the smaller zucchinis. Giant zucchinis are downright disgusting when cooked in a crockpot for a long time. This sticky weather in the Rejistanian jungle acted like a crockpot in itself and the Giant Zucchini team resorted to rather ugly and tasteless play. The first half was mostly uneventful, but the second half is where things started to get cooking. The Fearless Farmers drew first blood with a goal by Melmond striker Debora Unne past Giant Zucchini goalkeeper Oshin to give the Fearless Fearless a 1-nil lead. Then the Zucchinis started getting dirty and mean. They made some rather questionable and aggressive tackles that weren't called at first, but a yellow card called on Giant Zucchini striker Yusebo set a precedent. More fouls were being called on the Zucchinis. However, despite this, Giant Zucchini seemed to be slowly regaining the momentum of the match as their dirty play has put the tempo into their feet. However, whatever momentum they had was stopped dead cold when Giant Zucchini midfielder Madorna charged like a snorting bull and virtually tackled American football style Melmond midfielder Bob Fillyfoo. Madorna was sent off the pitch with a red card and Melmond regained the momentum. The final card for Giant Zucchini was given when in desperation Giant Zucchini defender Berisi tripped Melmond midfielder Martin Goodwin Jr. Goodwin Jr. got the penalty kick and converted it to give Melmond the 2-nil lead, which would end up being the final score. Melmond will get a rematch against Haperd where this time around the Vulcans will not have the luxury of playing against Melmond's second stringers.
31-03-2005, 13:37
DB: David Becks
AG: Anna Goldstein


AG: This is Anna Goldstein. Welcome to Jeruselem Government Sports News or JGN Sports
DB: I'm David Becks, welcome viewers.

AG: Well, two quarter finals, one for under 21s and one for the Cup of Harmony 13:
DB: I've cover the under 21s later, but we beat FMJPhoenix two nil to make the semis. Great news, but for now we'll talk about the Cup of Harmony 13.

AG: Well, first the qualifiers of the Cup of Harmony.
DB: Looking at the Blue group

Blue Group Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Giant Zucchini 5 1 2 0 3:1 2
2. Jeruselem 5 1 2 0 3:2 1
E. Liamist States 4 1 1 1 4:4 0
E. Oliverry 1 0 1 2 1:4 -3

DB: As you can see, it was a rather dismal effort from the seniors. The U21s won all their games in Group C. We kind of scraped in with a win and two draws. Defensively, we are good but our friends Giant Zuccini deserved their position.

AG: Those veges love us, don't they?
DB: I don't know what we get clumped with Giant Zucchini in qualifiers.

AG: Our game against Haperd, the quarter-final. A close one
DB: Yes, close but close isn't close enough in soccer. We lose in extra time again.

AG: Scoreless draw and Haperd scored the winner.
DB: Yes, our defense did the job but not the attack. You can't win games when you can't score. This has been one of our best Cup of Harmonies, as we usually don't make the quarters, maybe once.

AG: The team is tired from the World Cup and re-start I guess.
DB: Very true, Jeruselem don't normally go into the CoH due to it's past bad record.

AG: The future looks good though
DB: Very much, our U21s are the best around and the teams from World Cup 18 onward have benefited muchly.

AG: So let's look at the semis of the Cup of Harmony 13
DB: Gaian Ascendancy vs The Belmore Family. Two good teams indeed, one upstart who have impressed in the U21 as well against the veteran Belmores. TBF to win narrowly 2-1.

AG: Melmond vs Haperd?
DB: Haperd were lucky to beat us, so we might have been talking about Melmond vs Jeruselem. Melmond beat them veges 2-0 and so they are my team to win. Maybe 3-1 win for Melmond.

AG: So, Melmond and the Belmores for the final?
DB: That's my guess. As for picking between them, too hard. I want the farmers to win this one.

AG: We wanted to play Melmond, didn't we?
DB: Very much, they have history of poaching our players from local teams.

AG: What about Haperd or Gaian Ascendancy?
DB: Gaian Ascendancy are young and need to get skilled up for long term survival in the World Cup while Haperd are unlucky at times.

AG: Now, let's talk about the U21s
DB: Yes, a more cheerful result!

Raptor Claw
31-03-2005, 17:52
Where is 2-1 win over Sjwitz and 1-1 draw with Jeruselem?
31-03-2005, 19:29
Where is 2-1 win over Sjwitz and 1-1 draw with Jeruselem?

OOC: What matches? ;)

Oh, that was the first attempt at CoH XIII, which its hosts abandoned. After Rejis and I were awarded the job as replacement hosts, we were forced to start over, as we had none of the information from the first go available. Feel free to RP them as friendlies.
Gaian Ascendancy
31-03-2005, 22:10
GANN Sports Desk: ~ Before the Semimatch today, ((OC- Presumed..)) Coach Kerensky was asked at The Castle Stadium about the comments made by analysts from Jeruselem concerning the predictions, and she had this to say.

"Like we believed, we have to be in Cups for decades before we considered 'not' a young upstart team to the other nations. We cannot sit by and be considered such today, and Belmore is another of our steps to take to reach a level that we already see ourselves as.

We're more than at the next level, and we will bring glory home for the Republic.

Belmore will be an excellent match, and it 'won't' be a pasting like the first time around. We 'are' ready for them. Otherwise we'd fail as a team to be anything less than grand opponents for the Belmores.

Legalese was yesterday, Belmore is today."

Shortly before the match, the Seraphim team was seen forming up and in high team spirits as they pshyced up with 'loud' abandon.
01-04-2005, 00:32
OOC: No scores today because I am finally again on my real PC, but the files are on slowtux (my old PC) and I can not transfer it. BTW: who would believe April the 1st scores?
01-04-2005, 01:40
OOC: the last one of my floppies had some functioning sectors. just enough to transfer a certain lgn-file.

Semi-final results

Gaian Ascendancy 2 The Belmore Family 2 AET: 3:2 (@The Castle)
Melmond 2 Haperd 0 (@Estadije Hetkali Junis)

The third place playoff/vinali tikira:
The Belmore Family vs Haperd (@Legalese National Stadium)

The Final:
Gaian Ascendancy vs Melmond (@Estadije KaMaRi Kaletri)
Gaian Ascendancy
01-04-2005, 03:32
((OC- Talk about April Fools indeed. =oO= ))

~ One step to Glory ~

Gaian Ascendancy 2 The Belmore Family 2 AET: 3:2 (@The Castle)

GANN Sports Desk: ~ First the 35th ranked team was taken down, and now the revenge is even sweeter as the Seraphims finally got rid of their blemish to their team honor with their defeat of the 30th ranked Belmore Family 2-2 on 3-2 off Penalties. And for the second brutal day in a row, the Seraphims dig deep to find their way to victory.

The Belmore's were as magnificent a team as they had faced on MD1, but indeed both sides were far more prepared for each other, and the match was not lacking in excitement.

From the start, the Belmores attacked the Gaian defense, this time the pace was too fast to be bogged down in midfield, and the Gaians were forced to react in kind. They couldn't react quickly enough and a stunning 8th minute goal by the Belmores past Keeper Howe made the outlook of the match seem like a repeat of MD1. The Gaian crowd, stoked from the start, was dead cold suddenly, as the Gaians struggled to make up ground without that support.

The match kept being paced by the Belmores pressing attacks, but the Gaians managed to hold them off for the rest of the match, allowing only two more shots on goal, made only so by brilliant Belmore playmaking and kept off by equally brilliant Gaian defending, by then having regained composure by the time half sounded. The 62.7% possession rate was a terrible worry however as the Seraphims regrouped at the start of the second half.

Then came the brutally quick portion of the match, as Kerensky made a quick midfield switch from 3-4-3 to 3-5-2 as the second half began. But apparently the Belmores fell into a trap, thinking the Gaians would try to hold off more charges.

Instead, Richard Kreese, moved back to hold a small portion of midfield, used several brilliant Midfield picks by Fasha Clark and Russel Issac to clear out the midfield for a brief moment just as the Belmores advanced the ball.

A deft interception saw Kreese send the ball to a stunningly wide open Ian Andersen, who had the pitch dead clear, with Sean Masaki holding off a chargin defender long enough to let Andersen have domination of the center, to strike the ball past the Belmore Keeper at the 47th minute. The roar was thunderous from the Gaian crowd at the tying goal.

However the Belmores proved their composure, as the stunning Gaian Strategy was shaken off in favor of their previous match tactics, and the Gaians suffered more assaults for the next several minutes as an apparently angry Belmore team attacked and attacked again, getting no less than six shots on goal in under ten minutes. It seemed a storm that eventually the Seraphims couldn't weather out.

It toned as such at the 59th minute, as the Belmores struck gold by a unfortunate slip on the pitch by Gaian Defender Julian Masaki, which allowed a sliver of an opening the Gaian's couldn't stop. Howe made a brilliant dive, but the power of the shot was too true and the score upped to 2-1 in Belmore's favor. Again the Gaians fell silent, but this time it came back rather quickly.

Gaian tactics shifted again, and this time played the Belmore's own game. Upon faceoff, the Belmores suddenly got the same anger in return, and the Seraphims attacked brutally, even coming close twice to tactics that should have been carded.

Running into the 80th minute however, the Belmores held off the assault, and felt the time was right to attack again. Just as they started to do so, the Gaians fell into the 3-5-2 pattern again and outwit the Belmores again by sending Winger Eros Maine, with an intercepted pass, and with Andersen and Kreese screening just long enough, caught the Belmore Keeper with another one on one situation. Maine then sent the pass overthe Keeper, and Andersen suddenly shot in with a 'perfect' headerjust behind the Keeper, right at the boxline, equalizing yet once more!

By then, the wear was breaking down organization on both sides, and the Gaians again endured extra time, yet again digging deep. However the Belmore's attacks lacked the same zing, and both sides couldn't take advantage. Knowing this, the Seraphims played holding tactics, and knew penalties would come once more.

120th minute again, and the crowd was slient like a tomb as the set pieces on both sides formed up again. The crowd only blossomed again on each side as the kick attempts were made, and the rupture of joy equaled each spiral down in morale in simult.

Gaian 1st Kick - Andersen gets the call, but his fake out confuses only himself and the kick sails wide left.
Belmore 1st Kick - ????? is plain steel on legs, and hammers it past Howe for the early 1-0 Penalty lead.

Gaian 2nd Kick - Richard Kreese makes it simple with a harsh reponse and all but scares the Belmore Keeper with the rocket that shoots by him. 1-1.
Belmore 2nd Kick - ????? tries to get fancy, but Howe just kicks the attempt away, still 1-1.

Gaian 3rd Kick - Sean Masaki makes it deft and brilliant with a slide to the right, netting the 2-1 Penalty lead.
Belmore 3rd Kick - ????? does no less, and Howe is slipped up for the equallizer, 2-2.

Gaian 4th Kick - Pryde Tamara, the hero of the quarters, cannot deliver a second time, as Belmore kicks the attempt away. This begins....
Belmore 4th Kick - ????? Tries to hammer home the winner, but Howe becomes a wall and punches it away to the right. By now the crowds are on pins and needles.

Gaian 5th Kick - Eros Maine is called up, but the stress is too new and the kick is weak. Still 2-2.
Belmore 5th Kick - ????? tries to make is simple, but Howe is simpler with his block. 2-2 and pins and needles turns into glass shards..

Gaian 6th Kick - Fasha Clark makes a gorgeous fake out, but Belmore has none of that, and the left attack is knocked away with the 'help' of the Goal bar.
Belmore 6th Kick - The only thing that kept ?????'s shot out, was Howe's dexterity. The shot is blocked, dribbles behind him, and Howe spins around and catches the ball JUST in time. Still 2-2.

By now, the crowds are really wondering.

Gaian 7th Kick - Running out of players, the Seraphims call on Russel Issac, who cannot deliver, as the crowd chants simply break his concentration, and the ball is easily fended off.
Belmore 7th Kick - This was chess on the pitch. ????? deliberately fakes off Howe with two false start off fakes, and Howe seems off balance on the third 'real' attempt. However the kick is badly kicked off the Belmore player's right sneaker, and Howe react by kicking the ball HARD away to his left.

It was drawing sweat buckets, with three players to go....

Gaian 8th Kick - All the way deep into the defense, Azrael Bekker takes a shot, but he's not limber looking, and his kick blocked up high and over the bar.
Belmore 8th Kick - Not once, not twice, but three attempts, as ????? makes one kick, Howe blocks back, ????? catches anc kicks again into a second block, BACK to the player, and a third kick is FINALLY shot off to the right by Howe, the shot with Howe's right arm 'really' forced back to save it. Looks to have injured it for a moment.

Gaian 9th Kick - Julian Masaki...

...even less limber looking than Bekker was, he instead make a brilliant decision on the pitch. He makes the Keeper overplay the ball with a softer shot than the Belmore Keeper expects, is blocked back into Masaki's reach, and he HAMMERS home the empty netter... 3-2 and a ROAR from the Gaian crowd!

Belmore 9th Kick - They had a real chance, as Howe looked problematic for a moment with his right arm. However that was a worry shut cold down as ????? attempted to attack the right, and Howe shot at the ball with his arm, more than strong enough to save for the game clincher!

The Castle Stadium was even more a rompus than Nicholson Memorial Pitch had been, as the Gaian crowd cheered the Seraphim's first ever Cup Finals berth. After two incredibly brutal days, the Gaians seem to be riding a tidal wave of emotion and destiny, as waiting in the wings, Melmond await, having defeated Haperd today 2-0. But Belmore had won the same result in the quarters, and the fresher team did not phase the Gaians today.

The tide is with the Gaians, and despite these two brutal matches, the Gaians simply refuse to lose. Also, the penalties face offs make for 3-0 for the Gaians in such matters, and the Team is too fired up for stamina to be an issue now.

"Do you know what being a hero feel like? Ask me and see if I can explain, be cause I flat out CAN'T!!" ..said Semis hero Julian Masaki, being rubbed almost to his scalp of his hair, as his squadmates continued to congratulate him evan as he spoke.

"The Republic really deserve us to finish all the way now!" Julian Masaki could only utter out before being hoisted by Andersen and Sean Masaki back onto the field.

Yet another press conference, and this time Kerensky refused to say anything close to 'what if'... "Belmore was a beautiful match, and you cannot know how it feels like to be a team at the pinnicle for the first time. Yes we have one more match, and that has 'every' reason to slip us up. But it's just gone too far now, and while Melmond should be no less incredible an opponent than Legalese and Belmore have been, we simply have gone too far to lose now."

Kerensky then answered to the following.. "Yes, we were so far down, this result couldn't be predicted. But we knew that to never give up led to great things. And now we cannot give up at the very end.

If we pay the price the next cup, fine, but we intend to finish it all now. This is as deep as it can all go, as we will give our nation everything to celebrate for."

When asked about facing the 18th ranked Melmond Fearless Farmers, Kerensky only said. "It's a big obstacle. But momentum just means too much. We might be assured second, but we didn't make it this far to be second. You know we will be ready for them. First time or not, the character of this next match simply run to a different tune.

We are not leaving here without the win, I swear against all conventional logic. Hell, just speaking about it goes against all the numbers, and if that's the way it's gone, then we will ride that."

Then came a suprise question from the back, and Kerensky only could answer.. "..yes I love you too husband."

Lineup for Cup of Harmony Final vs. Melmond:

Keeper: (Home Guard)
GK: Kelse Howe

Defenders: (Shield)
RWD: Azrael Bekker
LWD: Julian Masaki
CD: Xan Tsgen

Midfielders: (Armor)
LW: Fasha Clark
RW: Eros Maine
CFM: Russel Issac
CRM: Pryde Tamara

Strikers: (Sword)
LF: Sean Masaki
RF: Richard Kreese
CF: Ian Andersen

Howe's arm was later determined to be a light sprain, that team med-techs could easily counter and mend. All the starters will be in top form for the Final.

Later also, the Excellency himself sent a congratulations to the Belmore team for an excellent match, and congratulations for the Seraphims on their current achievement. He also sent a word of hope for an excellent match to the Melmond national team.

In danger of breaking the record again, it seems that the Gaian dream refuses to die, and has only one more opponent in it's way.

Who's next dream will become reality.

Gaian or Melmond?
Gaian Ascendancy
01-04-2005, 21:29
GANN: ~ Today all over the Republic, across hundreds of Star Systems, the normal shifts and movements of economy, military, and normal social events of culture, society, and other tid bit nominals, were all ready to come to a screeching halt for a few hours.

Holo-centers of entertainment, pubs of ole regard, homes of all sizes, sibiko communities, angelic cloisters, Ascendant communes, right down to the priests and priesteses of the Shinto Shrines and Churches of the Goddess, were ready to hold up all normal activites for a singular event.

Aye, that's how much the Seraphim National Team is held in high regard, especially for their accomplishments in the face of one of the more high reaching paths to take, even more after two brutal Cup matches that ended with lengthy penalties. It all gave the example the Republic hones on, from young kinseths of freebirth and canister, to the elder Council (sorta..) that supported them from the outset.

Now it seems all the work has come to the fore. The Republic is more than prepared for any result, knowing this day is a great day in Gaian history. Even for a mere sporting event, the emotion of the moment is too palitable to ignore.

Today is a great day for Gaian Football, and the same is imparted for Melmond Football as well.

Let us all hope this a great match. It better for the sake of all the economic loss the Ascendancy will 'suffer' as a result. =^^=
02-04-2005, 23:42
The third place playoff/vinali tikira:
The Belmore Family 2 Haperd 0(@Legalese National Stadium)

The Final:
Gaian Ascendancy 1 Melmond 0 (@Estadije KaMaRi Kaletri)

Congratulations to the participants in these matches, even getting here is a win, special congrats of course for the underdogs from Gaian Ascendancy.
Gaian Ascendancy
03-04-2005, 07:52
~ Final Step Achieved ~
Destiny cannot be denied.

The Final:
Gaian Ascendancy 1 Melmond 0 (@Estadije KaMaRi Kaletri)

GANN Sports Desk: ~ *Opening shot of the Cop of Harmony Trophy being carried by Ian Andersen with a throng of reporters and fans chasing behind him. Beside him are a water drenched Pryde Tamara and Kelse Howe

All around are the chants of 'Asendancy!! Ascendancy!! Ascendancy!!' from the Seraphim crowd*

Pictures say a trillion words today, but we will try to shorten that some. By no measure can this result be anything less than shocking. About the only ones that could have expected this result was the Seraphim team themselves. Not even the supporting crowd was realistically expecting the Seraphims to take down the 18th world ranked Melmond Fearless Farmers.

But then one would be utterly forgetting the previous two days, and the momentum the Gaians took with them unto the field. However facing the far more experienced Farmers was not any less daunting.

Opposing Squads:

Melmond Fearless Farmers:
GK- Alex McCarthy
D- Notint Hecloset
D- Maxwell Wong
D- Charles Unne
D- Laola Saenu
M- Bob Fillyfoo
M- Martin Goodwin Jr.
M- Pauline Hulme
M- Jake Cormier
F- Gene MacDougall
F- Debora Unne

Gaian Ascendancy Seraphims:
Keeper: (Home Guard)
GK: Kelse Howe

Defenders: (Shield)
RWD: Azrael Bekker
LWD: Julian Masaki
CD: Xan Tsgen

Midfielders: (Armor)
LW: Fasha Clark
RW: Eros Maine
CFM: Russel Issac
CRM: Pryde Tamara

Strikers: (Sword)
LF: Sean Masaki
RF: Richard Kreese
CF: Ian Andersen

From the start the Melmonds showed their considerable skill by taking face off and holding their Midfielders over the Gaians by constantly rushing them out of position. The jammed crowd in Estadije KaMaRi Kaletri Stadium watched as the Farmers took the field away from the Seraphims initially, and made an early attempt by Melmond Striker Gene MacDougall on a well unmarked Keeper Howe. However the strong kick was hit away with unexpected speed from the suddenly very steel looking Gaian Keeper.

For the next thirteen minutes, the Gaians held off three charges, and two corner kicks, with two clear attempts on Howe by Gene MacDougall and Debora Unne respectively being forced away, almost brutally by observer standards, as Howe even looked more angry with each successive attempt. After the second corner attempt, Howe was seen yelling rather 'colorfully' at his teammates and the effect seem to be like a switch.

At the 18th minute, the Gaians suddenly react, as Azrael Bekker makes a header interception on a third corner kick, and the ball is launched to a unmarked Ian Andersen, who manages to advance the ball away to midfield, with a sudden throng of Gaian Mids in his wake, making the situation amost a 2:1 ration in payers at that moment in the Midfield. However the ball was held up by Melmond Bob Fillyfoo, but also by then Gaian Midfilder Russel Issac had charged hard to counterintercept the steal Fillyfoo managed to make, and then sent the ball to another open Gaian Midfielder Pryde Tamara.

By then the Farmers managed to reorganize, but had to fight all the way to regain order in the midst of this Gaian rush. But the damage was done and the Gaians kept the Midfield for the rest of the half. In fact the Gaians played a hold and wait game against the Farmer's 4-4-2, also willing to take this into the second half without a shot on goal. At the 45th minute, the Gaians took the half behind in possession at only 37.4%.

But the second half started with more of Kerensky's fabled trickery, as the Gaians played a rare 4-4-2 in response to the Melmond's own. If they intended to confuse the entire stadium and the Melmond's, the effect was what the Gaians 'exactly', apparently wanted.

From the start of the second half, the Farmers attempted to keep pressing, but the shift of Kreese and Maine on the right of the Gaian line made for a seemingly clogged right side. As expected the Farmers made to press hard upon this fallen side...

...which left the left ignored just long enough. At the 48th minute, Fasha Clark made the Melmonds pay, even as the Farmer's coach was yelling harshly to react to the suddenly obvious trap. But when Maine made a quick interception from Pauline Hulme, and a PERFECT long pass to Clark, Clark responded with a split second strong pass through the Melmond's spread out defense where Ian Andersen came in with impeccable timing and about three yards away from the goal line, Andersen slide kicks the ball past Farmer Keeper Alex McCarthy far too quickly to react to. The Gaian crowd well over 30,000 strong THUNDERS the stadium with manic celebration, as the Gaian players mob Andersen on the spot.

The celebration was so loud, local windows in the area were damaged.

However Coach Kerensky pulled her team back together in time to face a rather miffed Farmer offensive line, and for the next forty-two minutes, the Gaians waded a withering storm of assaults that seem to reminisce with the hockey version of the USA/USSR miracle on ice.

At the 66th Minute, Howe managed to stop a beautiful scissors kick by Debora Unne. At the 69th, Howe gets help from Xan Tsgen when Unne again makes a brilliant attempt, but the defence is a powerful response and both shoot the ball away.

At the 74th minute, Martin Goodwin Jr. tries to suprise everyone and shoots in off a poor pass from Fasha Clark, but Clark manages to recover his blunder by stepping beside Goodwin all the way to the Goal line, which puts the attack off balance enough for Howe to kick away the weakly shot ball.

At the 77th minute, the Melmond Set Piece Debora Unne makes a corner kick penalty off a slide block by Xan Tsgen that should have netted a yellow. However the kick is too high and Howe assists the ball's momentum with a hard double hand whack into the same trajectory.

At the 83rd minute, with the feel of panic setting in some, Debora Unne gets a near unmarked pickoff as Jake Cormier helps Unne lose Julian Masaki, but a hard kick is intercepted by Xan Tsgen a mere moment before Howe reacts. The ball ends up making several reporters near the sidelines dive for cover!

At the 88th minute, the assault reaches critical and the Farmers pulls all defenders into the midfield and the totally clogged Gaian side of the field makes for a minute long, agonizing series of ball swaps and passes that seem to make the crowd jump with each interception. With everything in chaos, Unne manages to slip through and nearly gets Howe totally outclassed, if not for a terrible stroke of luck, as the ball reaches him from a brutal pass through the Gaian defense by Pauline Hulme, but with Howe out of position due to a slip on the goal line, Unne makes a hard kick.... high, and hits the goal bar, knocking it into Julian Masaki's reach, which is then smacked away to the Farmer's side.

The Gaian's had to endure four extra minutes of stoppage time, but that last attempt seemed to crush the Melmond's spirit, and a last half- hearted attack by the suddenly stunned Farmers, is blocked away well away from the goal box by a far more animated Rissel Issac, as the Gaians realized the impossible had come to pass..

...which at the whistle was a dream come true. As the Gaians had no idea how to really celebrate, the result was sheer pandemonium as the Seraphim team rushed the field and just let loose. More than one jersy was either torn off or thrown aside as the Gaians just rejoyced in one unfathomable upset of annal.

The final possession rate held at 76.7 percent for the Fearless Farmers, but the result only recognized was the final score. Ripples will still reverberate throughout the soccer world for a long time to come, as the Republic truly has true champions for heroes.

The Gaians however managed to compose themselves well enough, to congratulate on the field the Farmers, more than a few hugs and probably misplaced dancing with, as the Gaians simply couldn't contain themselves. Gaian Coach Katya Kerensky was seen making a concerted effort to shake hands with Melmond interim manager Kestrel Bluesummers, though this put them both in under a trite celebratory gatorade deluge from no less than three Gaian players. Kerensky later appologized profusely for her player's actions in that moment, but the intent was simply out of pure emotion for the moment.

Even more suprisingly, the Gaian crowd kept themselves from rushing the field, as several Shinto Priests managed to hold back the Gaian supporters with the help of Lady Isarra, a suprise in attendance with Ladies Sasami and Misao, all three with their betrotheds assisting.

However that all ended when the medal ceremony took place shortly after, with Belmore with their deserved third place Bronzes after defeating Haperd 2 - 0 at Legalese National Stadium earlier today. The Melmonds take their Silvers with the hope of pride in them. However the stage is singularly on the Gaians, as they recieve their Golds, and with it, the Cup of Harmony trophy, a very large crystal cup like effidece, four feet high, with a globe of a smoke crystal Earth, held up between two angels holding the crystal orb high with their wingstip connected to the upper half of the globe. The base is also a thick crystal, with the Cup of Harmony logo and the national emblems of Rejistania and Legalese upon it.

The trophy gleams in the hands of Ian Andersen, the chosen captain to recieve the magnificent isorla, with the lights of Estadije KaMaRi Kaletri Stadium shining glory into Andersen's hands.

Then the Gaian anthem, Saint-Sasami Theme is played for a minute and a half with the fade out being hallowed with rising throngs from the Seraphim maniacs. As the anthem is drowed out, the crowd then drowns the stadium finally, as the celebration really begins. ll over the Stadium, circles of Seraphim players and fans begin dancing, while the trophy is handed to every player to run the gamut of the pitch with, while reporters swarm the titan killers.

To say the celebration will take a long time to die is a woeful understatement, as the Second Lady Excellency already has declared a week extra of Startica Celebration solely to the Seraphim National Team.

*Shots of the Palace Tree with THUNDEROUS crowds celebrating all around the Gaian Capital of Jurai`alheim.

Then shots of several pubs, and a huge crowd at Gaian Seraphim National Stadium...

..and finally even the Gaian Holy Council Chambers as the celebrations are RAMPANT even here.*

As you can see, the Republic has had more than a reason to halt their activities for the 109 minutes of the match. Even here in our studios the celebrations are even interrupting normal news services.

But no one can blame, as in the past week and a half, the Seraphims went from worst team after MD1, to the top of the creme, at least in Cup of Harmony circle. In order, the 35th, the 30th, and now the 18th have fallen to the Gaians utter refusal to lose. Where the Ascendancy ends up in the world rankings is anyone's guess, but a leap of monolithic proportions is expected.

However on the field, and at the rather chaotic news conference, the Gaian players and coach spoke with no care for such things at all.

Andersen on the field. "This is one for all those that hope to dream that anything can be accomplished. This victory is for them." ..and when asked about his goal. " just fell our way with perfection. If that ever happens again, I'm going to wonder if there IS a goddess of soccer!"

Keeper Howe replied his own.. "I just know these past few days are going to make us all pay physically, but when the stakes are high, sacrifice is everything. We will gladyl pay the price later for what we did tonight.

..but we aren't beginners anymore!"

Forward Richard Kreese in the conference, very wet... "I just wish Lincon and N'Buta were here to be a part of this moment. They deserve all this as much as we do, and i swear we'll get them their own golds somehow. We know they are doing well in Vilita, but know that if not for them, 'we'd' not be here.

And HELL yeah I'm stoked!!"

Ni Morisato, the U21 coach and National Team assistant, rubbing his eyes with a towel after a champaigne drenching, replied to questions... "You know what makes this so damn special?

When you know, please tell me. Because I flat out am speechless." ..with a throng of laughter from reporters.

Finally, came words from a super drenched Coach Kerensky, so much that a towel had to cover her shirt area. Behind her was her husband Traniel Kerensky..

"Goddess, Melmond was a glorious opponent. I know they must feel something between shock and that awful pit in their gnaws, but honsetly, we couldn't have asked for a better foe for the end. They played us hard right to the end, and again they easily could have trounced us. But I knew... just knew...

*suddenly a NEW champaigne drenching begins as Julian Masaki, Sean Masaki, and Russel Issac rush in and drench everyone they can reach with the foamy spray.

..after a few moments where Kerensky is hair rubbed in the liquid, she manages out..* ...wait till practice next week!" ..with heavy laughter.. adding.. "....ah.... you... you just knew that we flat out wouldn't lose.

We couldn't. When you fight that hard for it all, even without a real plan to know 'what' to do going this deep like we did, you really just find your way. We did that, with those penalty matches, and tonight.

We wanted this one bad, and nothing was going to stop us.

This is all for the Ascendancy. Every last iota of it all.

...and we hope to bring more down the long road with future Cups." ...but a last question...

"...yeah, it's true. Our child was concieved officially before the start of the Cup. It'll be in a sibiko canister for the duration, but we'll be there when she's born. Yep, a she...

...anyone mind the name 'Harmony'?" ...with a strange mixed laugh and reserved 'um' interlaced in the crowd. However to outsiders, this is norm in Gaian Society, for the choice between natural birth and sibiko birth. Both are equal, and only altered by consent of parents and a strigent testing policy.

One wonders how many 'CoH' babies will be concieved nine months down the road. =^^=

Finally Kerensky added... "We hereby thank the nations of Rejistania and Legalese for hosting the Cup. While we had 'no' idea this would be the result, if not for them, 'no' team would have been able to paticipate. For them, we give our eternal thanks.

And as for me." ..Kerensky finishes with a long kiss with her husband in full view of cameras.

Even now as I speak, cheers and chants can be heard outside our studios, and this is indeed a bright facet of the Ascendancy jewel. The Gaians recap with a six day journey that began with anguish of a 5 - 1 loss, and ends with this result tonight. Again, could anyone dare predict this result?

Other than our heroes the Seraphims.

More on the breakdown of the Gaian victory later, but first, we show you the tournament lst of matches the Gaians played, as we go to break.

~ Cup of Harmony XIII

Group Friendlies:
FD1 - D (Friendly)
Oliverry v. Gaian Ascendancy (1 - 1)
FD2 - L (Friendly)
Giant Zucchini v. Gaian Ascendancy (5 - 0)

Group Red:
MD1 - L (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
The Belmore Family v. Gaian Ascendancy (5 - 1)
MD2 - W (@John Murphy Field)
Praying2God v. Gaian Ascendancy (0 - 1)
MD3 - D (@Binchensburg Coliseum)
Raptor Claw v. Gaian Ascendancy (1 - 1)

Cup Rounds:
Quarterfinals - W (@Nicholson Memorial Pitch)
Legalese v. Gaian Ascendancy (1 - 1) (1 - 3 on Penalties)
Semifinals - W (@The Castle)
Gaian Ascendancy v. The Belmore Family (2 - 2) (3 - 2 on Penalties)
Finals - W (@Estadije KaMaRi Kaletri)
Gaian Ascendancy v. Melmond (1 - 0)


*First commercial, about the Fen Company of Clan Home, congratulating the Seraphim team, by showing their brand of hickory smoked sausages....*
Gaian Ascendancy
03-04-2005, 19:29
*GANN Sports Programming update..*

A replay of the CoH Cup Final will be replayed on all 56 Republic sports channels on the Ascendancy Competition Network.

..programming will begin at 2000 Local System Time.