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The end of corruption, the eruption of terror

25-03-2005, 19:40
Dringende Nachrichten!

A reporter stands in front of an aging government building, surrounded by thousands of protestors, waving signs and chanting slogans in German.

"Rolling!" Yells the cameraman as he focuses onto the reporter.

"Hello fellow Buechorians, I'm Hans Ulrich, reporting live in the middle of the capital city Vogelsang. Standing behind me is the old parliament building," He points towards it beore continuing, "And standing beside me are angry citizens, who are demanding a new government after the recent corruption of the parliament, a- Wait, what's this?"

The camera zooms in on a balcony where a friendly man with a moustache and a full head of brownish black hair is motioning the cheering group to calm down.

"My fellow Buechorians!" He clears his throat, "A new government is here... The Buechorian democracy!"

The group erupts into cheers, chanting 'Rech-nitz! Rech-nitz!' as the camera turns back to the reporter.

"Well folks, it appears to be former Priemerminister Eric Rechnitz. This is a monumentous occasion, as..."

Gunfire drowns out the reporter, the screen shaking and fading into static...
25-03-2005, 20:13
OOC: I assume this is an open for RP...please tell me if I am wrong and I will delete my post.

Watching the horrific events unfolding in Buechoria, Minister of Defense of Nedalia, Gerard Louvre, immediately contacted President Bren, informing him of the incident that just took place.

"Sir, these events are shocking. One minute, the people are celebrating the birth of their democracy, the next minute gunfire has erupted!"

"What do you suggest we do, Minister Louvre? I am up to my neck with problems right here at home.", the President responded.

"President Bren, with all due respect, there are lessons to be learnt. I am quite intrigued as to the going ons in the country of Buechoria."

The President was silent for a few seconds before finally saying, "Fine, do as you wish. Dispatch no more than two of our special intelligence forces to Buechoria if you wish, but under no circumstance shall they let it known that they are there under orders from the Nedalian government."

"Understood sir," the Minister of Defense responded. "I will contact the guys I have in mind."

Hanging up the phone, the Minister continued to watch the live report from Vogelsang. He wondered what possibly transpired for gunshots to erupt. He finally picked up the phone again, contacting the two men he had in mind.

"Hello Mr. Cromer...I am calling in regards to a mission I have for yourself and Mr. Opus. I believe you are just the men for the job...."
26-03-2005, 17:38
OOC: Join in! I suggest you get to Rechnitz in time to hear the speech.


Daniel Lowen rarely hit a target. This target was no exception.

"No. Bloody hell, NO!" Lowen yelped as he jumped up and threw his tiny rifle down on the ground, jumping on it until it was a bent barrel, bolt, and hundreds of shards of wood. Not only was the rifle the wrong size for his body, but it was .22 caliber. It belonged in the hands of an adolescent, not an assassin.

Lowen was a terrible hitman, and he was making it known to the populous below as he danced around the edge of a nearby building, barking madly about his inability to kill.

"There's the shooter! Get him!" Yelled a police sergeant, gesturing for his comrades to follow him to the roof of the building. The group of five reached Lowen fairly quickly, stepping forward slowly to apprehend him.[./i]

"Mr. Lowen, if you calm down, I just want to bring you down to the station. Let's not make a scene." [i]The sergeant said in a calm and reassuring voice as he reached onto his belt to retrieve his handcuffs. Suddenly, the criminal stopped jumping and pulled a home made zip gun from his muddy sweatpants and aimed it at the policemen.

"Ha! Ha! I have the upper hand now! I may not have been able to shoot Rechnitz, but at- Ack!" The pitiful killer stumbled on the ledge of the building and plunged down three stories to the cobbled streets below...


Paramedics were grateful to see Eric Rechnitz with only a few scratches and a tear on his sleeve. After investigation, they saw the bullet had hit the railing, bounced off and ripped his shirt before colliding into the wall. Eric was determined to finish his speech and within thirty minutes was cleaned up and ready to face the crowd again.
26-03-2005, 19:00
Arriving in Vogelsang, Cromer and Opus were excited about the the first ever Nedalian Special Intelligence mission outside of its borders. The government had been adament that this, for the time being, was to be a hands off mission, something Cromer had to no problem with. Opus, however, possessed a controversial history, one which included more than a single event in which very loud, very public explosions were used. Cromer and Opus, one could say, shared a difference of opinion and were not particularly fond of each other. Nevertheless, Nedalian Minister of Defense, Gerard Louvre, had paired them up together and there was little each could accept deal with it and perform what was expected of them.

The mission itself was a simple one: it was broken down into a few mini-missions.

1) Report back on what exactly is going on in Buechoria.

2) Find access into the government of Buechoria without compromising identity.

3) Only in extreme cases shall there be a resort to violence. Permission directly from Nedalia would be needed.

Now all Cromer and Opus had to do was come up with ways to break into the inner works of the government. There had to be a way...

"Look at this, Cromer. I'm looking over this brochure I just picked up in the airport. Apparently, the private sector in the country is tiny." Opus commented.

"Ay, Socialists." said Cromer looking out the window of the taxi cab. "The city is actually quite beautiful."

"Is the angel impressed by the romantic lights? Come on, Cromer. Man up, we got a rough few weeks ahead of us. I dont think this is going to be easy at all."

"That is very true. But dont forget, the government is just beginning its phase of transition. If there ever was a time to make a move into the government, it is now. Besides, who knows? We haven't even seen how everything works here."

Opus continued to think about ways to infiltrate. Cromer was right, the time to move in was now. But how? And where? Questions continued to run through his mind as they stepped out of the taxi cab and into the hotel....