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The Lionhearts [domestic terrorism]

24-03-2005, 18:07
Katla, capital city of the Dominion of Karmanyaka

The clothes racket in the hallway was already full of jackets when Sofia arrived with Bianca and Paloma. The three women stepped into the echoing livingroom of the apartment they used as tactical command center and office. Jonathan and Karl and several others were gathered around a computer. They looked up as the newcomers approached.

"Sofia, great to see you!" Karl exclaimed. "We were worried you wouldn't make it here tonight."

"Don't worry, Karl. I wouldn't want to miss this for the world." she said smiling.

The others nervously returned her smiles. Sofia looked around the apartment and couldn't help noticing the stunning view over Karmanyaka's capital city, Katla. The Arbours was a clean, safe suburb in the hills south-east to the city. The apartment they rented was on the top floor of a newly built high-rise and the floor-to-ceiling windows gave a fantastic view over most of Katla. The city squatted like a rash on the slopes of Mount Katla, the dormant volcano that had gven its name to the city. It was already starting to get dark outside and Sofia wished they had bought some curtains to cover the windows. This way they could be seen from far off by anyone situated high enough.

"Mario, Gustav, get some of those plastic sheets over there and cover the windows." she said. "Okay ladies and gentlemen, let's see what we've got."

The two men known as Mario and Gustav, both in their mid-twenties, tall and atheltic, were busy putting up the plastic sheets across the windows with duct tape. The others gathered in front of the white wall that now served as a screen for the computer projector.

"Allright, listen up now!" Jonathan's voice was unnecessarily loud in the quiet room. "This is the plan..."

The plan was really quite simple: Mario would follow the target convoy from a safe distance out of Katla, along National Road 2 into the forest lands north-east of Katla, known as Segland. The NR2 wasn't a busy road, but there were enough cars for Mario's to blend in. In the meantime Bianca, Gustav and Jonathan would be waiting at a bend in the road. The entire group would be heavily armed and spread on two sides of the road. They had collected the weapons during two and a half year and finally they would come to use. Everyone would carry an assault rifle and Jonathan and Gustav would have automatic pistols. Gustav carried four hand grenades and Bianca and Jonathan had one rocket launcher each. They would blow up the first car in the convy using one of the two rocket launchers. The other would blow up the target's car. Finally they would kill off the survivors and leave in Mario's van. They counted on heavy gunfire from the armed escort, but some grenades would solve that.

However, as everyone knows, the simplest plans are often the most difficult to execute. No-one thought it was going to be easy and they were planning two drills to be sure to get it right. This was what the movement had been waiting for the whole time. They'd perform a real coup.

"What if one of us gets hurt or killed?" asked Paul, one of the older members in the group.

The room became silent except for the humming of the projector. Karl broke the silence

"We can't simply expect to get away without a single wound. And should anyone indeed become wounded, we're lucky enough to have a doctor waiting here for us." He glanced at Sofia who smiled a solemn, reassuring smile. "Should we be unfortunate enough to loose a member of the group, he or she will have died for a great cause, for freedom and a better life for our children. Now, that is a way to die." Several nodding heads confirmed that they all were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good cause.

"Tomorrow we will go to Segland and perform a small drill to get a feeling of things." said Sofia. "We must get this right or years of preparation has been in vain."


Mario almost lost sight of the convoy at Waldgate, but managed to catch up. He spoke into the headset phone on his cheek. "We're turning out onto NR2 now, heading east." This turned out to be far more difficult than the two drills they'd had.

The sound of his report echoed from the reciever in the command center apartment. From the bedroom came a voice. "I have them on visual now!" There was a large telescope mounted on a tripod near the bedroom window. Through it one had a close up view of almost everything between the Karma river and Mount Katla, including the NR2 as it wound like a black snake through the Segland forests. Paloma sighed: "You could just say you can see them, Walter!" she turned to Sofia who stood there with her hands clutched to her chest and listened intently to the traffic sound from coming from Marios phone. "Why does he have to sound so military?"

"That's hardly important, Paloma, this is a military operation after all." said Karl, sitting at the computer and trying to track the teams on GPS. "They're nearing the spot now! Everyone stand by. Walter, how's it going?" he called through the rooms.

"They're really close now!" came the answer.

"Stand by, team." said Karl in the mic on his cheek.


The first rocket hit the front of the car, blasting the hood open and sent the car spinning away, landing in the middle of the road. The cars behind it halted and tried to back away when the second rocket hit the limousine's rear passenger door, thus blowing it and its occupants to pieces. At the same time, four soldiers dressed in the purple berets of the Knights' Guard scrambled from another escort vehicle and started firing towards Jonathan and Bianca. Hiding behind the armoured car they unfortunately exposed themselves to Gustav where he lay hidden on the other side of the road. The soldiers didn't even have time to return Gustav's fire before he gunned them down. Two bodyguards in black suits took cover between the cars as bullets passed centimeters from their heads. A hand grenade bounced of the roof of one car and detonated in the hiding place. Another grenade landed below a van, lifting it up into the air. All the while bullets sliced through air, glass and metal everywhere. Cars screeched to a halt and petrified commuters tried to get away from ricocheting bullets and splinters. Suddenly it went quiet and all you could hear was the crackling of flames and tires screaming as people fled in their cars to get away from the mayhem in the middle of the road. Of the convoy, all that remained was a few burning wrecks and a dozen dead bodies.

"Uh... Jonathan? I think I'm hurt..." Bianca said, while pressing a hand to the side of her chest. Blood oozed from between her fingers and her eyes were glazed.

"Bianca! Let me take a look at that." He lifted her camo jacket and inspected the wound. It didn't look deep, but there was a lot of blood and the lung might be punctured. "It'll be okay, Bianca. We just have to get you home quickly." Jonathan tried to sound calm but heard the alarm in his voice. Below them on the road Mario threw open the doors to the van and shouted at them to get in. A few seconds later they were on their way. Ahead of them was a long line of cars and at the front they saw flashing blue lights. People were running out of their cars towards the police officers, the road block was in complete chaos. Officers tried to keep track of people who were shocked, wounded and angry. Jonathan and Gustav picked up the weapons and jumped out of the car unnoticed and into the thick forest surrounding the road. After a few minutes of minutes of slow progress, Mario arrived at the front of the road block.

"Please, officer, you have to let us pass quickly! A bullet hit my wife and I think she's bleeding to death! Those maniacs shot all around themselves! I have to get her to a hospital fast!" Mario's voice was edged with genuine panic and the sight of Bianca's sticky red sweater was enough for the bewildered young police officer to wave them past. His task was to catch the terrorists and this young lady was obviously an innocent victim of this horrible attack.


A copule of minutes later a police patrol car pulled up behind the van, as they neared the exit to Katla. Through the telescope in the apartment Sofia, Karl and the others could observe several police cars approaching the team's van at high speed. The police cars forced the van off the road. A short exchange of fire between the police and the team followed.


This is an extra news broadcast from STV1.

'Almost half an hour ago armed criminals attacked several cars on National Road 2 just outside Katla. According to the police the perpetrators escaped in a white van.'

'Military sources say to the STV... excuse me a moment... We now have reports that the perpetrators have been caught. Apparently they apprehension was preceded by heavy shooting. Two of the gunmen were shot dead and the two others are wounded. We here have live footage from the apprehension. The police informs us that one of these shooters is the infamous terrorist and separatist Jonathan Grayes also known as Jonathan Lionheart.'


'... Oh my God... er... I've just been informed that, this is horrible news, ladies and gentlemen, that one of the victims of the attack on NR2 half an hour ago was Lord Tengil Richard Loke. This is absolutely horrible...'

'I repeat this: The Lord Tengil Richard Loke has apparently been killed in a terrorist attack while on his way from Katla to Rondal. Two terrorists have been killed and another two apprehended. We will return as soon as we get more information. Meanwhile, John is at the scene at NR2 in Segland where the attack occurred. Can you tell us something about the site, John, what is it we see?'

'Yes Brutus, the scene here is awful. Only one survivor has been rescued from the wreckage of a car, one of the bodyguards. There are emergency personnel everywhere and it's frankly outrageous how much damage the terrorrists have caused. As you can see, vicitms are being carried away for identification and a special van is on its way to pick up the remains of our beloved leader, lord Tengil Richard Loke. I... I'm sorry... I'm being told that the bodyguard who is now being taken in helicopter to Piter Memorial Hospital, is in a very bad condition. We all extend our prayers for him.'

'And indeed to his family. Thank you John, our reporter on site in Segland, where half an hour ago the Lord Tengil was brutally murdered' ...
24-03-2005, 20:03
Karmanyaka StateTeleVision Channel 1
Extra News Broadcast

*News anchor in black suit and tie and white shirt comes into view*

'Welcome to STV1 News, I'm Brutus Lanard.'

'The Council of Knights have just confirmed the death of our nation's beloved leader Richard Loke, the 37th Lord Tengil of the Dominion of Karmanyaka. The Council has already assmbled to appoint a new Lord Tengil, an appointment that may take days, perhaps weeks.'

'It was around 10:15 this morning that heavliy armed terrorists ambushed the convoy carrying the Lord Tengil on his way from the Palace in Katla to a meeting in Rondal. Eleven people including the Lord Tengil and his personal bodyguards were killed and one guard was seriously injured.'

'Our reporter John Berger is with us on-site in Segland.'

*View of the scene of the attack. Policemen, rescue personnel and military investigate the destruction, going through the car wrecks and surroundings. Blue lights flash in the gloom of the afternoon behind reporter.*

'Thank you Brutus. As you can see the destruction here is complete, and most people here are shocked...'

*Crying policeman is being led away by collegue behind reporter, wiping tears from his eyes*

'... by the devastating loss our nation has suffered. A great leader was taken from us this morning.'

'Thank you John, live with us from National Road 2, Segland.'

'A moment ago the police announced that known terrorist Jonathan "Lionheart" Grayes and his accomplice Bianca Bonde are being interrogated after undergoing treatment for the wounds they recieved during the apprehension earlier today.'

'More news on the attack on Karmanyaka will follow after this...'
24-03-2005, 22:42
Encryption - LOw - VDC protocols 098 - route: FKC state - Karmanyaka; route: complete

To: Karmayaka
From: Vrak Diplomatic Corps

We are saddened to hear of your lose. Our condolances go out to your state.
29-03-2005, 21:33
Karmanyaka is a nation in shock and mourning.

People lined the streets today to honor and pay respect to the fallen leader and his men. The veil of rain only deepened the eerie silence that hung over most of the nation and was especially dense in downtown Katla where all official buildings and most large corporations had draped their facades in black as a sign of mourning. The funeral procession slowly wound its way through the damp city, the rain drumming on the endless green carpet of copper roofs.

White horses with black plumes pulled the carriage holding the dead Lord Tengil, Richard Loke. The carriage was followed by ten black funeral cars. Nowhere in the crowds were there any signs of bitterness towards the deceased leader, only compassion with Loke's family and the families of the dead soldiers who followed their lord into his death. Today he was escorted by an honorary guard from the 4th Light Dragoons, their silver-lined black helmets gleaming with a dull shine. The procession reached Battle Day Square and for the first time since his inauguration Richard Loke rounded the statue in front of the Palace. To many people in the enormous crowd gathered there it seemed like only to recently the Lord Tengil had held his speech at the top of the stairs, where his coffin now was being placed.

Slowly, originating from no particular point, the murmur rose, being picked up by new lips like an infectous disease. It spread throguh the square and out onto the boulevards, rose to a soar, to a unanimous chanting, a loud pledge of allegiance and a tribute to the great leader who had brought Karmanyaka out of the shadows and into a shining bright new world!

"All Power To Tengil - Our Liberator!"

...and just as the last call settled in a bouncing echo between the tall black-veiled buildings, the sun broke through the clouds and the whole city seemed to be bathing in silver as millions of raindrops were illuminated from above. For a few seconds hundreds of thousands of faces turned to the sky and let the water wash away their sorrows like dust from their faces.

Then suddenly a fanfare sounded that seemed to deafen the ears like a gunshot and a flock of ravens flew to the skies, frightened by the sudden blast of music. People started moving towards the roofed dais where the leader rested on lit de parade.

Several hours later the Battle Day Square was still packed with people wanting to leave a flower by the coffin, or whisper a few words of farewell to the leader and his men. In the morning trucks came by to remove the flowers, cards, teddy bears, candles and countless other gifts left on the stairs to the Palace, but again in the evening one could harldy ascend the steep granite steps for all the damp paper, cellophane wrapping and burnt-out candle stumps.

With all this grief and bitterness a new determination was forged in the hearts of the Karmanyakans. Things were about to change.
29-03-2005, 21:34
The huge copper gates to the Council Chambers were still locked and only a small group of reporters from the biggest newspapers and TV-channels were sitting in their cars outside, waiting for the Council to announce the new Lord Tengil and also, for the rain to stop pouring. It was cold and sometimes the summer rain became hail, pounding the roofs of half a dozen vans parked on Nangiyala Boulevard flanked by government buildings. There had been several days now, and the more experienced journalists knew the appoinment could take months. But political experts counted on a swift decision this time. Karmanyaka would suffer enourmously without a leader and since the attack hardly any work had been done by any government branch. The Delegation had been called home from Port Olympus and many businessmen found themselves fearing a return to the isolation that had been so recently broken by Loke. Would the Council of Knights yet again turn its attention inwards and tighten the grip on the Dominion? After drinking so much coffee from so many paper cups, not even the bright news anchor John Berger was sure.

"Linda, any more of those nuts, you know the ones I like?"

"Sorry, you ate the last ones two hours ago. I wish this rain would stop." said the STV1 camerawoman.

Suddenly a bang sounded across the street and the big doors slowly began to open.

"Shit, bring the camera!" John jumped out of the van and didn't bother to close the door.

They had already broken one of the weather proof cameras in a test shoot the day before, so Linda had improved this one with a plastic bag. Reporters scrambled from all over the area to catch a possible announcement on film. The flickering light of torches in the hallway beyond the copper doors gave quite a dramatic effect to the situation as the Secretary of the Council appeared on top of the stairs, lit from behind. Eager faces shone up against him from the flock of the assembled press. For a moment the strong hiss of the pouring rain drowned all other sounds as the secretary stared briefly at the paper in his hands.
09-05-2005, 22:28

It's quite a while since I started this thread but I've been busy. And I'm afraid it may take a while for me to finish this.


The Secretary of the Council of Knights cleared his throat before reading out loud from the document in his hands.

"I have been given the privilege to announce that a majority of the Council has decided to appoint sir Johan Kader to the office of 38th Lord Tengil of the Dominion of Karmanyaka."

A murmur of surprise broke out among the journalists gathered before the copper gates.

"The inauguration ceremony will take place in exactly three weeks. That is all for now, good evening."

The reporters started packing up their gear and left in silence. The Council had chosen the most unlikely of candidates. Indeed the debate leading up to the appointment had been stormy to say the least, the Knights had been arguing fiercly, stopping short of throwing stuff at each other.

Johan Kader was, just like his predecessor Richard Loke, a young Knight and one of the youngest of the Lords Tengil ever. He was only 48 years of age and already ruler of the Dominion. Kader had many similarities with Loke, and not surprisingly they had been close friends during a long time. There were however differences between the two, significant political ones. Like many members of the younger political generation, Loke was a firm believer in international cooperation. He brought Karmanyaka into the FKC despite the doubts of the older Knights. Loke had strong support among the Katla elite, political and economic. Kader however was a radical. He nurtured dreams of opening Karmanyaka to the international community in ways most Karmanyakans feared. He wanted the country to bring in foreign business investors, enter defence alliances, gather power and allies in the FKC and even join the UN. Many thought these plans would deprive Karmanyaka of important parts of its sovereignty. But most of all, Kader was a beliver in democracy.

The concept of democracy and the one-man-one-vote-system had never reached Karmanyaka. The country was ruled by the Council of Knights and the Lord Tengil, a Junta-style government. Now, with increasing ecenomic wealth and international influences acquired during the short but dynamic reign of Richard Loke, vioces were raised on the streets demanding free elections. The Knights were neither deaf nor blind and they soon realised something had to be done to prevent violent protests, strikes and maybe even revolution. If they appointed another conservative Lord Tengil like Piter and the ones before him, they'd end up with a bloody revolt on their hands. So they chose the most radical candidate they had, hoping to appease the people and stem the ensuing rebellion. They counted on being able to control the more outrageous of Kader's ideas, while at the same time gently piloting Karmanyaka towards freedom and greater prosperity.


The reports in the country's media from the ongoing "trial" against the suspected terrorists were huge to begin with, but as is always the case in these situations, people quickly lost interest. Seven months after the attack, Jonathan "Lionheart" Grayes was sentenced to life imprisonment in isolation. He would never see, nor hear another human being again in his life. His accomplice Bianca Bonde died three weeks after the attack from injuries resulting from the interrogation torture. Few Karmanyakans knew about this and even fewer cared. People vanishing from their homes wasn't exactly uncommon in any case, everyone knew someon who hade been abducted and tortured, suspected of conspiring against the knighthood. Several years later a small press item on page 23 in the Katla's Horn newspaper, told the readers that the regicide Lionheart had died from severe mental illness in his isolation cell in Copper Cave Penitentiary.

However, despite the efforts of some of the best crime fighters in Karmanyaka, the rest of the Lionheart movement were never captured. Karl "Lionheart" Grayes took his own life not long after his brother's imprisonment. Yet many -among them the alleged second in command, Sofia White- survived and some voices whisper that we haven't seen the last of The Lionheart Movement For The Liberation Of The Green Valleys.
10-05-2005, 14:57
"So, what about this Johan Kader?" Sir Alec asked as he liberally broke the no smoking rule in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by lighting a cigar.

His assistant Mr. Cherkess just shook his head " A young idealist sir. He seems very reform minded and open to improved international relations and possibly democracy. "

Sir Alec nodded "That's good, at least worthy of our tacit support for now." Sir Alec leaned forward and e-mailed a message as he talked "I'll make a public statement of congratulations, go see whi we have avaible in the Ministry, we should see about posting an embassy in Karmanyaka."

Mr. Cherkess nodded "Yes sir."

To: Lord Tengil, Johan Kader
From: Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad

I wish to congratulate you on your election as the new Lord Tengil. I also wish to express my condolences for the honourable Richard Loke, a trult great loss. I would hope that should you and your new government need any assistance or advice that you would feel free to contact me and my office. We are more than happy to offer our assistance and friendship in such trying times.

Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad


Meanwhile in Coventry, Sir Alec's e-mail had been received by the Grand Masters of the Coventry Institute of Democracy. They carefully considered the benefits of sending CID organizers into Karmanyaka.
10-05-2005, 22:31
OOC: This thread is now corresponding with the timeline of the Klatchain Crisis (

The Lord Tengil sat at his desk, signing seemingly endless piles of paper, an exercise that took almost all morning every day. He looked up from his papers and shook the right hand to stop it from cramping.

"Ah, sir Henry. How are you?"

"Fine thank you, my Lord. I have here the memo on Ilek-Vaad that you requested", the Foreign Minister answered.

"Thank you. So what do you think about them?"

"The Free Republic is a stout defender of... democracy and social equality, it seems." The D-word sounded strange to most Karmanyakans. Some Knights even refused to use it.

"I've taken the liberty to invite an envoy to Katla in order to discuss the possibilities of a permanent diplomatic exchange between us and them. What do you say, Henry?"

"I agree, my Lord. I don't think it's enough with the delegation in Port Olympus if we're to make ourselves heard and spread the Karmanyakan ideals in the Klatch."

"Good. I know that the council will have objections, but I just can't let a few aristocrats stand in the way of enlightenment." Kader smiled to emphasize the hint of irony in his words. "Will you make arrangements for a diplomatic meeting and contact the Vaadians?"


A black limousine stood beneath the autumn-red trees of the Segland Gate Nature Reserve. The chauffeur discreetly steeped out to wipe some leaves off the car. In the back seat the Minister of Justice, sir Nelson Fare and Council member sir Sandor Staal were discussing the future of the nation.

"It's bloody madness!" Fare exclaimed and slapped the leather seat.

"Of course it is! All sense died together with Jonas. Now we're left in the hands of a spoiled brat!" Staal hissed.

"These ideas of his aren't just a danger to the Council, it's threatening the whole system, the whole nation for Katla's sake! We must put a stop to it all!"

"But what can we do? Kader has the support of more than half the Council. Not to mention the people! He's likley to be the most popular Lord Tengil ever, unless something happens."

"I heard him mentioning democracy, can you imagine?! Elections, damn it!" Fare's eyes protruded from his face and he started biting his manicured nails. "And the UN! This farce has got end really soon. And we haven't got a chance unless we can turn the people against him."

Staal nodded and poored a vodka from the mini bar down his throat. "I hear he's not very popular with the Prodirectorate... He won't get far without the support of the military."

Fare looked up from his nails and suddenly calmed down. "You're right Sandor. He won't get far. In fact I think I'll have a few words with the Supreme Prodirector. With the current situation in the FKC, with the Landgravine and everything, we might have our best chance yet."

"Hold it Nelson! I will pretend I didn't hear that! You must be joking, because you can't possibly be suggesting a coup?!"

The Minister of Justice now had a somewhat remote expression. "I do hope it won't come to that, but I for one am prepared to fight for this bloody country, and I'm most certainly not alone..."

From: The office of the Lord Tengil Johan Kader of Karmanyaka
To: Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad

I thank the people of Ilek-Vaad for congratulating me. Indeed, it is an honor to serve my nation and the Klatch. I will forward your condolences to Loke's family. He was a great man and I intend to keep the course he set for Karmanyaka. I would also like to thank Ilek-Vaad for the offer of assistance, I am confident it will be needed in the near future.

In order to better coordinate the exchanges between our countries I would like to invite a representative of the Free Republic to discuss a possible establishment of embassies. Sir Henry Pommer, Minister of Foreign Affairs will contact you to discuss further details. We much appreciate the freindship of our northern neighbors and I assure you that this friendship is mutual.

Lord Tengil Johan Kader, The Dominion of Karmanyaka
12-05-2005, 00:41
Sir Alec gave a quick reply:

To: Lord Tengil, Johan Kader
From: Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad

I thank you for your response and interest in bettering our nations relations. I eagerly await to hear from your Sir Henry Pommer.

Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad