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Privy Council Bombed, National Leaders Dead!

24-03-2005, 08:00

“This is an Aerion News Alert. We have just heard confirmation that the Privy Council has been bombed. The Privy Council, we repeat, has been bombed.”

“The Privy Council, consisting of the 7 out of 9 living Officers of State, and the Ministers were killed in the explosion as a bomb detonated in the council chambers of the Royal Palace, in the Royal District of Astevane. The explosion was contained to the council chambers area of the massive Palace, killing all members of the Privy Council. The Royal Guard has sealed off the capital city of Astevane, and suspended transportation in and out of the city.”

All this following the Lord Chancellor’s assassination some time ago, it was known the Privy Council was meeting to elect the new Royal Regent as His Majesty King Wasterin X has been long-term in a coma.

The Royal Armed Forces have been put on alert.
Austar Union
24-03-2005, 13:51
Whilst we do genuinely have a grave concern for the friends of this state, I cannot help but trust the internal desisions of which the commanders of the Royal Guard will make in bringing the nation of Aerion back to order, and restore it back to the status of which it once had before this affair. I send my condolences to friends, followers, and family of whomever has been affected by such a tragedy as this.
- Indigo Blue
24-03-2005, 14:19

Aerion News Network <ANN>


Legions of the Royal Army, working with the Royal Air Force have secured the Royal Province, containing the capital city of Astevane, and a state of almost highest alert has been set. The Royal Governors of each of the 20 provinces of Aerion have put their respective provincial capitals on alert as well, and the garrisons of Royal Legions at their respective bases have been put on alert. There has been no word from the closest cousins of the comatic King, it is known that one cousin, one of the Princesses left the country. Others have supposedly been put in a secure location by the Royal Guard. There is now no clear person in line to be Royal Regent. All Nine Officers of State have been pronounced dead, and all Ministers. The respect Deputy Ministers have stepped in to keep their Ministries functioning. It is business as usual for most of Aerion for now, we will keep you informed.

Aerion Financial Times <AFT>


"Today, stocks fell 3000 points in the worst stock market collapse of the century as the Aerion Stock Exchange (ASE) plummeted. The market was closed as the Chairman of the ASE announced that the market will remain closed for 3 days in order for the nation to stabilize before re-opening. There is an atmosphere of fear within many of the Aerion Megacorporations, and it is rumored that many Boards of Directors are meeting to decide what to do."
25-03-2005, 01:49
25-03-2005, 02:20
Tatiana frowned as she read the headline on the foreign paper, printed out from the internet and delivered to her by one of her aid's.

Aerion... She had little contact with the nation, but it was a fellow Sisgardian. Not to mention the nation was right around the proverbial block as all that parted them was a 130 miles distance across the sea of Arn.

Biting on her lower lip, she realised that this was a way in which she could begin establish relationships with what ever new Aerion goverment might arise . She grabbed a clean stencil paper and a pen and began to write a message that she would have worked into a proper state to state message by one of her aid's. They would no doubt know who it was to be adressed to... Assuming there WAS such a person after the Privy Council was murdered.

We are saddened to hear of the despicable act that took place within your borders and offer our deepest sympathies to your nation as well as those who lost their loved ones in the bombing.

Realising how close we are to each other we are willing to take anyone who arrives from your nation into custody so that your law enforcement agencies can see whether they happen to be involved in some manner with the bombings and are attempting to flee to our nation as a hiding place or stopping place between their flight.

Empress Tatiana Taurain of the Second Empire of Azerran.

She smiled softly as she looked at the... relatively humble ending of the letter. But in such a situation it might perhaps be more 'friendly' not to come up with a dozen or so titles for them to bother with...
25-03-2005, 05:26
To: Tatiana

We thank you for your condolences, and thank you for your offer in searching for the criminals responsible. We believe members of the APLA (Aerion People's Liberation Army), a communist terroristic group may be responsible. There is an atmosphere of fear prevalent in Aerion, I must admit, but what is remaining of the Royal Government is keeping the impact to the people of Aerion as less as possible. The day to day business of the government is still being carried out by the Deputy Ministers. I hope that we may soon enjoy close relations when this situation is stabilized.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
25-03-2005, 05:47
Flipping through the satellite channels late at night, President Bren of Nedalia stumbled on to a live news broadcast of ANN, reporting on the death of the leaders of Aerion in an assassination. Having just opened its borders to the outside world, President Bren had never heard of this country. He quickly dialed up Dewars Strand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Upon further research, it became known that Aerion was a Capitalistic Monarchy that has had a storied history of civil trife and war. The Kingdom of Aerion, situated in Sisgardia, the President told Mr. Strand, deserved at the very least the condolences of Nedalia.

"Such tragic events", the President told Mr. Strand, "are not deserving of any country. Please send a message of condolence to the acting government of Aerion first thing in the morning."

Conflicted and disturbed by the images he saw, President Bren could only wonder whether the desicion to open up Nedalia's borders were truly in the best interest of the nation...

The Story (and News) of Nedalia (
25-03-2005, 12:34
To: Damen

It shall be no problem at all. As the situation stands it seems rare that people of your nation would seek to leave the country, if they do leave then it is most likely because they fear something. As we are the second closest nation (the Arenor of Taurenor is closer but they are Elves, so any fleeing APLA would stand out) we would be a obvious place for a few of them to try and flee to.

As we are not part of the maglev system that spans many of the northern Sisgardian nations, we shall keep an eye out for any of your citizens that arrive at our airports and harbors. We shall also inform you of each Aerion citizen that passes our borders.

I wish you strength in these trying times and hope that you might quickly find stability once more.

Empress Tatiana Taurain of the Second Empire of Azerran.
27-03-2005, 07:59
27-03-2005, 22:00
In an update, the Royal Guard is still investigating the circumstances of the explosion, and the Deputy Ministers are still carrying on the daily work of the government. However, a successor for the Royal Regency or executive position is unclear, and with the now dead Nine Great Officers of State being royally appointed, it is a very difficult situation. The Royal Governors continue to manage the provinces along with the local Ministry offices well.

Aerion stocks continue to remain low, though the stock market has re-opened and trading of the Aerion megacorporations is semi-normal.
28-03-2005, 01:05
Aerion News Network (ANN)
We have recent news that several members of the Aerion People's Liberation Army (APLA), the communist terroristic organization have been apprehended by officers of the Ministry of Justice and are in custody. They will be immediately executed by firing squad. Though it is unclear if they actually detonated the bomb, it is confirmed these men were members of the APLA. It is rumored the APLA Is currently operating out of the mountains in eastern Aerion, but even satellite surveillance has prevented locating them in the villages there.
28-03-2005, 02:18
April sat at Saerat's desk as he was away attending other business, she liked this desk, something about the power of the Head of State desk made her tremble.

But she looked up quickly when Sharon, the head of Press and Media came marching into the room.

"April, there has been a problem" She threw a paper down on the desk and April began to read it. Once she had finished she looked up. "Inform Hazel (Our head of Religion) that she should start praying for the souls of those lost"

"Sorry Mam, remember, she is with Saerat at the moment" Sharon replied

"Then get the deputy head of Religion"

"Andy, mam"

"Yes, get him on it"

Sharon nodded but then proceeded to talk to her "If you read the updates there are many countries helping them in all areas except finance, seeing as our harvests have been fruitful this year..."

"I hear you" April said back "Get Alex in finance on it"

"Yes Mam" And Sharon left.

To acting ruler of Aerion, we would like to offer you financial support during these times. Our country will offer your government loans up to 40 Billion GNP, and we also pledge to help bring basic needs such as food and clothing if it is needed.

Alex Hela
Head of Finance

Laura Daven
Head of Support
28-03-2005, 02:33
Amern Kalden sat at his desk inside the Ministry of Finance, down the Royal Avenue from the Forum where the Royal Palace was. He gazed outside the window onto the luxury cars, and limousines passing outside and laughed a bit at the idea that they may need food and clothing. Yes, the stock market may have momentarily collapsed, but the situation was then handled, and the wealth was still all in the hands of the elite including resources. Monopolies were not illegal, and megacorporations controlled much along with the Royal Government. Though often the families controlling the megacorporations had family members in the Royal Government, it was all intertwined. Things were well under control economically, and the idea that any one would need clothing was laughable. There were the poor and homeless on the street denied all, but they were mostly ignored. The fashion designers in Astevane were still throwing out their best $5000 wares. However, there was an atmosphere of fear, distrust, and suspician. No one was sure where the Royal Government would be shrotly, so he was worried about other things. But no, luxuries were not a worry at the moment.

To: Alexa Hela (Christac)
From: Deputy Minister of Finance, Amern Kalden

We thank you for your offer, though the ASE did crash for a day there as a quick recovery as compared to other nations the ASE is in the hands of fewer shareholders, and the majority of the economy of Aerion is centered around certain megacorporations. The market has stabilized somewhat and is gently climbing. The Chairman of the ASE (Aerion Stock Exchange), and the Chairman of the Royal Bank (Central Bank) assures me that things will be normalized shortly.
28-03-2005, 02:50
Saerat had returned from his trip and was shocked to hear what had happened while he was gone. After unpacking he called Hannah (OOC - She was sent to your country ages ago in a thread which went under) After a long discussion with her she agreed to be the eyes and ears of Christac in Aerion, as the head of CIG (Christac Iteligence Group) she was used to this.

Hannah put the phone down in her apartment in Aerion and walked into the lounge. Finding the cupboard there, she pulled out a white shirt, white mini skirt, white leggings and a long white coat to go over the top of it all. She put them on herself and called out

"Jonny! Wake up! We have a job!"

Jonny, a man with long black hair woke up in his room when Hannah called, after hearing what she said, he leaped out of bed. They had been waiting for this moment a long time. He ran to his own cupboard and pulled on all black, grabbing his GPS, mobile and pistol as he went.

Hannah called again "We have to go quickly!"

"Where!" He shouted back

"We are going hiking in the east mountains, so grab something on the way out and travel light"

About ten minutes later they were outside, after a few more phone calls Hannah had got them a lift up to the closest point of the mountains any sane man would take them.

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28-03-2005, 04:18
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28-03-2005, 04:20
Having followed the news on Aerion for a while, President Bren of Nedalia was impressed with how the nation recuperated. The ASE seemed to have stabilized and was experience a healthy growth again, the broadcast from Aerion suggested nothing was wrong and people were getting on with their lives. But President Bren wasn't a leader of a nation just for the hell of it, he had an eye for these kind of things. He knew there must be a sense of fear and terror gripping that nation. He knew. The reports stated that this was the work of the APLA, who were concentrated in the eastern mountains of Aerion, but somehow, there was a doubt in his mind that they were the only ones behind it. The fact that they were going to execute those members of the APLA disgusted him. What ever happenend to human rights? Do we have that little of respect for our fellow human beings?

He picked up the phone, twirling slowly in his leather chair.

"Yes, connect me through to Mr. Land. Yes, tell him its the President."

"Mr. President?", said Graham Land, Head of Nedalian Intelligence Agency. "How may I help you?"

"I need you to organize 4 men. Have them ready by tomorrow."

"Yes sir, Mr. President. Where will they be headed?"

"Aerion, Mr. Land. Aerion...."

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