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Menegrothrim Nobiliary Council (Political Reference Thread)

Menegroth Reborn
23-03-2005, 08:47
Lord Kememmótar nos Thingol

Kememmótar is effectively the High Seat of House Thingol in Menegroth. While this title nominally belong to the queen, Kememmótar normally handles the internal affairs of the house while Her Majesty worries about national affairs.

Kememmótar Chairs the Nobiliary Council and is easily the second most powerful person in Menegroth Reborn. He is known for the fair and non-partisan nature in which he fulfills this duty.

Kememmótar is on the moderate left on substantive issues. However, he assumes no sort of factional leadership, considering that it would compromise his chairmanship of the council as a whole.

Kememmótar is most known for his intense devotion to truth. While deceit is not common in Menegrothrim politics anyway, Lord Kememmótar displays an almost fanatical commitment to strict honesty and integrity. This has led him to great popularity among the people, although he has been heavily criticized for voting no on several important bills which involved secrecy for legitimate national security purposes.
Menegroth Reborn
23-03-2005, 09:09
Lord Eruantalon nos Olwë

Eruantalon is the High Seat of House Olwë for Menegroth Reborn. He is the leader of the Falmari in the country, a scattered remnant of sailors who stayed after carrying the forces of Aman to the War of Wrath in their white-winged ships.

Eruantalon is the leader of the moderate left and is known as a politician and a partisan.

Eruantalon, while never involved in actual wrong doing, is known for the many near scandals which plague his career.
Menegroth Reborn
24-03-2005, 07:17
Lord Onóno nos Elmo

Onóno is the High Seat of House Elmo.

Onóno is the leader of the moderate right and is known as a man of strong passions and unorthodox styles of leadership.

Onóno's most interesting personal trait is his extreme youth according to Elven standards. Onóno is only sixty years of age and has already risen to a position of great prestige in the nation. He's viewed as a new kind of leader and a fresh voice.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:06
Lord Encaitar nos Thingol

Encaitar is one of the leading authorities on Menegrothrim defense policy. A man who has seen centuries leading his people in battles for their very survivor, Encaitar has taken more than his fair share of injuries. It's rumored he even has one or two scars which were beyond the Art of the Elves to heal, though none are visible.

Encaitar is known for his calm, level-headed, but authorative presence. He's an Elf who keeps his cool even in the most alarming of situations. He usually votes with the right.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:11
Lady Ataralas nos Olwë

Lady Ataralas is a bookish Elfmaid who serves as the nation's leader on scientific policy. Even when the Menegrothrim were constantly on the run, Ataralas always managed to find books and the time to read them. She has been criticized for paying shockingly little attention to the history and the Art of Elvenkind in favor of the modern science she loves so much.

Ataralas usually votes with the left.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:17
Lady Ettelie nos Elmo

Ettelie is the leader of the Menegrothrim far-right and a very unpopular politician. She is known for her extremist militarist and isolationist positions and tends to oppose Menegroth's friendships with other nations, even other Quendi nations. She also tends to try and make Menegrothrim society as exclusively Sindarin as possible, a tendency which makes her particularly hated by the many other races of Elves and the few humans who live in Menegroth Reborn.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:27
Lady Laitaine nos Amdir

Laitaine is the High Seat of House Amdir. While nominally a Sindarin House and technically consisting of Sindar, House Amdir is normally considered a representative of the Nandor because Amdir himself, as well as his son Amroth, ruled mostly Nandorin Elves in Lorien.

Laitaine is the leader of the Menegrothrim far-left. A Utopian socialist, Laitaine is as personally liked as her policies are generally hated. This is largely because she has a very strong reputation as an honest Elf motivated by sincere compassion.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:32
Lady Roccolinde nos Oropher

Roccolinde is the High Seat of House Oropher. Like House Amdir, House Oropher is also a Sindarin House which normally represents Nandor, as Oropher himself ruled those people as the first king of Greenwood. Students of the Third Age would be interested to know that Oropher was the grandfather of Prince Legolas Greenleaf, a hero of the wars that ended that age.

Roccolinde rarely draws attention to herself in politics. She normally votes with the right.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:36
Lady Poicelle nos Lenwë

Poicelle is the High Seat of House Lenwë, the only truly Nandorin House in Menegroth Reborn. As such, Poicelle is known as a great lover of natural woodlands and is Menegroth Reborn's foremost conservationist.

Outside of environmental issues, Poicelle normally votes with the right.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:41
Lady Yello nos Thingol

Yello is an outspoken advocate of ever closer relations with Aelosia. While Yello has never spoken a single word against the Noldor, it is widely understood that her position involves not only moving closer towards Aelosia but moving away from Menelmacar.

On issues other than foreign policy, Yello usually votes with the right.
Menegroth Reborn
26-03-2005, 02:49
Lady Eruanna nos Olwë

Eruanna is a great lover of the sea and is a leader in setting the nation's maritime policy. Eruanna still personally loves to build ships in the ancient style and continues to hope in vain that she can create once more the ancient ships of the Teleri, though she knows it cannot be.

Eruanna normally votes with the right.