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An open Invitation

21-03-2005, 03:59
The honourable and most beautiful leader Anya al-Habibi, invites all righteous and peace loving nations to share a mutually beneficial relationship with the newly founded Peoples Republic of Laayla. Our young, yet beautiful capital, Banafsaji, is more than willing to host embassies and their representatives in an attempt to promote understanding and unity throughout the world.
While we are a young nation we do have much to offer. The people of Laayla are quite proud of their heritage and encourage visitors to take time to explore the rich and rewarding culturall sites throuout the region. Our bourgening economy also invites trade from abroad.
Any nation who is interested in establishing diplomatic or economic relations with the Peoples Republic of Laayla are more than welcome. We do have a number of locations in which to establish consulates as well. If replying please refer to the following to make this process easier for all;

Capital city: Banafsaji
other major cities in Laayla;
Wadi al-Jauzi

Please indicate which type of relation you desire;
mutual cultural exchange

The Honourable and Most Beautiful Leader, ANya al-Habibi extends her hand to any who are interested in peace, understanding and growth, and the people of The Peoples Republic of Laayla look forward to a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and cultures.
Ator People
21-03-2005, 04:16
We, the region The Nile River Valley, requests a diplomatic embassy in your capital city.
22-03-2005, 03:48
Honourable Leader Anya al-habibi of the Peoples Republic of Laayla,
I am Ambassador Rupert Thyme of the Kingdom of Alidor and I am interested in an Embassy exchange and a Trade agreement.

Please visit here to see if you are interested in investment in our country
22-03-2005, 06:28
The Federated Segments of Scolopendra are always interested in meeting new people and meeting them on an equal basis for diplomacy and trade. We request to acquire facilities for diplomatic, economic, and cultural-exchange activities in Banafsaji, with the potential for forming consulates in other cities if relations allow. Thank you for your offer, and hopefully our peoples will grow stronger by learning more about each other and working together peacefully. Nadjiba Abd-al-Haqq
International Relations Section
Federated Segments of Scolopendra
23-03-2005, 19:21
al-Laayla Press
Downtown Banafsaji today held a massive rally in support of the establishment of diplomatic ties in the newly constructed government district. The area, dubbed "Diplomats Row," by the local media, was the scene of thousands of citizens who commemorated the opening of the new embassies in advance of several delegations from abroad.
"I brought my kids down here to see the parade and the speeches," explained local citizen Hamid Odishu, "It is important for my children to grow up knowing that we cxan learn alot from other cultures," he continued. While security was tight, several areas were designated for protestors of recent government policies, most notably the intervention in the Suur-Finn-Swedish conflict.
"Today is a great day for the Peoples Republic of Laayla!" exclaimed President Anya al-Habibi. "The diplomats we hope to host will help the citizens of Laayla learn through the expected cultural exchange programs, and help them grow through trade and commerce." While delivering the keynote address, al-Habibi, the first elected leader of the fledgling republic personally invited the governments of the Federated Segments of Scolopendra and the Kingdom of Alidor to dispatch their emmisaries and their staffs to the governmental district so that the "process of mutual growth can begin."
"We look forward to the establishment of trade agreements and diplomatic ties with the Nile River Valley Region nations," states Mohammad Moros, member of the presidents cabinet. "Negotiations will soon be underway with the nations of that region." He continued," while we are a new nation, we do have resources that any number of nations would desire. We just have to see what the market calls for."
As the events of the day wound down, many citizens carrying placards supporting the recent surge in diplomatic openess began to return to their homes. "The people of these nations must realize, our country is still shaking of the chains of foreign rule, and while the most beautiful leader al-Habibi has only the most honourable intentions, she may need a bit of guidance from more experienced politicos as to how to negotiate these relations," explained an elderly supporter. "But, we have much faith in our leader, and those other leaders should too."
23-03-2005, 19:49
War is peace.


The Oligarch of Kriegorgrad, Comrade Leader Nikolai Fedorenkov

OoC: Sorry, couldn't resist using an Orwellian mantra when the opportunity presented itself.
23-03-2005, 19:55
+Incoming Transmission+
System: Ready
[Uplink Origin: The Republic of Askira, Department for Foreign Affairs, Atouna]
"On behalf of the Askiran people I greet you with peace. I am Tolen Ren the Askiran Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Askiran Republic certainly holds an interest in having an Embassy to our country built in Laayla, with the permission and recognition of the Laayla Administration of course. The Embassy would serve as a gateway for our diplomatic relations and would no doubt serve as the stepping-stone to which both our countries could harbour beneficial trading relations in the near future. In the interests of good will and mutual benefit the Peoples Republic of Laayla is more than welcome to set-up its own Embassy here in Askira in kind. I believe our Capital city Theed has a vacant building that would suit the standards of the Laalya diplomatic envoie.

If you do accept the Askiran Governments proposal to have an Embassy in Laayla you understand of course we would have the following conditions:

1. The ground on which our embassy stands will be considered Askiran territory and governed by the Askiran Federal laws.

2. We shall provide our own security for our embassy and its employees.

3. Communications to and from our embassy are of a sensitive nature and should not be intercepted in any shape or form.

4. We request diplomatic immunity to prosecution by the Peoples Republic of Laayla's laws for all Askiran citizens assigned to work in our embassy in your nation.

I sincerely hope that we can work together and in return bring our two nations closer." - Minister Tolen Ren
System: Shutdown
+End Transmission+
23-03-2005, 20:09
The people of Christac would like to build an embassy if possible, in any of your major cities. We also ask that we be allowed to build a church on the side of said embassy for the use of our staff and any travellers who wish to use it.

Simon Hughes
Temp. Head of State
23-03-2005, 22:23
Tolen Ren, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Askira;
Your proposal for the establishement of embassies in both your capital, Theed, and in our capital, Banafsaji, is a most excellent one. The rules you have established concerning the jurisdiction and the ownership of said embassies is equally pleasing. However, upon careful review, our Department of Foreign relations has made some suggestions in regards to diplomatic immunity that will benefit both of our nations. The nation of Cobdenia, is at the moment, preparing a proposal to be put up for vote in the UN. The Peoples Republic of Laayla has adopted these rules in advance of the possible proposal, in lieu of any internationally mandated protocol. While we agree with the proposed conditions for your embassy (we of course assume tha those rules will apply to ours as well), there is a bit of concern here in regards to the appointment and declaration of persona non grata of consel and ambassadors between our repsective nations. The proposal we are referring to, in its current form can be found in this pamphlet;
Again, we look forward to the exchange of diplomats to begin the process of cultural and economic growth, and we are convinced that your nation feels the same.
Fatima Fadwah,
Minister of Foreign Relations
The Peoples Republic of Laayla
24-03-2005, 15:26
While delivering the keynote address, al-Habibi, the first elected leader of the fledgling republic personally invited the governments of the Federated Segments of Scolopendra and the Kingdom of Alidor to dispatch their emmisaries and their staffs to the governmental district so that the "process of mutual growth can begin."We will dispatch Diplomatic Officer Tan-Xuan Thi Vu-Pham and her civil service staff immediately to coordinate with your officials and expedite the establishment of an embassy to your nation. We thank you again for your hospitality and enthusiasm, and it is our sincere hope that the relations engendered between our two peoples properly vindicate this anticipation.


--Advisor Umm Ghaniyah Najiba bint Kamil Abd-al-Haqq
24-03-2005, 22:29
Honourable Leader Anya al-habibi
Of the Peoples Republic of Laayla,

Greetings honourable leader Anya Al-habibi it is my great pleasure to inform you that we find your terms for an embassy exchange between our nations acceptable and an pleased to say that ambassador Rupert Thyme and his embassy staff including 30 members of the Diplomatic Protection Unit has been dispatched to your nation’s capital Banafsaji and will be arriving shortly.

Please visit here to see if you are interested in investment in our country

John Watson.
Minister of Foreign Policy
Bureau of Foreign Affairs.
24-03-2005, 23:50
Anya al-habibi
Most Honorable Leader of Laayla

The Holy Empire of Lictoria is interested in setting up diplomatic relations with young nations. If acceptable, we would like to request the building of an embassy in Laayla and would be honored to have a Laaylan embassy on our own soil.

Peace Be To You and May Your Years Be Many,
Prophet Miackar II
Lictorian High Council