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The World Cup Soccer Summer 2006 Held in USS of Russo and Sicilia

Russo and Sicilia
21-03-2005, 02:18
The Offical word is out. The International Soccer Federation has agreed the 2006 World Cup Soccer Tournment will be held in The United Socialist States of Russo and Sicilia. Qualifying will start this year, but Countries are needed. To sign up send a reply to the USSRS Goverment email. You will be notified as soon as possiable.

email to enter your team @, thank you
21-03-2005, 02:22
There is already an up and running World cup compeetition, having reached its 21st installment in NationStates! you can sign up for the 22nd here:
The Eagles Nest
21-03-2005, 02:24
*reads the paper*

World Cup? Oh, hmm, he must be a bit confused. the bids are out and in play for the World Cup. See, here's a link on the internet to the World Cup threads.
I guess he didn't search the internet well enough before he did that annoouncement.

WCXXI Roster Thread (
WCXXI Scores Thread (

*turns back to read the paper.*

(The NationStates World Cup is on its 22nd iteration starting very soon. If you wish to bid to host a cup, get involved and learn the system that is already in place and then by all means bid!)