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The Book of Sihon

20-03-2005, 06:34
Chapter 1: Nahum Hosiaah

Tears and blood and cries for mercy fill the air of the Middle East, and the Holy Land had become so territorial and tainted by hatred that dissenters across all faiths had begun to raise opposition to the violent violations of what should be peaceful religions. Nahum Hosiaah, a Messianic Jew (a Jew converted to Christianity) and farmer, was perhaps the loudest to voice his peaceful ideals and paved the way for a series of groundbreaking Councils to discuss peaceful solutions to the bloody Middle Eastern conflicts.

From the North Pacific emerged a like-minded Pentecostal named Richard Stevens, an esteemed diplomat and scholar, who served as Chairman of the Councils of Reconciliation, as they were nicknamed by the press. Even as the two formed an intense bond of fellowship, the Councils were continually ripped apart by terrorists of every religious and national faction. Phsyical terrorism bred dissention among the Counselors and eventually the Council degraded into petty squabbles and threats of war.

Hosiaah, disillusioned by his dying dreams, attempted to retire into the seclusion of his quiet farmhouse. He was suprised to find the streets of his home swarmed with the largest demonstration of supporters ever to be seen in the Middle East, a number well into the millions. A drive that should have lasted no more than 5 minutes took nearly three hours from start to finish, as Hosiaah's supporters simply would not let him pass without them knowing they dreamed as he himself did.

With wet cheeks and weak knees he stepped out of his sedan and tried to run to his front door, but a strange person dressed in a simple brown robe was sitting in the wicker chair next to the doorframe. Hosiaah, suprised that someone made it past the vigilant security detail, was unable to come up with an appropriate greeting and stood there staring awkwardly at this appearant stranger.

"What are you running from?" The stranger spoke simply, and Hosiaah was suprised that he could hear the man so clearly over the screaming den in the street. "I am running from a broken dream," Hosiaah choked out, nearly overcome with the fresh memory of the Council's final "meeting."

"The Lord is with you," the stranger said. Hosiaah was stunned for a minute, wondering on what grounds this stranger would make such a claim. The stranger rose then, his peculiarly blue eyes staring past him into the multitude, and Hosiaah followed that gaze and nearly wept at what he saw.

Millions of people had chosen to spend a few moments in peace, and every single person not in a security uniform had fallen to their knees and put their forheads to the pavement and began to pray silently. Hosiaah's knees seemed to give out and soon he too was kneeling in his front yard with his hands raised to the heavens. "Peace," he called out, "Peace, Lord, Peace!"

Someone in the multitude picked up the chant. "Peace! Peace!" In the next moments, millions of people with their hands lifted to the stars began to shout the word. It is said that every man, woman, and child in the Middle East could hear it echo through the deserts.

Hosiaah spent a few moments weeping as the people shouted. He could see walls repaired and borders dismantled. He could see Arabs embracing Israelites, universities populated with students from every country, and monuments of peace on every corner.

When he turned to finally respond to the stranger at his door, he was nowhere to be found.

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