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From Dissent To Disunion (Open)

Central East America
19-03-2005, 08:40
{Many years ago, a colony stood in defiance against its rulers. Tired of religious, economic, political, and physical oppression, they stood up against the powers that be, and issued themselves as a separate nation. No longer were they British, they were now Americans. But history tends to repeat itself, and we find ourselves at a new time period, same situation. The powers that be determined that they're more powerful than the masses, which in fact, it should be the other way around. One day, tens of millions of Americans decided that they wanted more freedom, more liberty, more God given rights. Through acts of Congress, and a whole lot of miracles, it came to be that right smack dab in the middle of Eastern United States it came to pass. A new nation within a nation, where terrorism wasn't used to scared the people into given up their freedoms. A new nation where the people had more power than the government, where the PEOPLE were the ones that ruled the nation, not the other way around.}

{And so, the Allied States of Central East America was formed. This nation was formed out of West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Illinois. They even eventually did something that the United States failed to ever do, which was elect a female president. Her name is Samantha T. Quinn, a 32 year old lawyer from Kentucky, who started running as a politician when she was 23. Also, she combined the Senate and the House of Representatives into one house, instead of the two house system. She's gotten rid of the Vice Presidential office, and also has changed the Cabinet from a powerful group of politicians to merely advisers. And instead of two major parties, Republicans and Democrats, there is now a "no party system". Basically, qualifications matter, not whose side you're on.}

{And now we get to the heart of the matter...}

{The first day on the job would obviously be the hardest, especially since this is the first day of her presidency. Well, no, not just that. The first day on the job of the first president of the Allied States. This should definitely be interesting. Her body is resting in the comfortable leather material office chair, staring out the gigantic window that looks out onto the large, lush green lawn. Her attire consisted of a black skirt, black dress coat, a white dress shirt underneath, tan hose rolling up slender legs, black high heels upon dainty feet, silky ebony locks tied up in a bun, and sleek frameless glasses over bluish-silver eyes. She was one of the more better looking executives. Perhaps that helped her get into the office. Or the fact she was a woman? Or it could be her libertarian views, and promise to expand freedom, destroy big corporations, support families and workers, while also promising major amounts of money to be drawn in from international import/export, as well as getting alot of money from different natural resources within the central Eastern region of the US they are in, such as coal.}

{She had already, this morning, given the UN an application for the CEA nation to be inducted into the United Nations. She has been given support already in untold numbers from people all around the world. And still, she has much work to be done, especially that speech to the brand new nation, and meetings with other nations in North America, and foreign leaders. Hopefully there won't be too much stress put upon her by working her behind off like this, but she doesn't care. Self sacrifice builds character.}

(( OOC Note: If you want to be one of the foreign or domestic leaders that meets with President Quinn, then feel free to reply to this post. I'm sorry I couldn't give a link to a picture of some sort for her, I couldn't find any. :/ ))