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Oliverrian Elections

19-03-2005, 05:25
Yesterday, the emperor, Augustus Oliverii resigned. He said that his time was finished and that he couldn't do anything else to improve the state. So he left the power to the parliament in a ceremony yesterday. The parliament officially declared elections yesterday and accepted the old republican constitution as the new one but modified something: foreign countries can be part of the elections. Every country will count as an electoral county. We'll accept 5 countries.

Here are the parties and their descriptions:

Federalist party:
Leader: Sam Gagnon(ex-prime minister)
He was the prime minister since 2000, date of the election of the emperor. The values of the party are the social equality, this is a left-wing party

Democratic Party:
Leader: Jimmy Youth
He was the Health Ministry under the Empire. Main program: Refund the health to have a better program through the nation. This is a centrist party

Green-Marijuana Alliance:
Leader: Terry Pot
He was the right arm of the last Marijuana-Green president. His program: Fund the social and ecological parts of the country's economy

Liberal Party:
Leader: Paul Marin
Like every liberals, he is a bad guy who thinks that money is more important than everything. His program: reduce the debt.

Conservative party:
Leader: Jean-Paul Lavoie
He is the typical conservative guy: Wants to repeal laws about gay marriages, prostitution, abortions, etc.

Communist party:
Leader: Alexei Libruenkov
He is very communist, excepted for the elections where he thinks that democracy is very important for the world. He wrote a book on this subject: "How to communize a country without breaking democracy" that is a best-seller in Oliverry.

Limbrugidlian Liberation Force:
Leader: Xounish Youxit
This party has a unique goal: take the power back to aboriginal and set a monarchy where europeans would be treated like turds.

If any nation wants to ask questions to any of the leaders, you can. Simply ask it on the thread.
19-03-2005, 20:56
Here are the intentions of votes following a survey taken last week:

Sam Gagnon: 35%
Xounish Youxit: 26%
Terry Pot: 17%
Jimmy Youth: 11%
Paul Marin: 5%
Alexei Libruenkov: 4%
Jean-Paul Lavoie: 2%

The elections will be done tomorrow so if there is a country that wants to enter as an electional county, that's the better time!
20-03-2005, 19:47
Elections results:

Presidential results:
Sam Gagnon: 36%
Xounish Youxit: 32%
Alexei Libruenkov: 12%
Terry Pot: 10%
Jimmy Youth: 5%
Paul Marin: 3%
Jean-Paul Lavoie: 2%

Parliament results:

Federalist: 80 seats/136
Liberal: 28 seats/136
Cimmunist: 15 seats/136
Green-Marijuana: 10 seats/136
Democratic: 4 seats/136
Conservative: 1 seat/136

So the Federalists are majoritary